A skiing vacation turns into a swinger’s delight and enema

I went on a ski trip the week between Christmas and New
Year’s. I went with my boyfriend Dave. We were going to
share the cabin with Dave’s friend Jim and his
girlfriend Cathy.

Dave and I arrived on Sunday afternoon. Jim and Cathy
were not due to arrive until midday on Monday. Dave and
I had some fun 69ing on the bearskin rug in front of a
big stone fireplace with a roaring fire. On Monday Jim
and Cathy arrived. Jim and Dave are about the same
height about 6 feet. Jim is a little thinner that Dave
and a bit less muscular. Cathy is about 5 feet 6 inches
and fleshy, not fat just fleshy.

Dave and I left them in the cabin to get settled and we
went skiing. We met for dinner and then went to a local
bar for entertainment. All during dinner, Jim kept
filling Cathy’s wine glass and now kept ordering drinks
for her. She got very drunk, and quite uninhibited.
Finally Cathy was getting too drunk to stay out so Jim
took her back to the cabin. Dave and I waited a
reasonable amount of time for them to have some fun
before we went back.

When we entered the cabin, Cathy’s clothes were strewn
all over the living room and the bearskin rug was out
of place. They seemed to have had some fun before going
to bed. On Tuesday the four of us went cross-country
skiing in the morning and downhill in the afternoon.

That evening Cathy again got rather drunk, but Dave and
I decided to go home first. Dave insisted on stripping
and sucking and fucking in the living room. I think he
wanted to get caught. We finished up and were in the
bedroom when Jim and Cathy came in. Actually it was Jim
carrying Cathy in. Dave went out to help Jim get Cathy
into the bedroom. They carried her into the bedroom,
and Dave left Jim to play with her.

Wednesday morning we planned to have a big breakfast at
the cabin before doing more cross-country skiing. Cathy
and I made pancakes and eggs and toast for the boys.
When the boys got up and into the kitchen they did not
say a word to us. They ate their breakfast in silence,
just grinning at each other once in a while. When all
of us had finished Cathy and I got up to clean things
up. Dave grabbed me and pulled me in front of him. Jim
had grabbed Cathy and moved her so we were cheek to
cheek. Dave opened my bathrobe and began kissing my
tits. His hands were roaming all over my body.

Finally he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my
panties and began to pull them down. Since Cathy and I
had shared the bathroom that morning I knew that she
had on the same amount of clothing that I did; just
panties and a bathrobe. Dave pulled my panties all the
way down and made me step out of them. He tossed them
onto the table and they were quickly joined by Cathy’s
panties. Dave stood up and took my robe by the collar
and began to pull it off me. When he had uncovered my
ass, he pushed me back far enough to touch Cathy.

Both of us were stripped bare, standing ass to ass, and
ready for whatever these boys had in mind. The boys
quickly cleared the table, and motioned for us to climb
on top of the table at opposite ends. They laid us back
and lifted our legs up. I realized that Dave must have
gotten the idea for this from my sorority initiation

This head-to-cunt position was used when the sisters
had us eaten by the boys. Now my boyfriend was
repeating the scene. Dave had me hold my legs open
while he poured maple syrup into my cunt. I saw Jim
drizzling thick honey onto Cathy’s protruding cunt
lips. The boys began to eat us, to lick us, to make us
ooze our cum onto their tongues. Dave is a very good
cuntlicker and he was better than usual this time.

I arched my back and pushed my open cunt at his face as
I came and came. They let us relax a bit after making
us cum so nicely. The boys still did not say a word.
They pulled us up and off the table and led us by the
arm to the bathroom. Cathy gasped when she saw what the
boys had prepared before coming to breakfast.

Hanging on the shower curtain rod were two enema bags,
hoses dangling down to the long white nozzles. She told
me that she had never had an enema, but had heard about
them. I giggled and told her to relax and enjoy being
filled to the brim. The boys motioned for us to climb
into the tub. They positioned us so that we were
kneeling in the tub, bent over the side, resting on our
arms outside the tub. Cathy’s larger, fleshier tits
were dangling down.

Jim spent some time fondling them as he positioned her.
Dave and Jim prepared a hot soapy solution and filled
the enema bags. As they lubricated our assholes, I was
getting very horny. I had received enemas from
boyfriends (and girlfriends) before but I hadn’t been
side-by-side with another girl getting cleaned out
since the last night of my sorority initiation.

Dave tenderly slipped that nozzle into my willing
asshole. Cathy was squirming as Jim tried to lubricate
her hole. I put my hand on top of hers and told her to
calm down, to relax her ass muscles the way she would
for an assfuck. She told me that Monday and Tuesday
night had been the only time she had ever taken a cock
up her ass. That was what all the drinks were for; to
get her lubricated at both ends. I again told her to
calm down and relax.

I told her the same things Karen had told me when she
gave me my first enema. Cathy calmed down and Jim
slowly worked the nozzle into her tail. Both boys
reached one hand under us so that our cunts were being
played with when they released the clip on the hose.
The rush of hot soapy water and the rubbing Dave was
doing to my cunt pushed me very close to the edge of
orgasm. It was too much for Cathy.

