A true story of a woman who was fucked by a dog

My name is Christine and I’m thirty-five years old woman
who was raped by a dog. The only reason that I’m writing
this is in response to the stupid stories that I’ve read
on the Internet regarding dog rape. I now know that a
woman can be raped by a dog but if that happens the woman
sure as hell isn’t going to start having great orgasms
and wanting to suck his dick.

I submit the following:

Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house
I was renting had an attached garage and a medium lawn.
It wasn’t a fine house but the rent fit my budget.

I was cutting my lawn on a Saturday morning and I was
startled by the sudden sound of a car’s tires screeching
to a stop on the roadway near me. As I looked up I saw a
dog that had narrowly escaped death running across the
road and into the woods. The driver honked his horn and
yelled at the dog, then he sped away.

As the car drove out of sight the dog cautiously emerged
from the woods and sat down. I had never seen him before
and I figured he was lost. I called to him and it was
obvious that he heard me but for some reason he ignored
me. With a shrug I went back to cutting the lawn and soon
forgot about him.

After finishing with the lawn I went into the house, made
lunch, and watched the noon news. Just as the news was
ending I heard a dog whining so I went to my screen door
and saw the dog sitting on the front porch. He was the
dog who had almost been killed by the car a few hours
earlier. He was a large, mixed breed, probably shepherd
and lab, and was a least 120 pounds. I noticed that he
didn’t have a collar but from his appearance it seemed
that was taken care of by someone.

I was sure that he was lost and his owner would be
looking to claim him. I went to the kitchen and got him a
bowl of water and set it near him on the porch. When I
did this he backed away from me and wouldn’t touch the
water until I went back in the house and closed the
screen door.

After I had done this he really went after the water and
lapped the bowl dry. I sat by the door and talked to him
in a soothing voice but he remained aloof and when I
started to join him on the porch he backed away and
headed towards the edge of the road.

Just then, a car moving at high speed, came around the
bend and, for a moment, I thought the dog would panic, do
something stupid, and be killed. The driver sounded his
horn and the dog bolted towards my house. “If I don’t do
something soon this dog is going to get killed,” I

I needed to figure out a way to keep him safe. I refilled
the bowl with water and walked around the garage, opened
the side door and set the bowl on the floor. I turned on
the lights, left the door open and walked a short
distance away. After a few minutes he went for the water
and I quietly approached the door on his blind side and
closed it. I would get him some food later and figure out
some way to find his owner.

I heard the phone ringing and went back into the house.
The call was from a friend and as we chatted I told her
about the dog and asked if she knew of anyone in the area
who might have a lost dog. She had heard nothing but
promised to call back if anything developed. After the
call I wrote out a list for grocery shopping and included
a couple of cans of dog food.

I took a quick shower, toweled dry, and put on a bathrobe
while I began drying my hair. As I was doing this I
thought I heard the dog barking in the garage so I turned
the dryer off and opened the door a crack to check on
him. He was sitting at the far side of the garage near
the side door and I noticed that the bowl was empty

“You’re a thirsty dog aren’t you?” I said to him.

I stepped into the garage and as I did I closed the door
and he moved away from me. “You don’t trust people do you
boy?” I said. He was a strange dog, he just sat down and
watched me as I walked over to get the bowl. As I started
to reach for the bowl he jumped up and stalked towards
me, baring his teeth, and growling in a very frightening
way. I froze. I didn’t understand him at all. I was just
trying to be kind to him and all of a sudden he was
threatening me. I sensed that if I made a run for the
door he would be all over me before I moved three feet.
“What’s going on boy?” I said in a small quavering voice.

I was standing with my back against the side of the
garage and he continued to approach me in his menacing
way. When he was about five feet from me he turned
towards the wall of the garage and herded me away from
the wall and into the center of the garage. I moved
slowly and stopped when he started growling again. I had
never been that scared in my life. I couldn’t talk. I
couldn’t move. I just stood there. Suddenly everything
was a blur.

He barked and then lunged at me. I screamed and put my
arms up in front of me but the force of his lunge knocked
me to the floor. I landed on my back striking my head on
the concrete floor. Hot sparks of pain shot through my
head and I saw him approaching me with fangs drawn. The
only thing I thought of was that he might try to bite my
throat and if he did I would die in that garage. I rolled
onto my stomach and started to get up but before I could
he was straddling my back. He stood over me with his head
just above my ears and I could smell his foul breath.

I didn’t turn my head to look at him because I was sure
that he would bite my face. For a minute he just stood
there, not growling, not moving. Then he backed up and
grabbed the hem of my bathrobe, pulled it towards my
head, dropped it, and started sniffing my crotch. After a
moment he started licking my pussy and I didn’t move. I
started feeling sick in my stomach as I realized that
this horrible animal was going to try to rape me.

After licking me for a short time he became very excited
and tried to mount me but it wasn’t working for him
because I was flat on my stomach. Suddenly he bite into
my butt cheek and I screamed in shock and pain. I came up
off the floor a little and he tried to mount me again. It
still didn’t work for him and he stepped back and bite me
harder then before. I was trapped and we both knew it. If
I didn’t get into the mating position he was going to
make wish that I had. I raised myself up on all fours
while my tears of fear, anguish, and humiliation wet the

Then he mounted me and locked his powerful forearms
around my waist. My bathrobe was no longer covering my
butt and I could feel his cock poking and prodding in his
search for my pussy. I had the urge to squirm away when
his cock found my opening but I was certain that if I did
he would tear me apart. As he started pushing up inside
of me I was surprised at how easily he was sliding into
me. His cock was leaking pre-cum and making my pussy

I cried out in disgust and dread, I knew I had no choice.
He was raping me and there was nothing that I could about
it. He continued thrusting and I didn’t know how my pussy
stretched to handle him but it did. Up to a point.

