The Old Lady

I was 22 and not much with the ladies and in all
honesty, I had only been laid once and that was by some
skanky, drunk chick who I think was passed out for most
of it. Guess you could say I was searching for something
and got involved with a local fire and brimstone church,
mainly because one of its members was a hot young girl I
knew from college. Interestingly enough, I never did get
to bang her, but I did find other salvation in the

It was 1986 and one of my favorite masturbatory women
was Pat Benatar. Ironically, the female music director
at the church looked a little like her with the high
cheek bones and hair style. And, she could also sing
like an angel; no pun intended.

The church had a tradition where every week, a few of
the longtime members of the church would visit one of
the newer members to answer any questions and just
generally “check in” on them. My turn came around and
wouldn’t you know it, Paula, the music director, was one
of the people in the group of three or four people. Her
husband, Dave, who I had talked to a couple times and
seemed quite boring, wasn’t with the group that night.

Paula spotted my guitar and asked if I played. I
explained that I had taken a few lessons, but wasn’t
very good at all and had forgotten most of what I had
learned. She said that maybe I could get back to playing
and accompany her some time with music at the church.
Actually, I had been meaning to get back to playing and
it might be fun to spend some time alone with Paula
practicing. I never figured I would have a chance with
her since she was married, but hey, hanging out with a
good looking woman is never a bad thing.

As it turned out, Paula and Dave often invited me to
their place for dinner and to watch sports. Sports were
the one thing Dave and I had in common and it at least
made him seem a little interesting. The more time that
we spent together, the more I became infatuated with
Paula. She had a tight little body, with nicely sized
and shaped breasts and a great ass. She also wasn’t as
stodgy as most of the people in the church and still
listened to some rock music and had more fun than
playing BINGO at the church.

I noticed that Dave was the typical Christian husband;
domineering, demanding and offering little attention to
his wife. I made a mental note of that as what I figured
was a chink in the armor of their marriage and started
to pay attention to Paula, just giving little
compliments here and there and letting her know that I
appreciated her friendship.

One night, the three of us went to a Baltimore Orioles
game. It turned out that I had to work unexpectedly
during the day and Paula and Dave lived about a half-
hour away from me and in between me and Baltimore, which
was about 1 1/2 hours away. I was dead tired, but
enjoyed the game. When we all got back to their house,
Paula noted how tired I was and was afraid I’d fall
asleep on the ride home. Their son was away with a
friend and she suggested I stay in his room and could
head home in the morning.

Dave thought it was a good idea, so I figured, why not?
As it turned out, their k*d’s room was right next to
theirs and the walls of the old house were pretty thin.

I could hear Paula and Dave talking about plans for the
next day and just life in general and then it became
sort of quiet. I figured they had gone to sleep. What I
heard next made me perk up and listen closer.

“Come on, Dave, I know you’re tired, but I’m so horny
and we haven’t had sex in over a week. Please, baby, I
don’t even care if you just finger me, please make me
cum,” pleaded Paula.

“You know I don’t appreciate it when you talk like that.
Just stop,” was Dave’s response. “Paula stop! I simply
don’t want to have sex tonight, so stop being so lewd
and touching yourself like that.”

“Come on, honey. At least watch me rub myself and let me
see your dick and pretend you’re inside of me. Look how
wet I am, babe. Watch me make myself cum if you don’t
want to fuck me, just watch me, cum.”

At this point, Paula was speaking softer and I decided
to venture to the hallway to hear what she was saying. I
thought it would at least be awesome to hear her
cumming, if that’s what she was going to do. When I got
to their door, I noticed it was open just the slightest
bit and I could barely see inside the room, which was
dimly lit by a big light outside the house.

I was eventually able to make out Paula on her knees
sideways on the bed, completely naked and rubbing her
pussy. Dave was lying next to her on his back and I
could see that he was naked, but amazingly, his cock
wasn’t even hard even with what was going on in front of

“Here, feel how wet I am,” Paula said as she took her
fingers that were wet with pussy juice and rubbed them
on Dave’s cock.

