Punishment In The Border Town Reform School

The assistants at the reform school just across the
Rio Grande brought Dan to the punishment room. This
was Dan’s second day at the school, where he had been
sent as part of a plea agreement. It appears that Dan
and some accomplices liked to raise hell in their
neighborhood. They thought it was fun to watch their
neighbors frantically work to remove the spray-painted
slogans and slurs. Those who didn’t know how to
immediately remove the paint had to pay a professional
to perform the task.

Dan and his cohorts also got a big thrill from
barreling down the neighborhood streets all hours
of the night with their car stereos blaring and
thumping. Some of the neoghbors, in their attempt
to restore the area to a semi-peaceful state,
diligently gathered evidence, and the hell-raisers
were eventually caught.

In order to avoid being sued by the many victims, Dan
agreed to a stay at the reform school where, it was
emphasized, he would learn about discipline. Dan was
sentenced to six months, which could be extended if
his cooperation was not judged to be acceptable.

The two assistants at the school, Sylvia Verdugo and
Ilona Blanca, led Dan, with his hands cuffed behind
his back, over to the punishment table. Dan’s only
item of clothing was his briefs, which was the rule
for all the “students” there.

Miss Verdugo spent a few moments adjusting the height
of the structure for the new arrival, and made notes
of the settings in Dan’s file. They bent Dan over the
structure and fastened a strap around his waist so
that he was bound to the table. Then his hands were
released and fastened to the front of the structure.
Finally, Miss Verdugo fastened a strap just above
Dan’s knees, so that from that point up, he was
relatively immobile.

Miss Blanca picked up the phone, pressed a few numbers
on the keypad and spoke to her boss. “Miss Fonseca,
we have Dan here. Yes, that’s the one. Okay.”

Miss Blanca and Miss Verdugo then seated themselves
and waited for Anna Fonseca. A few moments later Dan
heard the door open and the sound of high heels slowly
clip-clopping. Miss Fonseca stopped when she was
immediately behind him.

“So, smarty pants here thinks it’s funny to deface
other peoples’ property, huh? Maybe you’re gettin’
too big for your britches, mister. Let’s see how you
look without your smarty pants,” she scolded. Then
his briefs were suddenly and expertly pulled down by
this person he had not yet seen.

“I bet your neighbors didn’t think it was funny to
have to clean up your messes, did they? We’ll have
to see how funny you think it is to be here for a
while,” she continued. Then she gave him a hard,
twisting pinch on his left buttock. Dan yelped when
he felt the intensity of the pain.

Miss Fonseca continued the lecture. “Did you think
that was funny? Your pretty little bottom is very
tender. That means you weren’t spanked enough at
home. I doubt that you were spanked at all. Ay,
Dios, save us from the baby boomers and their per-
missive feel-good society! I’ll tell you one thing,
mister smarty pants, we’re goin’ to make up for it
here. You’re gonna get all the spanking you shoulda
got when you were growing up, and then some. Verdugo,
bring me the cane!”

Sylvia Verdugo sprang up and fetched the yellow,
whippy cane from the instruments hanging on the wall,
and presented it to Miss Fonseca, who proceeded to
walk around to where she could see her new arrival
face to face.

For the first time, Dan saw the woman whose voice had
lectured him. She appeared to be in her thirties,
slightly bow-legged, and wore a red blouse and a blue
denim skirt. Her hair was black and straight, grace-
fully flowing down below her shoulders. Flexing the
cane back and forth, she resumed her lecture.

“I’m gonna give you a whippin’ now, mister smarty
pants, for two reasons. First, so you know what a
whippin’ feels like at this school, and second, to
start paying your debt, so to speak. I notice your
file says that one of the houses you spray-painted
was where a schoolteacher lives. You and your
compadres sprayed ‘fuck’ this and ‘fuck’ that all
over her walls. Today you’re gonna be sorry for
that one. One more thing, mister. Your parents are
paying a lotta money for your stay here, and I’m
gonna give them their money’s worth.”

Miss Fonseca slowly and deliberately walked over to
take her position as punisher. “Mister cane, I want
you to meet mister smarty pants!” she exclaimed as
she drew the cane far back and brought it toward her
target, flicking her wrist at the perfect moment in
order to get the desired effect.

