Creampie Wives

Creampie Eater, indeed. What a name! Lemme tell ya, the
dude deserves everything Jezzie and I gave him. I mean,
he almost whelshed on our deal! He’s a fucking liar and
a faggot. Lemme tell ya.

We met the dude online, goin’ through the Yahoo
personals. Jezzie and I like to have a little fun, ya
know? We ain’t too hung up on having fun with other
people, and I think it spices up our love life. I love
fucking other women, and Jezzie likes a little fresh
meat too. Sometimes, I get off watching her with the
babe, especially after I just got done fucking her
brains out. But, I digress. We were having a party for
some “close personal friends,” and I was looking for a
little entertainment. Ya know?

I come across this dude, looking to meet couples. Not
just women, but Couples! So I think this could be fun,
assuming the dude ain’t one of those internet liars who
are all show and no go. I send him a message, asking
what he has in mind. The freak writes back that he likes
eating sperm from a woman who just got fucked! Don’t
that beat all? I mean, it’s hot when Jezzie does it, but
chicks are s’posed to be cum-guzzlers. Dudes are not
supposed to do that (in my opinion).

So I ask the freak, are you a fag or what? And he says,
no, is “bi-sexual” and loves eating sumpthin he calls a
“creampie”. Oh, and if the conditions are right, the
freak wouldn’t mind trying a little sausage. Freakin’
pansy. But, I see that it could be a little fun for me
and my friends at our party, so I string him along, ya

So it’s about a week before the party, and he finally
gets around to laying the real dirt on me. He’s not just
a normal joe, he is some sort of minor-celebrity-
wannabe. He writes these stories about his love of
cumsucking and he even has this club on Yahoo where he
posts his stories. So he thinks he’s scaring me off, as
if he could, the puss. Hey, it’s no big deal if he wants
to think he is a big shot, so I tell him just about
that. He is relieved that I’m not scared off.

So, we finally get down to brass tacks. I ask him what
he has in mind, and he tells me this perverted little
scenario. I gotta plan this party on Saturday, so I ask
him what he is and is not willing to do. He gives me
this line about how he is willing to do ’bout anything
in his stories. Go ahead, he says, read ’em and come up
with my own ideas.

So I do. Of course, since I’m thinking about
entertaining my adult guests, I go looking for the most
perverted. I read a few, and lemme tell ya, the dude
writes like a fucking college professor. It is so weird,
because he is writing so high-falutin’ about such
disgusting shit. Finally, I’m about sick, so I let
Jezzie read ’em and decide what she thinks.

Now, I will admit that I was surprised at her reaction.
Jezzie read like three of them, and then came in and
swallowed my bone! She was goddamn hot! So while I fuck
her, I think maybe having this guy around will be a good
idea, since it gets Jezzie so hot. Anyways, Jezzie stays
up all night reading the shit, and I get my bone wet a
couple times. Finally, I gotta call her off, ’cause I’m
afraid I won’t have any cum left for her bitch friend
Bonny. Bonny is some good shit, and I wanna be able to
fuck her brains out.

I get home from work, and Jezzie has it figured out. She
likes this story, Creampie Sissy. The dude gets dressed
up like a maid, a girl maid, and services all the
guests. I could barely imagine it, but Jezzie has read
the damn thing so many times she can almost quote it.
And she is hot! So I give in and fuck her for a while.
Of course, she comes about a million times.

So I write this Creampie Sucking guy back, and tell him
that is what we have in mind. Well, the fuckhole shits a
brick. He lays this “I don’t know” shit on me, like he
didn’t mean that story. Fuckwad. So I tell him straight
out, that he either does it or I’m going let his entire
goddamned club know he is a lying whelsher. He finally
says he will wait and see, and that he’ll “reserve final
judgment until after he has met us.” Who the hell talks
like that? College puke.

So I tell him we’ll pick him up at BWI, and drop him off
the next day at a metro stop so he can go to his hotel.
He has shown us his picture (he didn’t much look like a
pansy), so I know him when he gets off the plane. I
swear, it looks like he shit his pants when he saw me
start over. What an idiot! He sent us his real picture,
as if anyone really does that! Now Jezzie is damn hot,
and I could have sent her picture over, but I know I’m
no Drew Carey. So I sent him a pic I scammed off the
net, and it looks like he believed it.

“Glad to meet you,” he says, although it looks like he
is about to yack. He he he!

We take him back to our place, which is nicely away from

Jezzie sat in the back seat with him, kissing him and
groping him. She loves that shit, teasing guys, and he
seems to like it too. I keep waiting for him to shove
her head into his lap, since I told him she loves to
suck dick, but he doesn’t. Like he’s polite or
something. He does squeeze her rack, which gets her even

We get to the house, and I show him around. Jezzie went
to the bedroom, and we end up there. Jezzie shows him
the stuff he is going to wear. We didn’t have much time,
so he is wearing hand-me-downs. He ain’t too small, so
we figure Jezzie’s mom’s stuff will fit him. The clothes
fit pretty good, but the shoes are fucking tight. I
thought for sure he would balk at cramming his feet into
them shoes, but he doesn’t say much. I think he was
turning green anyways, and the shoes were the least of
his worries.

So anyways, Jezzie has a mean streak, and poor Cream
Slurper found it out. She is always complaining about
how much work she does to keep her legs smooth for me,
as if she wouldn’t do it even if I wasn’t around! She
went on line and got this recipe for a sugar wax or
something, and uses that on the poor bastard. I don’t
think I’d have let her do more than one strip if it were
me, because it looked painful. Of course, he ain’t as
manly as me and Jezzie could probably have kicked his
ass, so he takes it. In like half an hour he is rubbing
his very smooth, red, painful legs. He made a face too
when he put on Jezzie’s mom’s fishnet stockings, like it
hurt. Puss.

