Breakfast in bed with my granny

One morning, I knew that my mother and father were
both at work, and I could smell breakfast being cooked.
I lay there in bed, toying with my morning hard-on,
thinking of my grandmother.

Grandma had big tits, that’s all there was to it. At
times, I had noticed that she wore no bra, and I could
see the impression of her nipples on the blouse she was
wearing. At 13 I noticed all female tits, especially my
mom’s and Grands.

I got up and took a piss, then pulled off my undies and
put on some shorts, just as Grands opened the bedroom
door. I stood there, my semi-boner still sticking out
of my shorts. I didn’t turn away from her. In fact, I
turned toward her, leaning back a little bit, making
sure that she saw my dick sticking out, toward her.

“Breakfast is ready,” she said. She looked at my hairy
crotch with my dick pointing at her, then she looked at
my face.

Instead of stuffing it into my shorts, I put my hand
around it and stroked it once. “That feels so good,” I

“Lyle, what in the world?”

I stoked myself again, letting her see my hand wrapped
around my, now very stiff cock. “I’m thinking of you,
Grands,” I said. “I’m thinking of your big hot tits.”

Her eyes widened. “My tits?” She asked. “Why my tits?”

I stroked myself faster with one hand while with the
other, I pulled my shorts down to my knees, letting her
see my balls hanging, heavy with cum, just waiting for

“Because, you’ve got the hottest tits I can think of.
Look at this, Grandma,” I said.

“I’m looking.” She opened the door all the way and
stepped into the room.

“I’d love to see your tits, Grandma. Would you take
off your blouse for me?”

She seemed mesmerized or in shock at what I was doing.
I was thrilled when she reached up and began unbutton-
ing her blouse without saying a word. She took it off,
and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were enormous,
the size of melons. Her nipples were dark brown, and
huge! I had thought so. Yes, she had the hottest tits
in the world.

“God, Grands,” I said. “Those are beautiful. Let me
touch them.” I took a few steps toward her, and stepped
out of my shorts. Walking toward her naked, my dick
sticking up waving in the air like that, really turned
me on. I leaned toward her, my mouth open and my tongue
sticking out.

The tip of my tongue came in contact with one giant
brown nipple, and my cock nearly blew its load right
then and there. I gasped. I could feel my cock stiffen
and jerk.

Grands reached out a hand and touched the tip of my
dick, and I shot my load right into her hand, just like
that. I looked down as gob after gob of white cum shot
all over her hand and arm, some of it landing on her

When the last string of my cum spurted out Grands said,
“Well, I guess you do like my tits.”

The to my surprise she reached down and started remov-
ing her skirt. Tossing it on the bed, she bent down
and removed her panties, and I got my first look at
her hairy bush. My cock to attention again at this
new development.

She stood there, naked as I was, and I touched her tits
with one hand and her pussy with the other. My cock was
hurting, it was so hard.

I bent forward and took one of her nipples into my
mouth as I fondled her other tit, squeezing it and
pinching the enormous brown nipple. Her hand went to
my cock again, and I pushed my dick toward her.

“Lyle, let’s get on the bed,” she said.

She lay on my bed and spread her legs. I climbed atop
her, resting my face between her two big tits. I sucked
one and then the other. Her hand found my dick and
pulled it toward her pussy. The entrance was hot and
wet, and I simply thrust forward and went all the way
into her wet hole.

“Oh!” she sighed. The she said, “Oh, Lyle, fuck me,
fuck me, please!”

I began thrusting, keeping my mouth full of nipples the
whole time. I thrust faster and faster, and knew I
wasn’t going to last very long at all.

She began bucking, meeting my thrusts with her own. She
moved faster and faster, and I could feel my balls
pressing against her every time I thrust in all the

She moaned really loud then, and I could feel her body
jerk as she shouted “YES! Lyle!”

Grands came, and my cock was suddenly wetter as her
hot juices flooded around it. Undeterred I continued
thrusting, but then, just as I was about to cum, I
pulled out of her and sat across her tits.

I wanted to see what it looked like to come on Grands
big beautiful tits.

I reached down and stroked my cock, running the head
of it across her big nipples. They were still erect,
and I wiped it back and forth over one, then the other.
Then, I pressed her tits together and stuck my cock in
the tunnel of tit flesh I had made. I began to stroke
in and out of this tunnel, and after several more
thrusts I shot my load between them. I watched as gush
after gush of my cum landed on her chin, on her lips
and in her mouth. I shot a huge load, and her face and
neck were spattered with my cum before I was finished.
Then I pulled off her and lay beside her on the bed
panting completely sated.

Every morning now, we have breakfast in bed.

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