Condom Karl

Radvany Carl graduated high school top of her class at
age 17 and was picked by the state university on a
cheerleading scholarship. The campus was two hours
from home so her folks found her a dorm room. Her 18th
birthday would come two days before Halloween which
meant that her first 6 weeks as a college student she
was still 17.

Her grey eyes and raven hair and petite athletic build
with breasts that were ample for her figure but had no
sag that needed support and rump that made the men
salivate made the captain of the cheerleading squad
extremely envious. Sarah Wilson was a senior and a
blond blue eyed athlete whore who had made an art of
climbing the college social scene by fucking her way
to the top. She was determined to bring down her new
prot and the Homecoming party out at Lake Park was
determined to be the best time and location to do so.

The party was a kegger that the fraternities and
sororities both contributed to and was a time
acknowledged as setting claims on members of the
opposite sex for at least the first quarter.

Sarah knew that Radvany was a virgin and determined to
maintain that status and that was the means she would
use to bring her down off her perceived high horse.

As people began arriving around 10PM the cheerleaders
handed out tickets to all the males. Sarah reserved
number one for the captain of the football team who
was her current beau. She figured this would tie him
to her for the first part of the year at least.

By 10:30 there were close to 150 people there. The
ratio appeared to be 1:2 females to males.

Most of them had been secretly informed of Sarah’s
plans for the party and Radvany’s cheerleader initiation
and eagerly awaited her announcement which she gave
them at 11 c’clock.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have 3 new
freshmen cheerleaders this year and it is time for the
annual swimsuit competition so I as all three to come

She was standing on the back of her boyfriend’s pickup
the tailgate serving to extend the bed another two

Amy Watson and Helen Smith were younger versions of
Sarah who had laid their way through high school to
earn their scholarships and were in on the details of
the night’s festivities. Neither of them was
disappointed that they would not “win” the

The weather was unseemly warm for the time of year and
the girls were told to enter a nearby van and put on
their cheerleading outfits.

Radvany was shocked at the outfit’s skimpiness. The
skirts barely covered there asses and the tops only
came down over their nipples. Even though she didn’t
wear bras normally other than the sports ones for
cheerleading, she was happy for the small front clasp
ones they were given to wear that barely covered her
dark pink inch and a half areolas with their pencil
eraser nipples.

The panties were thongs with just enough cloth to
contain her jet black pubes that naturally grew in a
vee that needed no trimming. If she had seen Japanese
porn she would have thought that there was some
Japanese in her genetic background.

The other girls didn’t seem bothered by the outfits in
the least.

When they emerged everyone cheered and their feet
never touched the ground as groups of male athletes
carried them over to the pickup and stood them up next
to Sarah.

“As you know,” Sarah began, “you are the judges of who
the winner is. But before we begin it is time for the
chug a lug contest.”

A glass was put in the hand of each of the girls and a
litre of Southern Comfort produced. They were plastic
8oz glasses into which equal amounts of the golden
liquid was poured. While Amy and Helen had drunk their
share at high school parties they knew that Radvany had
never drunk before.

“Drink up!” Sarah commanded and they all took a

Radvany was shocked by the burning sensation as the
alcohol made its way down her throat to her stomach.
She was afraid she would gag and throw up but took
comfort in the fact that Amy and Helen seemed to be
having more trouble than her. Her second swallow went
down much easier than the first as she knew what to
expect. With two ounces left she gulped them down
seconds ahead of the other two and was sure she won
when the glasses were refilled. Having finished first
hers was the first refill and she immediately chugged
it as if it were water. She hardly noticed that the
third and fourth refills were hers alone.

The liquor went straight to her head and it was a
wonder she didn’t pass out. She was quite wobbly as
she stood next to Sarah as the declared chug a lug

“Now for the swimsuit competition,” Sarah announced.

“But we don’t have swimsuits,” Radvany slurred.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” Sarah reassured her.

“First is the cheerleading suit competition so applaud
your favorite.”

She stepped behind the three contestants and held her
hand over Amy’s head to a burst of reasonable
applause. Then she moved behind Helen where there was
a drop in the volume of the applause. Lastly she moved
behind Radvany and the applause was deafening.

“Sorry, Helen,” she said winking at the new recruit as
she was helped down from the truck.

“Now the bikini contest. Strip girls.”

Radvany was aware of why they had been given the bra and
panties skimpy though they were. She hesitated and
then followed Amy about a second behind as she removed
the top and skirt. She had never felt so naked in her
life and took comfort from the fact that she was not

Once again the applause meter was applied and Amy

“Congratulations Radvany,” Sarah cried as Amy was lifted
down and applause was the loudest yet.

