A Wife’s Submissive Journey

Susan and her family moved to the city and instantly
fell in love with the friendly neighborhood. She was
liked by anyone who met her and in particular the men
found her overly attractive and sexy. Sue married
young and virtually had no sexual experiences other
than those with her childhood sweetheart, Ben, who she
married. They didn’t have any c******n and anyone who
met Ben and Susan considered her a trophy wife, as she
was extremely beautiful and sexy. She dressed in a
very conservative manner, but always in rich and
elegant clothes, which were trendy and very

Every fall about the end of September, one of their
neighbors hosted a block party barbeque, which was
designed to welcome newcomers and also to rekindle
friendships. The function was always well attended, as
it was the one time a year that everyone could
socialize with neighbors. The Clarks who lived only a
couple doors down the block from Susan were the hosts.
The family was well known for their gracious parties
and Sue looked forward to meeting all of her
neighbors, some of them for the first time.

Nadine Clark had just turned 21 and she was an only
c***d, which was most likely the reason for her being
spoiled rotten. No one could argue the fact that
Nadine was overly dominating. She loved being the one
in control of everything and considered herself the
leader in almost every endeavor. The fact Nadine was a
little shorter than average and a little smaller might
have been a determining factor of her having a
inferior attitude. When her friends assumed Nadine was
not capable of being powerful and in control, she
always proved them wrong by being the strongest and
most feared.

Her parents thought Nadine could do no wrong and they
were happy to still have her living at home. They were
extremely proud of their daughter and ignored any
warning signs that she might be overly domineering.
When Nadine set her sights on something, she didn’t
let anything get in her way of achieving a goal or
winning a competition. Her smaller stature deceived
most people and she was in complete control before
anyone knew what happened. Most of her personal
relationships were with people about her own age, but
she secretly vowed to someday have an intimate
relationship with an older woman.

Nadine would look back on the planned neighborhood
gathering with great fondness even though at first she
wanted nothing to do with the party. She thought her
parents were silly for volunteering to be hosts for
the annual social event and she refused to help in any
way. What made her change her mind might have been a
fluke, but Nadine would always consider it one of her
luckiest changes of heart. After her mother pestered
her for the whole month of July, Nadine finally agreed
to help with the September party.

The two were having coffee together one morning before
Nadine went to college or her mother went to work.
“Mother, I’ll help with the damn party… just get off
my back,” Nadine complained. “You shouldn’t have
volunteered to host the bloody thing. It’s a lot of
goddamn work and you know how much I hate work.”

“You know your dad… how he thinks he’s the best
Barbequer in the world,” her mother replied. “It will
be nice having all of the neighbors around.”

“I’ll help with arrangements… with everything until
the actual party,” Nadine said. “But I’m not
socializing with a bunch of old farts.”

“It will do you good to be nice to the neighbors. Pay
some of them back for being nice to the spoiled
princess,” her mother teased Nadine. “You just have to
help with all of the arrangements and setup… not
with the actual day of the party.”

When her mother mentioned that the lady who moved in
recently was going to also help, Nadine knew she had
made a smart decision. She remembered the first time
she saw Susan. The woman was visiting her mother and
the two were having coffee together when Nadine found
out that Susan had moved into the neighborhood.
Nadine’s first impression of the woman was that Susan
was the most seductive woman in the world and she
vowed at the time to become the woman’s mistress.

Nadine had several very close girlfriends and she
actually preferred them to the various males she
called boyfriends. There was one young man, Kenny, she
considered a soulmate, but all of the others were
simply friends. Nadine’s desire for sex was only
surpassed by her desire for power and control. She
loved nothing more than demonstrating her dominance
over others. One thing Nadine realized early on was
that it was much easier gaining control over a girl so
most of her relationships were with girlfriends.

Maybe it was a sign of her growing up and maturing,
but Nadine decided weeks earlier that she wanted to
take her sexuality to another level. After her first
meeting with Susan, she immediately set her sights on
gaining control over the woman who was a few years
older than her. Nadine observed how Susan dressed very
conservatively and she rightly assumed the woman was a
little self-conscious of her luscious womanly charms.
Sue was similar to many gorgeous women in that she
never realized just how attractive and sexy others
viewed her.

Nadine often tried to visualize her beautiful
neighbor. The woman was about 5’10”, which Nadine
found truly alluring. She loved nothing more than
establishing control over a taller woman, as most
people assumed she was too small to be the dominating
person in any relationship. Susan had tits that most
women would die for and men found them titillating
when she walked, as the boobs swayed slightly with
each step. Sue had a very slim waist and her hips
flared in a truly lithe fashion, which most men found
sexy and Nadine found truly seductive. Her butt was
well rounded and more supple than Sue cared for, but
she reasoned it was better than having a flat ass.

Her legs were long and shapely, but it was her chest
that garnered the most attention. That was likely
because Susan’s boobs were not only big, but the
nipples seemed to be enlarged and erect most of the
time, which seemed to show through any top she wore.
Whenever Susan caught men staring at her, she always
gave them a dirty look and cursed their brazen ogling
even though she felt a sense of pride because she was
well endowed.

What made Nadine really pleased with her new neighbor
was how cordial and willing to please Susan seemed
even with complete strangers. Nadine readily agreed to
meet with her mom and Susan to do the initial planning
on the upcoming party. Her mother found Nadine’s
insistence on preparing drinks and snacks for the
meeting a little strange, but easily shrugged off her
daughter’s cooperation. She thought Nadine was just
being a good daughter for once and never considered
there might be an ulterior motive for Nadine’s

Susan came over early that August morning. “Please
sit. I have coffee on and we can have a nice chat.
Mother had to run an errand downtown. She’ll be back
in about an hour, but we can get started,” Nadine
said, as she leaned over and set the cups on the
table. “I’ve wanted to meet you since the first day
you moved into our wonderful neighborhood.”

“You must be Nadine. Your mother has told me all about
you and how you’re doing so well in university,” Susan
said, as she stared at the bare boobs. The young
woman’s top hung down leaving her perky tits exposed
and Sue could even see the nipples, which were
extremely enlarged and erect. She found the brazen
exhibition very intimidating and her temperature
seemed to rise about ten degrees a second until she
was totally flushed.

Nadine didn’t always go without a bra, but she decided
to go for broke this time. She had selected the
loosest top in her wardrobe and even practiced bending
over in front of mirror to make sure her voyeurism was
blatant and revealing. The biggest smile covered her
face when Nadine noticed Susan’s eyes riveted on her
exposed chest.

Sue was so focused on the voyeurism that she didn’t
hear the woman’s next words. “Do you like ogling my
tits? Your tongue is hanging out of our mouth,” Nadine

Not normally dumbfounded or overcome by someone, Susan
merely sat motionless and allowed the young woman to
take over. There was no need for Nadine to remain bent
over in front of Sue yet she wanted the woman to see
her boobs. “I’m sorry… so sorry. I didn’t mean to…
to stare,” Susan whispered.

Nadine grinned with the utmost confidence and
straightened up. “Do you have a girlfriend? Are you
having sex with anyone other than your husband,” she

Susan felt like she had been kicked in the stomach.
“No, gawd no. I… I’m not that way,” she replied. “No
girlfriend… never.”

