Daddy’s Horse

I won’t bore you with my back ground. If you want that
check out my other story titled Shelly. I will say that
at the time of this story I was 18 and been K9 active
for quite awhile. Now on to the story…

My dad loved having horses on his farm and always made
it a point to have at least one. I never thought of a
horse sexually till after my K9 experiences. After some
thought and waiting I decided one night just to see
what he had at least. Now at the time I wasn’t to sure
what I was going to do but I told myself I could handle

Once my parents had gone to bed I waited a little bit
before sneaking out to the barn. I went out there in my
nightie without bothering to wear underwear guessing I
wouldn’t need them. I walked into the barn and saw my
dad’s stallion in his stall still awake. I walked up to
him and rubbed his face and main to get him relaxed. I
opened up his stall door and walked in closing it
behind me.

I continued to rub his back and stomach once I got in
to make sure he was calm. As I moved to the other side
of him where a hay bail was sitting I pulled my nightie
over my head and set it on the stall beam. I stood
there naked with my tight little body seeming so small
compared to his as I kept rubbing him and talking to
him telling him how beautiful and big he was.

I knelt beside him as one hand rubbed kept rubbing him
as my other worked its way down to his sheath. I could
guess he would be big given his sheath was a good 8
inches already. The sight turned me on greatly so I
gently put my hand on his sheath and started to rub it
in my hand.

I waited to see if he would react but all he did was
look at me then look forward again. I toke it he was ok
with it so I tried to wrap my hand around his sheath
and barely could as I began to slowly stroke him. At
this point I stopped rubbing his stomach and was all
but sitting under him. As I stroked his hardening
sheath his head poked out and I was already amazed at
how big it was. I kept stroking his and more and more
of his huge member slipped out.

My eyes grew wide as I could see his huge dick swinging
inches from my face. I’d have to guess he was at least
a good 12 inches and seeing that I knew there was no
way I could handle that. Especially since the head of
his dick was flat and round and huge. I was a little
disappointed at not being able to have him in me but I
figured Id still get him off. I stroked and jerked and
licked at him as best as I could.

It seemed to take him forever but without fail he did
cum and that’s when I got my surprise. As I sat there
licking at his head while stroking him I felt him
tremble and out of no where a huge shot of cum erupted
from his massive cock. It filled my mouth full almost
gagging me as I closed my mouth but he kept cumming and
cumming. It was very thick and very warm and all I
could do was sit there as he covered my face my chest
and even got in my hair.

I tried to swallow what was in my mouth but it was too
thick so most ran out my mouth adding to what was on my
face. I kept stroking him till the last bit leaked out.

When he was done I couldn’t help but laugh to myself
and grin as I sat there covered in horse cum. I slowly
moved out from under him as I wiped him cum out of my
eyes. I stood there a second wondering how I was going
to clean all this up. As I thought I could feel his cum
running down my body from my face to my chest then to
my stomach and a little even wound up on my already wet

I decided to just use the water spicket on the other
side of the barn to clean up. I grabbed a pail filled
it and washed myself off with the freezing water. Even
after doing that I could still feel it on me but I
didn’t care. I put my nightie back on and went back
into the house. When I got to my room I got in bed and
masturbated thinking of what just happened as I feel