“What do I win?” Radvany said and it was obvious she was
really feeling the effects of the Southern Comfort.

“First, you win your own bottle–” and another
unopened litre of Southern Comfort was handed up to
Radvany, “so let’s drink a toast to your win.”

Radvany unscrewed the cap and took a big swig straight
from the bottle. When she finished she began to
realize she might be in trouble. All around the pickup
she saw her male classmates stripping off their
clothes. She took another big swig as if it was water
and realized she was now beyond tipsy and well on her
way to drunk.

“Your second prize is the right to model your last
outfit–your birthday suit!”

“My birthday sui? But that’s–”

She was stopped in midsentence by Sarah popping open
the front hook of her skimpy bra and slipping it off
of her. Crossing her arms to cover her sudden nudity
she was late to realize that her skimpy thong bikini
was being stripped from her as well. There was a
rustling noise like a trash bag behind her and before
she could reach down and cover her most private spot
she was falling backwards where she landed on a
mattress that had been covered by a plastic tarp.

Struggling to get up she spilled half her bottle over
herself. Fearing to be deprived of her prize she drank
some more until there was only an inch in the bottom.
Someone took it away from her and poured the last of
it over the side but she was too drunk by then to

“Your final prize is the right to wear the Condom
Bikini home across the field to your dorm.”

“But my clothes–”

“–have been taken back to your room.”

“But what’s a condom bikini?”

“It is something you have to make yourself,” Sarah
said holding up two pieces of twine–one long enough
to tie around her waist and one long enough to tie
above her nipples.

“But there is nothing on them–”

“Because you will have to tie condoms unto them like
grass on a grass skirt until they are enough to cover
your privates.”

She held up ten packages of condoms with a dozen each.

“Okay, let me start.”

“It’s not that simple, Radvany. The condoms have to have
been used for their intended purpose–”

“So I am sure lots have been used around here already
let’s start collecting–”

“with you, Radvany, used with you.”

“But I am ovulating!”

“So? That’s what condoms are for?”

“But what if one breaks?”

“That is a myth. They never break.”

“But I am a virgin!”

“Well, if you want to keep that status you can just
walk back to the dorm now.”

“But I am naked…”

“Your choice. Walk back a naked virgin or covered by a
condom bikini…”

The liquor was really kicking in and she laid back in

“So who is going to do it with me?”

Sarah helped her sit up and she saw dozens of naked
males sporting hard-ons from 6 to 11 inches and string
necklaces with stiff paper cards with large numbers in
black marker. Next to the bed of the truck and
climbing up was Sarah’s boyfriend, the football
captain with a respectable 8 inches and a card with 1
on it. While she watched him put on a pink condom she
was shocked when she saw a 76 around one of the necks.

She was tense nervous and dry as Sarah’s boyfriend
lined his cock up with her opening but before he
thrust in he declared, “Looks tight,” and rocked back
on his calves as though he had second thoughts and
Radvany relaxed as she thought it wasn’t going to happen.
But someone handed something to the team captain that
looked like a tube. Then he pressed it into her
opening and she was suddenly filled with what seemed
to be a very cold cream. Half the tube was in her
before he removed it and she read K-Y on it as he
handed it back where it came from.

Sex lubricant! She had heard of it but never saw it or
used it. It finally dawned on her that this was really
going to happen.

Aided by the lubricant the eight inch ramrod eased
halfway into her, tearing her virginity and making her
feel a fullness she had never imagined. The lube
helped but there was still some pain as the tissues
and muscles stretched but did not tear. He held it
halfway to help her get used to it and relax a little.
Then he pulled back and eased 3/4s into her. It went
easier for both of them as Radvany began to accommodate
her first cock. The alcohol helped her relax as well.

With his next thrust all 8 inches of him was inside
her and her clit was mashed between their pelvic
bones. After a brief pause he began thrusting in and
out picking up speed as he went. In spite of her own
determination to endure this gangbang rather than
enjoy it, Radvany’s body betrayed her and she experienced
her first major cock induced orgasm. Two orgasms later
she felt him go deep, swell and twitch and was
grateful for the condom capturing his seed.

He pulled out and she looked at the reservoir tip
filled with a tablespoon of sperm that could have gone
inside her. Sarah took it from him and emptied it into
the now empty Southern Comfort bottle and laid the
empty condom next to the two pieces of twine.

Number 2 was already sliding into her before Sarah had
finished. The fact that most of these guys hadn’t had
any over the summer and some of the freshmen were as
virgin as she had been and over eager meant that most
of the encounters took two to three minutes — more
the former than the latter.