“The first time I saw you… I knew you were
different. Knew I wanted to make love to you and be
your mistress,” Nadine whispered.

The setting was profound and right out of a love
story. Nadine stood in front of her and there was a
light surrounding her body, which appeared to be a
premonition. The smile on Nadine’s pretty face was
adorable and Susan couldn’t take her eyes off the
young woman. “No… but… but?” Sue spoke, but she
didn’t know if she was trying to convince Nadine or

Nadine completely ignored the woman’s indecision and
took charge. “You look tense… your muscles are all
knotted and tense,” she said, as she swiftly rotated
around the woman. “Let me massage your neck… that
always helps me and I’m an expert at relaxing

Abruptly a conversation ensued and the two chatted
like they were longtime friends. “Yes, I’ve been
stressed lately… since the move. Meeting new friends
and trying to fit in is never easy.”

“You’ll love it here.”

“Yes, I’m sure I will… everyone is so nice.”

“I knew you were special the first moment I saw you.”

“Thank you… but I’m not sure…”

“Can I see you later… after our meeting with my
mother and when you are free.”

“I guess… I’d like that.”

“Are you free this evening?”

“Well… I think so.”

“I’d love to see you!”

“Well… I guess.”

“Have you ever had a mistress?”

“No, oh no, gawd no.” Susan had no idea what to do, as
she felt totally overwhelmed by Nadine. She had never
acted so foolishly in her life and couldn’t understand
why she seemed to be under the control of such a young
woman. Because Susan was physically bigger than
Nadine, she didn’t feel very threatened and felt she
could handle any situation.

Nadine stood behind the shivering woman and used her
expertise to put Sue at ease. “I’m taking Kinesiology
and would like to specialize in massage therapy.
Here… let me massage those neck muscles and you’ll
feel better,” she said, as her skilled fingers went to
work. “I don’t want mother seeing you stressed…
acting like a little schoolgirl.”

‘Dear gawd, she’s right. What’s wrong with me? I’m
acting so strange… not like myself,’ Susan thought.
‘Oh my, that feels so goooood. Her hands… her
fingers are touching me. Oh gawd, what’s wrong with

Nadine purposely opened the neck of Sue’s blouse, as
much as possible, so that her fingers massaged all of
the woman’s bare shoulders. She glanced down the front
of Sue’s torso and imagined being able to feel the
adorable boobs, which were heaving because of the
woman’s frantic breathing. ‘You’re so beautiful…
sexy. I can’t hardly wait,’ Nadine thought, as she
stared down at the rich rewards.

‘Dear gawd, what’s wrong with me? I should stop her…
oh gawd, what would I do if she touches me,’ Sue
wondered? The relief was instantaneous, as Nadine
massaged her neck and shoulders. Then the sound of a
car entering the driveway interrupted their private
session. One second she was completely relaxed and the
next her heart raced a mile a minute. Nadine swiftly
rotated around the seated woman and the two faced each
other. Then the young woman leaned in and kissed the
mature, married woman hard on the lips.

Their lips met and Sue tried to keep hers closed, but
the pithy resistance lasted a brief moment. Nadine
entwined her tongue with Sue’s and she confirmed her
superior control. She bent the older woman backwards
in the chair and relished the intimate contact when
the kiss heated up. Sue was smitten. There was
something about the young woman that she couldn’t
resist and just the thought of being under Nadine’s
control was hypnotic. For the first time in her life,
Susan felt totally submissive.

The front door opened and Nadine abruptly ended the
kiss. “I’ll be at your place tonight… at seven. I’m
going to be your mistress… your lover,” Nadine
whispered. “You’ll do everything I say… or else!”

Susan had never been obsessed with any kind of role-
playing, but suddenly she felt fixated on letting the
young woman be her mistress. It was too late to
protest to the Nadine right now, but Sue vowed to set
her straight when they met later. Sue rationalized she
would meet with the girl and explain how mistaken it
was for Nadine to think she was submissive and willing
to submit to the young woman’s dominating manner.
Luckily by the time Nadine’s mother came into the
room, Sue had somehow regained control of herself and
all of her rampant emotions.


Susan had a difficult time trying to think straight
and make rational decisions, as 7 o’clock approached.
She wondered what the hell came over her when she
willingly set up another rendezvous with her young
neighbor? Feeling more apprehensive with each passing
hour, her heart pounded as if she were going on a
date. The grandfather clock in the living room chimed
and Sue’s heart skipped a beat with the announcement
of the dreaded hour. She realized it was time for
Nadine to arrive and she had a hard time breathing, as
she expected the doorbell to ring at any second.

Sue had pondered long and hard over her dilemma.
Knowing she had reached a decision to put an immediate
stop to Nadine’s seduction and dominance gave her at
least a little temporary relief. She was determined to
tell the young woman that she had no interest in
advancing a relationship with anyone, especially
another woman. When the knock sounded at the front
door, Sue almost collapsed, as her legs went wobbly
and weak.

Susan couldn’t believe how quickly her courage
disappeared and she found it almost impossible to walk
the few steps to the door. Her hand closed on the knob
and Sue thought the door was locked because the knob
wouldn’t turn. Suddenly the door opened and she came
face to face with destiny. Susan stared at the young
woman who had a devilish grin on her face and there
was a deafening silence that sapped any remaining

It was funny how fleeting seconds in a person’s life
can last an eternity. Susan stared into the dark,
paralyzing eyes and she was powerless to move even one
step. There was an evil grin on the young woman’s
pretty face and Sue could tell Nadine was on a
mission. She felt like a coward and found it almost
impossible to speak. “I… I… you look good. Please,
come in… I’ll show you around,” Susan mumbled and
realized that she was under a spell.

Still staring into Nadine’s eyes, Sue raised her left
arm and grabbed the young woman’s hand, which was
offered to her. She was speechless as her feet started
moving and soon she was standing in the middle of the
living room. Almost in a trance, she started giving
the young woman a tour of her home. Sue explained how
she loved decorating in an antique fashion and then
they moved into the kitchen. She pointed out some of
the finer points of the room before she urged her
friend towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms and
the rest of the house.

Susan managed to find her voice during the tour and
even grew more relaxed, as they moved from room to
room. She wasn’t sure if saving the master bedroom
till last was the smartest decision, but that was how
things worked out. The mood seemed to change once they
were both standing beside the big bed and Sue was
afraid to look at the young woman. She literally stood
facing the bed and didn’t move when Nadine quickly
rotated behind her motionless body. Soft, caring hands
reached up to her tense shoulders and started
massaging all of the apprehension out of her torso.

Sue wondered how many times her mouth opened, as if
she was going to protest or say something? No words,
only low moans of passion seemed to come out of her
chest, as her head sort of balanced on top of her
stiff neck. Sue felt the neck of her blouse being
stretched and rolled down her shoulders after nimble
fingers managed to unbutton the top few buttons. Her
bare shoulders felt flushed and warm and then wet lips
rained kisses all over the burning flesh. It seemed
her heartbeat increased with each peck and each kiss
until the b***d was racing through her entire body.