He kept thrusting into me, going deeper and deeper until
my pussy resisted any further penetration. At this time I
began to feel a tight cramping pain in my guts caused by
his cock being pushed in so deep. I was sobbing so hard
my chest hurt. “Dear God, please don’t let him do this to
me,” was all I kept saying, over and over. I was starting
to babble and I couldn’t stop.

I could feel the pain getting worse. I dropped my head
and looked backwards between my legs. I gasped hard as a
cold wave of pure terror swept through me. His cock was
as thick as my wrist and he still had at least three
inches to go before he could lock his knot into me. His
knot was half way inflated and it was obvious that it
would be as big as a tennis ball very soon. This was as
serious as having a gun pointed at me with the hammer
back. His cock was way bigger than my pussy.

The pain in my guts was making me sick with pain as he
continued to thrust deeper into my pussy but he was
making little headway. Just as he felt my pussy trying to
refuse him further entry he got pissed. He made a deep
threatening growl, gripped my waist tighter and lunged
upward into my cunt. I screamed loud enough to break
eardrums but he ignored my agony. Bright, flickering
lights raced through my head and my body went crazy with

I remember thrashing wildly as I felt the huge pain of
his knot being forced into me and my guts cramped so
violently that I was swallowed by darkness.

When I woke I was in a world of pain and humiliation. The
dog was laying in the corner of the garage ignoring me. I
looked at the floor around my crotch and was surprised at
how little blood I saw but how much cum there was. I was
amazed that I was alive. It seemed like a miracle had
happened. How could he have driven a cock that huge into
me without puncturing something vital and causing me to

The last thing I remembered was him setting his knot in
my pussy and the large pools of cum on the floor was
proof that he had rutted himself to completion. When I
had fainted my body must have relaxed and provided just
enough flexibility to spare my life.

My pussy and guts ached and I was still feeling nauseous.
Never in my life had the thought ever entered my mind
that a dog’s cock could literally kill me dead! I think I
sat on that floor for the better part of an hour staring
at nothing. My thoughts slowly started making sense of
where I was and what had happened. I was still a little
confused but the pain in my body had subsided quite a
bit. I was no longer hurting nearly as much as I did when
I first woke up.

“I want out of here, I want to go home.” Those words
sounded so good to me, so reassuring. My home was only 15
feet away and I wanted to be there. I
started to stand and that dog was up and threatening me
in an instant. I froze. No thoughts. Nothing.

He was growling and baring his teeth as he circled me.
Suddenly he reared up and knocked me to the floor. I
rolled onto my stomach and as I started to rise he
straddled me and seized the back of my neck in his jaws.
He lowered his body and I could feel his cock probing
around my butt and I knew was going to rape me again. He
wanted me to raise up on all fours. I still hurt from his
past abuse and I knew that if I didn’t show my consent
quickly he would hurt me severely, or worse.

As I positioned myself for coming rape I felt rage.

I was angry, deadly angry. I wasn’t going to cry any
more. I had to do what I had to do if I was going to
survive. I wasn’t going to feel humiliation anymore. I
was going to comply and when I could get away from him I
was going to poison him and take great satisfaction in
watching him die. I hoped it would not be quick.

As I assumed the mating position he released my neck. He
quickly mounted me, found my pussy, and drove his cock in
so fast that I gulped air in surprise. My pussy was still
soaked from his last assault and on his third thrust he
buried his cock to the hilt and locked his knot into me.
Although my pussy was horribly stretched from the last
encounter I withstood the extreme pain by biting down
hard on my lower lip.

Once he felt his knot fully inflate he knew my escape was
impossible and he wasted no time in trying his best to
fuck the life out of me.

He had a mean and cruel nature. He wasn’t just trying to
breed me. He wanted to hurt me with his cock and it
showed. He started pumping into me fast and deep and when
the pain of his fucking made me gasp for air he would
tighten his grip around my waist and jerk me back hard
against his cock for even deeper penetration.

On and on he went with savage determination. This must
have gone on for ten minutes before I felt him suddenly
slow down and his muscles tensed. By this time the pain
in my cunt seemed to have gone away. I figured he had
just fucked it numb, it didn’t matter.

Now he was going to unload in me. The first shot out of
his cock stunned my senses. It was hot. I could feel it
and it was hotter than my own internal temperature. He
stood over me not moving, just unloading his balls into
me. About every five seconds he gushed into me. It must
have taken two full minutes for him to finish with me.

During that time I did have an orgasm. I didn’t want it
to happen, it was involuntary. I felt it coming out of
nowhere and it gripped me hard and I couldn’t help
panting. In it’s own way it was terrific but under the
circumstances it really pissed me off. I must have
shuddered from its grip on me for a full minute. Yes, it
was very intense.

Finally, I felt his last feeble squirt and I knew he was
spent. Soon he threw a back leg over me and we were
locked butt to butt for another fifteen minutes. When his
knot finally shrank he pulled free of me with a wet
popping sound and his cum gushed out onto my legs and
some sprayed on the floor. He was through with me. He
walked to the corner of the pen and sat down with his
back to me and started licking his cock.

I cautiously stood up and eased my way toward the door to
the house. I quietly entered my house and closed the door
securely, never letting my eyes leave him. He heard the
door close but he never looked at me. He had what he
wanted and that was that.

“Hang in there stud, I know all that power fucking must
have made you hungry,” I thought. The least I could do
was get him a nice big steak. “Coming right up, buddy!”

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