A surgery nurse

Kath didn’t really have to break much of a sweat when
she played her sister, which was just as well today as
it was over 90 already and she’d been out pretty late
the night before.

The courts were deserted because it was Wednesday and
not everyone got Wednesdays off like she did. Her
sister, Lynn, had graduated from high school last June
and was still living at home, trying to figure out
what to do with her life. Her sister was absolutely
gorgeous in the classic southern California beach
blonde, peaches and cream complexion sort of way,
thank God she had taken Kath’s advice and never worn
much makeup, it gave her this wild natural look that
drove men crazy. Not to mention the boys her own age.

Kath wasn’t jealous of her sister, she was rather
proud of Lynn and how level headed she was about it
all, and she knew Lynn would get her act together and
make something of herself, no doubt about it.

Lynn at the moment was wondering why she agreed to
play this morning, it was really hot for March and
Kath always beat her anyway. She was just so
methodical, making Lynn look like an idiot running
clear cross court to return each shot, running hard
left, then running hard right, while Kath just stood
there in the middle of her baseline grinning at her.
Finally she just walked over to the side bench and sat

“I quit. You could at least act like this was a
challenge for you!”

“Awww, c’mon Lynn, I only get to play on Wednesdays,
the courts are so full on the weekend. Look, let’s get
out of the sun and cool off for a while. I’ll buy you
a drink.”

The drink was some bottled water inside the clubhouse,
which was wonderfully air conditioned, and the two
sisters toweled off their faces and sat down to soak
up the cool.

“So, Martina,” teased Lynn, “what’s going on at the
hospital these days? I hear that they might start
laying off some people? Kath? Kathy! What’s wrong?”

Kathy was staring at her sister with wide eyes and
wider mouth, which she now managed to cover with both
hands. “Omigod! Lynn! The hospital! Jeez, they changed
the schedule, I don’t have today off! Oh fuck!” Kathy
jumped up and raced to the pay phone over by the
clubhouse door and then raced back to her table when
she realized she didn’t have any change on her.

“Kath, it’ll be okay, just call to let them know you
are running late.”

“Yes, alright Lynn. Give me a sec, okay?” she ran back
to the phone.

“Hello, Trish? Yeah, I know, what? Oh god, okay, okay,
I’m really sorry, Trish, I… okay, okay I’ll get
there as fast as I can!”

She walked quickly back to her sister’s table. “Kath,
what is it?”

“Lynn, I gotta run, I’ll call you tonight. I was
supposed to be in surgery prep at 6 this morning. They
do all the surgery early in the day, and Trish said
that there was a bad accident late last night, and…
I’m in deep shit. Trish says with the layoffs my
timing couldn’t be worse!” Kath was close to tears as
she blurted all of this to Lynn.

“God, Kath, just get over there. Look, you’re upset,
I’ll drive, okay?”

“Thanks, but then you’ll be stranded. I’ll be okay.
Call you tonight.” And Kath gave Lynn a sweaty hug,
grabbed her bag, and headed to the parking lot.

She made it to the hospital in record time, and walked
as quickly as she could to the locker room, to change
into her nurse’s uniform. But she never made it.

“Oh, good morning, Kath,” came a voice to her left as
she waited for the elevator down to the locker room.
“Nice morning for tennis, hmmm?”

“Oh, uh, good morning Dr. James, I, um look sir, I’m
really sorry about being late, I just forgot about the
schedule change and as soon as I realized it…”

“Save it, Kath. And no need to rush, surgery’s over
for the day. We called your apartment over and over
and finally got Mary to come back in, which she wasn’t
so thrilled about since she had pulled the night

“Oh, no, poor Mary, geez, Doctor, I know I blew it, I
really am sorry…”

“Look, Kath, I’m very tired, I don’t know if you heard
but it was a mess in surgery today. I’m going to be
frank, a lot of people are pretty disappointed in you,
to say the least. Trish is among them.”

This was bad news. “Yes, sir,” Kath said quietly.
Trish was Kathy’s supervisor.

“She’s waiting in my office, and she and I want to
talk to you, right away. But I’m going to have a
shower and get some coffee first, so why don’t you go
to my office and wait for me there.”

“I’d better change first, Doctor.”

