Black Sandwich

About two weeks ago we received an envelope with a
picture of a young good looking, tall black stud who had
a 10 inch cock and wanted to join us in our fantasy. We
contacted him and arranged to meet at our place the
following night. When he arrived I thought Jennie was
going to cum right there on the spot. His name was Frank
and he was better looking in person than in his photo.
We drank some wine and discussed how our evening would
be spent.

Jennie told him that she wanted to tie his hands behind
his back while he sat in a chair and watched her do a
strip-tease, then she would satisfy him several
different ways. I would be sitting in my recliner chair
masturbating as they fucked each other. Frank agreed and
we smoked a joint of some good herb and Jennie tied him
to a living room chair.

Jennie is a real fox with a super hard body, her hair is
brown and short and she has a really nice pair of tits,
long slender legs and perfectly shaped tight ass.

She went to the bedroom and returned wearing a white
wire bra, white garter belts, white silk stockings and
silk panties. She approached Frank and knelt in front of
him and removed his huge cock from his pants and sucked
it into her warm mouth. She fondled his large balls and
stroked his long thick shaft while she bobbed her head
up and down on his prick. First, she would lick the
underside of his shaft and then swirl her tongue around
the head of his dick while looking up at him and smiling

Frank said, “Hey man you like watching your girl suck
this big black dick?”

I said, “Yea man, and I’m gonna like it even better when
you shove that huge tool up her cunt.”

Frank just smiled and told Jennie to go right on sucking
his fuck tool.

Jennie stood up and bent over in front of Frank and
exposed her round hard ass to him, she slid her hand
back, pushed aside the crotch of her panties and
inserted first one then two fingers in her moist pussy
and started finger fucking herself. “You like this
Frank?” Jennie said. “Do you like my ass? You wanna fuck
me in the ass, don’t you Frank?”

Frank’s cock was standing straight up and so was mine. I
began stroking my cock as I watched her perform.

Jennie walked over to the couch, bent over the arm and
slid a 8 inch vibrator into her pussy. She shoved the
fake cock in and out slowly at first and then faster as
she became hotter. “Ohh, Frank. I can’t wait to feel
your cock slamming in and out of my pussy, baby. I want
you bad. I want your big, black, hard cock, baby.”

Frank began to struggle with the ropes trying to free
himself so he could get at my hot little Jennie. “Come
on, Frank. If you want me you’re gonna have to come and
get me, baby.”

Frank frantically twisted his hands around, loosening
the ropes that were keeping him from his prize. He
pulled with all his might and with one last effort he
slipped the ropes from around his hands and sprang to
his feet. “How dare you tease me like that, you fine
little whore,” said Frank, as he pulled off his pants
and shirt and lunged toward Jennie’s ass which was still
propped high in the air.

Frank aimed his throbbing shaft at Jennie’s parted cunt
lips with his hand and rammed his ten inches of manhood
deep into her wet pussy. Frank fucked Jennie from behind
for a few minutes and then pulled his cock from her
pussy and sat down on the couch facing me. Jennie
straddled his dick and sat down on him, also facing me.
Frank’s cock slid all the way in her love pot until his
balls pressed against Jennie’s ass.

Jenny leaned back so I could get a better view of his
absolutely gigantic cock as it slid in and out of her
now dripping wet hole. She raised herself up until the
head of his dick almost slipped out of her cunt and then
slammed back down on it forcing it deep inside her. With
one hand, she reached down and fingered her large
swollen clitoris, using the other on Frank’s balls.
Frank tugged away at her erect nipples as she did this.

Jennie moaned with pleasure and I increasing the tempo
on my now throbbing cock. Frank leaned Jennie forward
and off the couch onto the floor and she spread her legs
wide open and pushed her ass as high into the air as she
could. “You want to fuck my ass, Frank?” Jennie said.

“I’d rip you tight little ass up with my cock,” replied

“We’ll see about that!” returned Jennie. With that she
reached for a tube of KY jelly sitting on the coffee
table. She turned around and squirted the lubricant all
over Frank’s cock until it was thickly coated. Then she
handed the tube to him and told him to grease her up
too. Frank inserted the tip of the tube into her asshole
and squirted jelly inside her until it oozed out.

Frank then inserted his middle finger and went to work
loosening her back door to accommodate his long, thick
black member. Jennie looked over at me and said, “Come
here so I can suck your dick, babe.”

