A Weekend with my Nieces

I work in security systems for major hotel chains.
I’ve never been married, but had my share of dates
over the years. I just never found one I truly wanted.
I had been raised with two younger sisters by both
parents who were pretty strict disciplinarians. More
than once, I felt the sting of a belt or paddle across
my bare ass. Most of the time, our punishment
“sessions” as they referred to them, were on a Friday
night after dinner.

It was their opinion that if we waited until a
specific time, they could take care of everything at
once. During dinner on those evenings, the three of us
kids were always quiet. We knew what was coming next.
We knew we were expected to go to our rooms, strip,
put on a robe and return to the table. There, we would
face our charges, then remove the robes one at a time,
and be stretched across the table to receive our
punishment. I tell you, the reader, this now to give
you a background. Now, on with the current situation.

Both of my sisters had given birth to one c***d, each
having a daughter. Janie was the older of the two
girls (both younger than me with a 2 year separation
between each of us) and had delivered a beautiful
blonde daughter which she named Jenna. Katie had given
birth to a blonde as well, and named her Kaelyn.

Both of my sisters had married well, and both had
settled their divorces extremely well. They were
living in the same affluent neighborhood, each having
an in-ground swimming pool in the back. The cousins
became close friends and, along with five other girls
their age, recorded a web show once a week.

During dinner at Janie’s house one evening, I
mentioned that I would be at a resort the following
week doing some security work. This resort was known
for having an indoor water park and themed rooms. The
girls were out of school and getting under their mom’s
skin, so I suggested they accompany me. My work
shouldn’t take long, leaving me free to spoil my
already spoiled-rotten nieces. We would be gone for a

My sisters both agreed, and amid much 13 year old
excitement and hugs, I told them I would pick them
both up the following Sunday afternoon and drive to
the resort. It was in the next state, but the girls
had never been there. The cousins were instructed by
my sisters to mind and not give me any trouble. Janie
and Katie both told me to not let them run wild, and
to make them mind.

Once the girls were out of ear-shot, Janie confided
that she was having trouble getting Jenna to mind.
Katie agreed Kaelyn was guilty of the same. They
wanted me to help get them back in line. I asked if
they were giving me permission to do whatever I
thought necessary, and they both agreed. Even if it
meant resorting to the punishment of our parents, I
was to do what I felt was required.

Now, I had a feeling my sisters were stretching the
truth a little. In my eyes, Jenna and Kaelyn were two
angels. Jenna was built like her mom, with a thicker
body, firm breasts that were half the size of an
orange, flat stomach, firm thighs and an ass that
would make celibate men drool with lust. Her blonde
hair fell half-way down her back, and her eyes
sparkled when she laughed. She wore glasses some of
the time, and contacts the rest of the time. Both
girls had shiny braces on their teeth.

Kaelyn was built more like her dad. She was slender,
almost bony. Her breasts were not much more than
little bumps under her shirt, and her hips had not
developed the curves that most girls her age had. Her
hair was a darker blonde and cut shoulder length. Her
voice was a little more high-pitched than Jenna’s, but
the giggling made me forget any possible worries. I
was really looking forward to spending time with these
two girls. That hadn’t happened nearly enough lately.

I picked them up at the agreed time, and we drove the
four hours to the resort. The girls had evidently
conspired on their outfits, and both wore denim shorts
and tank tops. Jenna’s ass filled out her shorts
considerably better than Kaelyn’s, but I wasn’t
supposed to be looking, right?

I checked in with the manager, and was assigned a room
for the week. They had agreed to comp half of the week
in exchange for a reduction in my fee. We were
assigned to a two-room suite that held a total of four
beds. This room was decorated to look like a hunting
lodge, complete with log walls and a fireplace. The
beds were queen-sized, with sturdy oak head and foot
boards. There was one bathroom between the two

After we settled in, we decided on a local restaurant
for dinner, then a movie in the room. I promised them
we would check out the water park the following day as
soon as I was finished. Since we were all tired from
the drive, we got ready for bed and sat on the sofa
for movie time.

I mentioned that I had never been married, and
mentioned the description of both girls. When they
walked into the living room to join me, those
descriptions were nothing close to accurate. I felt my
cock twitch at the sight of these girls.

Kaelyn, while very slender, was filling out her PJ’s
very well. The top was sleeveless and fell just above
her shorts, leaving some of her stomach exposed. The
shorts were tighter than I would have thought
comfortable, outlining her 13 year old pussy very
nicely. She was NOT wearing panties under the shorts.
She sat to my left, folding her legs under her small
frame and resting her head on my shoulder.