The dude finally was dressed like a chick. He was in
those shoes, which made his calves actually look pretty
good. Well, better than Jezzie’s mom’s legs anyways.
Then he had those stockings, and her mom’s shortest
skirt. It was a blue stretchy thing, which looked pretty
damn whorish. Then he had on a tank top that didn’t
cover the bra straps very well. Oh yeah, Jezzie had
pulled out the hair on his back too, so it was a little
red between the straps. Then he had on this call-girl
makeup. His lips were a bright red, the kind Jezzie
wears when she is the cockslut for the night. He he he!

All the wives in our group take turns being the
cockslut. That means any guy can ask her to swallow his
load, and she has to beg to get it. Jezzie loves it when
it is her turn, but then she loves having her face
sprayed. Hope the faggot does. He he he.

Jezzie borrowed her Aunt’s wig, which she had got from
Frederick’s of Hollywood. It was like a Dolly Parton or
something, with long white-blonde hair in curls.
Creampie Sucker told me it was fucking hot, and by the
end of the night his makeup was about sweated off, but
early on it looked good. In fact, from the back the dude
looked like the first girl I porked. Ahhhhhh, Becky!

He asked me then what I expected him to do at the party,
and it was pretty clear he was scared. I told him I
expected that he would do what the fuck he said he would
do: suck dicks, slurp down jizz, and get fucked in his
poop-chute. The dude looked like he was about to get

“Is everybody clean?” he asks? I asked him what he
meant, and he said he hoped nobody had AIDS or anything.
I about smacked him!

“Look, prick,” I said, “I’m gonna fuck everyone of the
women coming here tonight; do I look like I have a death
wish?” The pussy backed down then. In person, he was a
lot more of a wimp than in his writing.

Jezzie was smoking a Camel, and she had that look in her
eyes like she wanted to get fucked. She looked over at
the wall clock and said she thought there might be
enough time before our friends arrived to try out “the

“Sure baby,” I said, “what do you have in mind?”

“Well, I can’t decide whether I wanna watch you sucked
off or if I want my pussy eaten.” I love it when she
talks dirty.

“How ’bout both?” I asked. “You watch him and give him a
few pointers, and then I’ll dump a load in you that he
can clean out.”

“MMmmm,” she smiled. “Sweet talker!”

I looked over at the Creampie Swiller, and unzipped my
fly. “Come on over and take a mouthful,” I snickered.
The truth is that I’m glad he was dressed like a chick,
because I’m not sure I’d’ve liked a guy touching my
dick. He teetered over on those shoes, and knelt right
in front of me like a good cockslut does.

He looked up at me. “You know,” he whines, “I’ve never
done this before.” He has that scared look again, but he
also looks like he wants to do it. I dunno, maybe he was
scared he’d like having my cock jammed against his

“Just put it in your mouth and suck me off,” I said. I
mean, millions of chicks know how to suck cock. How hard
can it be?

So he just looks at my bulge, my dick sticking out but
covered by my underwear. Then he reaches up, closes his
eyes once, and sticks his hands inside my pants. I
notice he doesn’t have any fingernail polish on, so I
tell Jezzie. She has some in her purse, and comes over
right away and kneels next to him.

But first things first. “Unbutton his pants,” she tells
him. He does. “Pull down his shorts so that his cock
pops out.” The does that too, and I can tell he is
surprised at the size of my sausage. His dick is more
like a hotdog, so I got him on size. Jezzie grabbed my
cock, which feels good, then pushes his face toward my
cock as she holds it out. Almost on instinct, the dude
opens his mouth and sucks me in. “Now, just suck a
little. more. more. And then pull back so he slides out.
That’s all there is to it!”

The guy obviously understands, because he sucks dick
pretty good. It takes me longer than normal to get hard,
because I just can’t get past the fact the mouth sucking
on my rod is a guy. But, hey, he is the one sucking, not
me, right? And I think about the fact that when I get
hard I’m gonna fuck the hell out of Jezzie, and then
this guy is gonna clean her up.

Jezzie watched for a while, and her eyes went wider and
wider. The dude seemed to have a bottomless mouth! I
mean, he kept taking more and more until my entire dick
was in his mouth! Jesus! Jezzie usually gags, but once
this guy got going, he just slipped me in to my balls.
Now, Mary Beth can deep throat, but none of the other
women in our group can. Shit, this guy is gonna be

Jezzie made me pull all the way out so she could ask how
he liked it. The dude just smiled and got red faced. She
told him it was a good thing he liked it, because with a
mouth like that he was gonna have dick in his mouth all
night. He turned bright red, then looked at her and told
her he was hoping that he might have pussy on his mouth
all night. Well, Jezzie just smiled that gap-toothed
shit-eating smile and said that was just fine with her.
My dick was getting cold, so I took his head and turned
his mouth back to me, and slid in. Fuck, he let me in up
to my balls in one stroke!

Jezzie said “That’s good, just face fuck him while I fix
his nails.” She shook up the bright red polish she had,
and told him to hold out his hand so she could put it
on. It only took a minute to do his one hand, she told
him to not touch anything until it dried, then took his
other hand to put the polish on.

It was wild, to slide in and out of his mouth, letting
him suck me, but without him using his hands. I had to
admit that he was a good cocksucker, and I told him
that. He turned bright red again, but nursed on my dick
like a baby calf to a bottle. He even sucked in my balls
when I held my dick up and slapped his lips with them. I
decided we might wanna have a contest between him and
Mary Beth to see which slut could suck cock better. Mary
Beth might be surprised.

