My Friend’s Pregnant Wife

My Friends Pregnant Wife * (a woman’s husband finds her
unattractive when she’s pregnant but a good friend of
his thinks entirely differently.)

Rachael struggled to get up off the couch.

“Let me get that for you,” Jason said as he jumped up

“Don’t be silly,” Rachael laughed. “Just because I’m
pregnant doesn’t mean I’m an invalid.”

“I know,” Jason offered. “It’s just that… well, I
want some too and I know where the cups are. I can get
both of us some.”

“Your so nice Jason,” she smiled as she sat back down.
“Your so different from Dave. He thinks I should do
TWICE as much since I got pregnant.”

Jason winced visibly. He hated the way Dave treated
his wife sometimes. He could see it clearly: Dave would
expect her to carry the laundry downstairs and cook
dinner, wash dishes, etc. He was a true pig even if
they were best friends.

After pouring the two waters, Jason entered the living-
room. Rachael sat in the chair, legs parted, her swol-
len belly extended and she was beautiful. Jason handed
her the glass.

“What?” Rachael asked.

“What do you mean what?” Jason snapped out of it.

“You were staring at me,” Rachael told him. “You’re
thinking of how fat I am.”

“No!” Jason snapped quickly as he sat on the couch.
“Not at all! Actually I was noticing how beautiful you

“Oh ya, right,” Rachael smiled. “I bet.”

“Honestly,” Jason stammered as he took a sip of water.
“You look great.”

“Sure,” she frowned. “That’s not what Dave thinks. He
says I’m fat.”

“Oh don’t listen to Dave,” he said. “I’m sure he
doesn’t mean it.”

“Oh yes he does. He even gets mad at me sometimes for
being pregnant. He always asks me how long it will be
till I look good again.”

Jason scowled, “Sometimes Dave can be such an asshole!
He doesn’t know what a good thing he has with you.”

“Thank’s,” Rachael smiled. “When I have this baby and
get skinny again everything will be back to normal.”

“Well, I think your beautiful now,” Jason told her.
“No matter what Dave says.”

“You mean it?” Rachael asked. “You honestly think I
still look pretty?”

“Maybe even more pretty then ever,” he told her.
“You’re extremely attractive.”

“I wish Dave thought that.”

“He probably does, he just has a hard time showing his

“You’ve got that right,” Rachael laughed. “Still, my
sex life has gone to shit since I started to show.”

“Well, isn’t it dangerous to have sex when your preg-
nant anyway?” Jason blushed.

“No, only if your really rough. There are ways to do
it safely. Dave just doesn’t have any desire now that
I’m fat.”

“That’s stupid,” Jason argued. “If I were him I’d pro-
bably want it more.”

“Why?” Rachael asked.

Jason blushed and sipped his water, “I guess that’s
kind of personal. I don’t know. I guess I just think
pregnant women are really sexy.”

“You get turned on by a fat belly?” Rachael laughed.

“Well, when it’s because of a c***d, ya, I guess I do.”

“Are you turned on by my belly?” she asked.

Jason choked on his water and sat it down. “WHOA!!” he
blurted. “That was a straight forward question.

“So give me a straight forward answer.”

“I don’t think I should,” Jason offered.

“You can tell me,” she said. “You know I’d never tell
Dave. You know me better than that.”

“Ok,” Jason breathed. “Yes.”

“You ARE turned on by my fat belly?” Rachael had to

“Yes,” he stated flately. “Yes I am.”

“If I were your wife, would you want to make love to

“Hold on, Rachael!” Jason sat forward. “I don’t think
my answering these questions would be healthy for our

“Who knows?” Rachael smiled. “Maybe it will make our
relationship stronger. So, do you want to make love to

“That wasn’t the question you asked before!” Jason

“Sure it was,” Rachael teased.

“I. . . uh . . . I . . .”

“Come on Jason. You can tell me. I wont tell Dave and
I wont get offended if you say no. Now, do you?”

“Yes,” Jason blurted. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I
said that.”

“Good,” Rachael said. “Because I want to make love to
you too.”

“But Dave . . . he . . .”

“. . .wont be home for at least another three hours.”

Jason looked flushed. “What if he comes home early?”