Jenna was behind her cousin and plopped down on the
opposite side of me. She was wearing a baby-doll
nightie with bloomer type panties. Her well-toned legs
were tanned and supple looking as she stretched them
out, propping her feet on the table in front of us.
She promptly lifted my arm and put it around her neck,
holding my hand. Both girls looked at me, smiling and
giggling. I was wondering how long I would last before
my cock noticed how the girls were dressed. It wasn’t

I should mention here that I grew up with two younger
sisters during the pre-internet era. We lived in a
small town and there wasn’t much to do for excitement,
until that is, I discovered the difference between
boys and girls. Janie and Katie didn’t mind when big
brother showed them how much fun it could be. Our
parents tried to beat those notions out of us, but we
always found a way to play. I was the first for both
of my sisters, and Janie was the first girl for me.
She was 11 at the time.


I had turned down the lights for the movie, and that
helped keep my cock under control. Once the movie was
over and we said our “good nights,” I had a wonderful
masturbation session in my bed. I wasn’t sure how
interested the girls would be if I approached them,
but I didn’t want to try anything the first night.

Day two is where things became more interesting. We
went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, then
back up to the room. I told the girls to wait for me
and not leave the room at all. They had my cell number
if they needed anything. They agreed to follow my
instructions. They didn’t.

When I went to the room for lunch, Jenna and Kaelyn
had made it back just before me. I knew this because I
watched them on the hotel security monitors. I called
my sisters and told them both what had happened, and
what I intended to do about it. They agreed and said
to have the girls call them after I had finished, or
if they refused.

I walked in like nothing had happened, and found my
nieces on their computers. Neither acted like anything
was wrong.

“Did the two of you enjoy your little play time this
morning?” I asked them. I said it softly, but there
was a tone they didn’t mistake.

“What play time, Uncle Rick?” Kaelyn asked. She looked
up at me and batted her eyes. She was sitting on the
sofa, legs crossed Indian style. When she leaned
forward, her top fell open, revealing her training bra
covered bumps.

“The play time when you took a tour of the resort.” I
told her.

Jenna looked nervous now, but Kaelyn was still playing
as if nothing had happened.

“What tour? We’ve been here since you left, right
Jenna?” she asked her cousin as she turned to her.

“Right, Uncle Rick. We’ve been right here,” Jenna
tried to assure me.

I walked over to the flat-screen television. I
connected my laptop to it very quickly and pulled up
the copies of the security system I had downloaded
when I had watched them.

“One last chance before I prove you wrong. Do you want
to admit you left the room after I told you to stay
here with the door locked?”

Both girls shook their heads in a “no” response.
Kaelyn still looked very confident, but Jenna wasn’t
too sure now. They had no idea the proverbial “fecal
matter” was about to hit the “rapidly oscillating
rotating device.” The shit was gonna hit the fan!

I turned on the video feed and brought up the images
of the girls leaving the room. It followed them as
they toured the resort, spent time in the game area
and even waded in the pool. It ended with Kaelyn
ripping the cover from one of the life preservers in
the pool area. Now, their braces were on display as
their mouths hung open. Kaelyn spoke first.

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell for certain
that’s us. Besides, we’ve been here in the room since
you left.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Katie had been right about
her daughter’s attitude. She was having no problem
denying any wrong-doing.

“Are you actually going to sit there and lie to me,
Kaelyn? I watched you on the monitors. You can see the
room number on the door! What did you think you were
doing when you did this? I told you to stay in the
room for a reason. You have no idea who is staying
here, or what could have happened to you. You even
destroyed some of the property.”

Jenna started to cry and apologize. “Uncle Rick, I’m
sorry, I didn’t think it would hurt anything. We got
bored sitting here, and just decided to walk around
and explore. We didn’t think it would be a big deal.
She told me it would be funny to pull the cover off
that preserver.”

“You wimp!” Kaelyn screamed at her. “You sold us out,
just like that! We could have talked our way out of
it, just like at school.”

“Shut up, Kaelyn!” I yelled at her. That stopped her.
She had never heard me raise my voice to either of
them. Jenna stopped crying when I yelled.

“My sisters told me how the two of you have been
stretching the boundaries lately. I didn’t want to
believe it. I always thought you were sweet and
innocent. Now I see they were right. And you even
vandalized some of the property. I just can’t believe
it. I had to agree to deduct the cost of that from my

“The manager wanted to have us leave. I told him I
would take care of everything. I was finally able to
convince him to let us stay.”