At the end of the first hour there were 25 condoms
emptied into the SoCo bottle filling it about a third
of the way and lying empty next to the twine.

By one AM she had become acquainted with 30 more of
her male classmates mating tools. It turned out that
76 was the last one and he came inside her around 1:30
and she was relieved it was over.

“Halfway there,” Sarah announced.


“You’ll need twice as many condoms to make a truly
decent grass skirt to cover your privates on the way
back to the dorm.”

It was 4:30AM when she had fucked all 76 again only in
backwards order like a countdown. The final one to
fill a condom for her was Sarah’s boyfriend who had
originally taken her virginity.

She was more than numb between her legs and hadn’t had
an orgasm since around number 60 the first go round.
None of the condoms had broken or leaked and she was
grateful. especially when she glanced over at the SoCo
bottle and found it was nearly full.

They all cheered her on as she tied the condoms onto
the two lengths of twine with 100 around the bottom
and 52 on the top. Then Sarah tied them in place. She
held out the SoCo bottle and said, “Bottoms up!”

“I’m not drinking that!” Radvany protested.

Sarah was not to be deterred.

“All right then boys–bottoms up!”

Radvany looked around to see who would be the first to
drink the cum concoction from 152 ejaculations.
Instead they moved in and picked her up and turned her
upside down.

“These offerings were given to you, Radvany, and they
belong inside you. Since you won’t take them orally
we’ll have to do something else.

Fear ran through Radvany’s mind as she felt fingers
probing the opening that their cocks had so recently
become acquainted with. Then she felt some more K-Y
that had been used periodically through the night only
now it was being shoved into her anus. It felt like
cold slime but she was relieved they were going to
pour it in her ass instead of her pussy.

They had a little trouble overcoming her natural
resistance to having her ass violated but she did her
best to relax and was rewarded with the feel of the
cool glass neck of the bottle sliding into her rectum.

She could feel the bottle’s contents entering her
bowels up to a point and then the bottle was slowly
withdrawn and tilted down at the same time. It was
held up where she could see that 2/3 of it was now

“She’s full already?” Sarah asked to an affirmative
male response. “Well, I guess there is no other

Radvany relaxed thinking her ordeal was over when she
once again was held upside down only this time the rim
of the bottle was pressed against her pussy.

“But I’m ovulating!” she cried as she squirmed as
furiously as she could against her tormentors. But 115
pound cheerleader was no match for 200 pound football
players and in less than a minute the bottle was
upturned into her tunnel of love and the neck was
shoved as deep as possible.

Sarah leaned in and rubbed her clit reviving her
sexual arousal until Radvany was cumming with the bottle
up against her cervix. As her internal organs sought
to draw sperm into her uterus the bottle was slowly
removed leaving the last of its contents in her
fertile furrow. They kept her upside down for 10
minutes and she could do nothing to clean their cum
out of her but try to squeeze it out. But that was
only marginally successful and soon no more could be
pushed out with her contractions and she had to feel
the goo slowly seeping through her cervical opening.

They eventually laid her down on a relatively clean
patch of grass where she passed out from the night’s
torment. She came to around 6 AM as the sun was rising
and found herself alone in the field wearing only her
condom bikini.

Doing her best to augment her coverage with her hands
and arms she set out the half mile to her dorm preying
the sun would stay down long enough for her to get to
her room. They had put her keys in a lanyard around
her neck but when she looked it was only her room key.
That meant she would have to buzz the security desk to
let her into the building.

Old man Johnson was a retired 60 year old marine who
took great pride in his 10″ Johnson and had
blackmailed its way into many a teen twat who stayed
out too late and Radvany feared the worst. But it was a
coed dorm and if she didn’t get in soon she would have
to run a gauntlet of her male dorm mates on their way
to class–most of whom would delight in being a little
late for class.

She made it to the front door without running into
anybody and it was only 6:20. But as she feared, old
man Johnson made her sit on his johnson and ride it
until he blasted inside her with her first dose of
cock delivered cum. As his cum oozed down her thighs
she got on the elevator and headed for 3rd floor and
her room–a place she thought she would never leave

As she emerged from the elevator she was met by three
of the upperclassmen and her floor RA–Resident
Advisor. The RA was there to advocate for the freshmen
and provide them guidance and assistance as they
entered college life.

“Looks like she almost got home scot free, gentlemen,”
the RA said as they surrounded the hot bedraggled
freshman. They knew the significance of the condom
bikini and decided they would get a piece of the

“Please, Paul,” she pleaded, “I’m too sore.”