Jezzie put the top back on the bottle, then watched the
action for a minute. But she wanted to get fucked bad,
so she went and got on her hands and knees. I just
watched as she played with herself, but when she pulled
her pussy open and called “yoohoo,” I had to screw her.

I pulled out of Creampie Licker’s mouth, and took the
couple steps over to Jezzie. She was sloppy wet already
and I just jammed my cock into her. She let out a groan,
and I knew the bitch loved it. I grabbed her blonde hair
by the dark roots and fucked her hard and fast. She was
gasping like fucking crazy! She also reached back and
began to press her clit against my shaft. That gave me
an idea.

“Dude,” I said to him, “come here and lick ‘err clit
while I fuck ‘err cunt.” He seemed very happy, and it
was comical to see him get into a 69 with her without
using his hand. He had to wriggle like a snake on his
back. Then he reached around and he locked his arms onto
her hips and pulled his mouth up to her pussy. I could
feel his tongue slobbering at her on my dick as I fucked
her. It tickled a bit, but actually it felt pretty good.
Jezzie was goin’ crazy too, which made it even hotter.

I pushed in deep, and Jezzie squeezed my dick. Goddamn!
She wanted me to cum, but I had other ideas. I let loose
of her hair and pulled out, which made her start
begging. I bumped my prick on the cumsucker’s forehead,
and he dropped down so that I could slide it into his
mouth. He started moaning ’bout as much as Jezzie, and
the hummer he gave made me wanna cum. I pulled it out,
took a fresh grip of her hair and sank in until my balls
slapped her. I felt my sperm wanting to squirt, so I
humped her like Old Blue humps his bitches, and sure
enough I began to fill her with jism. I had to blink a
lot, because I was woozy. It was a great orgasm.

When I pulled out, Jezzie didn’t waste much time. She
sat back onto her heels, almost smothering the guy with
her pussy. I could barely hear him moaning, more than
ever, as she rubbed that oozing cunt of hers all over
his mouth. Jezzie was also friggin’ her clit so fast,
that with the cum slopping out it sounded like a wet
doggy shakin’ off the rain.

Jezzie finally muttered “Oh! Fuck!” and I knew she was
cummin’. The dude eatin’ her held his fingers out spread
far apart, like he was spasming himself, and he fucked
at the air like he wanted a pussy to spear. Then he
stops, and soon enough, Jezzie stops too. She rolled
onto her back, breathing like she ran a marathon, and I
saw the dude. Both Jezzie and him were smiling like
first timers. The difference is that his damn makeup was
smeared and he had my cum smeared all the up to his
eyebrows. Shit, he was a fucking mess!

He looked over at me, then started to get up. “Hold on,
cocksucker,” I say, and he laid back again. “Cocksluts
clean off used cocks too.” He grimaced, like he didn’t
wanna suck dick anymore, but I figured too bad. I knelt
next to him, and you know he loved taking all my cock
into his mouth and sucking it off, even if he seemed

When he stood up, Jezzie and me found out he had fucking
cum in his panties. I got all mad, and I probably
shouldn’t have. I mean, I should have reckoned a sperm
swiller like him would squirt while he was eatin’ sperm.
I mean, stands to reason, right? But I wasn’t thinking
too straight, and all I saw was that he had fucked up
the only pair of Jezzie’s mom’s panties we had. I just
about hauled off and slugged him, but I yelled enough.

Jezzie calmed me down, telling me that he wouldn’t be
too pretty with a broken nose. And besides, she said,
without any panties on our guests could “use” him a
little better. She remembered that part in his Sissy
story where they grabbed his nuts to keep him from
cummin’. So she had an idea. She went and got one of her
old hair scrunchies and pulled his nuts down until he
blurted out “ouch”. Then she wrapped the base of them
tight with the scrunchy so that his nuts hung out. I
crossed my legs in sympathy. it looked like it hurt!
Then she rolled on a condom, to catch any dripping.
Damn, she was mean! She wanted him to go around like
that all night!

But shit, I had no idea how mean she really was. She led
him back to the bedroom for a “final little thang.” I
went and got she and me rum and cokes, then came into
the bedroom to watch what she was up to. She had him
bending over, and was pressing her fucking vibrator into
his asshole! He spread his cheeks, his red fingernails
pressing into his big butt as he pulled himself open. I
saw that she had out a jar of Vaseline, and was using
that to grease him up. I don’t know how long she had
been working to get it in, but it began to slide in and
out pretty easy while I watched. Then she had him pull
his fucking asshole open while she used her thumb to put
in half the jar of Vaseline. He was moaning, and she was
calling him a good little slut.

Maybe the meanest thing she did was to use an old nail
polish on him.

On his left cheek she wrote “FUCK” and on the other she
wrote “HOLE”. Then she drew arrows from the works to his
asshole. She didn’t tell him what she was doing, but
when she was done she showed him in the mirror. I don’t
think anyone’s face could get any redder. He he he.

I looked at the clock and realized that people would be
showing up soon. I took the Creampie Slut with me and we
finished the preparations in the kitchen while Jezzie
put on her party clothes. We got done a couple minutes
before the first person arrived, and I asked the dude if
he was ready. He dropped his eyes and mumbled yeah.

I had a sudden thought. “What was the name you had in
that Sissy boy story?”

He thought for a minute. “Kristy?” he said, not at all

“No, I think Kerri,” I said, remembering now.

He nodded that I was right. Then he asked if could have
a rum and coke. I figured what the hell, and told him to
go for it. He made a drink that was 2/3 rum and only 1/3
coke, and I saw him drink it down fast. I could almost
see his eyes glazing over already, and I told him he’d
better not puke, because if he did he’d be licking the
crap up.

About then the doorbell rang with our first guests. “Now
remember, KERRI, you are a fucking slut maid and if you
don’t give good service you’ll be goddamned sorry.”