Susan wasn’t sure how long she could remain standing.
She felt the bottom of her blouse being pulled out of
her pants and without any hesitation the garment was
stripped from her body. Sue desperately yearned to
turn around and face the She-Devil, but knew it wasn’t
the smartest reaction to the young woman’s seduction.
Suddenly a dainty hand rolled the bra out of the way
and cupped one of her tits. The nipple was
precariously pinched between the strong fingertips and
the precious bud was stretched and elongated to almost
twice the normal size. Sue merely moaned and gasped
for more air, as she stood absolutely still.

It was time to act and not react; yet her brain
refused to work, as her body willingly cooperated.
Susan didn’t even know how the rest of her clothes
were removed. There were no words spoken, merely
motions and signals from the powerful young woman to
indicate what she wanted. All of a sudden Sue was
standing on wobbly legs and a brazen hand was between
her velvety thighs. The skilled fingers slithered
through the vast wetness and instantly seized her

Susan had heard that it was possible to become overly
aroused even if a woman was standing and in the right
situation, an orgasm was possible. Suddenly soft lips
nibbled at her ear and the hottest breath washed
across the side of her face. “No, no, Sue! Please, not
yet,” Nadine whispered, as she squeezed hard. Then she
yanked the tiny pearl out of the puffy hideaway and
twirled the bud around vigorously between her fingers.
“I knew the first time I saw you… knew you were a
slut. You’re cumming like a slut!”

The last thing in the world Susan wanted was an
orgasm, but her stomach was already convulsing wildly
and out of control. She couldn’t stop her hips from
thrusting madly at the young woman’s fingers and she
gasped out loud, as the womanly juices flowed freely
out of her belly. “No, no, please Nadine, please
stop,” she pleaded. “I beg you.”

Nadine used her teeth to get the woman’s complete
attention. “I love hearing you beg,” she hissed.

“No… no, I’m not.”

Nadine twirled the clit around and around as fast as
she could. “You’re cumming… like a slut.”

“Please, gawd no… please stop.”

“Keep begging… I love hearing my slut beg.”

“No, no… no.”

“Dear lord, my sexy, gorgeous slut is cumming…
creaming all over my fingers,” Nadine whispered. “Keep
that pretty ass moving… squirming all over. Cum for
Mistress… cum for Mistress!”

Susan couldn’t remember being so out of control. She
desperately wanted to prolong the wonderful sensations
yet her body refused to listen. Her legs were pressed
tightly together, but the crafty young woman still
found enough space to royally molest the throbbing
clitoris. Each time her clitty slipped between the
skilled fingertips, Susan secreted more womanly juices
until lewd slurping sounds filled the room.

Her head rolled backwards and rested on the shorter
woman’s shoulder. Susan couldn’t imagine a more
shameless scene, as she experienced the most explosive
orgasm of her life. She didn’t think it was possible
to climax while in a standing position, but the
assumption was swiftly dispelled, as severe
convulsions roared through her stomach. Much to Sue’s
horror, the sly young woman rotated her body and
pushed her head forward so that she stared straight
into a large mirror, which displayed the wicked lust.
Sue was powerless. She stared at the blatant
fingertips, as they rolled the slippery clitty around,
and noticed her feet were apart enough to expose her
crotch to the world.

Susan’s chest heaved and her tits bounced up and down
wildly. Nadine’s left hand cupped the underside of one
of her boobs and sort of offered the luscious tit to
an imaginary onlooker. The young woman’s fingers
squeezed the prized nipple as hard as she could and
felt the surging b***d gush through the swollen gem.
The everlasting orgasm consumed Susan’s emotions and
rational thinking, as she felt helpless and overly
submissive, which was what Nadine wanted.

Sue was distraught and crushed after the mind-blowing
climax. She didn’t resist and wound up on the bed and
in the comforting arms of the young woman who despite
her diminutive stature was overpowering. Ten minutes,
twenty minutes, or thirty minutes had transpired and
already one memorable orgasm finished and another was
on the horizon. Tender lips rained kisses all over her
face, neck and arms and it was impossible to think
straight. Sue lifted her head briefly, but then Nadine
kissed her hard on the lips.

The heated embrace quickly turned feverish. Nadine
rolled on top of her upper torso and used the French
kiss to demonstrate her passion. The young woman was
overly aroused and definitely the aggressor, as her
hands roamed freely up and down the front of Sue’s
torso. Her kiss left Susan panting and too out of
breath to realize she was merely a sex toy for the
overpowering young woman who demanded one more
surrender before satisfying her own sexual needs.

Nadine’s tongue left a wet trail down the slender neck
and all over the velvety shoulders. When she teased
and tortured Sue’s boobs with her skilled tongue,
Susan rolled her chest from one side to the other, but
she couldn’t gain freedom from Nadine’s tormenting.
Nadine coated one entire boob with saliva but refused
to actually caress the enlarged nipple. Then she
seized the nipple with her teeth and stretched the bud
until she heard the desired response from her slave.

Her precious jewel throbbed madly and Susan wanted to
stop the young woman. She put her hands on Nadine’s
shoulders and tried to push, but her struggle was
halted in a split second. The razor sharp teeth closed
hard and Sue uttered a scream of agony, which put an
instant stop to her protest. Her one nipple was on
fire and then the devious young woman nibbled the
other, which resulted in a complete collapse of Sue’s

Susan dropped her hands and desperately grabbed onto
the soft blanket on top of her marital bed, as her
fingers curled into the bedding. Nadine devoured one
of her throbbing nipples and molested the other with
her careless fingers. Her other hand caressed the
front of Sue’s shivering body and her fingers left
lingering tracks all over the burning flesh. Nadine
played with the woman’s tummy and she chuckled when
Sue’s stomach heaved up and down, as she finger-fucked
the bellybutton.

The seduction was progressing exactly as planned.
Nadine teased and threatened and then her right hand
slithered between the milky thighs. She rested her
long middle finger over top of the pulsating clitoris
and rubbed hard on the sensitive morsel, which caused
Sue’s hips to thrash across the bed. Releasing the
tender nipple, Nadine stretched up and whispered.
“Please wait this time… don’t cream. I want to hold

“Dear gawd, please don’t… don’t touch me like that,”
Susan pleaded, as the experienced finger rolled her
clitty in the slippery oil.

“Hold still… please hold still,” Nadine whispered.
She rolled on top of Sue and thrust her knee between
Sue’s thighs to hold them apart.

Susan tried to close her legs but the scheming young
woman shoved her entire leg between them. “No, no,
please don’t touch me there,” she begged.

Nadine put her fingers on each side of the twitching
clit and squeezed. “Let me hold you… embrace you,”
she whispered and yanked the clit out of the soaked
pussy-lips. “Let’s hold each other.”

Susan was helpless and she wrapped her arms around the
controlling young woman. She tried with everything
inside of her to hold still and not move a muscle,
which was the biggest mistake. “No… don’t, please
don’t. Oh gawd, when you touch me… geez, oh geez.”

Nadine used two fingers and her thumb to spin the
delicate clitty vigorously around and around. “Your
body… you’re so sexy and beautiful. I want to hold
you… feel your body pressing into mine,” she said.
“Please wait… not yet.”