The hapless student immediately stiffened when the
instrument of his fustigation made contact. He
exclaimed “OWWW!”, clenched his jaw, and whispered

“Jesus ain’t gonna help you now, mister,” said Miss
Fonseca. “He helps those who help themselves, and
the best way for you to help yourself is to learn
some self-control and some manners.” She drew the
cane back and imparted another red-hot streak of pain
across Dan’s bared buttocks.


Anna Fonseca continued the young man’s initiation to
the reform school with several more expertly placed
strokes. Dan, never having felt that kind of
punishment before, was astounded that something could
hurt that much. He reacted by shouting, frantically
struggling, shaking his head from side to side, and
begging for relief. Miss Fonseca, of course, ignored
his pleading. When she had given him ten strokes, she

Miss Fonseca resumed her lecturing. “Don’t get too
comfortable now, mister smarty pants, you’re only
halfway through today’s ‘lesson’. I wish that your
schoolteacher neighbor could be here right now,
knowing that the little vandal that led the defacing
of her property is now here with his pants down
getting a well-deserved whippin’.”

Miss Fonseca showed no mercy as she administered the
next ten cane strokes. She then handed the cane to
Miss Verdugo and calmly left the room. Sylvia and
Ilona, after a wait of about ten minutes, undid Dan’s
restraints, and secured his habds behind him. They
then escorted him, with his briefs still down, back
to his room for confinement before releasing his

A few days later, Dan was being escorted back to the
punishment room by Sylvia Verdugo and Ilona Blanca.
They bound the obviously nervous young man the the
punishment structure as before, and checked all the
bindings to make sure that they would not loosen.

Anna Fonseca entered the room and stood a few feet in
front of Dan, with her hands on her hips. “For weeks
on end, young man, after your late-night carousing and
partying, you drove your car through the neighborhood
with the stereo playing loud, waking up people who
have to work for a living. According to the court
papers, some of the neighbors talked with your parents
about this and they politely asked you to stop it.
Instead of having consideration for other people, you
were defiant and decided to show them a thing or two
by making more noise. Let me ask you, mister, if you
got into a big wreck and needed spinal surgery so that
you’d be able to walk again, would you want a doctor
who lost a lot of sleep the previous night by
inconsiderate people who don’t want to do anything but
party? I think you must have more money than brains.
One of your neighbors gathered proof of your
noisemaking by forsaking many hours of sleep to catch
you on film. Well, I think you’re gonna make some more
noise today, but they ain’t gonna hear you. Verdugo,
I want you to give him his paddling. Get the oak
paddle and get ready.”

Sylvia smiled slightly, retrieved the hardwood paddle,
walked over behind the captive young man, and pulled
down his briefs. Then she stood to one side in the
spanker’s position and waited for direction from Miss

Anna Fonseca had considerable experience, and knew
exactly what she was doing. She knew that, with her
standing in front of him, Dan would defiantly try to
show that he could take what was dished out, especially
by the ‘girls’, without breaking down and crying or

“Give him ten, Verdugo,” Anna directed.

Sylvia took careful aim, brought the paddle far back,
and with her eyes on her target, placed a shocking
blow onto Dan’s tensed buttocks. A scarce few seconds
later Sylvia, with lips parted and teeth clenched,
delivered the second stroke. Dan gritted his teeth
in silent determination. Just as the pain crested to
its peak, Sylvia delivered the third strong stroke.
The painful heat building up cumulatively on Dan’s
bared bottom was far worse than he thought it would
be. When Sylvia gave him the fourth stroke, he
couldn’t help vocalizing a sharp “Oh!”

With each successive stroke, it was immensely more
difficult for Dan to restrain his urge to cry out and
plead. By the eighth stroke, he was frantically
struggling at his restraints and trying to choke back
his expressions of anguish. On the last two strokes,
he couldn’t help emitting a strained “Aaaaugh!” Sylvia
paused and waited. Dan sighed with relief, although
he was angry and resentful at Miss Fonseca for ordering
the latest punishment, and glared at her.

“Well, I see that you don’t like this do you?” Anna
asked rhetorically. “You don’t like me telling the
girl to paddle your ass, and she does it very well,”
she continued. “Did you ever stop to think that other
people don’t like what you were doing to them? And
when you were asked not to do it, you did it even more
out of spite. Verdugo, ten more!”

Dan shot an angry look at Miss Fonseca, knowing the
inevitability of his continued punishment. Sylvia was
skilled at using the paddle, and timed the strokes so
that when the fiery sensation of a stroke was at its
highest, she commenced the remainder of the paddling.
After three of the strokes, Dan let loose with a string
of profanities addressed at Miss Fonseca, the young
woman wielding the paddle, the school, and the world in
general. His tears were those born of frustration,
humiliation and rage rather than the pain of the
paddling, which had merely stimulated them.