“Yes, sir,” he said meekly, like a limp wimp.

He went to the door and opened it. I heard a “What the
fuck!” laugh and in came Earle and Francine. Earle was
carrying the Crown Royal he always brought, which Kerri
took from him. “Jesus Earle, what the fuck do you have
here tonight?” Earle guffawed, looking at the Creampie

“Kerri is our maid for the night,” I said, sound
downright elegant.

Francine was fascinated, and walked over and lifted
Kerri’s skirt. “You do realize this is a guy?” she
laughed. Her gold tooth flashed in the light, she was
laughing so hard.

“Hell yeah, I know,” I told her acting all cross and
shit. I gave her a kiss on the cheek to show I wasn’t
really mad. “Kerri is our maid and per-son-al servant.”
I gave her wink, and she just laughed again.

Earle seemed disgusted though. “What the fuck is all
over its face?” he asked, looking at the remnants of my
cum that was now dried and flaking.

“It is my jism,” I said. Both Earle and Francine turned
to look at me. “He ate it out of Jezzie,” I continued.

“No fuck?” Earle asked. I confirmed it.

“Oh man,” Francine said. “Do you mean you fucked Jezzie
and then, uh, Kerri ate your spunk from her pussy?”

“Yep,” I said, laughing. This was precious, especially
with Kerri turning so fucking red. I just knew this
would be hit, if only for the laughs. I pulled Francine
close. “And the dude sucked my dick too.”

“No way!” she said, shocked and looking at me.

“All of it,” I nodded my head.

“No fucking way!” she said again. “The whole thing?” She
looked over at Kerri, clearly willing to be impressed.

“I’m here to tell ya,” I insisted.

“What?” asked Earle, confused.

“Earle says that this dude swallowed his entire dick.
All of it.”

“No way,” said Earle, starting another round of
disbelief. Only thing is that I think he believed it.

“Yes,” said Jezzie, coming into the room at last. She
looked awesome, with her red spandex tube dress barely
up to her nipples and barely down below her pussy. Her
golden hair was now braided (guess I pulled a little too
hard on it!), and she was wearing makeup only slightly
less hookerish than Kerri’s. It was obvious that she was
feeling slutty tonight. That meant almost anything could
happen! “Yeah, the dude got his chin spanked by Earle’s
nuts, and then Earle fucked me. Then, the dude” I
reminded her its name was Kerri “.sorry, Kerri, cleaned
me inside and out.”

Both Francine and Earle didn’t seem to believe it, but I
think Francine liked the sound of it. Francine loves a
good tonguin’ more than anything, and I bet she’d love
to get tongued while her pussy was still tender from
gettin’ screwed. I also bet I’d see her enjoying it.

The doorbell rang again, and Kerri went to get it. Earle
sidled over and whispered if it wasn’t strange to get a
hummer from a guy. I whispered back that I thought it
was weird at first, but that the guy did have a talent
in it. Earle knocked me in the arm, grinning. I knew the
dude was gonna get some of that red lipstick on his
Wilson pretty soon.

Kerri let in the couple, who stared at the freak. Now
the weird thing about Mike and Dorcus is that this
couple was married to two other of the guests. “Where’s
Stan and Anna Lee?” I asked, welcoming them.

“Well, Anna Lee wanted to be the cockslut tonight,” Mike
explained, “and when Stan saw her red lipstick he pulled
her into their truck.”

I smiled. Stan had a thing for Anna Lee, and a glance at
Dorcus showed she didn’t mind him being so obvious.
“How’s Anna Lee doin’?” I asked.

“OK, I guess,” Mike answered, shrugging. “She’s ready
for it to be over.” Anna Lee was pregnant, and it was
wearing her down. She was about to enter her last
semester (or maybe it is trimester?), and she was pooped
all the time.

Earle, Francine, and Jezzie had come over and everybody
said hi. Of course, we had to explain Kerri yet again,
and had just about finished when Anna Lee and Stan
arrived. They were both smiling, and I could see why
Stan hadn’t waited. Anna Lee looked great for the night,
despite her bulging tummy. She was wearing a gauzy
babydoll that didn’t hide much of anything, and it
looked like her tits had gotten bigger. She looked just
as hot as she did before, but maybe sluttier now. Her
hair was pulled up and her black roots had grown out
(which I liked).

Everybody was here except for Curtis and Mary Beth, but
they were always late so we never waited for them.

We sent Kerri off to open the traditional champagne and
we broke the news to Anna Lee that she wasn’t the
cockslut for the night. She laughed and just said that
since she got tired easily, the sex would have to come
to her. Stan leered and said that was all right. Whatta
numb nut.

Kerri came back with the Cold Duck and we all had a
drink to a fun night.

Now, normally at this point we paired off and started
things goin’ in the living room, but tonight we had a
little entertainer. I wanted to set the ground rules.

“Hey guys, you know, I hired a maid for the evening,” I
started. “But, the employment agency fucked up and sent
over a little slut instead.” Everybody laughed. “So,
since I gotta pay the money whether she puts cheese-whiz
on crackers or she sucks cocks, we might as well let her
earn her money, right?” Again, more laughter. “Now, I
wanted to make sure she was gonna work out or if we
should send her ass packin’, so Jezzie and I tried her
out. The good news is that she knows how to take dick.
The better news is that she has two holes for you guys
to use. Kerri, show them.”

Kerri lifted up its skirt, and turned around so everyone
could see its ass. There were both whistles and laughs
at what Jezzie had wrote. Creampie Licker’s face was
bright red. I didn’t know whether the fag was more
embarrassed or worried. He sure had thought that his
sissy story was hot, but now he was thinking again. Too
late. He he he!

“Hey, what about us girls?” Anna Lee protested.