“Paula, stop. Just because you’re acting like a slut,
doesn’t mean that I want my penis to smell like one.”

“Here, let me lick that off for you,” said Paula as she
grabbed his dick and started to move her head closer.

“Paula, for the last time, no!”

“God, I can’t take not getting fucked,” said Paula in a
louder voice than before and laid down on her back,
still naked.

I made note of the fact that Dave wasn’t satisfying her
sexually and counted that as another chink in the armor.
I was just about to go back to my room, figuring the
show was over, when I noticed that Paula hadn’t covered
up and her hand had started to move again. She was
quietly squeezing her left breast with her one hand and
rubbing her pussy with the other. Needless to say, I
continued to watch and it wasn’t long before her hips
started to move slowly up and down on the bed as Dave
started to snore.

Thinking I should enjoy the moment and play with my own
rock hard cock, I reached into my underwear – the only
thing I was wearing – and grabbed a hold of my dick and
started to jerk off. Being a little careless, my head
pushed the door a little as I leaned back to continue
watching. Paula quickly stopped and looked toward the

I froze, with my cock in my hand, not knowing what to
do. In just a few seconds, laid her head back on the
pillow and went back to work on herself. I didn’t know
if she just dismissed what she thought she heard or saw
or if she knew I was out there and just didn’t care if I
watched, since her husband wouldn’t.

Dave slept on and Paula’s hips started to move a little
harder and she started to quietly moan as she reached
orgasm. Thanks to being clumsy, I could now see her much
better as the light bounced off those great breasts and
I could even hear the squishing sound of her fingering
herself to orgasm.

“Mmmm. yeah, make me cum,” she whispered to some
imaginary lover. “Oh, I need that cock. Fuck me, baby.
Spray me with your cum. Ahhhhhh, fuck yeah,” she
exclaimed as her body tensed and her hand froze with a
couple of fingers still inside of her. She laid still
for a little while, letting out some soft whimpers
before heading into the master bathroom to clean herself

With the show officially ended, I headed back to my room
and went to work on my cock. Knowing that the walls were
thin and that she could likely hear me as well as I had
heard her, I also left a slight crack in the door in
case she wanted to investigate. I imagined the scene I
had just witnessed and geared my dialogue toward a very
specific audience.

“Yeah baby, squeeze your titties and watch me jerk off
on them. Yeah, I love watching you rub your pussy and
making yourself cum. You are so fucking hot and you make
my cock so hard.”

I continued to jerk myself off and kept trying to see if
I could see any movement near the door, but it was just
too dark to tell. If she was there, I knew she could see
me, because there was a small night light near the bed
that lit me up pretty well.

“Oh god, baby, I wish I could fuck you. At least we can
watch each other get off. Oh, I’m cumming baby. I’m
going to cover your tit. Yeah, baby, cum with me!”

With that, I shot a good, solid load of cum into the air
and it landed on my stomach. I felt like I was going to
pass out and was literally dizzy from everything that
had just happened, but I thought of one last piece of

“Oh, baby, lick my cum off of me and let me lick the cum
off your fingers. Mmmm, baby, you are so fucking hot.”

As I came down to Earth, I still didn’t know if she had
watched my performance as I did hers or not. I cleaned
myself up and went to sleep still thinking about
everything that had happened.

My family wasn’t much for holidays and we didn’t always
get together that much. Paula asked me what I was doing
for Thanksgiving and I told her I just planned on
staying home. She wasn’t going to take that for an
answer and told me I should have dinner with them. I
offered to bring something and surprisingly, she told me
I should bring some wine to go with dinner. I never
pictured her or Dave as drinkers, even if it was just
wine with dinner, but ok; I could always drink a good
wine, so why not.

Dinner was great and we all had some good conversation
and watched a movie after dinner. Paula sent their only
son, Aaron to bed around nine and it wasn’t too much
later when Dave said he was going to bed, too, because
he had to be up early the next morning for work. I took
that as my cue to leave, but Paula said I should stay.
We were going to watch another movie, but I figured with
Dave exiting, I should too – not that I wanted to.