“We’ll go downstairs to the laundy room,” Rachael said
as she struggled out of the chair and stood. “If Dave
comes home he’ll just think you were keeping me company
while I fold laundry. Wanna come keep me company???”
She said with a smile and a wink. She did look beauti-

“Sure,” Jason blushed as he followed Rachael downstairs.

Fortunately, there really was laundry to do so that put
Jason’s mind a little more at ease.

The laundry room consisted of a guest bed now covered
in piles of clothes and a washer and dryer. Standing
in front of the washer, Rachael slowly began to pull
the shoulders of her maternity dress down. Jason
watched as the fabric slid off her shoulders and down
to her swollen breasts. Rachael reached a hand into
her dress top and grabbed a soft breast, pulling it out
until it hung heavily over her top. Jason’s mouth
watered as she pulled her other breast out gently and
then placed her hands behind her on the dryer to sup-
port herself.

“Want some milk?” she smiled and blushed.

“Yes,” Jason panted as he bent over and placed his lips
over one of Rachael’s pretty nipples. Sucking gently,
Jason felt a stream of warm milk shoot onto his tongue.

Rachael shuddered and maoned, “Oh god, that feels so
nice. Dave won’t do this for me.”

Jason grabbed a handfull of breast and squeezed firmly
as he sucked, getting more and more milk. “It tastes
so good,” Jason told her as he switched to her other

“OH Jason,” Rachael moaned as she ran her fingers
through his hair. “You’re so good to me.”

Jason slurped loudly and smiled. “You’re so good to
me,” he moaned.

“I’m gonna be good to you,” she smiled as she pulled
him off her nipple and slowly tugged her dress down
over her swollen belly and let it fall to the floor.”

Jason stared at the swollen stretched skin in amaze-
ment. He could see her little brown triangle of hair
between her legs and he was straining the crotch of his
pants painfully.

Rachael rubbed her large belly as she bent her knees
and croached down. Her naked tummy sat between her legs
and nearly touched the ground as she tugged at Jason’s
jeans and undid his botton’s. Slowly she peeled away
the jeans and pulled down his underwear.

“Oh my god!!!” Rachael said in facination as her eyes
got wide. “It’s so big!!!”

Jason smiled down at her as she took his rod in her
hand and opened her mouth to take him in. “I’m glad
you like it,” he said as she slid her mouth over his
cock and began to suck expertly with a soft loving
tongue. “Goddamn that feels good!”

Quitely Rachael sucked and slurped as she rubbed her
pussy with her free hand.

“Ya,” Jason panted as he grabbed Rachaels hair and
pulled it up out of the way so he could watch her.
“That’s it! Oh! You’re so beautiful!”

“Jason, I need your big cock!” Rachael slurped as she
kissed his balls softly. “I need your big cock so
bad!! Fuck me baby!”

“Yes!” Jason barked as he dropped to his knees.

Rachael frantically got on all fours and turned around
to put her ass in his face. “Come on,” she panted
heavily. “Stuff my pussy! Stuff that big cock in my
pregnant pussy!!!”

Jason wasted no time as he grabbed the base of his
thick rod and pushed it between Rachael’s slightly
parted vaginal lips. Forcefully he pushed into her as
he grabbed her thighs to pull himself in.

“OH JESUS!!!” Rachael screamed as Jason plunged into
her. “Oh fucking god!!!”

“Shhh!” Jason whispered as he sank himself to the
balls. “We gotta make sure we can hear Dave.”

Rachael thrashed her head back to look him in the eyes
as she reached up and grabbed the bed in front of her.
Biting her shoulder hard, Rachael got herself under
control and panted, “Fuck me Jason. Fuck my pussy!”

Jason reached around and rubbed her swollen stomach as
he started to slide out of her slowly. “You’re so
beautiful with my cock stuffed inside you.”

“YES!!!” Rachael whisper-yelled. “I love your big
beautiful cock stuffed in my pregnant pussy!”

“I love this!” Jason told her. “Dave’s pregnant wife
bent over in front of me with my cock stuffed in her
pretty pussy! I wish Dave could see this!”

“So do I, Jason!!!” Rachael said as she ground herself
hard onto him. “I wish Dave could see your huge fuck-
ing cock stretching his wife’s pregnant pussy!! I wish
he could see you fucking me with his baby inside me!”

“You like it don’t you?” Jason asked as he grabbed her
hips and began slamming himself into her harder and
harder. “You like my big dick, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Rachael moaned as she squeezed her tits with her
free hand. “I love your big cock!! Give it to me!”