“I still don’t see what the fuss is about. It was just
a dumb life preserver. They have life guards at the
pool anyway.” She turned her attention back to her
laptop, completely ignoring me. Evidently, she thought
her dismissal of it ended the matter. It didn’t.

I walked over and took her laptop from her. When she
objected, I told both girls I wanted all their
electronics, and I wanted them now. Jenna looked
frightened and hurriedly went after hers. Kaelyn stood
up in a huff and followed her. When they returned, I
gathered the items, made sure they were turned off,
then took them to my room.

“You can’t keep our stuff, Uncle Rick!” Kaelyn shouted
at me.

I walked back into the living area and put on the best
“mad face” I could come up with.

“Here’s what’s about to happen. Jenna, go into my
room. Kaelyn, go into the other room. I’ll talk to
each of you individually, then let you know what your
punishment will be. Don’t argue, just do it. NOW!”

That got even Kaelyn’s attention. Both girls went to
the rooms I had directed them into. I went to Jenna

“Jenna, I guess I don’t have to tell you how
disappointed I am in both of you. I wanted to spend
some time with my girls, but the only thing I asked of
you was to stay in the room until I came back. You
couldn’t do that. Now, I believe what Janie told me.
She said you don’t listen to her either and pretty
much just do as you’re told.

“I’m giving you a choice. I’ll tell you the same thing
I’m going to tell your cousin. You can accept the
punishment I give you, or you can pack up and we’ll
leave. Right now. Your choice.”

She looked up at me. She was crying again, and it was
breaking my heart. I was trying to be strict, but she
was melting me. She was barefoot, and was shifting
from one cute little foot to the other. She was
wearing tight, cotton shorts now, and a t-shirt. She
had combed her hair and let it hang loosely around her
face, a face now tear-streaked.

“I’m really sorry, Uncle Rick. Please don’t be mad at
me. I’ll do whatever you say. I know mom is right.
I’ve been a brat, but I just wanted to get her
attention. She’s never home anymore and when she is,
she just yells at me a lot. I haven’t seen dad in six
months, and I’m just sorry.”

She reached out for me, and I held her while she
cried. She wasn’t getting out of this that easily,

“Jenna, I understand what you’re telling me. I know
how your mom can be, but that doesn’t excuse the fact
that I told the two of you the rules, and you broke
them.” I held her away from me and looked at her.

“I talked to your mom and aunt before we left. We
agreed that if I had to discipline either of you, I
would do what our parents used to do to us. I called
them both while I was on the way back to the room.
They told me again to do just that. Are you willing to
accept your punishment?”

She sniffled and looked up at me. “What will it be?
I’ll do whatever you want, and I’ll do better for mom
when I get home. I love you Uncle Rick. I don’t want
you to be mad or disappointed.”

I almost let her off. But I didn’t. “Jenna, this will
sound a little harsh to you, but it’s important.
Humiliation is part of the punishment. I’m going to
spank you. Your grandparents used to spank all three
of us and I think it was a good idea. I didn’t like it
then, but looking back, I can see why they did it.”

“A spanking? I’ve never been spanked!” she cried out.

“Yes, and there’s more. Whenever we were spanked, it
was always nude. Dad would tell us if we were
embarrassed, we would remember it better. He was
right. I’m going to spank you just like he used to do
me and my sisters.

“I’m going to let you think about it. If you agree to
the punishment, undress and bend over the bed. When I
come back from talking to your cousin, I’ll know your

I turned to leave the room, and Jenna stood there
trying to decide how she wanted to do this. Somehow I
didn’t expect Kaelyn to be as cooperative or
repentant. She wasn’t.

“You aren’t going to spank me! I don’t know who you
think you are, and my mom has obviously lost her mind!
I’m not doing any of the things she said. I’ll go home
before I let you spank me, and I’m sure not gonna let
you spank me with nothing on! You’re outta your mind!”

I dialed her mom’s number, spoke briefly to Katie,
then handed the phone to my niece. She didn’t have a
chance to argue with her mom and Katie was giving her
an earful. I knew she was telling her that if she
didn’t do as she was told, once she came home she
would lose all her electronics and not be allowed to
do the web show for six months. Kaelyn still wasn’t
convinced when she handed the phone back to me.

