Dirty blonde in my bed

I am a very trusting person. I lock my door only when I
am going to be away from home for several hours. Then
again, I am fairly sure anyone who has ever seen me
would not be stealing from me. I stand close to six feet
tall and weigh two hundred sixty pounds. I may not be
totally ripped, but don’t jiggle while I jog either.

It was Saturday, and I was coming back from riding my
bike to the market for a newspaper and fresh coffee. I
was gone less than an hour, that is why it was a real
surprise for me to step back in thru the door and see a
line of female clothes leading back to the bedroom. It
wasn’t till I saw the bra that I realized that my
intruder was a female. I walked softly down the hall to
my bedroom.

What I saw started my cock to swell. The woman on my bed
was as small as I am large. Her hips and breast seemed
out of place on her extra petite body. Her thick blond
hair was worked into a heavy braid that I guessed from
the length had never been shorn in her entire life. Her
head was turned away from the door, as I stepped in. Her
left hand was busy in her clean shaven slit. Two fingers
being worked in so hard and fast she was causing a
froth. Her right hand was busy working the beaded tip of
her braid into her ass.

“Darren, I’ve been waiting for you to show up and fuck
me good.” She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and
then reached back with both hands and spread her
brilliant pink lips. “Get naked and fuck me till I
scream! Then pull the braid out of my ass.”

I got naked in a flash. My cock rose to its full ten and
a half inches. One of my ex-girlfriends use to describe
my cock as the length and thickness of a fat babies arm,
with an angry fist on the end. I climbed onto the bed
behind her and placed one of my hands on the small of
her back. She immediately knew something was up, her
head snapping around to look at me.

“You’re not Darren!” She started to move, but I f****d
my hand down on her back preventing her from moving. I
tugged on her braid, letting her feel it in both her ass
and the back of her head.

“You broke into my house and then propositioned me from
my own bed. Before you move, I suggest you tell me
exactly what the hell is going on.”

Her face blushed crimson, but she didn’t try to escape.
“Darren was my boyfriend. I thought he was the only one
for me. I gave him my virginity. We moved in together.
He wanted more, fingers in my ass, making me dance
naked, making me swallow.” A shudder ran thru her. “I
finally said enough was enough. He accused me of being a
prude and moved out.

“When he was gone I found I REALLY missed him. One of my
girlfriends gave me this address as to where he moved
to. I put together this act to convince him I wasn’t a

I put two and two together, and decided to tell her the
rest of the story. Besides I liked the way she was
eyeing my cock. “I just moved in to this place at the
first of the month. The former tenant got married to a
woman he had been dating for close to three years. His
name was Darren.”

She gasped in shock. I took the opportunity to move my
hand from the small of her back to cup her cunt. “I am
not Darren. I don’t have any secret fianc�’s, I won’t
betray you. I will however,” I sank a finger into her
hot box. “fuck all thoughts of Darren from your head.
You’re desperate to be fucked aren’t you?”

She looked at me through tear filled eyes and nodded,
her body shuddering as she pulled one of the braided
beads out of her ass. “Go slow, you’re much bigger than

I went slow all right I jerked my finger out of her cunt
and thrust my cock into her before she had a chance to
react. Good old Darren must have been tiny, I could only
sink half my cock into her on the first thrust. I pulled
almost all the way out, and then thrust back in as hard
as I could. Her moans became louder with each thrust.

By thrust number twenty she gave a little yowl of pain
as I hit her cervix. I still had two inches of cock
showing. I grabbed her hips in both hands and started to
thrust harder. Her yelps turned back into moans. I kept
slamming into her. She started to shudder in orgasm,
thrusting herself back onto me.

That was when it happened.

Our hips slammed together, her cervix opened and I
entered totally virgin territory. I was so far in the
lips of her cunt actually rolled inside. I felt her clit
throbbing at the sensitive little stretch of skin
between my balls and the base of my cock. She started to
come so hard it felt like I had stuck my cock in a
milking machine.

It was I believe more than any mortal man could with

I came like a fire hose. The first squirt surprised her
and she jerked her head forward, ripping the beads out
of her ass. I thought she had cum hard before. She
actually collapsed unconscious. I followed her to the
bed, spooning up behind her. I stroked and caressed her
body until she came around again. She moaned.

“I’ve never cum so hard in my life. My name’s Ashley, by
the way. I feel we should be introduced since your cock
is still stuffed up my cunt.”

I smiled at her and kissed her ear, my diminishing cock
starting to get hard again. “My name is Ran. Keep
talking dirty like that and you may just get fucked hard

“Oh shit. I don’t think I could stand having that big
cock jammed up my tender cunt so soon.” Her hips started
to move in a slow circle as she deliberately pulled
herself off my cock.

It pulled free with an audible sucking sound. It landed
heavily on her thigh. She reached down and stuck her
fingers into her cunt. Then she pulled out and showed it
to him.

“Look you bastard! B***d! You broke my real cherry. I
guess I am a real woman now.” She licked the mixture of
b***d and cum off her fingers.