“Right there!” Jason said as he pushed into her slap-
ping her ass. “I’m gonna give it to you right there!”

“Yes, Jason! Fuck me!!”

“You want me to pound your sweet little pussy don’t

“Yess!” she growled as she arched her back, her swollen
stomach touching the ground. “Pound that pussy!! Make
me cum!!”

Jason was sweating now as he pushed in and out of her
faster and faster. “That’s it,” he told her. “Be my
little slut. Cum for me! Cum on my big cock!!”

“OH JESUS!!!” Rachael said grabbing the bed with both
hands. “I’m cumming!!! I’m cumming for you you fuck-
ing stud!!!”

Jason pounded her hard against the bed. “Thats right!!
CUM, SLUT!! Cum on my big hard cock!”

“I’m cumming!!!” she barked as she ground her ass
against him shamelessly.

While still in mid orgasm, Rachael pulled herself off
of him and sat down. “Let me suck that big cock!!!” she
demanded. “Let me suck your big hard cock!!”

“Here you go,” Jason said as he stood up and shoved his
cock in her mouth. “Suck on this!”

“I love your big cock,” Rachael slurped. “Cum for me!
Cum on my pregnant tummy.”

“YA!” Jason panted as he grabbed Rachael’s hair and
pushed himself further onto her mouth. “Suck my cock
and make me cum on your baby!”

“Yes!!” Rachael slurped. “Cum on my belly. Cum on my

“AURGHHH!!” Jason groaned as he pulled his cock out of
her mouth. Rachael quickly lay on her back and began
rubbing her stomach indicating the spot for Jason to
unload on.

“Cum on my tummy,” she pleaded.

Jason eagerly jerked loads of thick white cum on to
Rachael laying below him. He watched as stream after
stream of his seed splatted onto her beautiful
streached belly. God it was so erotic to see. “There!”
he said as she rubbed it all over her stomach. “How
do you like my cum?”

“It’s so nice!” she said as she took a finger full of
cum and plunged it into her mouth.

Climbing up on the bed, Rachael grabbed Jason by the
hand and pulled him down with her on top of all the
wadded clothes. Laying him on his back Rachael climbed
up on top of him and grabbed his thick cock by the base
as she stuffed it inside her and eased down onto it.

“I want you to cum in my pussy!!” she whispered as she
began to slide her ass up and down his thick shaft. “I
want you to fill my pregnant pussy with your sweet hot

Jason reached up and put his hands on Rachael’s round
belly. He could feel his sticky cum on her and he

“So what do you think this will do to our friendship?”
Jason teased.

“What do you think?” Rachael asked as she reached be-
hind her back and fondled his heavy balls gently as she
rocked back and forth on his thick shaft.

Jason’s hands wandered up to her milk laden breasts and
gave them a squeeze, “I don’t know, will I get to do
this again?”

Rachael smashed her pussy down onto him and ground her
cunt hard into his sweaty balls. “Do you want to?” she
teased. “Huh? Do you want to fuck me again?” She was
grinding harder on him now and he could feel her pussy
spasming uncontrollably.

Jason reached around Rachael and grabbed her ass.
Spreading it with his hands he worked a finger into her
crack and flicked her asshole with his fingertip.

“Only if you think you can handle it,” he told her.

Rachael was bucking now, “Oh my god, I’m cumming
again!!” she exclaimed.

Jason could feel his own juices begin to stir, “Come
on, grind that pussy on my big dick. Make me cum in

“Cum in me…” Rachael pleaded like an innocent young
girl. “Please cum in me.”

Jason grabbed Rachael’s belly and held on to it as his
ass cheeks tightened and he shot his hot load into
Rachael’s soaking pussy. They tensed as their sim-
multanious orgasms rushed over them pushing all reason
asside, as they road each others bodies.

“That’s for you, baby” he grunted. “Feel my cum?’

“OH GOD, YES!” Rachael panted as she played with his
balls behind her back. “I can feel your hot cum. I
want your baby! I wish I was having your baby!!”

“Maybe next time,” Jason gasped as he spent himself

Rachael slid off of his pole as their combined cum
spilled out onto his balls and shaft.

“Thank you,” Rachael whispered as she started to grab
her clothes. “Now we better get upstairs before my
husband gets home.”

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