“I’ll give you the same option I gave Jenna,” I told
her. “I’m going back in and talk to her. If she agreed
to do what I said, she’ll be waiting for her spanking.
When I come back, I’ll have my answer. If you agree,
you will be nude and bent over the bed, waiting for
me. If you are still dressed, make sure your bags are

With that, I walked out of that room, and into my
bedroom. There, I found Jenna bent over the bed, nude
as the day she was born. If I thought her ass looked
great in denim the day before, and in those baby doll
panties, that had been nothing compared to the sight
that was on my bed. I took the time to lock both of
the doors (one into the living area, and one into the

Her ass was perfectly rounded, flowing down into well-
formed and toned thighs. Her pussy was barely visible
between those thighs. She was still softly sobbing as
she lay with her head down on the comforter. My cock
stood straight up immediately.

“Jenna,” I began as I walked in, “I’m proud of you for
making this decision. I know it’s embarrassing for
you, and I hope you know I love you very much. I just
think you need this.”

She nodded her head in agreement, but didn’t look at
me. I moved to her side, taking a seat on the bed. I
placed my left hand on the small of her back and
raised my right hand above her ass.


Five on each hip. My palm was stinging and her ass was
bright red. She was crying harder now, and I know she
had to be hurting. I hurt for her.

“Wait here and I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t
move, Jenna.”

I left the room and returned to find Kaelyn sitting
calmly on the edge of the bed, still fully clothed.
She looked at me defiantly, and I turned around,
closing the door behind me. I never spoke a word to

When I opened the door to my room, Jenna quickly moved
back into the position I had left her in. I asked her
if she had moved. She started to deny it, but didn’t.
I locked the door again as I moved to her.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Rick. I looked at my bottom in the
mirror. You told me not to move, but I thought I could
do it before you came back. I guess Kaelyn didn’t want
to get spanked, huh?”

“Let’s don’t talk about Kaelyn, Jenna. What do you
think I should do to you for not minding me?”

She whispered, barely audible, but I distinctly heard
her: “Spank me again, Uncle Rick. I didn’t mind and
you should punish me.”

My cock gave another twitch. “Ok, Jenna, I think
you’re right.”

Instead of sitting next to her, I stood behind her and
off to the side. She began to softly sob once more. I
knew, not sure how, but I knew I would have my niece
just like I had taken her mother all those years ago.


She jumped with each smack, but didn’t try to get away
from me. When she realized I was finished, she turned
to look at me. I lay down on the bed, propped against
the head board, and motioned for her to lay next to
me, holding my arms out for her.

She sniffled and moved up to me. She had forgotten
about her nudity for now. She wanted to be comforted
by her Uncle Ricky. She was a little girl again and my
open arms were her comfort.

She melted into my arms and I held her closely, my
right arm moving along the smooth skin of her back and
the flare of her hips.

“Jenna, I’m proud of the way you took your punishment.
Now, I’m going to offer something my parents never
offered me. Because you did so well, would you like me
to put some lotion on you? It will help with the

She didn’t even look at me, but nodded her head, still
sniffling. I moved away to get some lotion from my
bag, and told her to lay flat on her stomach. She did,
covering her face in her hands.

Retrieving the lotion, I moved back to the bed, taking
time to kick off my shoes. Her ass was still bright
red and I felt a twinge of guilt, but if it had the
desired outcome, Jenna would be a better person,

She jumped when I squirted some of the lotion onto her
bare skin. I knew it had to be cool, compared to the
heat radiating from her rounded ass. I began to gently
massage the globes of that firm little ass, making
sure the lotion was evenly spread. As I moved towards
the bottom of her cheeks, I allowed my fingers some
liberty. I spread my fingers and dipped between those
cheeks, wanting to see what she would do.

Her reaction was what I hoped for. Her breathing
became shallower and she was arching her back to meet
my hand. Her legs began to spread slightly. Moving
lower, I massaged the inside of her thighs, resulting
in her arching even higher and spreading wider. I knew
she was mine now. I leaned down to her ear and

“Jenna, do you want me to stop?” as my thumb brushed
across her slit. She was wet!

“No, Uncle Ricky, don’t stop, please — don’t —
stop,” she whispered to me. I didn’t intend to now.

Forgetting the lotion, and her ass, I openly cupped
her sex in my palm. She shuddered as I did, and when
my finger brushed across her clit, she spasmed in an
orgasm. Jenna got off on the pain of her punishment.
Touching her clit was enough to take her over the

Pulling my hand away, I stood and undressed. I didn’t
care if Kaelyn tried to walk in now. I really didn’t
expect her to, but I didn’t care. When I lay back next
to my niece, she turned and looked at me, realizing I
was as nude as she was. I didn’t give her a chance to
question anything, pulling her into my arms again.
This time, I turned her face to mine and kissed her,
deeply. She returned the kiss, her tongue pushing into
my mouth, mine pushing back.

