Girlfriend has a thing for bouncers

My girlfriend is a real sexy chick. Long blonde hair, great boobs and legs. Friendly and bubbly but sultry and elegant at the same time. She had done some catalogue modelling, even made a dirty movie. When I met and we started going out she was dating four different guys. Now she was all mine, or so I thought…

She had asked to see what I did for a living. I was an events organiser. I was running a huge party and needed someone to manage the guestlist. I offered her the job for the night. It was a shitty job out front while the party was happening inside but she was happy to help.

I had to keep leaving the door to supervise and assist the managers. Every time I went back the doormen were surrounding her asking her questions. They would scatter on my arrival.

There were five or six but the head doorman was a black guy. He was the boss, the loudest and funniest. Later in the evening I went to see how she was and there was a bouncer in her seat covering for her. He said he didn’t know where she had gone.

I looked all over the club. I waited by the toilets, asked a girl to check. She was nowhere. I went out to the front of the club to look there and asked the doormen again. They just smiled and shrugged their shoulders. The head doorman was not there to ask.

I walked around to the side of the club but there was no one there. It was just a wide alleyway with a massive container. I turned to walk away but I heard a sound from inside the container. I walked around the back and saw the door was open. I popped my head around and saw the head doorman with his shirt off pants open. He was pinning my naked girlfriend to the wall bouncing her up and down on his cock. Her jeans, panties, bra and sweater all lay on a wooden crate.

The sounds of their breathing echoed around the container. Her arms and legs wrapped around him. He kissed her and nuzzled her neck with his mouth. She was groaning and her eyes were closed.

I had to run back inside to get the paperwork to give to the road crew. I ran back in through the sniggering doormen. When I came back out the head doorman had returned. He patted me on the back. I went straight to the container to see how she was and when I looked in there was a different doorman fucking her. Her hands were pressed against the wall, her legs spread wide. She was bent over while being fucked from behind. There was a used condom on the wooden crate that was half full of sticky white sperm.

My phone began to vibrate and it was the venue manager. I shot inside to see him. When I came out again she was on her knees sucking a different bouncer’s cock. I watched her momentarily guzzle and slurp his shaft before holding him by the hips and deepthroating him until he came in her throat. I saw there were now two used condoms on the crate.

I received a text and had to find an engineer fast. I shot back inside. When I came out the guys were all chilled out now but there were fewer than normal. I went to the container to see the three remaining doormen fucking her simultaneously.

One sat on the crates while she straddled his cock, the other stood behind penetrating her ass, while the third held her hair back as she sucked his cock.

They took turns to pull out, laid her down on the crate and jerked off over her. One by one cumming onto her breasts and face. One guy took the two used condoms and emptied them over her body making a huge mess of her chin and breasts. They walked away and left me with her.

She asked me to take her home so I used her panties to wipe the cum from her face. I dressed her, her baggy sweaty sticking to her cum soaked body. I quickly took her home. I went straight back to finish the show. The doormen were all really happy I had brought her. They wanted her number. When I got home later she was in the bath soaking the crusted sperm stains from her skin. I didn’t know what to say so I kissed her on the head and said thank you.