Glory Hole In The Sex Shop

One of the most stimulating sexual turn-ons for me and my boyfriend
is to tell each other about our sex acts with other people. Jim is
never more aroused than when I relate in graphic detail my sex with
another man. I, in turn, get off listening to him describe how he
fucks other women.

Jim is a confirmed voyeur and a frequent visitor to the adult
bookstores and sex shops in our city. I used to love to hear him
talk about his nocturnal visits to these sex stores, about the small,
dark movie booths, the grainy flash of porno on miniature screens, the
men lurking in the dim corridors, and the “glory holes”.

The glory holes fired my imagination. I would quiz Jim endlessly
about those holes cut in the side walls of the movie booths. He would
tell me stories of watching men masturbate, of watching men fuck each
other, of getting an occasional blow-job himself. Jim and I are bisex-
ual and go gay now and again for the spice it adds to our sex.

The more Jim talked about the sex shops, the more I fantasized
about them, about the anonymity and instant gratification of the
glory hole sex – a faceless encounter, a pure lustful sexual experience
devoid of emotions and the burdens of social niceties. There was the
appeal of getting what I wanted without having to involve my psycho-
logical or emotional self or that of the other person. If my boyfriend
could do it, why not me?

I learned from Jim that women did visit the shops, but infrequently.
I figured the management would throw me out. My idea was to simply
browse around, look the place over, watch a movie or two. I had no
doubt the visit would be a real turn-on even without getting laid.

I drove past several of the shops and found a small operation with-
out a constant flow of traffic. I was nervous as I entered the cool,
dim confines of the sex shop and I knew immediately from the clerk’s
reception that I was not his typical customer. He tried to keep his
cool, but obviously he was startled to see me there.

“We don’t get many women in here” the clerk stammered. “Take your
time. Enjoy yourself.. If there is anything I can do for you, ANYTHING,
please let me know.” I was dressed in a tight skirt and a tank top
sans bra. The clerk appraised me from top to bottom, his words drip-
ping sweat. I was pleased to see that I had aroused him. Jim had told
me how he always exchanged dollars for quarters at the counter because
the movie machines were operated with quarters, so I got several
dollars’ worth and began to browse the store.

The shop was divided into separate sections; an open front area
with shelf after shelf of books and magazines and a rear area entered
through a door that housed the movie booths.

The books and magazines covered every imaginable variation of sex.
In front of the check-out counter were displays of sexual aids; dildos
of every size and description, synthetic pussies, rubbers and French
ticklers, creams and ointments. And hundreds of video cassettes. Just
a sweeping glance of the erotica made me feel I had stumbled into a
huge orgy. I found myself wanting to reach out and squeeze a par-
ticularly large cock on a magazine cover or to finger a pouting pussy
that was aimed at me with lips spread.

Several men were browsing among the shelves and all of them covertly
watched my progress along the aisles, each undoubtedly wondering what
my sexual interest was, what one thing really blew my mind, made me
slip over that thin line into an uncontrolled state of sexual ecstasy
that can only demand: “Harder, harder, more, more!” I enjoyed being the
center of attention. I glanced at each of the men. All were rather
nice looking, clean cut, very average, very middle class, out to
fulfill their fantasies with celluloid sex or perhaps looking for that
same anonymous sex I had dreamed about for so long.

By the time I had walked to the rear of the store where the “peep
shows” where shown, my pussy was moist and my nipples were tingling.
There was a small marquee giving the title and one still photograph
from each movie. I made a selection and moved into the dark corridor
flanked by doors on either side.

The “peeps” were in small cubicles about six foot square. A coin-
fed projector was built in to the wall with a back-lit screen. Most
booths had simple wall bench in front of the screen so the customer
could sit while watching movies. The movies were timed so that it
required four or five quarters to see the entire reel. The walls were
super thin with only a plywood panel between me and the persons in the
cubicles on either side of me. The sounds of the movies spilled over,
as did the movements and moans of my neighbors.

I selected a movie featuring two girls with a guy who had a cock
that looked a foot long. I closed the door behind me and ran the
slide bolt through the hasp to insure my privacy. The little room
smelled strongly of sperm. I could feel my shoe sole sticking to the
floor a little as I moved around. It was pitch dark and I had to feel
my way to the money slot. I dropped two quarters in and settled onto
the little bench to watch the action.