“Sweet, I’m going to really enjoy sucking you off later.
Right now, I want to be fucked again. I want you to fuck
me in my ass. You won’t believe how much lube I had to
use to get those beads in my tight ass.”

My cock got extra hard extra fast. I rolled her to her

“What are you doing! I want you in my ass!”

I just smiled and hooked her knees with my arms, pulling
her legs back and upward. “Don’t worry Ashley, I will
fuck that gorgeous ass, but I also want to play with
your beautiful tits. I can’t wait to see your eyes when
I stuff my cock up your ass.”

I put my hands on her breasts, twirling her nipples
between my thumb and forefingers. My cock seemed to
naturally line up with her asshole. I started to press
forward into her ass, then I caught the nervous look in
her eyes. I nodded to her. “Guide me into your ass.”

She took my cock and started to guide me into her ass. I
let her guide me. I was very large and she was very
tiny. At one point she gasped and wrapped her fist
tightly around me.

“Hold it!” She gasped. “I can’t stand any deeper.”

I waited a while till she adjusted to me being buried in
her ass. Then I slowly started to fuck in and out. Her
hand stayed wrapped around my cock. We fucked like that
for what felt like hours, though I know it was only
minutes. Her one hand stayed wrapped around my cock, her
other was busy frigging her clit. Knowing I liked her
slutty moans and foul words, she kept up a constant
stream of curses as I picked up speed.

She climaxed first again, I followed fast behind
blasting her bowels with cum. I pulled out slowly,
stroking her, allowing her to come down slowly. I kissed
her then. It was something more than a kiss, almost a
melding of souls. She smiled and snuggled against me,
both of us short of breath.

“I’m thirsty, you want a beer?” I asked her.

She laughed, “Fraid I am old enough for you to fuck, but
not old enough to swallow.”

I stopped at the sink and cleaned my dick off. It was
remarkably clean. I looked back into the bedroom to see
her laughing. “I planned to lose my anal cherry. Took a
nice warm enema not too long ago.”

I just nodded and then wet a wash cloth and got the
beers from the kitchen. I popped the top on hers and
then knelt between her legs and began to gently clean
the drying scum from her legs. She hissed at the cold
and then reached down to stop me. “No sense cleaning
something I want you to dirty up again.”

We fucked like rabbits all the rest of the day, pausing
only to eat. When I had to take a leak from the beer,
she followed me into the john and held my instrument for

After she had shaken me off she squatted on the toilet
and pissed and expelled a mixture of cum and shit from
her ass. She looked at me with mischief in her eyes.
“Now, I am dirty enough to need a thorough cleaning.”
That lead to a fierce fuck in the shower.

It was near midnight, after she had sat me in my lazy
boy, placed her hands behind her back and sucked my rod
as deep into her throat as she could, swallowing my last
dribbling load of the day that she looked at me with
those beautiful deep blue eyes. “Ran, will you be my

For an answer I swept her into my arms and carried her
to bed. She slept like a baby in my arms. As for me, I
never had felt so content.

The morning of the next day was spent, hugging and
kissing, and generally lounging. Ashley was very sore. I
didn’t ask, but I got the feeling that I had fucked her
more in a single day than Darren had in a year.

A couple of times during the day she felt my dick get
hard and she looked at me almost in a panic. I would
just laugh and kiss her. About two pm I saw that she was
getting antsy unsure whether she should return home or
sleep with me again. I made the first move. I had made a
necklace of my spare key and I hung it around her neck.

“Ashley, I realize that this is fast, but last night you
asked me to be your man.” I paused. I liked the look of
wonder on her face. I was as if she couldn’t believe
that anyone would find her attractive. “I ask you now to
be my woman, to live here with me.”

She laughed and leapt in the air locking her arms around
my neck. Her kiss was infectious. Soon I following her
into the bedroom stripping off cloths as we went. Her
nimble fingers had braided her hair in about twenty
minutes complete with beads. I spent my time between her
legs, showing her how well I could use my tongue. She
pushed me away and rolled over to her hands and knees.
She grabbed the lube off the night stand and instructed
me to work the beads into her ass.

“I want you to fuck me! Fuck me just as hard as you did
the first time!” The beads went in her ass fairly easy,
but she was still amazingly tight. I went to work, and
she started thrusting back a lot sooner.

She grabbed me as I penetrated past her cervix. WE
fucked like our souls were joined. Our climaxes were as
explosive as the first. As we lay there panting in the
aftermath she laughed. “Now I have an excuse for you to
do all the heavy lifting.

I took two days off from work, and helped her move in.
Her girlfriend was pissed, couldn’t believe that Ashley
was going to move into an apartment with a guy that she
had known for two days. A month later I introduced her
to my family. They loved her nearly as much as me.

At the company Christmas party I brought her up in front
of everyone and asked her to marry me. I still can’t
believe she said yes. We’ve been together for five years
now, and the sex has tapered off recently. Mainly
because we both worry about our soon to be born twins.

She always says that she hopes the boy takes after me,
to which I respond, I hope the girl takes after her.

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