Sue tried to keep up with the spinning fingers, as her
hips rotated in tune with the molestation. “Oh geez,
oh geez,” she moaned. “Stop… or… or!”

No woman alive could withstand what Nadine was doing,
as she refused to pause or loosen her grip on the
tender clitoris. She stared at the gorgeous face,
which was twisted and etched with agony, and imagined
the prized reward of having the sexiest woman as her
slave. Nadine loved nothing more than dominating
someone like Susan who people considered powerful and
influential. What made the domination even sweeter was
how willingly Susan acted and how easily the older
woman succumbed to her control.

Nadine pushed her perky tits into Sue’s chest and
decided the time had come. She molested the clitty and
pinched as hard as she could. She licked tears from
the side of Sue’s face. “Do you want to cum… cum for

“Oh gawd, yes… gawd yes,” Susan replied, as her hips
went out of control.

Nadine thought about giving Sue a good finger-fucking,
but wisely decided that the expert clitoris
stimulation was enough, as the womanly cream flowed
freely. The woman’s hips were about a half a second
behind the clever clit molestation. Every time Sue
retreated and pulled her hips backwards, Nadine yanked
and jerked on the delicate bud until the hips thrust
wildly at her hand. “Cum my love… cum for Mistress!”


After two intoxicating orgasms, Susan didn’t think
anything else could leave a lasting impression. She
collapsed in the young woman’s arms, as the last
tremor raked her body, and listened. “It’s time. You
can show Mistress what a loyal slave you are,” Nadine
whispered. “Make love to me… show me your love.”

“I… I don’t know what to do,” Sue whispered. “I’ve
never done it… done anything with a woman.”

“I’ve waited… wanted you since the first time I saw

Susan was enthralled by the young woman’s confession,
but she didn’t have time to think, as Nadine rolled
onto her back. Suddenly she was staring at the
perkiest tits. The mounds were shaped like cones and
stood unmoving above the young woman’s heaving chest.
The areoles and nipples were profound. Susan studied
the womanly features and marveled at how puffy the
ends appeared and how the nipples were enormous in
size because they were swollen.

Sue never dreamed she would touch another woman let
alone make love to her. Her eyes got bigger and
bigger, as the controlling young woman f****d her head
downward. Sue was going to kiss the titty, but all of
a sudden one of the hardened nipples was inside her
mouth. She used her tongue to roll the enlarged bud
around and listened intently to the loud moans and
groans of animal desire coming from Nadine. When she
opened her mouth wide, her teeth reached the outer
edges of the overly puffy areoles and resulted in
louder cries of joy from the young woman.

Out of the blue Susan got the urge to tease and
torment her young lover. She used her teeth in a
biting fashion on the entire areola and then she
nibbled on the erect nipples until they were overly
inflamed. Sue couldn’t believe how arousing it was to
suck and nibble on the young woman’s tits and she
found the experience extremely titillating. Suddenly
she was in-charge and relished having control over the
irresistible Nadine who seemed more like a little girl
than the overpowering woman of earlier.

Her head moved from one perky tit to the other trying
to keep both nipples fully stimulated. Susan didn’t
have to decide when to advance the seduction, as
Nadine’s hands guided her head downward. Nadine had
waited all evening, but now she was desperate. She
freed her captive nipple from the sharp teeth and
pushed Sue’s head down the front of her torso. When
the head reached her tummy, Nadine f****d the hot
mouth on top of her quivering bellybutton.

Not knowing what else to do, Sue lashed out with her
tongue and caused severe convulsion to erupt inside
the young woman’s stomach. She licked the tiny hole
many times and then jabbed her tongue into the indent
until the young woman squirmed around on the bed.
Things happened fast and furious. When her face moved
across the bare tummy and hit the baby-like pelvis,
Susan was utterly amazed by the shaven pussy. She
couldn’t move and stared in awe at the clearly defined
labia and at the clean-shaven crotch.

Susan often thought about doing something bold and
brazen like shaving herself, but she never got the
courage to actually do it. Suddenly her lips grazed
the bald skin and goosebumps formed all over her face
and down her arms. Sue had experimented in college
with kissing and fondling, but never actually had sex
with another woman. She noticed the delicate labia-
petals sort of open up and then her tongue licked a
path through the immense wetness.

Each tongue stroke started at the bottom of the pink
slit and lashed upward until raking across the
throbbing clitoris. Sue used her fingers to separate
the pussy-lips and hold them wide-open so the clit was
fully exposed. She sucked her first clitty and found
the temptation to nibble on the bud too irresistible.
When she held the clit between her teeth and sucked
hard on the mass inside her burning mouth, the
resultant scream from the young woman was music to her

Susan didn’t have to think, as she merely responded to
the alluring sexual urges. She didn’t know if it was
one minute or ten minutes but eventually Nadine’s’
hips thrust wildly all around on the bed. Sue let go
of the puffy labia and thrust one finger into the
unprotected opening, as she initialed a royal finger-
fucking. It turned into a game, as Nadine tried to
escape the cunnilingus and fingering, but Susan
refused to let up or give the young woman any

The ecstatic orgasm erupted inside Nadine and she
welcomed the rare chance to climax while she was not
the one in control. Her fingers entwined in Susan’s
long hair and held the head buried in her wanton
crotch. Sue performed an admirable cunnilingus and her
tongue never stopped bashing the clitty around and
around. When Nadine’s hips slowed and fell back onto
the bed, Sue was a little sad that the fantastic
orgasm was ending.

Both women were utterly exhausted and Nadine knew it
was time to end the glorious evening before Susan’s
husband came home. Although Ben wasn’t expected for at
least a couple of hours, Nadine didn’t want to get
caught in bed with the man’s wife. “I should go…
before your husband comes home,” she said, as she got
out of bed. She started dressing and kept staring at
Sue who remained on the bed. The blankets were strewn
all over and Nadine savored the woman’s naked beauty,
which she admired and worshiped.

The last thing in the world Susan imagined was
sleeping with another woman. She watched Nadine get
dressed and realized for the first time in her life
that she was under the control of someone. Although
she loved her husband, this was different. Sue felt
submissive and willing to do whatever Nadine demanded
or asked of her. “Yes… Ben will be home soon,” she

“I have something special planned… something for
you,” Nadine said.

Susan stared at the young woman and nodded her head.
She listened intently when Nadine told her about next
weekend. The young woman asked Sue to make arrangement
to spend all day Saturday with her. She was to tell
her husband that the two women would spend the entire
day making final plans and preparations for the
September neighborhood party. A tremendous shiver went
up and down her backbone, as Sue envisioned spending
time with the young woman and being totally under her


The setting was perfect. Her parents were away for the
weekend and Nadine had the house all to herself. She
had the big master bedroom staged and setup for the
most anticipated sexual encounter of her life.
Arranging for Susan to join her was easy, as she
simply ordered her slave to come over at 8 o’clock.
Nadine said nothing about what was going to happen and
relished having the woman worry and fret because the
unknown was so demoralizing. She knew Susan well and
realized the woman was too infatuated with their
relationship to jeopardize losing her newfound

Nadine stood so close that Susan felt the young
woman’s hot breath wash over her flushed face. Her
cheeks got hotter and hotter by the second and she
found it almost impossible to catch her breath, as the
young woman glared into her eyes. “You’re my slave…
you’ll do what I say, or else,” Nadine whispered.
“We’re going to take off your clothes… then have my
boyfriend come in and have sex with you.”

