Drunken Mom, and her four sons

Betty is tired of anonymous sex, so one night after
she’s all ready to go out, she gets drunk instead. Her
four sons come home and find her skirt up to her hips,
and extremely drunk. They help her to bed, making sure
to undress her nice clothes and lingerie before doing

As I do maybe a couple times a year when my boys are out
for the evening, I dressed in sexy clothes and prepared
to go out, pick up a man, and get laid. Sometimes I just
get so horny that I need to have a cock inside of me,
never mind that there’s never any relationship other
than sex between me and the strangers I let fuck me.

This evening, my sons were all at a college game. The
urge was upon me, but I found that the thought of
picking up yet another stranger for sex was just too
depressing. I missed my husband. He’d been a very
loving, very good man, although he was also a bit
stingy. He was older than my father, almost as old as my
grandfathers, but he was childless even after a couple
of marriages. He’d lost his first wife to cancer, and
his second to a drunk driver. He was a great believer in
insurance, so when he died, I never had to work, and our
sons’ college educations were in separate trust funds.
We’d had a son a year after we were married, but he died
just after our fourth son was born.

I mourned my husband for several years, but eventually
the urge for sex grew too strong, and I started going
out to pick up men. Oh, I had my toys which satisfied my
needs most of the time, but sometimes a woman just needs
to fuck!

The evening when things started happening, I was all
ready to go out, but realized I didn’t want any more
anonymous sex. I got drunk instead. I was sprawled out
on the sofa when my boys came home from the game. I
don’t get drunk very often, so my boys were surprised.

“Hey, look at mom! What’s wrong, Mom?” I remember one of
them saying. “Her skirt’s up to her hips!” another said.
“Yeah, she’s always had great legs!” yet another said.
“What nice panties!” said the last.

“I was going to go out to get laid, but got drunk
instead,” I replied.

“We’d better take her to bed,” Barry said. Barry is my

They helped me my feet, fondling my legs, my butt, and
my boobs while doing so. On the way to my bedroom, Ben,
my second, asked, “How long have you been going out to
have sex, Mom?”

Having no control over my inhibitions, I told the truth.
“I’ve been going out a couple times a year for about
fifteen years when my toys are not enough and I need a
cock inside me.”

“Wow!” said Bobby, my third. “Do you have a regular

“No, I pick up strangers.”

Brian, my baby, asked, “Aren’t you afraid of catching
some disease or getting pregnant?”

“I always bring condoms and make sure they use them.”

Barry asked, “Do you like picking up strangers?”

“No, but if I fuck someone we know, I’ll get a bad

We were in my bedroom by this time. Ben said, “We should
take off her clothes before putting her to bed. They’re
nice clothes.” They unbuttoned my blouse and unzipped my
skirt, fondling me all the while. Bobby said, “Wow, look
at that sexy bra! I can see her nipples!”

Barry said, “Yeah, it’s too nice to sleep in. We’ll have
to take it off.”

I batted at them, saying, “I can do this,” but they kept
on undressing and fondling me. When they dropped my bra,
two mouths fastened themselves on my nipples and began
sucking and chewing. I was getting very wet. When they
pulled down my pantyhose and panties, someone felt my

“Hey, mom’s wet! She wants to get fucked!” I heard Bobby

I was jerking my hips, making my clit rub against
someone’s fingers, and said, “I can’t fuck you! You’re
my sons! I might get pregnant!”

Barry said, “You’re horny, we’re horny, we’re going to
fuck you, and if you get pregnant, we’ll help you raise
the baby.”

They pushed me back on my bed, and Bobby and Ben each
grabbed a leg and separated them. Barry said, “Brian,
you were the last one in her, so why don’t you go first.
We’ll go in reverse order of our ages.” He then began
sucking and rubbing my boobs while taking off his

Brian took off his clothes while I said, “No, no, no.
I’m your mother. You can’t fuck me.” Even while saying
that, I was swinging my hips, searching for a cock to
fill me.

Ben said, “It’s OK, Mom. You wanted to get laid tonight.
We’ll all fuck you. You’ll never have to pick up
strangers again.”

Brian was naked by now and between my legs, aiming his
cock at my pussy. I cried, “No! I’m your mother! Ohhh!”
as his cock entered me, giving me my first orgasm of the
night as he went in. “Oh, God! Nnngh!” I grunted as he
bottomed out.

I heard one of them say, “Mom’s so sexy! I’ve wanted to
fuck her for years.”