“No, I don’t think you’d be wise to go down to the
locker room right now, Kath, especially dressed the
way you are.”

Kath blushed. Of all days to wear her skimpiest tennis
outfit, if she so much as took a drink from the water
fountain her panties were visible!

Kathy sighed, “Yes, sir.”

The elevator finally showed up. Ken James looked hard
at Kath, turned and got on. She turned and headed for
his office, close to tears, her stomach in knots.

They’re going to fire me, or lay me off, or whatever,
she thought. Great, just great! There goes the job,
the apartment, the car… I’ll have to move back in at
home, they’ll want to know why… oh how humiliating!

But Kath was about to learn what real humiliation was
all about…

Kath headed for Dr. James’ office. She felt extremely
foolish to be walking the corridors in her tennis
outfit, which signaled to anyone who knew her what she
had been doing while they were dealing with the
emergencies of the morning without her.

The door was ajar so she walked in, and Trish was
sitting in the chair next to Dr. James’ desk. “Oh,
there you are, Kath” said Trish, not smiling. “Sit
down. I have quite a bit to say to you and I want to
do it before Dr. James gets back.

“I know that you didn’t intend to miss work today,
Kath, but you were not careful enough to make sure you
kept to the new schedule. Your mind was elsewhere and
you just fell into your old habits for your day off.”
Kath just nodded dumbly, that feeling in the pit of
her stomach getting stronger every minute.

“Good intentions are not good enough around here,
Kath. This is not the first time this has happened
with you. You are an excellent nurse trainee and show
a lot of promise. You are a quick thinker and you work
hard. But from time to time your concentration
wanders. And others have to cover for you. Am I

Again Kath just nodded. It was true, she had been
saved from some real foul-ups by other nurses and once
by Trish herself. That time she had left a sponge in a
patient and Trish noticed it just before the stitching

“Look, Kath, Dr. James is very upset. As supervisor of
the surgery staff he has enough stress and things to
worry about to be able to worry about whether you are
paying attention to your work. And frankly, he has
told me in no uncertain terms he holds me responsible
for my nurses, and he should, dammit, because I am
your supervisor!” Kath had never seen Trish this
angry, and it frightened her. “I’m not going to put my
job on the line for you Kath. Sorry, I like you, but
not enough to get fired over your carelessness!”

Kath felt so horrible. “Trish, I am so, so, sorry,
really I am. I’ll never slip up again, I know I let
you down, I won’t let this happen again, I promise

Trish smiled wanly and shook her head. “Kath, I do
hope you get another chance to show me you mean that,
but I don’t know. With the layoffs your timing could
not have been worse. It may well be that Dr. James is
going to fire you when he gets back, or lay you off.
And, frankly, Kath, he would not be wrong for doing

Kathy knew this was coming, down deep, but hearing it
said caused her to start to cry. Silently, tears
rolled down her cheek, and she bit her lip to stop
from sobbing out loud. Her life was coming down around
her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it, to
make things like they were just yesterday…

Trish took pity on her 23 year old trainee. “Hey,
Kath, look maybe I’m wrong. I hope so dear. I hope you
get a second chance. And if you do, you sure as hell
better make the most of it! Now, I’m outta here, it’s
been a long morning and I’m going home to sleep for a
week. Well, at least till the night shift” she said
with a grin, and patting Kath on the shoulder, left
the office.

Kathy stared out the window, not seeing anything, in a
bit of shock. A few minutes later, Dr. James walked
into his office.

“Ah, Kath, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long,”
said Dr. James as he strode into the office, coming
around to sit behind his desk. He looked fit and
relaxed, and younger than his 43 years, though Kathy,
who had a lot of respect for him ever since he became
Chief of Surgery before he was even 40.

“No, sir. Trish just left.”

“Oh, all right then so she has already told you the
situation we have here.”

“Yes, sir, and I am really very sorry and embarrassed
about my slip up today.”

“Kath, I won’t beat around the bush. Running the
surgery department is enough for me to have to worry
about, I can’t wonder whether my nurses will be there
when scheduled or not. You put us in a real bind
today, and Trish tells me it is not the first time
you’ve forgotten or didn’t pay attention.