“Huuugh… noooo… no, not with a man. I can’t,” Sue
said in a voice that was almost inaudible. “I can’t
cheat on my husband… with another man.”

They stood along one wall of the big bedroom and
Nadine moved closer to her frightened prey. “Stand
still and obey. Do you want to make me mad?”

“No, no… but?”

“Then stand still… very still.” Nadine’s fingers
went to work undoing the expensive designer blouse.
“Oh yes, we’re going to strip your clothes and get you
naked… naked so Kenny can make you a real woman,”
she teased.

“Oh no, not with a man, please no,” Susan pleaded. She
raised her arms and grabbed the young woman’s hands.
It was the last mistake Sue would make with Nadine, as
the young villain displayed the reason she was a
feared dominator. She grabbed her by the wrist and
swiftly twisted her arm down and around to her back,
yanking her hand upwards until it was at her shoulder
blade. Sue virtually had to stand on her tiptoes to
alleviate the pain in her arm and she trembled like
crazy, as the young woman displayed her superior

Susan was too afraid to resist and merely tried to
remain standing even though her legs vibrated out of
control. She glanced down at the nimble fingers, which
slowly unbuttoned the blouse and rolled the garment
off her shoulders. Nadine let go of her arm for a
brief moment and swiftly stripped the blouse before
pinning the arm behind Sue’s back again. A fancy bra
pushed up her abundant breasts and Sue was positive
her flesh was on fire. Then her heart must have missed
a few beats because she suddenly felt light-headed and
slightly dizzy.

Nadine glanced at the spillover, which was enough to
give anyone a heart attack. She grabbed the clasp and
then flung the bra across the room, as Sue held her
breath. “Dear Lord, Kenny’s going to blow his load
when he sees these beauties,” Nadine said. “Have you
had sex with many men?”

Sue felt sorry for blurting out a response, which
indicated she was immature and very inexperienced.
“No! Gawd no, never! Only with my husband.”

Nadine was in her face again and her eyes stared
intently, straight into hers. “Good, then we’ll watch
you become a real slut.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Oh, you will. Kenny is going to fuck your brains

“Please, no. Nadine, you can’t.”

“Have you ever been fucked by a big cock… a real big

“No… gaaaawd, no… not sex.”

“Kenny is hung like a horse. I can hardly wait to
watch you become his slut.”

“Oh, no… no.”

“Do you ever dream of getting screwed by a real man…
a man like Kenny with a big cock?” Nadine was at her
best when in control and she continued. “Do you dream
of getting fucked by a stranger?”

Susan wasn’t going to answer, but then Nadine grabbed
a handful of hair. The young woman jerked her head
back and forth, indicating she answer immediately, or
she would yank all the hair out of her head. “No…
YES! Gawd, yes.”

“Do you dream of sex?”

“Sometimes, yes… oh please, don’t make me. I’ve
never been unfaithful… cheated with another man.”

“Are you going to be Kenny’s slut?”

She didn’t blink or look away and returned the burning
stare. “Nnnnn… no. Yes… yes.”

Nadine jerked on the woman’s hair. “Say it… say how
you want to be Kenny’s slut.”

“Please… please, no. Don’t make me.”

“Say it or I’ll make sure every pervert in the city…
in the state knows that Susan is a slut. I’ll plaster
your naked ass all over the net so everyone can see.
I’ll tell your husband… your family how we made

“No, you can’t… no.”

“Say it!”

“I’m… I’m a slut… Kenny’s slut.”

“You want Kenny’s big cock!”

“I want Kenny’s cock… big cock.”

“You’re going to fuck Kenny… cream all over his

“I… I’m going to let Kenny fuck me,” Sue whispered
and then her head banged into the wall, as Nadine
yanked on her hair. “Cream all over his big cock… oh
gawd, have sex with Kenny.”

“Again, say it again!” Nadine wrapped her fingers
tighter in the locks of hair and jerked Sue’s head
back and forth, demanding the desired reply.

“Cream all over Kenny’s big cock,” Susan whispered, as
she realized any further struggle was futile.

The bedroom door opened and closed within the span of
a millisecond. Susan stood motionless, as if waiting
for something monumental to happen, and she was too
afraid to look towards the door. They were standing
against a wall and Nadine swiftly escorted her across
the dimly lit room to the big bed. Nadine backed up to
the bed and then sat on the edge while forcing the
frightened woman to stand in front of her.

The hair on the back of Susan’s neck stood up and she
felt someone approaching from behind. Hot searing
breath washed across the side of her face and then
rough hands grabbed her around the waist. “That’s one
sexy ass… I hope the front is just as sexy. Nadine
has bragged that you have the nicest tits.” Sue knew
it was Kenny and when his hands shifted around to her
tummy, her heart stopped. The young man quickly
unfastened her pants and left the front gapping wide

Susan tried to remain calm and on her feet. She was
captive between an overly dominating lady and an
aggressive young man. Nadine’s face was inches in
front of her and the woman’s hands boldly rolled the
loosened pants over her flared hips. “Kenny’s horny as
hell,” she whispered. “Let’s get these clothes off so
Kenny can see your gorgeous ass and sweet pussy.”

Nadine let go of the pants and grabbed Sue by the
arms, holding them outstretched in front of the
panicked woman. She leaned backwards, which pulled Sue
forward and f****d the woman to practically lie on top
of her stomach, as her feet remained firmly planted on
the floor. Kenny took full advantage of her vulnerable
position and he finished removing her pants in a
flash, tossing them across the room. “Sweet fuck, what
an ass… what a fucking nice ass,” he moaned.

Susan lifted her head and pleaded with her dear
friend. “Oh gawd, Nadine, no. Ask him to stop…
please stop,” she begged.

Her legs were completely straight and too rigid to
move, as she felt the last remaining garment swiftly
ripped off her body. Nadine let go of her arms, but by
then Sue was already pinned on top of the young woman.
Suddenly there were sadistic fingers in her crotch and
the young woman boldly cupped her pelvis. The juices
ran freely and Nadine had one thing in mind, as her
fingers slipped into the vast wetness. “Sweet Jesus…
I’ve never felt a wetter cunt. I think you’re the
horniest housewife who can hardly wait for Kenny’s
cock,” she whispered.

Sue’s body jerked wildly when the cunning young woman
pinched the most sensitive clitoris between her
fingers. “Please Nadine, please don’t… don’t do

Nadine nodded her head and gave the go ahead to her
boyfriend. Susan’s heart stopped when the young man
brushed up against her backside and it was obvious he
wasn’t wearing clothes. Kenny’s raging hardon pushed
directly into the crack of her ass and he wiggled his
hips until the entire shaft was inside the ass-crack.
“Can you feel it… feel Kenny pushing his cock
against your ass,” Nadine asked?

