A woman takes a wimp and makes him to her play toy

My wife controls the purse strings and every other aspect of my life. She controls when we will eat and when we will have sex, and how we will have sex. She was the boss. I was the wimp. Some how that is what has happened. When I realized what she was doing. I was

Two girls go for a ride out to a lake in the woods, and sex with a horse

Andrea, called Andy, drove on the highway through the woods with Sandra, or Sandy how she called her. It was a beautiful and warm day in the mid of august. She had something special in her mind for her, so far Sandy already knew. Andrea was a beautiful woman in her 26th year. She had

One woman’s beast erotic fantasy enacted on camera

My dotage was not so far advanced that I couldn’t get the old boy to polish up quite nicely into some semblance of erectile muscle and throbbing gristle. Occasionally, he would even put out for me and eject a thin stream of jizz, but it needed the stimulant of my past life to get him

Feeding Time On The Farm – My first animal experience

My own foray into debauchery began innocently enough. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I, like any other number of people my age had our assigned ‘chores’ to do on our parent’s farms. Some of my own chores included feeding the animals twice a day morning and evening. It was during one of these evening feedings