Check and Mate and Then Some

It was seldom that our chess team got any recognition,
but this time was different. It was the state
championship and with just my table to go, we were in
the lead, but only by a half a point. My opponent was
good, very clever but played a hurried game as if he
were late for something. I trapped him with a knight
gambit, and he leaned back and said, “Shit,” rather
loudly. I had won and we had won.

Then Leslie, one of the two girls on our team, was all
over me, kissing and hugging and blubbering. We got
our trophies and out handshakes and then had supper
and headed back to our cheap hotel. The two girls had
their own room with a bath but the boys were four to a
two-bed room with our two coaches and sponsors right
down the hall. By ten that night we were all safely
tucked into bed having been told ten times that the
bus would arrive at seven the next morning.

It was about 10:15 when Leslie and Barbara come to our
door, knocked and invited Bob and me to come to their
room. Bob was as senior and Barbara’s long-time hook-
up steady, but I was nobody’s boyfriend and a
sophomore virgin. And excited. And eager. And horny.

Leslie and I sat on the side of her bed and watched
the other two strip, kiss and climb under the covers,
smiling at us and then giggling like crazy. There was
a small lamp on the table between the beds.

Leslie was wearing a JV football jersey and I was
wearing my boxers having forgotten to pack pajamas. We
looked at each other in the faint light and she said,
“Do you want to?”

I whispered, “Of course.” Leslie was a very pretty
girl with long legs and a fine ass.

“It’s your reward for winning the match. Barbara
thought you ought to be rewarded.”

I nodded and said, “That’s nice.” Her hand on my thigh
was exciting me a lot.

And then Leslie was all over me, kissing and hugging
and pushing me to my back. She quickly stripped off my
underpants and I heard her say, “Damn.”

I sat up and watched her yank her shirt over her curly
head. “What’s wrong?” I asked as her jugs bobbled.

“Your boner,” she whispered. “I’ve never seen such a
big one. But then I’ve only done this twice.” Like
Barbara she was a senior, seventeen I guess, maybe
eighteen. She was a blonde but tall and slim.

I laid back and smiled. “I’ve never done it,” I
whispered as she put her head on my shoulder and I
pulled her closer.


“Yep, never.” Her hand slid down my body and captured
my swelling cock. It wasn’t hard yet but it soon would
be the way things were going.

“How old are you?”

“Fifteen. Why?”

“People under sixteen aren’t supposed to do it.”


“But you want to, right?”

I nodded as her hand cupped my balls and gently
squeezed. I think I whimpered.

“You ready?” she asked after kissing my lips and
slipping her tongue tip into my mouth.

“Think so.” My cock was standing straight up, looking
like a rocket or something. When it gets like that
it’s just about 22 cm, which is almost nine inches,
which is big. That I know. In my hand it feels like
the handle of a baseball bat.

“I like to be on top,” she said as she wiggled over me
and got up on her knees sitting on my thighs, the
blanket draped on her back and shoulders. “Damn it’s
big,” she hissed.

In the other bed the springs were making noise like
chunk, chunk, chunk, a steady beat.

I couldn’t see what she was doing but suddenly she had
my prick in her grasp and she was licking its head
and, I think, spitting on it. Then she rose up,
wiggled forward and screwed my rod into her body. She
made a noise, like “Ahhhh.”

I didn’t know where to put my hands so I ended up by
holding her at the hips as she began moving up and
down on me, taking my hard ram in and out of her
slippery hole. When it went up and in, she seemed to
squeeze and then she relaxed some as it moved outward,
dragging her flesh with it. My brain shut down
completely and older centers took over my body and
mind. I was on automatic pilot.

Leslie made noises deep in her throat, and I could see
that her eyes were closed. Our bodies made a slapping
noise when they came together, and she was moving

My hands moved around to hold her butt as she started
bouncing really fast. I was enjoying it, that’s for
sure. It was a lot better than anything I had ever
done with my erections.

Then she gasped and shuddered and collapsed down on
top of me, crushing her firm breasts to my chest and
sobbing, “Oh, oh, oh.”

I was still long and hard and buried in her, jumping
and jerking, so I rolled her over on her back, got up
to push-up position and started boning her hard and
deep. Then our bed’s springs started making noise, ka-
chunk, ka-chunk. Like that.

Barbara put her hand on my back and scared me silly.
“Don’t… don’t,” she whispered. “Get off her. She’s
had enough.”

I pulled it out quickly and sat on the side of the
bed. It just stood there, dripping. The other girl,
who was naked and had some kind of juices flowing down
the inside of her plump thighs, got up on my knees,
scooted forward by grabbing my shoulders and impaled
herself on my upright cock, gritting her teeth and
arching her neck. “Ah,” she sighed, ‘That’s so good.”

I leaned back and asked, “What about Bob?”

She giggled. “He’s asleep. Besides you’re a lot
better. Suck my tits.”

She had big, soft boobs and I did what she asked as
she bounced on my belly and legs and moved my hard ram
in and out of her slick vagina.

After a while she leaned down and gasped, “You can
come, I’m safe.” And then she whimpered and shook.

I struggled to my feet with the girl wrapped around
me, put her down beside Leslie and then got mounted
atop her, still buried in her soggy quim. I braced my
toes on the footboard.

My balls were throbbing and I knew I was close. I
hadn’t ejaculated for three days since I was afraid to
do it in the shared bathroom. So when I finally felt
my semen surging, I knew it was going to be a big one.

I actually blasted myself out of Barbara and spurted
the next three or four ropes of my jism all over her
body and some got on Leslie too before I could squeeze
it. I staggered off to their little bathroom, still
leaking sperm and washed off my equipment and then
came back with my big cock hanging limply. I needed
more. My balls ached and the head of my cock was sore.

I handed Barbara a towel and then rolled in beside
Leslie and kissed her nose and then her lips. She
awoke and her eyes flickered.

“You OK?” I asked quietly.

She nodded.

“Can we do it again?”

She nodded again and rolled to her back and spread her
legs, raising her knees. “Pull the pillow down under
my rump,”

I did it and by then I was hard again. Leslie put her
fist in her mouth when I eased it all the way into
her. Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as I
withdrew for the first time, pulling back a half-foot
or so before plunging into her and lifting her whole
body off the bed. Hah! she cried.

I got back in push-up position and her legs rose and
wrapped around my middle. After that I forget what

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