Susan heard the disgusting comments, but something
else was overly bothersome. Nadine surrounded her
precious clitty with her thumb and forefinger and
squeezed. Then the young woman yanked the bud out of
the protective lips and swirled it around and around.
Sue tried hard to hold her legs together yet nothing
prevented Nadine from ravaging her defenseless clit.
The young woman’s laugh sent shivers up and down her
spine, as Sue realized she was at the mercy of the two

Kenny and Nadine worked together. With Nadine sprawled
on the bed, it was easy for the young woman to use her
knees to spread Susan’s legs. Kenny slipped his foot
between Susan’s feet and knocked them apart about one
foot. There was urgency inside of Susan that was very
unfamiliar and she had a difficult time controlling
her breathing and heart rate, as Kenny dipped his
hips. The young man shrewdly shoved his hardon into
the back of her legs and the rod sliced between her
velvety upper thighs.

The smoldering cock felt unbelievably hot and also
extremely big when it settled directly against her
pussy slit. Susan thought she had been stabbed, as the
devious young woman slyly pushed her boyfriends cock-
shaft into the overheated crevice. Nadine pinned Sue’s
upper torso half on top of hers and half on the bed.
Susan tried to talk or at least utter some protest,
but nothing came out, as the head of the invader hit
her delicate opening. Sue realized that any movement
would spell the end of her struggle and she tried hard
to remain motionless.

Everyone imagined Susan’s precarious position. Her
long legs were rigid and straight with her hips as
high in the air as possible. Sue’s defenseless crotch
was at an angle and aimed directly back at her
tormentor. Just as she attempted a recovery by pushing
up with her arms so that her chest was above the bed,
something disastrous happened. Her naked body was
covered with sweat and sort of hung in the air, as an
animal desire or lust took over.

Kenny felt the intense heat surround the tip of his
pecker, but he wasn’t satisfied. Sue’s entire body
stiffened and she was powerless when the manly hips
drove forward. She couldn’t phantom anything going in
so fast or so deep. Kenny slammed his hips at her
backside and his pelvis slapped against her bare ass.
Her eyes bulged and her mouth hung open in great
despair. Susan struggled to breathe and she realized
there was something very different about Kenny.
Although she hadn’t actually seen his penis, Sue knew
the young man was measurably bigger than her husband.

The young man pulled back and withdrew his thick cock.
His fingers dug into her slim waist and then he
administered a mighty thrust, embedding his cock to
the hilt. Again Sue couldn’t breathe and her mouth
hung wide open. Kenny squeezed her waist and tried to
hold his cock fully embedded. “Oh babe, I have to do
it… I can’t wait,” he moaned. “She’s too hot… too
tight and my balls are aching.”

“I want her to act like a slut. You promised!”

“Don’t worry. I took that pill and can do it again and
again… till your little slut cums all over my

“Good… I want our dear Susie to get royally fucked.”

“Oh babe, she will. She’ll get fucked… you’ll watch
her cream all over my dick. First I have to relieve
the pressure and blow my fucking load into her tight

“Yes, fuck yes! Fuck her and make her your slut,”
Nadine ordered.

“Christ, my balls… my balls are hurtin!”

There was no need to hold onto Susan anymore and
Nadine simply enjoyed her boyfriend’s savage
intercourse. Kenny started pounding his hips at Sue
and pumping his cock in an out like a madman. Nadine
knew the exact moment he blasted his manly load into
her slave, as Kenny grunted out loud and his body
started vibrating like crazy. Nadine could only
imagine what Sue felt. Her body rocked back and forth
and each time Kenny thrust forward, he emptied more of
his searing cum into her womanly being.

The intercourse didn’t last very long, but it was very
dramatic. Kenny displayed the look of a conqueror when
he climaxed, and Susan exhibited the signs of a
distraught teenager, as her body was manhandled by the
enraged young man. Nadine knew exactly how to satisfy
her hunger for power and control. Once her boyfriend
finished climaxing, she instructed him to get on the
bed and lie on his back. She ordered him to do
nothing, as she had everything planned for the shrewd

Susan stared at the stellar cock for the first time.
Her visualization of what Kenny’s penis looked like
couldn’t prepare her for the real picture of his
oversized cock. The young man’s prick stood at an
angle above his hairy pelvis and his balls hung down
almost to his asshole. Sue couldn’t blink or look away
because she still felt the impressive cock inside her
intimate being. What she found profound was how he
retained a raging hard-on even after the prior sex

Susan’s focus was on the intimidating man when her
concentration was broken. “Get on top of Kenny. Sit on
top of him,” Nadine ordered.

“But… but?” Sue stared at the bobbing penis and she
was too afraid to move.

Suddenly Nadine grabbed her arm and cleverly moved it
until her hand rested on the throbbing meat. Susan
never intended opening her hand but somehow her fist
closed around the massive shaft. “You’re going to hold
Kenny’s cock and then put his rod in your belly,”
Nadine said.

Sue felt an intense throbbing radiate up her arm, as
the b***d rushed through Kenny’s hard-on with each
heartbeat. “Oh… not again, please Nadine, not
again,” she pleaded.

“I want to watch you fuck yourself… sit on Kenny’s
cock and fuck yourself.”

“No, gawd no, I can’t.”

“Oh you will… or else. Do you want to make me mad?”

The threat seemed real and Susan realized that the
young woman was in complete control. “Oh gawd… oh

Whether she wanted to or not, her body was pulled onto
the bed and shifted around until she was sitting on
top of Kenny’s lower legs. She quickly let go of the
penis and tried to sit up straight, as she curled her
legs under her body. They were on the big bed and the
young woman swiftly took charge. Nadine grabbed Sue
under the arms and pushed the woman forward so that
her crotch was perilously close to the throbbing hard-
on. “I didn’t say you could let go of Kenny’s cock.
Now you’ll be punished.”

Susan was on her knees over top of the man’s crotch
and she had a knee on each side of Kenny’s hips. She
couldn’t raise her hips any higher and knew they
weren’t high enough. When the head of Kenny’s cock
brushed across her tender crotch, she almost fainted.
Sue tried harder to stretch higher, but her thighs
were only so long. Kenny had his right fist around his
cock and he swiped the head through the vast wetness,
pausing deliberately at the precise moment.

Kenny felt his penis enter the small opening and he
held his hips stationary for an eternity. He knew it
was possible to drive his cock into Susan yet he
wanted his girlfriend’s slave to suffer so he remained
still. “C’mon baby… sit on it. Sit on my cock,
baby,” he whispered.

“Oh gawd, no, stop,” Sue begged, trying to raise her
hips higher.

Nadine was in her glory. She kissed the side of Sue’s
face and her cheeks, as the woman’s face got hotter
and hotter. Then she slapped the sides of Sue’s tits
and put the luscious boobs into severe motion, causing
them to sway like waves on a rough sea. Nadine put her
lips next to a burning ear. “Grab your gorgeous
tits… grab your nipples and swing them around for
Kenny,” she demanded.

Susan didn’t know what else to do. Her shaking fingers
grabbed the ends of her tits. Sue squeezed the nipples
to ensure a secure grip and then she rotated her hands
in a big circular motion. Afraid to make the young
woman mad, Sue went overboard. She pinched the swollen
buds so hard that they hurt and all she managed was
some pathetic whimpering, which was music to Nadine’s
ears. “Ooohhh, oh gawd… uuuggghhh, ugh, gaaawd.”

