Dirty African Fiction

I recently saw on the news that Moses N’Komo had died
in his luxury villa on the shores of Lake Lugarno. He
had lived in Switzerland for many years, ever since he
fled the African Republic of Malindi where he had been

N’Komo was born the son of a tribal chief, in the days
when the country was still a British colony, and
educated at a public school in England and Oxford
University. Whilst at university he developed a taste
for white girls, a taste which because of his good
looks, huge cock and great stamina, he found easy to

On his return to Malindia, however, he found that
things were not as good. The country was looking
towards apartheid run South Africa for leadership, and
well educated black men were considered something of a
danger. He only managed to get a menial job in the
Civil Service, taking orders from white men who were
rude and uneducated. He was angry at his situation but
didn’t know what to do about it.

One day he entered one of the few bars that served
black men and got into conversation with a white woman
who appeared friendly. They were both flirting with
each other when her drunken husband returned and threw
a punch at Moses. The punch missed by a mile, but Moses
hit the man twice knocking him out.

The police were called but Moses fled to the bush where
he joined the freedom fighters. The Malindian
Liberation Army was not very effective at fighting the
colonial power, but under N’komo’s leadership things
changed. Thousands of young blacks joined his group,
which became so successful that within two years the
British had thrown in the tail. Moses N’Komo emerged
from the bush as first President of an independent

The whites were given the choice of remaining British
or taking up Malindian citizenship, they all decided to
stay British. Some rightly had their resident’s visa’s
revoked for racist behaviour, like calling Africans
“Filthy Wogs”, but the other people were thrown out of
the country for no good reason.

My wife Sally and I had lived in Malindi since before
its independence, and had always gotten on well with
the locals. We couldn’t understand why we should have
got a letter from the new government saying that we
were under investigation for “anti Malindian”
activities. Strangely, two days later we received
invitations to meet the president at Government House.

There were about eight white couples there when we
arrived, all looking somewhat worried. I found out that
all of us had also received threatening letters from
the government. All the men wore dinner jackets and the
wives cocktail dresses. Most of us were in our twenties
or early thirties and all the women were beautiful. The
only exception was Major Hemsley-Smythe and his wife.
The major was in his fifties whilst his wife was some
ten years younger. She was still an absolute knockout
of a woman tall, with a slim waist and large breasts.

We were given glasses of a peculiar tasting drink,
which I later found out was a powerful aphrodisiac; the
waiters kept refilling our glasses, almost forcing it
down us. We waited for the President with a mixture of
fear and excitement.

Suddenly we were confronted by a senior army officer
who told us that we had to do exactly what we were told
to do without hesitation, or we would be on the next
plane out of the country, never to return. As we all
had homes and businesses in Malindi we were terrified
at the prospect of being thrown out at a moments

We were separated from our wives and told that a
security situation had occurred, we could keep on our
shirts and bowties, but every thing else had to come
off. There was uproar but the soldiers waved their guns
at us, and we began to strip. We looked strange
standing there with our cocks and bums visible below
our shirt tails and the black soldiers laughed at our
humiliation as they herded us back into the main
reception room.

Our wives were already there, they had been made to
strip down to their undies, and were talking to a group
of black politicians and army officers who had
appeared. Suddenly, the President came into the room,
looked at all our wives as if he was examining cattle
at a market. He told my wife Sally to go with him and
strode out of the room, followed by my terrified
darling. I tried to follow but the soldiers grabbed me
and pushed me back into the room.

Some music sounded up and the white wives were forced
to dance with the President’s friends, whilst the white
husbands just stood there watching. The black men
started grabbing at the women almost immediately, black
hands grabbing breasts and stroking legs and bottoms.
The white men couldn’t do anything about it as they
were covered by the soldier’s guns.

I was worried sick about what was happening to my wife,
and managed to slip out and go looking for her. I
didn’t have to go far, as she was in the next room,
naked, on her hands and knees with the President’s huge
cock embedded in her. When he saw me he just smiled and
said, “You must be the husband, well I don’t like an
audience but you can stay this one time, see how your
little wife like being taken by a real man.” With that
he returned to thrusting the large black log into her
stretched out pussy.

The Aphrodisiac must have had some effect because she
was gasping at every thrust and was clearly near to a
climax, a few more thrusts and she let out a screech as
she orgasmed on the black log. The President just kept
going and going, Sally came twice more. Before at long
last Moses N’Komo emptied his cock into her.

After that I was told to take her back to the party.
Things there had changed while I was away. Most of the
white women were naked, either being fucked or sucking
black cock, or both. Only one little blonde was still
holding out, she was trying to run away from a giant of
a black man who had grabbed the waistband of her
panties from the back. As she tried to escape, the
material gave way and she was both naked and being held
firmly by the man who was determined to fuck her.

The Major’s wife on the other hand seemed to be
enjoying the orgy, she had a black guy underneath her
and was impaling herself on his cock, whilst a second
man was hunched over her shagging her ass. Whether she
had taken more of the drink than the other women, or
whether she hadn’t been given a good seeing to by the
Major for years, I cannot say but she was certainly up
for it.

Two of the soldiers grabbed Sally and I realised that
there was nothing I could do to save her from further
assaults, without getting shot. Within seconds the love
of my life was on her back, her feet near her ankles,
one black cock in her pussy another in her mouth.

The orgy went on and on, even the black servants were
having their turn with the women. The White men were
totally humiliated by what was happening to their
wives, but worse was to come. Some of the blacks made
the husbands suck their cocks hard again, before they
found another white wife to fuck. I was forced to my
knees and had to open my lips to a slimy half hard
black monster, until it recovered its strength and
length, and its owner could use it on another British

Eventually, the party came to an end and the black
guests left, leaving the whites to clean themselves up
and try to find enough of our clothes, so that we could
go home. Sally was sobbing softly and some of the other
wives appeared to be in shock as we made our way out of
the Presidential Palace, passing lines of smirking

At that time the only method of contraception was
condoms, and of course the Africans didn’t use them, so
it came as no surprise when Sally told me that she was
pregnant. The father could have been any one of the six
black men that had jetted into her pussy on that evil

Because of her religious beliefs abortion was out of
the question, and nine months later she gave birth to a
bouncing black baby boy. We decided to return to
England and told our friends and relations that we had
adopted him from an orphanage in Malindi.

The years have passed and he is now grown up, and I
have to tell you that Moses is the cleverest,
handsomest, loving son that a couple ever had.

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