Anna Fonseca showed no shock or emotion as Dan was
venting, having heard it all before. She knew it would
need to come to this, and beyond, in order to reach the
bound and angry inmate.

“That was very good, Verdugo. Please put the paddle
away,” directed Anna. Turning to Dan, she said, “You
feel helpless, don’t you? Think of the helplessness
of the people you deliberately annoyed during the night
with your car stereo full blast, and turning on your
car alarm too. Don’t you know that they felt helpless
and angry, just like you do now?”

Miss Fonseca then asked Sylvia Verdugo to massage the
captive inmate’s well punished buns to help circulation.
In spite of the pain, Dan thought that the massage felt
pretty good, and welcomed Sylvia’s ministrations. After
a few minutes of this, Sylvia stopped and sat down,
knowing the routine. Her ministration were to have the
effect of preparing him for the next step of that day’s

A few moments of silence follewed, then Anna Fonseca
instructed Ilona, “Blanca, get the cane and prepare to

Dan couldn’t believe what he had just heard. After
the ferocious paddling, he was going to be caned! He
started to protest. “No. Not again! No, not the
cane! She paddled me! No, not now! No!”

Miss Fonseca said nothing as Ilona Blanca fetched the
long, whippy cane, whisked it through the air a few
times, and took her position. She calmly looked toward
Miss Fonseca for direction.

“Eighteen strokes, Blanca. You may begin.”

With the precision and expertise of a true cane-
mistress, Ilona’s dispassionate wielding of the whippy
instrument evoked piteous sounds of anguish from the
male whose buttocks were being striated under her
masterful attention. The distraught male interspersed
his expressions of distress with entreaties to stop,
while the caning inexorably continued. At the end, he
was weeping copiously, not from rage, not from
helplessness, but from the fiery pain of the caning.

Anna spoke to him. “She doesn’t stop when you want
her to. She stops when I want her to. It is no lie,
when you boom through your neighborhood at night, your
victims feel the same way you did. They are saying,
‘no, not again,’ wondering when it will stop.” Then
she got up and left the room.


Several weeks and many punishment room sessions later,
Dan was surprised to see Miss Fonseca being let into
his room. He was in his briefs because of the rule at
the reform school that restricted the students to being
constantly at that stage of undress. In a way he was
glad to see her because he was very lonely, not having
much contact with other people at the institution. Also
he feared her, because of his past experiences in the
punishment room.

Miss Fonseca seated herself and appeared to be in a
fair mood. She asked him to tell her how his values
clarification classes were progressing, and they talked
a little about that. Suddenly, Anna got up and sat
immediately next to him. He was becoming quite nervous.
She sat there without saying anything for a few
moments, and then said something that shocked him.

In a very kind voice, she said, “Tell me about Lisa.
All the details. Don’t leave anything out.”

“Damn,” he thought to himself. How the hell does she
know?” He figured that it wasn’t a secret. He had
bragged enough to his friends about the sexual conquest
and the power trip that went with it. A flood of
memories came back to him, reminding him of the time
he met an attractive young lady at a bar.

He had arranged a few details beforehand in case he got
a chance to score. After feeding her a line of bull
about himself, they left the bar together, planning to
go to a motel for a sexual liaison. Having an almost
empty gas tank, which was part of his plan, he stopped
at a gas station and filled up the pickup truck’s tank
with a considerable amount of gasoline, paid for it,
and drove to the motel.

Just before they went to check in, he mentioned that
the gasoline had required all of his money, and could
she spring for the room, saying that he’ll pay her
back in a few days. He wrote his name (a fictitious
one) and a phone number (also fictitious) on a scrap
of paper and gave it to her in a ploy to win her trust.
He also asked her for a way to reach her. Lisa agreed
to pay for the room after saying that she would in
fact desperately need to be reimbursed.

He had “fucked her brains out” (as he later bragged to
his friends), while wondering to himself if the genital
warts that he had were contagious. Later, as they lay
together, he said he heard a noise, reached for his
pager, and said that he had to call in to work and see
if there was a problem. Dialing his work number, which
would get his own voicemail, he faked a converstion
with a nonexistent colleague, inventing an urgent

They left the motel. He drove Lisa back to her car at
the bar, said some endearing things to her, and drove
away, never intending to see her again. “Too bad,” he
had thought to himself, “she was a really good piece.
Oh well, there’s a lot of fish in the sea.” He had to
admit to himself on occasion that he felt crummy about

“Well?” prodded Miss Fonseca.