With Jim’s finger in her cunt and the hot water in her
tail she came almost instantly. I wanted Dave to make
me cum to match Cathy’s orgasm, but he would only rub
my clit slowly to keep me on the edge of creaming. By
the time Cathy recovered enough from her orgasm to look
at me, we were both drenched in sweat. The hot enema
was heating us up from the inside out and by the smile
on Cathy’s face I knew she enjoyed the sensation. As
the boys reached back to remove the nozzles I cautioned
Cathy about the urge to push all the water out.

She agreed to try to hold it in until the boys let us
let it out. The boys pulled the nozzles out and
immediately pushed plugs into our filled tails. The
butt plugs went in easier than the nozzles did, and
they made sure that Cathy and I stayed filled. The boys
stood us up and dried us off and led us into the living
room. They left us standing there, naked, asses filled,
and ever so hot, while they went and got our ski

They had us get dressed in just socks, ski pants and
jacket. They dressed the same way. I knew they wanted
to expand their outdoor blowjobs to something more
involved. When we were all dressed, we went out, put on
our skis and headed thru the woods toward a ski hut we
had gone to the day before. About half way there, the
boys stopped. They moved Cathy and me into a position
facing each other. They unzipped our jackets and
unhooked the suspenders that held out pants up. They
moved us closer to each other and bent us over.

They had us hold each other and rest our heads on the
other’s shoulder. They pulled at our pants until they
where down to our ankles. The cold air against my bare
ass and cunt and tits contrasted with the internal heat
still supplied by the enema in my ass. I was ready to
cum. I wanted to cum as soon as Dave stuck his cock in
me so that I could cum several times. Dave stood behind
me and I could feel his cock rubbing across my eager
slit. Dave reached under my jacket to clasp his hands
over my tiny tits and he rammed his cock home.

I started cumming. I kept cumming. This was the most
intense orgasm I had ever had. And from the squeezes
and moans from Cathy, I knew I wasn’t the only one that
was getting a great fuck.

Dave cupped my tits and pounded away at my eager juicy
cunt. It didn’t take long before I was cumming and
cumming and cumming. Dave just kept pounding, plunging
his cock deep into me. My orgasm subsided and I could
hear Cathy begging for more. She wanted to get fucked,
to cum, to have him shoot his load deep into her. She
started to cum again. She was moaning and groaning and
twisting her body and grinding her cunt against Jim’s

Her commotion enhanced my own orgasm. This time it was
longer, broader, more completely exhausting. At the
tail end of it, Dave jammed his cock deep into me and
shot me full of his cum. Jim responded in kind and
jammed into Cathy to unload his sperm into her. They
held us tight, cocks deep in our cream filled cunts,
until they were drained and we had stopped quivering.
It felt so good to have both holes filled.

My ass was still warm with the enema and now my cunt
was oozing cum (mine and Dave’s). The boys lifted us up
and pushed us together. Their cocks were beginning to
slip out but they pushed us tit to tit. Dave reached
over my shoulder and kissed Cathy. Jeff reached over
Cathy and kissed me hard pushing our tits tighter. They
broke off their kisses, motioned us to get dressed and
still without a word continued our skiing. When we got
to the hut, they motioned for us to strip down outside
on the steps.

They held the door open so we could step inside as soon
as we were naked, but they wanted us bare before we
entered. Inside they showed us to the toilet and let me
unplug Cathy. She eliminated the now body temperature
water from her ass and let me dry her off. Then she
offered to unplug my tail. She slipped her hand to my
cunt before pulling my plug out. She told me she had
never done it with another girl while she was sober.

I told her that she was sexy enough to eat anytime,
anywhere. We giggled and she pulled my plug free. I let
all the water out of my ass and let Cathy give me a
nice loving toweling. I gently squeezed her tits before
we were pulled to the main room. The boys had made a
fire and laid out some lunch for us to eat. When we
were finished, Dave stepped in front of Cathy, opened
his pants and put his cock into her mouth. Jim finished
his drink of wine and motioned for me to come to him.

I moved in front of him and he pulled me to my knees
and opened his pants. I eagerly pulled out his semi-
hard cock and sucked him to full erection. Neither
Cathy nor I had a cock long enough to make him cum.
They pulled back, closed their pants and went to the
sink. They pulled the enema gear out of one of the
knapsacks and began to prepare another hot enema. They
placed Cathy and me on our knees in front of the fire.
I held her hand as they pushed our tits to the rug,
pulled our legs open and lifted our asses high. They
filled our tails with even more hot soapy water than
the first time and quickly plugged us up for the trip

We retraced our way back toward our cabin and stopped
at the same place the boys had fucked us on the way
out. This time when they put us face to face with our
jackets open, our pants pulled down and our hot enema
filled asses bare for the world to see, Dave took my
head and pushed me to Cathy’s left tit.