The movie opened in the middle of a scene showing one of the women
licking the other’s pussy while the woman being licked sucked on the
man’s cock. she was taking it way down her throat and would pull him
completely out of her mouth and go down on him again, making deep,
thrusting moves with her mouth. The man’s cock was all wet and
glistening. She looked, I thought, exactly like I do when I suck Jim
off. There was lots of moaning and groaning and slurping. The woman
eating her pussy started to run her fingers in to her wet hole and then
up in to her anus.

The little screen projected a very muted light into the cubicle,
kind of hazy, smoky dimness that softened the lines of my body. I
caught myself running my hands over the wet crotch of my panties, my
skirt bunched up around my thighs. I was hot as a firecracker!

I became so absorbed in rubbing my pussy, I lost track of the movie
and my quarters ran out. The movie stopped, my cubicle went dark, and
through the darkness I could see a small ray of light coming through
the wall that separated my booth from my neighbor’s.

With my own cubicle dark, the glow of movies from the neighboring
booths could be seen flickering through the round holes cut into the
panel walls.

I put my eye to one of the holes and seen my neighbor holding a
firm erection in the grip of his fist. He was watching someone take
it up the ass on the screen. As he watched, with his trousers pushed
down around his thighs, he pumped away on his tool.

I watched him until his quarters ran out. I just stared at him as
he pumped his meat and rubbed his hand over the purple head of his cock
and massaged his balls. My own hand was active now, my fingers sliding
in and out of my dripping pussy. I pinched and pulled on my aching
nipples. I was sweaty all over and hot inside and out.

When my neighbor’s movie ended, I whispered through the glory hole,
“Hey, psssst,” and dropped some more quarters into my own projector.
With the light now on in my own booth, he could clearly see everything
I did. And did I give him a show! I leaned back on my bench, hiked up
my skirt, slid off my panties and spread my legs. He was looking
straight into my crotch.

I started to give myself a workout with my fingers, reaming my pussy
and ass. I slid off my tank top and twisted and twirled my nipples.
I ran my panties over my face and sucked on the soaking wet crotch.
Then I teased my clit with my middle finger until I had fire shooting
up the insides of my thighs. I all but forgot my voyeur as I gave my-
self over to the pleasure and heat within me.

My movie ended and I was snatched from a thundering orgasm. I
looked at the glory hole and saw about seven inches of cock protruding
from it, looking as if it were growing from the wall. I couldn’t
believe that this guy had the nerve to stick his cock into my booth. I
had the urge to bite him, but in the end I just bent to it and took
it in my mouth and began sucking hungrily. Suddenly he shot into my
mouth. I grabbed his cock and jerked him furiously, tasting a good
mouthful of his semen. After he emptied himself in my mouth and I
might add, on my clothes too, he slowly pulled himself out of the
hole. I distinctly heard a sigh escaping his throat.

As I turned to sit on the bench and catch my breath, I saw another
stiff cock protruding from the opposite wall. Without thinking about
it for more than a second, I immediately swung my derriere around and
backed up to the waiting cock. I bent forward at the waist and pushed
myself onto the hardness, my sopping pussy swallowing it instantly.

I rode the throbbing stick without mercy, slapping my bottom against
the wall as I pumped my ass back and forth. The nerve endings in my
pussy felt electrically charged. I wanted that cock pushed up through
me and out my throat, I couldn’t believe how wonderful having anonymous
sex could be. I was still pumping frantically when he shot his hot
sperm into me. I could tell he had come but continued to pump even
after he pulled out. I was so fired up that I did not realize the cock
was missing; I still felt it inside me even though it was not there.

I sat there in my darkened booth breathing like a race horse who had
just finished a race. Then the thought struck me… I’ve just fucked
two men I don’t know, and her I am covered with sperm, disheveled, and
looking like I had just had sex with the football team. And I have to
walk out of here. I knew everyone would know what I’d just done, and
would be staring at me.

I slowly pulled myself together and staggered out of the booth.
The light was harsh in the magazine section as I passed through it. To
my relief only couple of browsers were studying the racks, and they
were trying hard not to look at me. I made my exit and went home for
a refreshing shower after my adventure.

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