“Uh, ummmm, well, Lisa and I we met one night at this
bar, and I guess we were uhmm, attracted to each other.
We, uh, we decided to go uh, somewhere else to be
alone, and uh, and we ummm, we ended up at, she rented
a room at a motel, you know. And we kinda, you know,
well, we uh, had a good time.”

A pause. Dan was feeling guilty about what he’d done
to Lisa, and didn’t know how to continue. He didn’t
want to say any more about the subject.

Anna put one hand on Dan’s head, ran her fingers
through his hair, and asked, “Now what really

The guilt, the remorse, the loneliness, Anna’s
penetrating eyes and concerned demeanor were too much
for his resistance. He dissolved in tears, clutching
onto Anna and burying his head in her chest. “Oh,
goddamm, I’m a real jerk! I dumped her!” he cried,
and Anna knew that she’d finally gotten through.

More probing questions about the affair from Anna.
More remorseful tears and admissions from Dan. “I
want to make it up to her,” Dan cried.

“What would you do to make it up to her?” asked Anna,
knowing exactly where she was leading.

“I don’t know, maybe treat her nice, tell her I’m
sorry, take her out to dinner.”

“Well, you can’t make it up to her,” Miss Fonseca
flatly stated.

Dan looked questioningly at Anna. “She killed herself
a couple of weeks ago. It appears that she got some
kind of disease around the time of your fling with her,
and felt that she could never have another sexual

The image of Lisa’s sweet smile and the memory of her
sincere endearing words appeared in his mind as he
crumpled to the floor, his face in his hands, wailing
with a mixture of remorse and grief. Anna quietly got
up and left the room.

A few days later Ilona and Sylvia retrieved Dan and
led him to the punishment room. He did not resist at
all when they bound him to the punishment table. Miss
Fonseca went over to him and very quietly whispered,
“You know what this is for, don’t you?”

Dan nodded, a look of understanding in his eyes.

“Verdugo, give him the strap. And stand directly
behind him.” Miss Verdugo retrieved the medium sized
tawse, took her position behind the bound miscreant,
and proceeded to deliver a series of steadily paced,
very powerful strokes. When a strapping is
administered in this fashion, it is especially painful
since the punisher is using alternate forehand and
backhand strokes, causing the contact to be on the
area of the buttocks on each side which are very

It did not take many strokes before he was struggling
and vocalizing his predicament. It did not take many
more before he was openly crying. After close to fifty
strokes had been imparted, Anna told Miss Verdugo to

After a rest of about ten minutes, Anna addressed
Ilona. “Blanca, the cane.” The expert canemistress
fetched the thin whippy cane and took her position.
“Proceed,” commanded Miss Fonseca. Ilona slightly
raised her eyebrows, then nodded assent. This was to
be open-ended, stopping only when told to by Miss
Fonseca, who stood calmly with her arms folded,
several feet in front of Dan.

Ilona Blanca commenced what was to be an extended
caning, all the while dispassionately administering
her strokes while her charge wept, groaned, cried
and pleaded for mercy. After a few moments Anna
walked around to obtain a view of the results of
Ilona’s methodical handiwork. The fustigation
continued for a a while longer, and then Anna signaled
Ilona to stop.


When Dan’s six months were completed, and he was about
to be released, Anna mentioned to him that his friends
who he used to hang around with, were all in prison
(except for one of them, who was totally paralyzed
from the waist down as a result of a one-car drunk
driving wreck following a party).

The other friends were apparently not given any
serious judicial sanction because of the neighborhood
rowdiness that had gotten Dan into the reform school.
Dan soberly reflected on his stay at the school,
acknowledging to himslf that he wasn’t so unfortunate
after all. “You better find some people to hang
around with who you can look up to,” Anna had told

As Dan was being led out to the waiting area where he
would be taken home, Anna handed him a note on a
folded piece of paper. “You can keep this or throw
it away, but I want you to at least think of what is
written here occasionally,” she said.

As he was being driven home, he opened up the note
and saw, in Anna’s handwriting:

“Pay attention to actions and the things they cause.”

Then her signature: Anna Fonseca

This is a work of fiction. All characters
are fictional.

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