Jezzie held up her hands. “Ladies,” she said, “I’m happy
to report that she likes eating pussy, both clean and
sloppy.” She gave a knowing wink. “And, she is pretty
good at it too.” The girls nodded their heads. I know
that Jezzie said she wished we guys would just get over
it and eat them after they were fucked, and I bet the
other wives had said the same thing.

“Well,” Earle said, “I hate to see your money go to
waste.” He unzipped his pants with a dramatic flair, and
hooked a finger at Kerri. “C’mere bitch and show me that
mouth of yours.” The girls chuckled. For once, somebody
else was a victim of Earle’s nasty mouth.

Kerri set down the tray it was carrying and walked over
to Earle. Its face was a bit downcast, like it had to
suck dick. Now Earle normally likes to kiss the chick
who he’s about to face fuck, but I know he didn’t wanna
kiss no guy dressed like a chick. He just watched as
Kerri dropped to its knees and pulled his shorts down.

(Tell ya what, it is a bit distracting to keep track of
Creampie Sluts gender, so from now on I’m gonna just
pretend Kerri is a girl. I think it’ll be easier to
write that way, OK?)

Everybody watched as Kerri gripped Earle’s cock at the
base and took his head in her mouth. Even though her
face had looked a bit reluctant, she certainly wasn’t
reluctant to suck him off. Her mouth slid up and down,
adding saliva and making him slick while sucking like a
hoover. Earle got hard pretty quick. Now, the thing
about Earle is that his dick isn’t so long as it is fat.
He has a pretty thick cock, maybe 6″ long. He had to
growl “watch the teeth” a couple times, and it looked
like Kerri’s mouth was wide open as she bobbed up and

With the wig swaying back and forth, and mostly hiding
Kerri’s face, it was pretty easy to imagine her actually
being a girl. Pretty soon, we were all hot watching them
go at it. Earle started pulling off his shirt, and that
got us thinking about doing the same. We paired off and
found a spot to get going.

Like I said, I always thought Anna Lee was hot, so I
went with her on the couch. Stan couldn’t very well be
with his wife, so he paired off with Jezzie, and Mike
went with Francine. That left Dorcus as odd girl out, so
she settled for sitting next to Anna Lee, helping me
undress her while calling out encouragement to Earle.

We got Anna Lee undressed pretty quick, and I started
sucking her teats. I don’t know if they had grown much,
but her nipples had definitely darkened. She practically
purred when I sucked and chewed them, sliding my hand
over her smooth bloated belly. When I reached down to
her pussy, I found Dorcus’ hand there already. Anna Lee
was fucking wet as hell, so there was more than enough
juice for Dorcus and I to enjoy. I stood up and
undressed, watching Dorcus and Anna Lee french kiss
while Dorcus fingered her. When I was naked, Anna Lee
pulled me to her mouth, kissed me for a minute, then
reached to guide my dick between her lips.

Dorcus took that opportunity to undress, which I liked
watching. Dorcus has a nice body for her age. Her tits
and ass aren’t sagging much, and she hasn’t put on that
much weight. Dorcus has blonde hair, which she wears as
a chin length bob. I’ve only seen her pussy shaved, but
this time it wasn’t. I wasn’t too surprised to see that
her patch was a dark brown. I figured Dorcus was a
bottle blonde, but I don’t care. In fact, I like that
women try to make themselves hot for us guys.

When she was in the buff, Dorcus knelt on the floor and
started to eat Anna Lee. I love watching chicks
together, and my half-erection got totally hard pretty
fast. Jezzie says that Dorcus is pretty damn good at
eating pussy, and I could see why she thought so. She
used lots of tongue, and pretty soon Anna Lee was

“Fuck me,” she said. Who am I to disagree?

By this time Earle was groaning pretty hard, and I knew
he’d wanna do some fuckin’ soon himself. When he saw me
begin to fuck Anna Lee, he pulled his dick out of
Kerri’s mouth and told Dorcus to sit on the couch next
to Anna Lee. Without much prep, he just pushed into
Dorcus and pretty soon we were fucking the chicks side-

I like doing it that way, and watching the women helping
each other too. Dorcus couldn’t quite reach Anna Lee’s
pussy because of Anna Lee’s preggy belly, so she settled
on pinching her nips. Anna Lee didn’t have that problem
reaching Dorcus’s clit, and she massaged that while
Earle fucked her. Of course, the women kissed. It was

Speaking of hot, Anna Lee’s pussy was roasting my dick.
I’d never fucked a chick this pregnant before, so I
don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Anna
Lee’s pussy was sloppy wet already, and she didn’t even
have a load in it. My dick felt like it was screwing
yogurt or something, really really hot yogurt. It was
kinky too, fucking a woman with a baby inside. I guess
that’s why I came pretty soon, maybe after only ten
minutes, even though I’d gotten my rocks off not too
long ago.

Anna Lee was sweating already, but loving it. She told
me to “cum, baby, cum.” Her nipples were rock hard, and
I could see her clit looking like my pinky finger (only
shorter). When I pulled out, I don’t think I’d ever seen
a wetter looking gash in my life. I felt a little bad,
because Anna Lee needed to cum.

“Kerri,” I called. “Come here and help our guest.” Kerri
had been watching ever since Earle had pulled out. I
swear the slut had been licking her lips since I called
out I was cummin’. Her face was eager now, and she
dropped quickly between Anna Lee’s legs.