Dave agreed with Paula and said we should watch the
movie and apologized for not wanting to stay up, but he
was really tired. Ok, I thought. Why not, right?

Hardly anyone had any wine at dinner, so Paula decided
we should have some wine while we watched the movie
together. Again, why not, right?

She poured us both a glass and brought the bottle along
into the living room in an ice bucket, so we wouldn’t
have to keep getting up. She put the movie in and
surprisingly, sat down next to me on the love seat,
rather than sitting on the sofa where she and Dave had
sat during the first movie.

Each time one of us would lean forward to pour some more
wine, it seemed like we were closer together when we sat
back. Before long, we were almost snuggling on the love
seat and it almost felt like we were a couple. Both of
us were very relaxed and at ease with one another.

The movie had a couple fairly steamy scenes and I could
almost feel Paula falling closer into me during those
scenes. At one point, she looked up at me and snuggled
closer and I threw caution to the wind and put my arm
around her.

Surprisingly, she reached over and took my hand that was
now around her and held it in hers as she continued to
snuggle closer. For a while, I had almost even forgotten
that her husband was sleeping literally right above us,
but thanks to the wine and how much I was enjoying our
current arrangement, I put it out of my head.

The movie was over and Paula shut off the television and
when she leaned back, she practically sat on my lap and
this time, she pulled my arm around her. My fingertips
brushed against her breast, but she didn’t seem at all
fazed by it. We started to talk about how things were
going in our lives and just having a very laid back,
easy conversation with each other.

At one point, she mentioned the fact that she was tired
of the same old routines and that her life is nothing
like what she thought it would be at this point in her
life. It seemed sad for a woman who was just 31 and even
though I was just 22, I instinctively kissed the top of
her head.

We just sat there with me holding her for a moment until
she looked up at me with her deep hazel eyes and slowly
moved my hand to her breast and started to move it
around. After getting over the initial shock, I started
lightly pinching her nipple. Our eyes never left each
other and she quietly moaned and moved her mouth to
mine, initiating what felt like one of the greatest
kisses of all time.

My free hand went up to her face and stroked her softly
as we continued to kiss, while my massaging of her
breast became more and more intense and I pinched her
nipple a little harder and rubbed it between my fingers.

I wasn’t sure how far this was supposed to go and the
occasional thought of Dave sleeping in the room right
above us kept popping into my brain. I decided to test
the waters, so to speak, and moved my hand from her
breast down to between her legs. She seemed a little
startled, but slowly slid her knees apart and gave me
access. I could literally feel heat coming off of her
jeans as I rubbed all over, being sure to spend a little
extra time hitting the top of her pussy, so I would be
sure to massage her clit.

As her moans became more insistent, she reached over and
started rubbing my dick and balls through my jeans. I
slowly unbuttoned her jeans and struggled to slide the
zipper down, but she made it easier by straightening her
legs and giving me a better angle to work with. When the
zipper was down, I wasted no time and reached under her
panties to finger her soaked pussy.

“Oh, yeah, please make me cum. Please baby.”

I slid first one finger and then two into her pussy and
started to finger her slowly, but picked up the pace and
intensity as I went along. With my thumb, I found her
clit and started to massage her closer and closer to an
orgasm. She pulled her face away from mine and closed
her eyes while she moaned.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so good. Don’t stop, please, I want
to get off so bad. Yeah, make me cum, just like that.”

I followed her orders and kept finger fucking her while
massaging her clit and soon, her legs stiffened and
pulled together. Her head tilted back and she let out a
long moan. Remembering that her husband was right above
us, I quickly went back to kissing her to quiet her.
When I did that, her hips started to rock back and forth
with my fingers still in her pussy. She buried her head
in my shoulder and in a hoarse whimper, she said; “Oh,
God, I’ve wanted you for so long. I know how wrong this
is, but I knew you would be able to make me cum harder
than ever.”

