A rear fantasy

So Sweet Lady you want your ass fucked, you like to feel big hard cocks in you ass, well Lady, I’ve got a cock that’s big and eager to slide into your ass. Look at it, it’s limp now but in a short while its gonna be really stiff and hard. Then you’ll feel it slide into your ass. So lets get it hard and stiff.
Turn over and put your ass up. Spread those great thighs wide and open those smooth ass cheeks, let me see the hole I’m about to get into.
OOOwee! Lady that sure is no virgin hole, I can tell that it’s been well used. I like it, I really do, my rod likes it too. That’s enough Lady, if I see it for too long I just might jump you. Now lay on your back put the pillow under your ass and open your thighs wide.
Now Sweet Lady I want to watch you turn yourself on, I want to watch as you caress your beautiful body. Let me enjoy myself by watching you fondle your magnificent tits. Get me all hot and excited by playing with your puffy hairy cunt…………
Oh yesss Baby, excite yourself for me, concentrate on your tits for now. Use both hands on your beautiful boobs.
Squish them together. Oh wow! I like that……. Now tease the nipples, roll them between your fingers, get them to stand erect……..Use the palm of your hand to caress them……Yeah that’s it, you’re doing a great job. Wow you have such wonderful breasts, they’re so huge and smooth, bet you can suck on the nipples, Yeah try it, let me see if you can do it…….
Yeaa knew you could do it. What a wonderful sight, I just love to see a woman sucking and licking on her nipples, it’s a real turn on for me, just look at my rod raising, getting longer and fatter. Give the other tit some of that hot wet tongue, always give both equal attention.
Sure would like to feel that tongue sliding over my head as those luscious lips hold my shaft in a tight embrace, to feel the hot wetness of the inside of you mouth on my head.
That’s enough Sweet Lady. Now slide one hand down to your pussy and play with it, but only the outer lips, caress those juicy looking lips, right now your pussy is moist but I want to see in wet. I want to see your lubricating juice ooze out and creeps down over your asshole, I like the sight of an asshole coated with pussy juice, so just lay there and tantalize your cunt so that your juices treble down over your asshole………….
Keep on playing with yourself Lady while I sit back here and watch, do it nice and slow, do it tenderly to excite yourself and give me a hard on, I’ll just watch and enjoy, go for it Lady………………………… Woo Lady you sure know how to tantalize yourself, your juice is flowing and your asshole is wet and slippery.
Now it’s time for another treat, take the dildo beside you and turn it on, now slide the tip between your slit, that’s it, now slowly slide it up and down your slit, that’s it Baby slide it up to your clit, feel those pulsating vibes tease your clit, now slowly slide it down to your asshole and up again to your clit, feel and enjoy those splendid vibrations spread through your pussy and ass just like my vibrating cockring is spreading its sweet vibrations through my balls and shaft.
Lady you sure do have one juicy pussy, the juice is really oozing out of it and I want to lick it up so badly.
Lady you slide that dildo so well, I hope you can hold out for another five minutes, just keep on sliding that dildo up and down your slit while I watch you, five more minutes Sweets………………………………
Thank you Lady. I’m gonna come and suck your pussy now. Keep the dildo on your ass till I get there……
Let me take the dildo so that you can use both hands to spread your cunt as wide as you can……………..
WOW! What a delicious hole, shit talk about hot pink, now I’m going to eat this delicious piece of flesh, I’m going to lick it, I’m going to chew it. Wish I could remove my teeth to give it a real good chew. I’m going to suck it and while I’m doing all those wondrous things to your pussy, I’ll fuck your ass with the dildo, to loosen it up for when I’m ready to push my rod into it.
MMMMM you are delicious, wow sooo very very delicious Sweet Lady, let me dig in deeper. Wish I had a longer tongue Lady to really get deep inside. Lady this is ecstasy, a live wiggling tongue in your cunt and a vibrating dildo at the hole of your ass, I’m gonna push it in now, I’m gonna fuck you slowly with it, just relax and it will relax your muscles…………………….
Yeaaa, you gotta be feeling super with my tongue in your pussy and the vibrating dildo in your ass……..
Let me suck on your clit awhile……….. Let me beat it with my tongue………… Let me squeeze it between my lips……….I hear ya Lady. You’re ready to cum, I’m here to catch it, let it cum for me, let me press my lips hard on your clit and dig my tongue deep into your slit,
let me feel your cum, ooow you are a grabber, your pussy is soo tight around my tongue. I can feel your hot juice, it’s so hot, soo tasty. OOOOweee what a feast, ooh wow.
Oh Beautiful, your juice is so sweet, let me lick it all away, let me wash out you snatch with my tongue…. Lady you know I do not want to stop but I got to for I’ve got a hard on that’s aching for your ass.
Do you want to put on the joy jell? Be real generous with it for we want it to slide ever so smoothly. Oooh your hand feels good on it, I love the way you do it, here let me slip this vibrating egg into your pussy.
Now Sweet Lady, turn around and get up on your knees, I’ll give it to you doggie fashion, for I want to watch as my cock disappear in your ass……..MMMMM What a great looking ass. Spread your cheeks for me Honey, I want to see the hole I’m about to get into……Wow Lady like I said before that surly is not a virgin hole and I’m going to enjoy sliding into it.
Here comes my rod Lady, ready and eager to explore new depths, just let me rub it over your hole a few times……OOH that feels soo good……..
Now Lady here it comes…….
Wow its tight baby, real tight, so tight it hurts. What a sight to see, the way you’re stretching as I push in. Never thought an ass could stretch so much. It’s soo tight…..You like it Lady? You digging it? Feels good don’t it? I’ve never felt anything like this, Baby I want to enjoy it. I want to feel your tight ass around my shaft. I want to feel the heat of your body embrace my rod. I want to feel the sweet vibrations in your ass, vibrations from the egg in your pussy and my cockring.
I’m gonna ease a little deeper into your ass, enjoy Baby as I float away on these new sensations that I feel. Oh wow! My first ass. How sweet it is……..
The head is in completely. Hurts a bit don’t it? Turn your attention on the egg in your pussy, feel its steady vibration deep within you, concentrate on its pleasures, trip on its vibes. How does my vibrating rod feel?
I’ll slide in slow an easy…….Slow and easy baby.
Feel the egg in your pussy, feel my rod vibrating in your ass, feel the pleasures as I slide in real slow. I’m gonna cum soon Baby, that’s how good you feel……..
Don’t hurt so bad now does it? Let me reach under and finger your clit…… Let me excite your cunt while I fuck your ass……..OOOH you are so wet and slippery, your clit so swollen and hard, it feels so good.
Your ass is so tight around my shaft, your body is soo hot and the vibrations feels so good, that’s it move with me as I slowly slide up and down your tight hot slippery anal passage. Slow long steady strokes. it’s a thrill to watch my rod disappear and reappear in and out of your body………………………………
Oh Sweet Lady, I can’t go any more, I’m ready to cum, Oh your ass feels so good, don’t do that, don’t work those muscles, you’re killing me but I love it. work those muscles and milk me dry. Feel my cock jerk and swell, feel my hot cum squirt into the cavern of your ass. Feels good eh? Is this what you wanted to feel? Feel it Baby. Feel my hot thick cum in your ass. That’s it push back on me. Work your muscles.
You’re cumming now to aren’t you? Your sweet juice is flowing. Well let it flow and I’ll lick it all up in a minute……….Oh wow I’m empty, I’m dry, that was wonderful, that was really great. Just give me a moment to watch my limp rod slide out of your ass. Beautiful sight.
Now Sweet Lady let me get down and dine on your sweet creamy pussy..