Earle looked like he’d never seen anything like it.
Kerri was holding open Anna Lee’s pussy, and actually
sucking the cum out. Anna Lee was going crazy,
especially when Kerri slid her tongue over her clit.
Seeing Anna Lee’s reaction, Kerri just sucked on Anna
Lee’s clit, and slid her fingers in and out of her cum-
leaking hole. Anna Lee started moaning “Oh God Yeah!”
very loudly, and everybody turned to look at her. “Lick
my fucking clit,” she moaned, and I think she started
cummin’. When she did, Kerri went down and licked and
sucked as the goo came out in a flood, still rubbing her
finger over Anna Lee’s clit. Anna Lee let out a loud
“OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK”. I’d never seen her scream

I know Kerri tried her best, but I think the carpet is
ruined. Anna Lee just burst out the juices, like she
popped her water or something. Kerri cleaned her cunt as
best as she could, but Anna Lee was still oozing when
Earle came in Dorcus.

“Clean my dick bitch,” Earle said, pulling Kerri to his
cock. It was coated with slime, and it was still a bit
hard. Kerri cleaned it, and then Earle shoved her to
Dorcus’ pussy. Dorcus didn’t take long to cum either,
and this time Kerri was able to suck it all down.

Kerri was pretty busy then. I had her clean off my dick
too, and then she had to go clean up Francine. Then
Jezzie. Then, I had her take drink orders, since folks
were mostly resting up. By the time the drinks were
ready, the girls were too. Kerri was set on Francine,
who came pretty soon, then Dorcus, who did too. Tell you
the truth, I kinda lost track when I went after

Next time I caught up was when I had to answer the door.
Curtis and Mary Beth arrived, and I was sorta irritated
that Kerri made me leave what I was doing with Dorcus.
It was soon explained though.

Jezzie had Kerri on her hands and knees, using her
vibrator on her asshole. Mike was fucking Kerri’s face
like a pussy, pounding pretty fucking hard. I explained
to Curtis and Mary Beth what was up over the sound of
Mike’s balls slapping Kerri’s chin. Again, I had to
explain that yes, it was a guy, but he was acting like a
she tonight. They seemed to take it in stride, but Mary
Beth seemed a little jealous of how well Kerri was
taking the face fucking. I went back to Dorcus as they
went search of their own fun.

I found Kerri in the kitchen, making drinks. I saw her
down another rum and coke. “What do you think?” I asked.
I figured I might as well be polite to the help. I was
raised right.

“They seem like nice people,” s/he said.

“Yeah, they are. Any problems?” I asked.

Kerri hesitated. “Well, it’s not how I thought I’d spend
my evening,” s/he said.

“Well, the night is still young,” I promised. “There’s a
lot more of that cumpie you were looking for ahead.”

Kerri dropped her eyes, but I didn’t stick around. I
wanted a piece of Mary Beth’s mouth, and I went to see
if it was available.

A little later I found that Jezzie had come up with a
good idea. There were so many cunts getting filled with
sperm that Kerri was having trouble keeping track. So
instead of having Kerri searching for the pussies to
clean, Jezzie thought she’d make a station for Kerri to
stay so that the cum could come to her. She put a
sleeping bag on the coffee table, and had Kerri lay on
that. Our guests could come over and have their pussies
cleaned out, or dicks sucked, whenever they wanted.

When I found out about it, Jezzie herself was having her
pussy cleaned. She was just sitting on Kerri’s face,
sipping a coke as Kerri sucked her clean. Even though
she was relaxed looking, her nipples were really hard
and her cheeks were flushed. Kerri was about to make her
cum. Jezzie motioned to me.

“Yeah babe?” I asked after kissing her. After a while, I
don’t like kissing the women because chances were good
they had cock-breath. However, Jezzie was my wife and I
had to.

“C’mere!” she insisted, so that she could whisper in my
ear. “Kerri hasn’t been fucked yet. I think the guys are
waiting for you to have first shot.”

“Hey, it’s not my bag baby,” I said, sounding like
Austin Powers.

“It doesn’t matter,” Jezzie insisted. “You are the host
and you have to do it.”

“Damn,” I muttered, realizing she was right. Someone had
to break the ice, to show how it was done, and I guess
that was me.

I went to the other end of the coffee table, and lifted
Kerri’s skirt. It was freaky, because her nuts looked
almost purple and her cock was about half-erect. She
didn’t look to be having too much fun, but that wasn’t
my problem was it?

Jezzie had already greased her up, but that was hours
ago. Her asshole now looked dry, and I didn’t think it
would feel that great. The kitchen was closer, so I went
and got our can of Crisco. “Hold your legs up,” I
growled at her. I think she wanted to look down, ’cause
her head moved that way, but Jezzie leaned forward and
really pressed on her face with her stinky pussy. I
nudged Kerri’s legs up, and she raised ’em the rest of
the way.

I took a fingerful of the grease and wormed my finger
into her sphincter. I could feel she was trying to avoid
my finger, but Jezzie wasn’t letting her go nowhere. I
smeared the grease on her opening, then pushed in. I
know that sometimes sluts like to be f****d to give it
up, and I reckon that was what was going on here. She
was tight for a minute, but then she musta decided she
wanted it, because she just loosened up all of a sudden.
After that, I pushed in some Crisco. Her legs thrashed a
little when I slid in two fingers, but with Jezzie
muffling her, I couldn’t quite make out what she wanted.
He he he!

I crouched a little and put my dick against her opening.
I closed my eyes and told myself it was a chick I was
about to fuck, then pushed in. Now, the girls in our
crowd aren’t much on getting assfucked, so I’m not an
expert, but it felt nice and silky sliding into her. In
fact, it felt so good that I didn’t much care that Kerri
was really a dude. Jezzie watched for a minute, her
cheeks getting more flushed. Then she started to jiggle
real fast, rubbing her clit on Kerri’s lips or
something. She gasped and came. My babe was so sexy, her
eyes rolling back and her mouth wide open. She let out a
weird squawk that came outta who knows where.