My hands started roaming over Jenna’s nude body, she
was holding onto me tightly. I pulled her over my nude
form, her leg brushing my erection as moved. She
pulled away from the kiss and looked at me. Her eyes
bright with wonder and questions, all at the same

“Are you, I mean, are we, you know?” she stammered.

“Yes we are, but you have another choice, Jenna,” I
told her as I caressed her, pressing my erection
against her smooth slit. After seeing her in a bikini,
I had wondered if she kept it smooth, and she did. She
was unknowingly moving her pelvis back and forth
against my cock.

“You have three choices, right now, Jenna. I can show
you about oral sex, you can learn how to perform oral
sex on me, or I can show you about making love and you
will put it in yourself.”

I didn’t give her a chance to say no.

Her response was to raise up, taking my shaft in her
hand and guide it to her wet pussy.

“Will it hurt? I heard it hurts the first time.”

“You were in gymnastics, dance and cheer. Did you ever
hurt yourself? Did you make yourself b***d from
there?” I asked her.

She was still rubbing it against her slit. “Once, I
hit the balance beam wrong. Mom took me to the doctor
and she said I had torn my hymen, but I didn’t know
what that was.”

“That was your cherry. That just means the biggest
pain is over. Now, you’ll feel full and stretched out.
Put it in, Jenna. I want to be your first.”

She raised up and let her instincts take over, sliding
down onto my shaft. I constantly looked into her wide,
innocent, trusting eyes as she lowered herself onto
me. I moved my hands from her hips to her sides, my
thumbs brushing across her breast mounds.

She kept going, stretching her pussy, her body working
to accommodate the new intruder. I was glad to be her
first, and told her so. She had been holding her
breath, and let it out slowly as she became used to
having me inside her. I looked down, and I was half-
way there. Her pussy bulging. I’m only just over 6″,
but about 2″ around. It was more than enough to stuff
my niece.

She put her hands on my chest for support and asked
what she should do next. I told her to relax and let
nature take its course. She did and began to rock on
my shaft, more sliding inside each time. She
discovered she could move up and down, back and forth,
and each felt good in a different way. For me, it was
amazing! Her pussy was hot, wet, smooth, vise-like, so
many adjectives that could describe how she felt.

Once I was fully inside, and Jenna began to move more,
I pulled her down to me and suckled on her breasts.
Knowing how she had responded to pain earlier, I began
to nibble on her nipples. Each time I bit down, she
bucked against me, her pussy gripping my cock.

After letting her ride me for a few minutes, I told
her to sit up and lean back. One of my favorite things
to do with a female is to go from me on bottom, to her
on bottom without pulling out. I did this now, by
having Jenna lean backward, and I folded my legs
underneath as I rose up. This kept my cock buried
deeply inside her as I rolled her back, taking her
legs with me.

Now, I lifted them over my shoulders and built a
rhythm driving deeper inside her. I could feel her
cervical opening stretch as I bottomed out. She was
grunting with the pain, but begging me for more, to
keep going. I had no intention of stopping.

“Jenna, baby, I’m so close, I’m gonna cum in you baby.
You’re mine now, aren’t you, baby?” I was babbling to
her as I felt my balls swell and prepare to launch a

“YES UNCLE RICK!! I’m yours! Do it to me, give it to
me. Oh it’s happening AGAIN!!” she screamed and panted
as her pussy contracted around my cock.

That sent me over the edge and I exploded directly
inside her womb. As I felt myself stop spurting, I
released her legs and let them drop to the bed, my
cock softening, but still inside her.

She was panting, but pulled me down for another kiss,
arching her pussy up against me, rubbing her clit
against my pubic hair.

I pulled away finally as my cock slipped from her. I
knew there would be a mess, but didn’t care. I also
remembered my other niece who was waiting in the other
room, waiting to leave. I had another idea and shared
it with Jenna.

Rolling off her, I pulled her in for another embrace,
her bare leg draped across my stomach. I could feel my
cum begin to drip from her pussy, but didn’t care.

“You know your cousin refused her punishment. She
thinks we’re leaving to go home. I have another idea.
I don’t want to leave, I want to spend the rest of the
week with you. You interested in helping out old Uncle

She looked up at me, her braces reflecting the lamp
light, her smile melting my heart, again.

“If it means we do that again, absolutely!! What do
you want me to do?”

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