I confessed to her that I had wanted her too and that I
couldn’t believe this was happening, especially in this
setting. “Other than how it would affect Aaron, I don’t
care if Dave finds us like this. He’s not interested in
me, but I need sex so bad, I can’t stand it. Even just
to have you finger me like that was amazing. I know we
can’t do it now, but I have to fuck you and soon.
Especially after tonight, I can’t wait for it. I need
you inside me,” she said as she squeezed my still hard
dick through my jeans.

She quickly started unzipping my jeans and telling me it
was my turn to cum. My cock isn’t huge, but it’s not
bad. About 7 inches long and a decent hand-full thick.
She moaned as she sat up and freed it from my jeans,
starting to jerk on it. After flashing me a huge smile,
she lowered her head and took my balls into her mouth
and started moving them back and forth with her tongue
while she jerked me off.

“Oh, fuck, Paula. That’s amazing.”

She pulled her mouth off of my balls and slid it over my
dick, moving all the way to the base. She held it there
for what seemed like an eternity, moving her tongue all
over my cock. Soon, she was moving up and down on my
dick with her mouth tight around it and her tongue
continuing to work on it.

“Paula, I’m going to cum.”

She removed her mouth just long enough to tell me it was
okay to cum in her mouth and went right back to work. It
was only a few seconds later when I shot a streak of cum
into her mouth and she instinctively moved her mouth to
the base of my cock and I could feel her throat working
to swallow every drop of cum. She kept squeezing my
balls and the base of my cock, wanting every drop and it
felt like I actually had another orgasm as more juice
spurted out the tip of my cock. For a seemingly demure
church musical director, Paula was quite a cock-sucker.
When she was satisfied that she had swallowed every
conceivable drop, she pulled her mouth off my cock and
gave one final swallow to make sure she got it all.

She then packed my cock back up into my jeans and closed
both of our pants. We just stayed there close to each
other for some time, neither one of us knowing what to
say or do.

“I hope you’re not upset at what just happened. We
shouldn’t have done that, but being with you just feels
so comfortable and right,” she said.

I looked at her, smiled and kissed her. I told her I
wasn’t upset at all and had noticed how badly Dave
treats her. She actually defended him, but had to admit
that she wished he paid more attention to her and that
even when he did fuck her, it was just a quickie with
little foreplay and no excitement. She admitted that she
had to rub her clit when he fucked her just to be sure
she would cum and that sometimes, she had to masturbate
afterward to really satisfy herself.

She told me that their involvement in the church had
made her rather subdued sexually, but that lately, she
was feeling less and less satisfied and that she seemed
to think about sex more and more frequently. She had
tried to talk to Dave about it, but his response was
that she needed to pray more and read her Bible more.
She admitted that she sometimes felt bad about her
feelings and the language that she wanted to use and
actually held herself back, especially around Dave. I
told her she didn’t have to do that with me and that I
thought God would want us to be happy and satisfied.

There was no condoning what we had done or what both of
us wanted to do in the future, but we rationalized it by
talking about how the Lord would want us to be happy.

After we had talked for a while, we noticed that it was
after 1 a.m. and that I had to be going. If Dave were to
wake up and realize I was still there, it wouldn’t be a
good thing. We shared one last kiss before I walked to
my car a little drunk and still a lot horny.

Just a few days after my night with Paula, my boss
called everybody together and told us that the company
we worked for was losing a lot of money and even though
he hated to do it at the holidays, he had to let a few
of us go. I had very little seniority with the company
and quite honestly, my sales weren’t taking off, so I
figured I would be one of the ones getting axed.

Just before I was going to leave for the day, sure
enough, I got called into the office and given a check
with a decent amount of severance pay written onto it
and told I was no longer needed. My boss almost cried
and I told him I understood and that there were no hard

My first instinct was to call Paula. We had talked a
couple of times since Thanksgiving and it seemed like we
were both okay with our newly defined relationship. We
were both maybe a little embarrassed, but we both wanted
to be with each other and if nothing else, we were
stronger friends than ever.