I looked a Frank and he said come on and get some. I got
on my knees and Jennie quickly lowered her mouth down on
my painfully hard cock. Frank continued to finger fuck
her anus and now had two of his thick fingers darting in
and out of her creamy white ass.

“I want you to fuck my pussy while Frank fucks me in the
ass,” said Jennie. “I want it all, both of you. I want
you to fuck me hard, fuck me fast, make me cum. Come on
babe. Fuck my pussy hole!” Jennie said.

So I slid between her legs and slid my cock head up and
down the full length of her dripping wet slit. She
forced one of her tits into my mouth and I nibbled and
lightly bit her on the nipple as I guided my white cock
into her cunt.

As soon as I was positioned, Frank pressed his huge cock
against Jennie’s ass hole and glided it in slowly.
Jennie gasped as he entered her and moaned with
pleasure. Frank waited a moment for her ass to
accommodate his cock and then pressed forward until half
of his cock was buried in her asshole.

He paused and then thrust his black cock as far in as it
would go. He was now completely buried in her ass and
Jennie was thrusting back at his prick. The smell of sex
was in the air and Frank’s balls were slapping against
Jennie’s ass as he continued to fuck her hot little shit

“Ohhh! Fuck me, you hot studs! I love having two cocks
inside me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder!”

Frank slapped Jennie on her ass and she began to rock
back and forth on our cocks. I could feel Frank’s
swollen cock on my own cock as he pumped in and out of
Jennie’s asshole.

“I’m gonna cummm. You fucking bastards are making me
cum!” cried Jennie.

Frank slapped her on her ass again. “You like it up the
ass don’t you, you fucking little whore, don’t you?”

“Yes!!” replied Jennie. “I love it! I love it!” Jennie
closed her eyes and I could feel the muscles in her
pussy contract as she shook in a violent orgasm. “I’m
cumming! You fuckers are making me cum. Fuck my ass!
Fuck my cunt! Give me those cocks!” she cried.

As soon as she finished cumming, Frank pulled his cock
from Jennie’s ass and I withdrew from her pussy. He
stood up and Jennie spun around on her knees to face him
as he stroked his oversized black cock furiously. “Cum
on my face, Frank. Let me taste your cum, baby! Shoot it
all over me!” said Jennie.

And… with the tip of his cock in his hand Frank shot a
stream of cum that was six inches long into the air,
landing on Jennie’s cheek, chin and neck. Then another
stream shot from his cock, this one landing on the other
side of her nose and in her hair, then another stream
that soaked her face with more hot, thick cum. I
couldn’t believe my eyes when ANOTHER long, thick stream
came shooting out of him.

“Would this guy ever run out of semen?” I wondered. This
time Jennie had opened her mouth wide and Frank shot his
creamy love juice shot directly in her mouth on to her
tongue. Finally Frank let out a loud groan and shot yet
another helping of cum directly own Jennie’s throat.

Jennie pulled at his cock and milked one last drop from
the head of his organ and licked it clean. She turned to
me and without a word shoved my cock deep into the back
of her throat. I face fucked her, thrusting my cock in
and out of her hungry mouth until I felt the cum boiling
in my balls.

I let go and splashed my jism against the back of her
throat and walls of her mouth. Jennie swallowed my first
stream and I pulled my cock from her mouth and pumped
the remaining semen all over her cum soaked face. I then
rubbed the head of my cock on her face and slapped it
against her lips. She opened her mouth and licked my
joint clean with her tongue.

The three of us collapsed, Frank and I on the sofa and
Jennie on the floor. It took a while to recover. Jennie
was the first. “Wanna fuck some more, Frank? she said.
“My pussy just told me it would like some more black
dick.” I was beat myself and just went to sleep on the
sofa too tired to take part in the fun anymore. Frank
said his dick had told him white asshole was fine, but
white pussy was superfine. They went off to the bedroom.
I did not sleep really well.

Every time I woke I heard the bed squeaking and Jennie
groaning with passion. She told me the next morning that
Frank had fucked her all night long — five or maybe six
times. They ended their love-making session with a
morning shower.

In the shower stall he gave her golden shower. She said
she wasn’t sure she would like it, but his piss was hot
and not terribly stinky. He pissed just like he came,
she said. She didn’t think he would ever stop–he pissed
at least a quart.

When he finally stopped, he knelt down between her legs
and begged Jennie to piss on him and opened his mouth to
drink it when she began pissing. Jennie liked that. I
asked her if she had tasted Frank’s piss too.

She just smiled and said she had a right to one secret.

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