“Well,” said the RA we will have to go slow and

They escorted her to her room, the place she had
envisioned as her refuge at the end of the night. They
took a pair of scissors and snipped the bikini top and
bottoms next to the knots that Sarah had tied. Going
over to her window Paul opened it and removed the
screen. Leaning out, he used some sealing tape to tape
the ends to the outside wall directly under her
window. He then took a piece of blank paper and a
marker and wrote her room number in large numbers and
taped it above the two strings of used condoms.

While he was doing this her three fellow dormers were
each taking a condomless turn at experiencing her
feminine charms while she moaned, “But I won’t be 18
for two weeks…” like some kind of mantra.

By noon it seemed half the male members of campus
including faculty had seen the signal the RA had
placed on the outside dorm wall and had taken their
turn at experiencing her charms. She had passed out
from fatigue after 8 AM and when she woke about 2 PM
she was alone but her belly was covered with bundles
of 5 hash marks in magic marker with three extras and
she realized they had been keeping score just like
with the empty condoms. Only now there were 68 loads
of cum shot into her directly.

After an hour, she went to the window and removed the
screen and took down the room number and condom
bikini. On her floor every other room contained
members of the opposite sex and the practice at the
bathroom was to slide a bar left or right to expose
BOYS or GIRLS depending on the current occupant.

She knew most of the boys had not only seen her naked
but fucked her as well so what was the point of a robe
or changing the sign to girls. There were two showers
with a changing stall in front of the shower, each
with a curtain to be drawn for privacy. She didn’t
bother. She hung her towel on the towel hook and took
a long hot shower doing her best to clean out her
pussy with her fingers. She was aware of how the night
had changed her anatomically as her lips seemed
permanently more puffy and her tightness was forever

Just before she finished Paul came in in a robe
carrying his towel. When he saw her he hung his stuff
next to her towel and closed the outer curtain before
stepping into the shower with her.

“Save water,” he said, “Shower with a friend.”

Radvany groaned and simply turned around and bent halfway
over as he slid into her from behind. It was a new
experience for her and she managed to have an orgasm
before she felt him blast inside her in the now
familiar swelling and twitching that meant she would
soon be sprouting a big belly and breasts full of

When he left, she scooped out as much of his cum as
she could and finished her shower. No one was in the
halls as she went back to her room and locked her
door. It was 6 AM 13 hours after her shower and 24
hours since old man Johnson had been the first man to
directly inject her with male sperm when she woke up,
dressed and made her way to the dining hall for

No one acted as though anything had happened. Most of
them wouldn’t believe her if she told them and
apparently the rest were too ashamed or determined
that she had some kind of attitude that had needed
adjusting and got what she asked for. She thought the
ordeal was over.

The following weekend at 6 PM she was coming back from
dinner when she saw old man Johnson at the security
desk. He motioned for her to come over to the desk and
then indicated for her to follow him into the office
where he shut the door.

“I just have something to show you, Miss Carl,” he
said as he flipped on the desktop and opened a file.
It was a compilation of videos of her ordeal from the
previous Saturday night including her losing her
virginity to the football captain, the amassing of
used condoms, the assembly of the bikini, the emptying
of the bottle into her bowels and pussy, her fucking
him in his lap on her way home and the accumulation of
magic marker hash marks on her belly as cocks pulled
out of her showing their cum oozing out.

“This will just remain between us and those who took
the videos none of whom want to be seen screwing a
minor. Oh, yes, and unless you take off your pants and
spread those legs now, it will be shared with your
parents. I already have an email with attachment ready
to go.”

“I’ll fuck you anytime you want provided you supply me
with all the raw footage you can find of last Saturday
night. Fail to do that and you have just fucked me for
the last time.”

In the end he supplied her with over 25 hours of
various cell phone and hand held video cam footage in
everything from lo-res to HD. She edited it into a
fairly straight forward chronology of her 5 and 1/2
hours of whoredom in the back of the pickup. But for
her the best part was the footage of Sarah emceeing
the whole event and orchestrating her gang r**e.

Around Christmas her pregnancy began to show and Sarah
went to the Dean complaining that Radvany had loose
morals and should be expelled from the cheerleading
program and the college itself.

Radvany was called into the Dean’s office and told to
explain how she got in her condition. She fired up her
editing of the night’s events and it was clear that
the whole thing was under the direct supervision of
Sarah with help from Amy and Helen. Amy and Helen were
put on probation till the end of the year but Sarah
found herself expelled. Because of his help in getting
the videos she mentioned nothing of old man Johnson’s
role but footage supplied by her dorm mates of her
unconscious body being repeatedly violated led to them
being thrown out of campus housing when they came back
from the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Radvany resigned herself to Johnson’s johnson and it was
never determined just who was the father of her baby
girl born 9 months after the Homecoming weekend.

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