“No, let me finish, Kath. I know you are sorry. But
that does not matter if your inattention or absent
mindedness affects the health and perhaps even the
life of one or more of our patients.

“On the other hand, I have always been an admirer of
your work here at the hospital. I always thought you’d
make nurse in no time and I looked forward to your
being here on my staff for a long time.”

Kathy perked up at this, at the same time she felt so
ashamed she had let Dr. James down…

“So, Kath, I am afraid I have to give you an
unpleasant choice.”

“Yes, sir?” Kathy’s heart beat faster, here it came…
but what was her choice?

“I really ought to let you go, Kath. I’d give you an
all right but honest recommendation letter and I would
have to mention why you are departing, because I’m not
about to be responsible for another hospital paying
the price for your lack of responsible behavior. But
there is an alternative. If you’re willing to accept
it, that is.”

“Oh, yes, sir, please, Dr. James, I so much want to
work here for you! I’ll do anything!”

“Oh, would you?” he said, and reached into a drawer in
his desk. Out of it he pulled a wooden hairbrush, and
set it on the desk.

Kathy’s eyes grew wide. This wasn’t what she thought,
was it? Couldn’t be!

“Yes, Kath. I see that you know what a hairbrush can
be used for besides brushing hair…”

“But you can’t mean that… that was so long ago, I
was maybe 5 or 6. Dr. James you can’t mean you’re
going to spank me with that!”

“Your choice, Kath. You know, don’t you, that you
deserve to be punished. And if you walk out of here,
fine, a lot of people who have had to put up with your
irresponsibility and even cover for you won’t mind too
much. But I believe in second chances, Kath.

“I have a 15 year old daughter. You remind me of her
in many ways. She can be scatter brained at times and
forget that she has to be somewhere, and that kind of
thing. But I’ve found that when she really slips up,
blistering the seat of her underpants with a hairbrush
does wonders for her attention span.”

Kathy gulped. At least it sounded like he wouldn’t do
it on the bare!

“Of course, when she really needs to be taught a
lesson, I send her to the corner after she is well
spanked, and if I think she deserves it, I call her
back over to my lap.

“And then she really pleads with me for no more, Kath,
because if I call her back, she knows that next
spanking is on the bare.”

Kathy felt like her heart had stopped. “Dr. James, I
know I deserve it, but only on the panties, please,
sir. It would be too embarrassing if you spanked me
on, on the b-bare bottom!” Kath felt herself blushing
furiously, she almost couldn’t get those last words

“That’s for me to decide, Kath, but if I think you
deserve it, that is what I’ll do. It is either that or
you can leave my office right now. What will it be?”

Kath froze, she didn’t want to stay and be spanked,
but she couldn’t leave. Her body decided the question
for her, with no words, she didn’t move. After half a
minute, Dr. James nodded and went to close the door.

“Good girl, Kath. Now let’s get this over with.” And
he pulled a chair into the middle of his office, and
motioned for Kath to come over to his side. Somehow,
she didn’t know how, she stood and slowly walked over
to him.

Dr. James patted his right thigh, and Kath, with a
groan, obediently bent over. This was SO humiliating,
she thought, she could feel her very short tennis
skirt riding high up so that her panties were
uncovered, and her bottom was sticking right up almost
in his face!

He raised her skirt all the way up, leaving Kath naked
from waist to knee except for the full cut stretch
cotton panties she wore as part of her tennis outfit.
Down near the plush carpet of the office, Kath’s face
was burning red with embarrassment and shame. Dr.
James admired her tan athletic legs, and the whiteness
of her lower bottom cheeks where they peeked out from
her panties.

He took a firm grip on her waist, and with a gasp from
Kath brought the back of the hairbrush down hard on
her full right bottom cheek.


And so began Kathy’s first spanking since she was 6
and bawling naked over her mother’s knee in the
bathroom for refusing to get into the bathtub.

Her body trembled, oh how it stung!


SMACK! Again, on both full pouting cheeks.

Kath started to plead right away, crying soon after
that, promising as the unbearable heat and sting and
soreness built and built without respite in her
upturned bottom.