A minute or two later, she heaved herself off Kerri,
showing Kerri’s cum soaked face. Her cockslut lipstick
was smeared and covered by a thin layer of juices. Her
eyes looked a bit dazed, like she was drunk or
something. Kerri kept muttering “Oh God” over and over.

Earle saw what was going on, and came over. He had just
finished dumping a load into Mary Beth, so he needed
some help getting it back up. He plopped his sausage on
Kerri’s lips, and Kerri looked up at him. It was more
like she was, um, giving up on trying to weasel out of
it than that she was enjoying it, but Earle didn’t care.
“C’mon slut, clean that nasty cock like you wanna,” he
sneered. “Get Ol’ Earle ready to fuck that slut ass
o’yours.” Earle could be really uncouth sometimes.

I watched Earle urging Kerri to suck better, and saw
that a crowd was forming. A couple of the other guys
made out that they were disgusted, but I can tell you
that all of ’em had a piece of Kerri’s ass before the
night was over. It was right sexy to be the center of
all this attention, and I think Kerri was milking my
dick with that ass of hers. Anyways, I only lasted maybe
ten minutes and then squirted a respectable load into
her poop chute.

Earle wasn’t all that hard, but he loves fucking a
sloppy hole, so he pulled out of Kerri’s mouth and
shoved his semi-erection into her now-gaping asshole.
The chick he had fucked, Mary Beth, settled onto Kerri’s
face and began to drain creampie into her mouth.

I was mighty thirsty, so I set off for another drink.
From there I was sidetracked by a bunch of ladies
needing some lovin’. I didn’t get back to see what was
up at the coffee table until late. I knew I shoulda
checked back sooner.

I nearly felt bad for Kerri, because she had been worn
hard. Her makeup was almost gone, and her face was
covered in cum. Only one eye partially opened, because
the other eye socket was covered in goo. She was really
disgusting lookin’, like one of those Japanese chicks
who love getting’ blasted in the face with a dozen or so
cumshots. Only thing, is it wasn’t really cum, but
juices that had drained out of sloppy pussies. Well,
Cumpie Sucker said he wanted to eat it, so he had.

Her ass looked not so bad, comparatively. It looks like
my friends are straighter than I gave them credit for.
She was draining a little cum, but not much. It was
pretty obvious she loved assfucking on a regular basis,
because her hole was gaping open like the neck of a beer
bottle. I don’t think anybody’s asshole gets that
relaxed in one night.

The worst was her dick and balls. Somebody had put a
cock ring on her to force her to stay erect, so her
prick looked all purple and puffy. Her balls were a
deeper purple. The thought of how much it’d hurt to take
the stuff off. ouch. He he he! Glad it ain’t me!

I helped Kerri up, and guided her to the bathroom.
Jezzie saw me, and came over and let herself in with
Kerri. She came back out, got her purse, and went back
in. I could hear them talking, and then Kerri’s voice
got all panicky and a higher pitch. Jezzie said “don’t
be a baby” loud enough for me to hear. Whatever was
going on was pretty painful, sounded like, and I decided
I needed another drink. I was back in plenty of time
before they came out.

Jezzie came out, followed by a sheepish Kerri. A nude
sheepish Kerri. Jezzie had evidently removed Kerri’s
nutring, because her sack was hanging and a livid pink
color. Kerri’s cock was a healthy pink again, or maybe a
healthy reddish is more like it, because it seems like
Jezzie had covered it with lipstick. That’s my wife, the
cocksucking slut. Anyways, she also scrubbed Kerri’s
face (mostly) clean and applied another layer of

I reckon the crying was all about Kerri’s balls and dick
getting flooded with b***d again, but it coulda been
Jezzie’s inventive use of her earrings. Kerri didn’t
have pierced nipples, so Jezzie improvised with her
clip-ons, screwed on tight. They looked to be pinching
Kerri’s nipples wickedly. It would hurt to take them
suckers off too.

Jezzie led Kerri back into the middle of the room, and
called for attention. Folks got a look at Kerri, buck
naked, and whistled.

“Attention, folks,” Jezzie called out like a circus
ringmaster. “We have one last piece of entertainment for
the ladies before they go.” She had their attention now.
“Ladies, have you ever wanted to fuck your man like he
fucks you?”

“Hell yeah!” Francine called out, and the other women

“Well, tonight you’ll get to know what it feels like.
Kerri, here, loves to get ass fucked by a woman who
rides him hard, don’t you Kerri?”

Kerri looked down and mumbled, “Yes, ma’am”.

“So, any of you ladies want a chance to fuck a man, just
get in line.” She pushed Kerri down, telling her to get
on her back while she went to our ‘toy table.’ This is
where we keep our sex toys for our friends to use.
Usually we guys get to watch one of the girls fuck the
other with a strap-on, so we always have that sitting
out, ya’know? Jezzie grabbed the harness, the biggest of
the matching dildos, and more lube, then came back (to
more whistles).

“You wanna get fucked?” she taunted Kerri as she
strapped on the harness.

“Yes,” Kerri replied, in a tone so low you could barely
hear her.


“Yes, please,” Kerri said, a little louder.

“I can’t hear you!” Jezzie said, smiling. She enjoyed
making Kerri beg to be fucked.

Kerri’s face was bright red, as if admitting to this
could lower our opinion. “Please!” she croaked. “Please
just fuck me.”

Jezzie smiled. “That’s a good slut.” Then she picked up
the dildo that she had kept hidden from Kerri, and stuck
that on the harness. You could see Kerri’s eyes get all
round at the sight of it. We all cracked up.