It was time! Nadine grabbed a handful of hair and
jerked the woman’s head backwards, so that Sue stared
straight up at the ceiling. “It’s time slut… time
you acted like a slut,” she whispered.

Susan felt the girl’s hands on the top of her
shoulders. The fingertips dug into her flesh and then
Nadine pushed downward with the mightiest shove. Sue’s
mouth flew open and all the air was f****d out of her
chest, as the ramrod embedded in her fiery belly.
Susan was positive Kenny’s entire cock was inside her
soul, which caused her temporary insanity. Each time
her stomach muscles contracted and went into
convulsions, she tried to stop the onrushing orgasm.

Susan’s struggles actually prolonged the impending
climax and without thinking her body started bouncing
up and down. The glorious sight of her molesting her
own tits added to Nadine and Kenny’s enjoyment, as Sue
yanked on the overused nipples. Nadine assisted in the
self-defiling and she aided Sue with each bounce and
rebound, which ensured Kenny’s illustrious cock pumped
in and out at a hurried rate.

Nadine ingeniously pressed downward on Susan’s
shoulders and wouldn’t allow the woman any upward
motion. Suddenly Sue’s hips rocked back and forth and
she knew she couldn’t take much more. Each time her
hips rolled over top of the lengthy penis, Susan felt
the head caress her cervix and every nerve inside her
inner being. The only person who seemed in a hurry was
Susan, as her body continued rocking and thrashing in
a truly random fashion.

Nobody had to tell Nadine or Kenny that Susan was
experiencing a gigantic orgasm, as her body language
screamed out the whole story. The time had arrived and
Nadine relished the power. She slapped Sue’s hands off
the robust tits and pinned the woman’s arms behind her
back. This f****d Sue’s chest outward and Kenny
instantly latched onto the obviously shipwrecked
boobs. He cupped both tits and tried to squeeze an
enlarged nipple between his fingers, as he powered his
hips high in the air.

Strangely her hips wouldn’t stop moving or rolling
back and forth. The orgasm robbed the last thread of
decency and Susan welcomed the climax of her life. Her
womanly juices coated the big cock and suddenly the
added lubrication spelled the final surrender. Nadine
put her sharp teeth around her ear and hissed.
“Slut… slut… slut!”

“Gaaawd… gaaawd…yes, gawd yes.”

“Move that sexy ass, baby. Keep my cock buried in your

“Slut… you’re cumming all over Kenny’s cock like a

“Noooo… noooo!”

“Baby, what a set of tits. Fuck… your tits are the

“Slut… holy fuck, my slut loves cock… big cock.”

Just when she thought the end was near, Susan felt the
young man’s crotch gyrate wildly under her thrashing
hips. “Gaaawd, no… gawd no.”

“She’s a bitch… a big slut fucking me like a whore.”

“I’ve never seen a slut cum so hard. She can’t get
enough cock.”

Their dirty talk didn’t matter. Sue’s orgasm
flourished and seemed to last forever. The out of
control emotional roller coaster roared around the
last bend and slowly came to a stop with her body
dripping with sweat. She was both saddened when the
climax ended yet happy that she was almost free. Her
body collapsed on top of the spent young man and
nobody moved for the longest time. Sadly Nadine
understood the evening had to end at some point
because Susan had a husband waiting at home, but she
wanted it to be on her terms.

As her heartbeat slowed and returned to normal, Susan
never resisted when her body was shifted and jostled
around. She wound up on her side and in the arms of
her mistress. “I know you have to go soon, but we
still have time,” Nadine whispered. “Time for more.”

Sue realized the young woman was talking about another
sexual session, but she tried not to get demoralized.
“I do have to go… my husband expects me home,” she

“You said midnight and we still have an hour. One hour
to prove you’re a slut… my willing slut,” Nadine

“But… but it’s late,” Sue whispered.

“Kenny wants to watch you… watch us,” Nadine
replied. “He wants to watch lesbians. I’ve told him
how I love having sex with another woman.”

“I’ve done everything… all you’ve asked of me.
Please, let me go,” Sue begged.

“You know how I love it when you beg. I get hot…
hotter when you beg,” Nadine said, as she moved
forward. “Kenny is going to watch you eat me and then
he’s going to fuck his little doggie-slut.”

“What… what, no,” Sue whispered.

“Oh yeah, I can’t take any more. Watching you act like
a slut has made me hot. First I’m going to lick your
horny pussy,” Nadine said. “Then you’re going to eat
my hot cunt and make me cum all over your slut-

“Gawd, no,” Sue replied.

“Oh yeah, then you’re going to make Kenny nice and
hard… suck his big cock,” Nadine whispered.

“Dear gawd, no,” Sue moaned.

“Oh yeah, suck his cock and then you’re going to get
on your hands and knees… Kenny’s goin’ to bang you
from behind,” Nadine informed the shocked woman.
“You’re going to be his little doggie-slut, as he
sends you home with a belly full of cum.”

A kiss started before Sue could move away or escape
the embrace. Nadine showed a rare urgency, which Susan
found intimidating, and it didn’t take the young woman
long to show who was in-charge. She rolled Sue onto
her back and used the intimate kiss to take her breath
away. The kiss grew heated and the scene was similar
to one on a dark lovers’ lane where a woman got groped
and fondled freely, as she tried to stop an unwanted

Kenny watched his girlfriend in awe. When Nadine asked
him if he wanted to witness a real lesbian encounter,
he readily agreed. Kenny trusted Nadine and loved the
fact she was freely open with her sexual orientation.
He believed her when she said having sex with a woman
was truly fantastic and that she used each sexual
encounter to reaffirm her power and authority. Nadine
told Kenny that she preferred men, but also enjoyed
sex with women because of her ability to dominate most

Susan was amazed by her willingness to accept the
newfound sexuality. She glanced down at the young
woman’s head, which was on her chest and directly over
her left boob. Sue’s shoulders rolled back and forth,
as the scorching mouth devoured her delicate nipple,
and she wondered what had come over her. Her hips
squirmed on the bed and she tried to keep her legs
together, but it was a futile attempt to save dignity.
Suddenly Nadine’s head swooped downward and the young
woman’s tongue left a wet trail of seduction across
her burning flesh.

Susan’s eyes opened wide and she plainly noticed
Nadine’s tongue each time it lashed out to rake the
length of her pussy-slit. The caresses were shear
magic and every time the young woman licked her
clitoris, Sue felt daunting tremors shot through her
loins. Then Nadine put the tiny clit between her teeth
and Sue held her breath, in anticipation of something
she knew was irresistible. She stared at her crotch
and watched Nadine nibble on her elastic bud.

There was a hand on each of her thighs and the young
woman spread them as wide as possible. Suddenly her
clitty disappeared and Sue felt Nadine swirling the
clit around vigorously inside her volcanic mouth. She
prayed for strength and everything was going good
until she felt something touch her ass. Susan flinched
when Nadine’s finger grazed her precious asshole and
then a million stars filled her head. The finger
goosed her and went to the hilt in one swift thrust.