“We all did,” another said.

“And we’re going to, tonight!”

And so they did. I had several orgasms with Bobby before
he had his deep inside my womb. After Bobby pulled out,
he took Bobby’s place holding my leg so that Bobby could
undress. Barry switched places with Ben so that Ben
could love my boobs while he undressed. Bobby began
fucking me, giving me many more orgasms. After Bobby,
Ben fucked me, then Barry. I had multiple orgasms and
they no longer needed to hold me. My legs wrapped around
whoever was fucking me and my hips swivelled to rub my
clit on his cock.

After they each fucked me twice, we fell asleep on my
bed. I awoke in a couple of hours, as the alcohol in me
needed to come out through my mouth. I went into the
bathroom to throw up in the toilet. While barfing, one
of my sons came in and started fucking me doggy-style
with my head in the toilet. I soon felt hands on my butt
and on my boobs.

They each had a turn while my head was in the toilet,
even after I was through barfing. Then they let me rinse
out my mouth. Back in bed while putting his cock inside
of me, Barry said, “We love you, Mom, but now that we’ve
found that you’re the best fuck in the world, we’re not
going to stop fucking you.”

I was having an orgasm and couldn’t reply.

When morning came, actually, I suppose it was afternoon
by then, I got up and went down to make breakfast. The
smell of eggs, bacon and coffee brought my boys down. We
were all naked, and I kissed and fondled their balls
before each sat down. After breakfast, we went into the
living room. I said, “Ben, why don’t you lie down so
that I can climb onto you. Brian, you have the smallest
cock, so I want you to take my anal virginity. Bobby,
why don’t you get some Vaseline from my medicine
cabinet. I want to try something.”

“What about me?” asked Barry.

“You’re going to be in my mouth,” I replied, “but I
don’t want you there until Ben and Brian are in me. I
can handle more of you at once this way.”

That was how I lost my anal cherry, had my first double
penetration and my first triple penetration within 24
hours of starting my incestuous career.

After this orgy, with cum leaking out of my pussy and my
bum, the boys sat me down and said, “Mom, you’re ours
now. From now on, you’re going to be our sex toy. Inside
the house, you no longer wear clothes. Outside, we have
approval for everything you wear.”

“Oh, goody!” I replied.

Barry said, “You tops are all fine as you like showing
off your big breasts with low-cut tops. You won’t be
wearing pants or panties or pantyhose anymore, though.
We’ll donate what you’ve got to Goodwill or the
Salvation Army. And bring all your skirts out to us.”

I normally wear skirts above the knee as I know I have
good legs. My boys wanted them shorter. They cut all of
my skirts in half and had me hem them. They were now
only a few inches below my crotch when I put them on.
Wearing one of these skirts, a low-cut top, shoes, and
nothing else, they took me shopping.

They bought me stockings, not pantyhose. Thigh-highs
that stay up on their own. They were black with sexy

They bought me two spandex skirts that just covered my
butt. There was a gap between the bottom of the skirt
and the stocking tops. As I walked, the skirt would ride
up, exposing the bottom of my butt-cheeks. My boys
refused to let me pull the skirt down until the told me.
If they waited too long, even the bottom of my pussy was
exposed. My boys like showing me off as a slut. And here
I was worried about my reputation. Well, dressing as I
now did, my reputation was as a slut.

I knew that when I wore one of the spandex skirts, I’d
get fucked in public, and I was. In the car while
someone was driving, in a parking lot, in a park, in a
secluded doorway, my boys love fucking me everywhere,
and I mean both location and holes. I usually had cum
dripping down my leg no matter what I wore, as they
liked to fuck me before we left the house, and I never
wore panties again.

My wardrobe had to change in a few months, as they got
me pregnant. They picked my maternity wear, and it was
always sexy with easy access to my pussy and ass. There
hasn’t been a day gone by since they found me drunk when
they all haven’t had a turn at me.

Yup, even when I gave birth, Barry’s cock was in me when
my water broke. The day after I gave birth, they each
put a cock in me while in the hospital room, although
that was it, they didn’t fuck me to orgasm. They just
wanted to let me know that my pussy was theirs.

I was in my mid-40s when this started. I’ve had a baby a
year since then. Now that I’m 50, I’ve had my first
daughter. My husband helped me with our sons when they
were babies. Now my sons help me with our c******n.
Having five of us share the work makes it a lot easier
on me. None of us knows who put the babies in me. They
are collectively the babies’ fathers. We are a large,
loving family.

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