I said my babe was in a mean mood tonight. Here’s
another example of it. She had Kerri lift her legs and
put them on her shoulder. She put the head of the dildo
against Kerri’s asshole, but didn’t push in. Instead,
she grabbed the lube and squirted some on her left hand.
She flexed her hand a few times to get it covered in the
grease, then reached down to circle Kerri’s aching nuts
with her right. It was a freaking dexterity contest, but
she pushed her hips in to jam the dildo into that
waiting ass, gripped his cock with her greasy hand, and
pulled his nuts out, all at the same time! She began to
jack him off, while fucking him, and holding his nuts so
he couldn’t cum.

Kerri started to thrash all over the floor, arching her
back and trying to fuck Jezzie’s hand. She kept moaning
“oh my God” over and over, desperate to cum. Jezzie
evidently wanted to pump hard, and found the multiple
motions too much to keep track of, so she released
Kerri’s cock and nuts and gripped her thighs, then
pumped in her asshole violently.

We watched quietly, feeding off the intensity of the
fucking. Listening to the slurping of Kerri’s sloppy
asshole, seeing her face in desperate pleasure, and
hearing her moaning incoherently was super sexy. Mary
Beth, who was next to me, grabbed me, and shoved me to
my knees. She grabbed my hair and began to rub my face
with her pussy until I began to suck her. Mary Beth was
sopping wet and getting wetter!

A minute or two later, I heard Kerri begin to call out
that she was cummin’. Mary Beth turned my head
(painfully, like a fucking owl!) to watch. I saw that
Jezzie was buried in him to the balls, and was again
jacking him off. Kerri’s back was arched as she began to
cum. A long strand of pent-up semen sprayed across her
body like silly string, actually reaching her chin.
Shit! Then she squirted shot after shot until her chest
and stomach were covered in a pool of cum.

I was surprised that Jezzie didn’t keep going until she
came herself. It was explained when she reached under
and touched herself. She came at once, a nice big
shaking orgasm. It took a minute for her to compose
herself, then she turned to the other chick and said,

“Shit,” Dorcus said, “he just came. He won’t cum for a
long time now.”

Jezzie was unbuckling the harness (I swear the dildo was
steaming). “Dorcus, this ride is for your pleasure, not
his.” Again, Jezzie gave a nice evil grin.

Dorcus looked at Kerri, who was smiling now after her
big cum. Then she looked at her husband Mike. “I guess
I’ll go,” she said, “it’ll be nice to learn to fuck a
man so that I’m ready for our anniversary.” That
elicited a shocked look from Mike, and catcalls and
laughs from the rest of us.

Dorcus used a different approach than Jezzie. Less
athletic, her fucking was no less erotic. She slid in
and out slowly, scooping up sperm from her belly and
feeding it to Kerri. I guess Mary Beth thought it was
sensual too, because she turned my face back to her

I ate her for only a couple minutes before she told me
to go get a kitchen chair. I came back with one, and
Mary Beth sat in it so that she could spread her legs
and give me better access. I don’t normally eat fucked
cunts, but Mary Beth was totally into it. She came once,
her opened puss creaming with her juices. She let me
rest then while she watched Dorcus continue to fuck

By now, Dorcus was shining with sweat and humping Kerri
pretty damn good. She gripped her cock, jacking her off
and urging Kerri to cum again. I think Kerri was just
about ready to blow her wad when Dorcus came hard. It
musta been draining, because she just rocked back and
unbuckled the strap-on.

Francine decided she wanted to be next. She put a novel
twist on it by going to the toy table and collecting a
small egg vibrator. She slipped that into herself before
putting on the strap-on. Then she had Kerri get on her
hands and knees, and inserted the dildo. By now it was
sliding it easily.

Anna Lee, the preggy, had been ridden a lot (especially
by Mike), and so she was pretty satisfied. She loves to
have a cock in her mouth, though, and wasn’t gonna be up
to fucking Kerri, so she laid on her side under Kerri
and put her cock in her mouth. She milked his cock and
slid her mouth up and down as Francine pumped expertly
in and out of Kerri’s slut ass.

Kerri didn’t take long to cum, and both her and Anna Lee
moaned as she filled Anna Lee’s mouth with sticky spunk.
Francine gasped as Kerri’s spasming butt clamped down
hard, the effort to pump rubbed Francine’s clit
especially well, and Francine came too.

Well, Mary Beth dropped to her knees to french kiss Anna
Lee and thus get some of that cum. She’s such a cumslut!
When she was sure there was no more to be had, she took
over the dildo (and egg vibrator) from Francine. The
force of her fucking drove Kerri onto her stomach.

Anna Lee was totally turned on. She crooked a finger at
me and told me to screw her ass. She got on her hands
and knees, and I used some of the lube to grease her up.
We both groaned in pleasure as I pushed into her pooper.
Earle, nasty fuck, slid underneath her and slid into her
honeypot. Anna Lee sighed contentedly, and we loved the
feeling of her being double-stuffed.

I again lost track of what was going on, what with the
feeling of Earle’s prick sliding against mine, separated
only by the thin tissue inside Anna Lee. It was her last
party before she gave birth, and we wanted to make it

Jezzie and I didn’t make the exhausted Kerri get up when
guests left. After that, Jezzie helped her up and took
her into the shower for a little last fun and some major

Now that the party was over, I wanted the dude out. I
mean, Creampie Eater protested and all that, but the
look of complete satisfaction on his face was repulsive.
Lessee, he had sucked dick, swallowed cumgunk, and been
assfucked by both genders, all while dressed like a
chick! That sort of strange guy we don’t need here.

I told Jezzie I wanted ‘I’m gone, and she protested that
we had agreed to let ’em stay until the next day. Fuck!
She has too big a heart sometimes. So we made a deal.
Jezzie ran to Taco Bell to get some greasy food while
Kerri cleaned up and I watched ESPN.

It was a good night.