Susan teetered on the brink and she thought an orgasm
was inevitable, but she was wrong. Her eyes were
glassy and it was hard to focus on what was happening.
Through the haze, Sue noticed Nadine moving, as the
young woman stopped molesting her. Her breathing was
extremely ragged and Sue watched in horror when Kenny
handed his girlfriend a tray, which was full of
assorted items.

“Let’s make our little girl more desirable,” Nadine
whispered, as she lifted a razor off of the tray. “I’m
going to shave all of that dirty hair and send my
slave home looking sexier than ever.”

Susan came to her senses, but it was too late. She sat
up just as Kenny pinned her arms behind her back. “Sit
still and watch. Your mistress is going to shave your
slut-pussy,” Kenny said. “Nadine likes her bitches
pretty and bald… then she eats them out and makes
them cum like sluts.”

Although Susan pondered the possibility of shaving,
she never imagined it happening because the thought
was too preposterous. Suddenly her legs were splayed
and the young woman sat between them so it was
impossible to protect herself. The razor was sharp and
Nadine was a professional. In a matter of minutes, Sue
was completely shaven and her pelvis and crotch was a
brilliant rosy color.

When Nadine tossed the razor aside after finishing the
illustrious task, she dove at the hairless delights.
She put her fingers on the labia and spread them wide,
as she devoured the exposed clitoris. Nadine wanted
the session to be the fastest and crudest of all time.
She held the clit firmly with her teeth and tried to
swallow the entire mass that was inside her mouth. The
assault turned into a two fisted attack when she
rammed one finger into the fiery pussy and one into
the tightly puckered asshole.

Susan screamed and her ass came off the bed, as her
whole body went rigid. She never experienced a royal
cunnilingus and a dual finger-fucking at the same
time. The orgasm was explosive and a river of cum
flowed from her inner reservoir to fill the hungry
mouth, as the powerful Nadine ravaged her pussy and
ass. What made the climax even more demoralizing was
Kenny holding her arms and yelling into her ear. “Cum
slut… keep cumming like a slut, as Nadine fucks your
horny cunt,” he said. “Then our dear slut is going to
get fucked… doggie fucked.”

The earth-rattling orgasm consumed her emotions and
she was totally spent when the final spasms rocked her
body. Susan realized what her mistress demanded and it
took all of her resolve to reciprocate. Both Kenny and
Nadine rolled and shifted her body until she was on
her knees and crouched between the young woman’s
spread legs. Susan stared at Nadine’s shaved crotch,
but she didn’t have time to wonder if her freshly
shaved pussy looked the same, as her face was shoved
into the inferno.

Although the thought of performing cunnilingus right
in front of Kenny was frightening, Susan complied with
the daunting request. Nadine’s body was alive and
responded immediately to every caress and embrace.
When Sue lashed her tongue through the soaked slit,
the young woman’s hips bounced up and down trying to
prolong each lick. A flood of womanly juices leaked
from the honey-hole and Sue eagerly tried to suck them
all up with an uncommon thirst.

Nadine was more than ready for an orgasm, as the prior
sexual encounters robbed her enduring stamina. She
welcomed Sue’s hot mouth and wished the woman would
remain between her legs forever. Susan sort of dropped
to her tummy, as she paid homage to her mistress, but
Kenny grabbed her around the waist. He yanked Sue into
the perfect doggie position and nudged her knees
apart. The position enabled Sue to retain a good
balance on her knees but left her extremely exposed.
Then the young man crouched behind her bare buttocks
and Sue shivered, knowing she was in the most
vulnerable position.

Kenny tightened his fingers on each side of her
slender waist and his firm grip caused Susan great
despair, as she felt helpless. The young man poked her
in the crotch. Kenny threatened to hit the target, as
he stabbed her narrow crevice over and over until her
heart beat out of control. When the flared head
pierced her wet opening, Susan lifted her head and
twisted her upper body so she could look back at
Kenny. “No… no, I have to go. It’s midnight… I’ll
be late,” she pleaded.

A thousand things went through her mind, as she stared
at the naked young man whose muscles were plainly
visible on his arms and chest. Her mouth hung open and
she was going to say more, but then Kenny rammed his
hips at her. His cock sliced through her well-oiled
opening and embedded inside her deepest reaches. Susan
wondered if another orgasm was possible, as a few
unsettling tremors erupted in her inner being.

Balanced on her hands and knees, Susan was unable to
resist. A very satisfied and contented young woman
grabbed her head and wanted to demonstrate who was
actually in-charge. Nadine twisted Sue’s head around
so that the woman faced her and she glared into the
teary eyes. “I know you have to go, but slut… you
have to fuck Kenny one more time,” she said. “Show
Mistress that you are a real slave.”

“Tell him to stop… no more,” Sue begged.

Kenny squeezed her around the waist and rocked her
back and forth, driving his cock to the hilt each time
he pulled her backwards. “Oh fuck, this bitch is hot.
Babe, she’s the best slut.”

Nadine was in her face and the young woman was more
determined than ever. “One more time… slut! You’re
going to fuck Kenny and cum all over his cock…
aren’t you?” Nadine glared into Sue’s eyes and the
serious look on her face indicated she wasn’t kidding.
“I love the way you cum… cum like a schoolgirl-slut
every time you get fucked. One more time… then you
can go home!”


It was past midnight when her body stopped trembling.
Susan remained faithfully perched on her hands and
knees and in the perfect doggie position, as Kenny
finished emptying his balls. Each time he thrust and
planted his cock to the hilt, he tightened his loins
to jettison more cum into her heat chamber. Sue
couldn’t understand how every moral fiber inside her
soul seemed to vanish at the mere thought of being
Nadine’s sex-slave. She never imagined having immoral
sex and acting like a lust-filled slut during an
entire evening.

Susan tried to recall how many times she experienced
mind-boggling orgasms and the possible number made her
tremble with both despair and with great admiration.
She shivered and felt the young woman snuggle close to
her sweat-covered torso. “Your husband will be
worried… we have to send you home,” Nadine said.

“Yes… gawd yes,” Susan replied. Then she remembered
what happened earlier when Nadine drastically changed
her appearance. The thought of going home to her
husband and him seeing her freshly shaved crotch made
her afraid.

“Don’t worry, my love. I’ll contact you in the day or
two… give you instructions on how to remain my
faithful slave,” Nadine whispered.

Nobody said anything, as Susan got dressed. It was
almost like a loving departure of sisters when Nadine
escorted the older woman to the door. Susan dearly
wanted to tell the young woman that their relationship
was over, but she didn’t have enough nerve. They
reached the front door and Sue turned to look at her
young neighbor. Their eyes met and suddenly her
stomach lurched wildly, as Sue realized there would be
no going back. She didn’t pull back or resist when
Nadine leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

Strangely the kiss became heated and intense even
though both women knew there was no time. Susan
suddenly realized that there was a difference between
true love and that of being under someone’s control.
She was in love with her husband yet she was totally
willing to sacrifice faithfulness for being loyal to
Nadine. There was something powerful and irresistible
about the young woman and Susan realized she would do
anything to make Nadine happy.

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