A young married man finds a public toilet with gloryholes

I was 21, far too young to be married but we had a 6
month old k*d and I wanted to do the right thing. I’m
slim 130 pound, white, small frame, good looking, blond
with blue eyes.

We rented an apartment and I worked in the parts dept of
a local Truck dealer. I rode a bike to work and back, I
left the small car we had for my wife in case she needed
it with the baby.

I rode home via a shortcut across a major highway,
through a truck stop. It sold gas had a couple of stores
and was a picnic area. It had a public bathroom, one
night I had to take a dump. I didn’t think I would make
it home so I parked my bike outside and rushed into to a

I was surprised how busy it was, with 3 guys using
urinals, they all watched me as I went into a cubicle, I
pulled down my pants and hovered over the seat and let
rip. I did not want to sit on the seat it smelt dirty.

That is when I noticed a hole in the wall, both sides
and I could see I was being watched from both sides. I
was shocked, one of the guys put his tongue through. Yuk
I thought, I quickly wiped myself clean, flushed and

For a few days I kept thinking about it. My new wife
would only put out 2 times a week and I needed sex every
day at least once. I thought about going back and see
what happens.

The first time I was nervous and soft. I noticed a guy
there, his mouth open, I took down my pants and moved
closer to the hole, he flicked his tongue through the
hole and touched my cock.

Immediately I got hard and slowly pushed it through the
hole. Omg, it was amazing, the best BJ I had ever had,
and the guy swallowed. Once I was done, I pulled it
back, pulled up my pants and zipped up. I noticed he
pushed his thick Ugly cock through the hole. It looked
angry and full of veins. No way was I touching that. I

So I was hooked, every day after work I would part my
bike outside find a cubicle and get an amazing blow job.
I saw familiar faces, I never spoke. These were dirty
gay men, I was a young, clean good looking guy who was
straight, married.

One month went then another and then another. Each time
I would zip up and leave, and never touch a guys cock.

Then came the Tuesday night. The cubicle I normally went
in was being used, so I went in the end stall. Damn the
door had no lock. But it had a hole and someone eager
the other side.

I took down my pants and briefs, my cock already hard
and waited for the sign, a finger or tongue. I heard
whispering but ignored it. Ah the finger great, so I
slid my cock through the hole and found a wet warm mouth
waiting to take it. I’m not huge maybe 6 inch.

I was getting a nice BJ, when I felt a hand run across
my ass cheeks. OMG a guy came into my unlocked cubicle.
He felt my body up and down, running his hands up and
down my slim body, he kissed my cheeks and licked my
anus. Damn, I came fast and had a great orgasm. I pulled
out and was embarrassed. I did not look him in the eyes,
I dressed and left.

I was the best sex ever so far. So of course the next
night I went to the same cubicle and yep the same guy
came in. I was in heaven, getting a great blow job and
being felt up from behind.

I felt his licking my ass, and then he stood up, I could
feel his cock pushing into my crack. “No fucking way am
I getting fucked.”I said quietly

“No fucking way are you stopping me. It’s payback time
for all the Bj’s I’ve given you,” he said, as he f****d
his cock against my hole.

“No!” I said.

“Shssh,” he hushed.

A k*d was using the urinals, we had to keep quiet. Then
bam, he pushed. His thrust lifted me off my feet. Holy
shit did it hurt! His hand clasped my mouth to stop me
from screaming.

“This is for all the free Bj’s we’ve given you. I’ve
been watching your ass for months now, and now it’s time
for you to put out.”

He fucked me, long and slow strokes. I felt myself
coming, the pain took away some of the pleasure. He
seemed to take ages to fuck me. Eventually he pinned me
hard against the wall while he moaned in my ear. I felt
a fresh mouth take my cock in its mouth. My cock only
half hard now. It could feel his sperm pulse inside me.
I was no longer a virgin. He pulled out, I tried to pull
my cock back but it was held firmly, my foreskin held in
the man’s teeth. I felt movement behind me. Then another
hard wet cock rubbing up and down my crack.

“No please,” I pleaded.

The guy was either death or didn’t give a shit, bang he
f****d his massive cock up into me, the cubicle walls
shock while he fucked me. He smelt of seat and tobacco,
his cock was massive, his balls banged against mine each
time he hit home.

Once he was done, my cock was released. I started to
cry, I felt on the ground on my knees. Then a third guy
came in. My head was f****d up against the wall while he
took me doggy style. He roughly jerked my cock while he
fucked me. He was rough, almost pulling my cock off with
each stroke.

After he was done he left, I climbed got my feet and got
dressed. As I walked out to my bike I could feel sperm
running down my legs. I was so sore and upset. The 3
guys all stood outside smiling.

“Damn k*d, that was hot, you’re beautiful. That was
payback. Remember, next time you get a Bj we like a
little in return.” One was about 45, fat and harry
probably a trucker, another about 60, well dressed and
the last one a scruffy 30 year old, ugly dude who would
never find a GF.

Did I enjoy it? I think so.

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