Joe Savior and his Glory Hole Wife

Joseph Savior was cleaning the family room of the four- bedroom colonial, cleaning and waiting for the calm that occurred only at night in their busy home. The odd and relaxing silence that sleeping kids would bring. Oh sure, a few giggling outbursts or requests for water from the c******n, but then as they drifted

The small glory hole booths

This place I’m about to describe is a bit dingy and not as clean as some other places. As you enter, you must buy tokens for five bucks and then drop them in a coin box next to a door. Once inside it’s very dark so it’s not a good move to try to feel

My perfect wife at the gloryhole 2.

We went into the first store, which only had one other customer. A salesman approached and asked if he could be of some assistance. I said that my wife was looking for something in black heels, gave him her size, and pointed to a bench for my wife to sit. The first thing I noticed

Glory hole

Josh was in a hurry as he walked up Seventh Ave. on his way home after his workout. It was cold and the December wind cut through his wind breaker making his whole body shiver, but not only was he cold, he was also uncomfortable because of the big hardon that was straining against his