Paula managed a video store – remember those – and when
I called her, one of the employees answered and told me
they would get her. It took her a couple minutes to pick
up the phone and she apologized and said they were
swamped and she was really busy, but was also really
glad to hear from me.

I joked that maybe she needed to hire some more help and
if she did, I was interested because I had just been let
go. She said she was actually considering it and that if
I needed a job, at least for the holidays, she would
gladly hire me. She was so busy that she said she needed
to get back to work, but that I should call her at home
that night.

When I called, Dave had taken Aaron somewhere and Paula
and I talked about the job, which I readily agreed to
take. We both thought it would be a great way for us to
see each other more, but that we had to be careful not
to let anybody know just how good of friends we were.
She hinted that maybe there would be a need to do some
after hours inventory or something. That sounded like a
great part of the job to me.

I started at the store the next week and Paula actually
had one of the other employees show me the ropes. It was
disappointing, but we did have to keep that boss/worker
relationship, so I understood completely. The store did
get pretty busy and I actually enjoyed the job. It
wasn’t hard to keep my friendship with Paula a secret,
because we hardly got to see each other since we were
both so busy. Nobody suspected anything and the holidays
came and went.

Outside of work, Paula and I saw each other when we
could, but nothing else really happened. A few long
kisses here and there and a couple quick grabs of the
crotch or me squeezing her breasts when we were alone,
but our friendship carried on as usual. After the
holidays, it was time to start letting go of some of the
temporary staff, which included me, but as luck would
have it, a few of the employees who weren’t temporary
also quit. When all was said and done, there was one
opening left and I was the only one of the temporary
workers who was interested in it. Paula and I were
officially working together on a regular basis.

After the rush of the holidays was over, things calmed
down in our personal lives and at the video store. As
manager, Paula did the scheduling and came up with a
plan. Dave was going to be out of town for a couple of
days and she arranged it that she was off both of those
days and by some odd coincidence, I was too. Can’t
imagine how that happened. When Dave left for his trip,
Paula got on the phone to one of her friends.

She explained that Dave had to go out of town and that
her boss had just called and said he needed an immediate
inventory of the store and that she would have to be at
work very late. She asked if Aaron could sleep over at
their place, since her son was a friend of Aaron’s and
they both went to the same school. She explained that
she would have dinner with Aaron and then bring him over
after that for him to spend the night.

Paula’s deviousness surprised me, but she gave us two
full days and one amazing night to be together. When
Paula showed up and told me about her plan, my cock
instantly started to grow. I’m sure my smile looked like
that of some school boy who had a crush on one of his
teachers. Paula moved closer to me and we embraced and
started to kiss. Not a deep, passionate, out of control
type kiss, but a soulful kiss that went on for what
seemed like forever. Paula was the one that broke the
embrace and stepped back.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just starting to realize what we’re
doing,” she said as I thought “oh, shit, she’s going to
pull the religion card. “I really want you, but this is
so hard, because I do love Dave and if he ever found
out, I’d lose both him and Aaron.”

Being the good soldier, I held her and told her I
understood. Just when I thought things were ending as
quickly as they had started, Paula started to run her
hands over my back and looked into my eyes. “I need this
so much,” she said as she slowly started to kiss me

As our kiss became more intense, Paula was moaning and I
could feel her starting to rub her body against mine.
With that, I started pulling her toward the bedroom and
told her how much I had been thinking about her and how
much I wanted to be inside her. When we had finally
stumbled our way to the bedroom, I reached under the
back of Paula’s shirt and started rubbing her bare skin,
waiting for a minute to reach for the clasps of her bra.

As I undid her bra, she let out an audible little
whimper as if she was again starting to have second
thoughts, but this time, I simply wasn’t going to let
things go there. Instead, I pushed my arms up and pulled
her shirt off over her head and quickly reached for her
bra to pull that off of her as well. If nothing else, I
was going to see this beautiful woman naked and I kept
on my mission as I grabbed at the front of her pants and
quickly undid them and pulled the zipper down just as

I knelt down in front of her and as I did, pulled her
pants down with me, pausing only long enough to reach
down and quickly pull off her shoes. Quickly, her pants
were off and she was in front of me in just her panties
as I knelt before her.