Relentlessly he chastised her with the brush, bringing
loud yelps and yells when he smacked the backs of her
upper thighs as well. The entire area glowed red
through the thin cotton underpants, and Kath was
sobbing and feeling very sorry for herself when
finally, after many minutes, he stopped.

“Get into that corner, young lady. I haven’t decided
yet if I am through with you or if you deserve more
punishment. You should be ashamed of yourself, you are
a disgrace to my staff. And she stiffly got off his
lap, and with an open handed smack to her bottom, he
sent her to the corner of his office.

…and made her stand there for at least a quarter
hour while he made phone calls and did other office
business. Kath felt so embarrassed to be standing
there, holding up her skirt on his command, crying
softly. Once his secretary came in, and though she
didn’t say anything, Kath knew she must have seen her,
standing in the corner like a c***d in disgrace.

All along though, Kath was terrified that he would
call her back over. She knew what that meant, he would
take her underpants down! She remembered what that was
like as a c***d, how she would just hope, hope, hope,
as her father or mother scolded her that they wouldn’t
pull down her underpants and spank her bare bottom!

But her hopes were dashed. After a lengthy phone call,
Dr. James hung up the phone. “All right, young lady,”
he said. “Get back over here. I’ve decided you haven’t
really learned your lesson yet, and you are about to

“Oh please, please Dr. James, really I’ve learned it!
I’m so sore, an-and… oh, no more please!” She felt
just like a wayward c***d just then.

“This minute, Kath, or you can just leave and not come
back to this hospital!”

With a groan, Kathy walked slowly back to where he had
re-seated himself, in the “punishment chair” in the
middle of the floor. He had that hairbrush in his hand
again, and a stern look on his face. She stopped and
stood again at his right side.

Dr. James set the brush down on his lap. “Now, Kath,”
he said, “you’re about to learn what happens to
naughty and irresponsible nurse trainees who let down
everyone else with their thoughtlessness. And before
she knew it or could react, he reached out and with
both hands, yanked her white cotton panties down
around her knees.

“Ohhh Dr. James! No, you can’t, oh noo…” and Kath
broke out in fresh tears. She instinctively covered
herself in front, but he told her to get her hands on
top of her head, so she had to stand there, bare in
front, her tan lines very distinct, her pale white
skin only a foot from his face, as he scolded her some

“You should be ashamed and embarrassed, Kath, and I am
glad this upsets you so much, it means you are
learning your lesson and will do anything to avoid a
repeat of this experience. Now, get back over my

Kath eagerly did so, to hide her nakedness in front,
but her bottom was now bare, and Dr. James could not
help but admire it, shapely and soft and round, and
very, very red from the initial spanking. He again
took hold of her waist, and brought the brush down
hard on her bare skin.

“Owwww!” Oh, this hurt so much more on the bare, YOW!”
Kath began to sob again quickly as the brush made its
sonorous impact repeatedly on her upturned naked
backside. Soon Kath was kicking and beating her fists
on the floor, the panties twisted around her ankles…







how does it feel…




to have your…


underpants pulled down…



like a naughty little girl…



and your bare bottom spanked…



for your misbehavior?”


Kathy was howling when he finally set down the brush.
She didn’t stop sobbing for several minutes and he
held her across his knee until she had calmed down.
Her bottom was blazing red and he resisted the urge to
rub it to comfort her; he knew that was not
appropriate and besides, she was being punished. But
when he finally told her to get up, and pull up her
panties, he couldn’t help but hold her gently against
him as she cried, telling her it was all right now,
that she had paid the price and it was forgotten.

“T-thank you, Dr. James, I-I… know I deserved it, a-
and… I won’t let you d-down again, I p-promise!”

“I know you won’t, Kath. But any more slip-ups, even
the slightest bad report from Trish about you and you
will be back here over my knee. Capuche, Kath?”

“Yes sir. Thank you, sir…” and with a quick kiss on
his cheek, Kathy fled his office and took the quickest
exit possible to the parking lot, feeling the burning
stares of everyone in that wing of the possible. God,
they must have heard everything! she thought, and her
face again burned in embarrassment.

In his office, Dr. James put away the hairbrush and
sat down heavily in his leather desk chair. What a
day! he thought. He suspected that wouldn’t be the
last time Kath paid a visit to his office.

And he was right.

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