I gave her very erect nipple a tender kiss before
opening my mouth to suck that nipple in. Dave knew I
would give her a good tit sucking, but Cathy’s moans
came faster than he had thought. He apparently didn’t
want her too worked up, because he pulled my head back
and then to her right tit. I repeated my kiss and suck
until she began to moan again and Dave pulled me back.
They bent us over again, but this time Dave got behind
Cathy and Jim got behind me.

This was going to be the first of their cunt swapping.
I told Cathy that Dave could fuck really good and she
told me that Jim was no slouch at creaming a girl’s
cunt. The boys plunged into us. Neither one of them let
us down. They gave us a great second fuck. Both Cathy
and I came twice before those cocks exploded into us.
Jim seemed to shoot half a dozen times jammed deep into
my cunt and I know that Dave dumped a full load into
Cathy. Dave always seems to cum a lot. His second and
third loads take longer but they are just as big as his

When they were finished, they again pulled us up and
pushed us tit to tit and exchanged kisses (Dave kissing
me from behind Cathy and Jim kissing Cathy with his
cock still in me). Then the boys pulled out and we got
dressed. Before we moved on, Dave unzipped my jacket
and Jim put Cathy’s face down to my tiny nips. She gave
them a little kiss and a lick from her warm tongue.
Then we went back to the cabin. At the cabin, the boys
again motioned for us to strip outside before going in,
but this time, we had to kiss both cocks and get
slapped on the ass before we could get inside.

Cathy and I retreated to the bathroom to unplug our hot
(now very loose) asses. The boys left us to empty out
and wash up by ourselves. After dumping all that hot
soapy water, Cathy and I took a shower and we very
gently washed each other all over. I washed her first.
I started at her shoulders and went down her back to
her lovely rounded ass. I had her bend over so I could
clean out her crack and I gently played with her gaping

I rubbed my finger around her very open hole and then
poked my soapy finger into her. She was so loose I
could plunge my whole finger into her without any
resistance. When she washed me, she made sure that she
could do the same to my asshole. When we finished
washing and drying off, we went out into the living
room (still stark naked, we knew the boys would want us
that way).

We found the boys equally naked with glasses of wine
ready for us. They gave us the glasses and Dave
proposed a toast ‘To the two best cunts in the entire
Rocky Mountains’. Cathy and I giggled, drank and then
hugged and kissed these two lovely fuckers. We sat down
and snuggled our naked bodies together in front of the
fire while finishing our wine. Cathy was careful not to
drink too much.

After a while, Dave told Jim that Cathy and I had
probably played with each other in the bathroom, but
they should make sure we know just how good our cunts
are. They pulled us down to the bearskin rug and put us
on our sides facing the other’s cunt. Dave pulled my
leg up and gently guided my head between Cathy’s open

I was the first to make contact as I drew my tongue
across her slick outer lips. Cathy was hesitant but
followed my lead and gave my slit a long lick. Now that
I knew she was going to copy my actions, I began to
give her a good thorough licking. We had been
positioned with my lower arm over her bottom leg and
with Jim holding up her other leg so I could put my
right hand into her cunt to open her up.

I used two fingers to spread her soft cuntlips after I
had properly covered them with licks. I gently poked my
tongue between her lips and into her hot sexy cunt
hole. The little wiggle I gave her with the tip of my
tongue sent shivers up her spine and she had to
reposition her mouth and tongue before she could
continue. My gentle licking and tongue probing was
making her juice up a great deal. She was oozing a very
sweet cream out of her lips.

I wanted to make sure she knew I was eating her because
she tasted good not just because my boyfriend put my
face in her cunt. I poked my tongue as deep into her
creamy hole as I could and wiggled it trying to get as
much of her sweet cum as I could. I pulled back and
licked her entire slit very fast before plunging in for
a repeat. She lost her concentration almost immediately
and was just laying there taking her licking after I
had done a few cycles of tongue fuck and lip licking.
When I put my lips to her erect clit and sucked, she
went over the edge and started cumming. It was like I
had broken a dam inside her cunt. She was flowing with
sweet cum. I lapped at it like a thirsty bitch never
getting enough. I was licking all over her crotch
spreading more cum than I was able to lick up. Some of
her cum oozed thru her slit to her asshole.

I could see Jim fondling Cathy’s asscheeks and now he
was going to finger her tail. He rubbed his finger thru
her cum before poking into her hole. In one thrust, he
plunged his finger hilt deep into her ass and drove her
to her second orgasm.

After she recovered from that one Jim whispered in her
ear and she began to work on my cunt more aggressively.
She wasn’t the best cuntlicker, but she was going to be
very good with practice (I am already setting up a
lesson schedule). When she paid attention to my clit,
my orgasm built up, and when she sucked on my clit, I
popped and came and oozed my cream onto her face. She
also lapped at my cum like a hot wild animal.

When she had licked me clean, we laid our heads back
and the boys licked our faces clean. Then Dave told Jim
‘Now let’s find out how good their asses are.’ They
pushed us back into each other’s cunt and our tongues
went to work again as the boys inserted their cocks
into our clean waiting assholes.

We offered no resistance on the way in — only on the
way out.

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