As I looked forward, I could see a tiny wet spot on her
panties and I ran the tip of my finger over it,
delicately pushing my finger into the fabric and
pressing it harder against her pussy. Again, she let out
a little moan and put her hands on my head to steady
herself. “Oh, baby, no. This is so wrong, we can’t.”

I just ignored her and moved quickly to hook my fingers
into the waist band of her panties and pulled them down
her awesome legs, reaching my goal of at least seeing
all of her body. I quickly stood up and pulled my shirt
off and reached to unbutton my pants, simultaneously
kicking off my shoes. “Chuck, please, don’t take off
your clothes. I’ve got to get dressed and leave, we
can’t do this. It seemed so right, but I’m married and I
love my husband and my son so much and can’t risk losing

Her speech didn’t stop me from undressing and I was fast
enough to grab her and stop her when she went to bend
down and pick up her clothes.

“Paula, I can’t stop now. I’ve wanted you for so long
and there’s no way I’m going to stop now. I’m going to
make you cum over and over again.”

With that, I grabbed her and kissed her. She moaned
quietly and didn’t exactly return the kiss, but she
didn’t offer a lot of resistance. I could feel her
pulling away slightly, but I pulled her to me twice as
hard, hoping she would get the idea that neither of us
were going anywhere. I kept my hold on her as I again
knelt in front of her. I moved my head between her legs,
which were clamped together. Grabbing each of her legs,
I f****d them apart as my head continued to move toward
that wonderful pussy. As I got close, I stuck out my
tongue and ran it over her pussy lips, making her gasp.
I was still holding her legs and I could feel them
actually go weak and she again had to put her hands on
my head to steady herself. She just kept moaning over
and over, “No, please, don’t. This is so wrong.”

Without saying a word, I drove my open mouth into her
pussy and started to lick her up and down. “No, we can’t
do… uh, uh, no, please. Stop. This is wrong, please,
Chuck, please don’t do this.” My hands moved up and
cupped her ass cheeks as I drove my mouth harder into
her pussy. She was still protesting, but her words were
interrupted by more and more moans and her pussy was
getting wetter and wetter, both from my saliva and the
fact that she really was turned on, but refused to let
herself admit it.

My tongue was licking up and down her pussy and I took
my hands off her wonderful ass long enough to spread her
pussy and wrap my tongue around her clit. I pushed both
of my thumbs into her pussy and started to move them
back and forth. When I started to suck her pussy lips
into my mouth, I noticed that she was putting more and
more weight on my. She was breathing hard and every time
she exhaled, she let out a soft moan.

She was still insisting this couldn’t happen, but every
other indication she gave was that she was loving the
attention that I was giving to her pussy. She had her
hands on my head and started to try to push my mouth
away from her pussy, so I grabbed both of her wrists and
held them behind her back as my mouth continued
assaulting her pussy. She struggled, but couldn’t get
away from me. As I alternated between licking her clit,
pushing my tongue into her pussy and sucking her pussy
lips between my lips, she again softened her struggle.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming. Please, no, this isn’t
right, I can’t… uuuggggghhhhh. Oh, no, plea…
uuuggggghhhhhh, I can’t…. oh, I’m cumming, I’m
cumming, I’m cumming,” was all she kept saying, over and

After continuing to lick her pussy until she finally
came down from her orgasm, I eventually got up and went
to work sucking on her beautiful breasts, causing her to
whimper slightly. I moved her around and guided her onto
the bed and guided her head to my cock and even though
she was still conflicted about what was happening, she
went to work sucking on my dick, moving her head up and
down while slowly starting to rub my balls with her

She moaned and whimpered quietly while she was sucking
my cock, knowing that she shouldn’t be doing any of
this, but yet loving every minute of it. Her hesitance
about what we were doing was actually a huge turn on for
me. I had never thought of forcing myself on a woman and
was never the most outgoing or aggressive guy in the
world, but her reluctance was turning me on and I was
enjoying feeling somewhat of a power in the situation.

I pulled her up off of my cock and moved her onto her
back, positioning myself between her legs. “No, please.
I’ll make you cum, but please don’t fuck me. Please
don’t, we can’t.”

“Babe, I have to be inside of you, I’ve wanted to be
inside of you for so long. I’ve even jerked off thinking
about how hot and wet your pussy must be,” I told her.

I slowly put my dick against her pussy and started to
slide into her and she was even hotter and wetter than I
ever imagined even though she was struggling with all of
the thoughts going through her head. “Oh, God, no,
please. Uuuunnnngggghhhhh,” she moaned as I slid further
into her. As I started to move in and out of her, she
stared at me with a look of confusion and part fear, but
slowly, her legs spread wider apart and when my pace
started to pick up, she instinctively wrapped her legs
around me. “That’s it, baby. Just lay back and take it,
I want to fuck you so bad. I want you to cum all over my

Before I knew it, my pace had picked up considerably and
I realized that she was now moaning more than before.
Slowly, her body started to rock back and forth and the
look on her face contorted from fear into pleasure. She
opened her eyes and looked into mine as she moved
quicker and pulled me into her with her legs. “Oh, yeah.
Spray me, baby, cum inside of me. I want to feel you

That spurred me on even more and I started to fuck her
harder and harder. “I’m gonna fuck you, baby. You’re
gonna cum harder than you ever have, Paula. Come on, cum
all over my cock. You want this baby, don’t you?”

“Oh, God yes. I want you. Fuck me, cum inside of me,
make me cum all over that hard cock. It’s sooooo gooood,

“You still want to leave, Paula? You still want me to

“No, please. Fuck me, don’t ever stop fucking me,
baby…. Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m gonna cum. Fuck meeee. Oh
yeah, I’m cumming all over your dick. Please don’t stop,

I continued to pound into her and could feel cum
starting to move toward the tip of my cock. I f****d
myself to ignore just how good her pussy felt, because I
didn’t want to cum just yet. I was able to put off my
cum and get her off a couple more times before she
started begging for me to cum insider of her.”

“Oh yeah, please spray me with that hot cum. Oh,
pleeeaaaassssseee. Burn my pussy with that cum!”

I allowed myself to start paying attention to fucking
her again and was ready to give her the cum that she
wanted. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were bouncing
in rhythm to my fucking and her face was filled with
passion as she stared into my eyes and kept begging me
to cum. I let loose with a huge load of cum and she
started to shake and cry as another orgasm came over her
brought on by the load of cum that I had just sprayed
into her.

We slowed our fucking to a stop and I rolled over to the
side of the bed and she rolled over with me, kissing me
and rubbing my face. She reached down and rubbed my
slick cock, spreading juices all over my balls and
drawing it up onto my stomach. She then took her cum
soaked palm and rubbed her breast, moaning softly as she
did. Eventually, she laid her head on my chest and we
just stayed there.

We both must have drifted off and when I woke up, she
was still sleeping with her head on my chest, but she
was still whimpering slightly. I couldn’t tell if it was
because she was so completely satisfied or because she
was thinking of how she had just betrayed her husband,
but either way was fine with me.

Time passed and she had almost over slept. She had to
quickly jump out of my bed and shower so she could pick
up her son and take him to her friend’s house. As she
was leaving, she stopped to hug me and I asked if she
would be coming back after dinner.

She looked deeply into my eyes with that same look of
confusion and fear and answered my question by kissing
me passionately and pulling me tighter to her. “I can’t
stop this, but to be honest, I wish that I could; it’s
so wrong and I’ll lose everything if we’re ever caught.

We kissed again and as she left, she turned her head and
smiled at me, letting me know she would be back and
there were even hotter times to come.

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