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It’s been snowing heavily in many places in the country, and Wednesday night, the city got blanketed in a sheet of ice that made driving treacherous. There were numerous accidents, due largely to drivers acting like assholes. Several roads got closed down. Myself, I made my way through town fairly smoothly. H wasn’t so lucky.

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Getting impatient, I needlessly pulled my skirt down closer to my knees. “Where is he?” I sighed. Loosely holding my binoculars I peered through them at the doors to the building down the block. I had been stalking my prey now for months. The Mayor of our great city, John. I had come up with

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The best thing about living by yourself in the suburbs of a city, is that you have all the varied amenities of a city, with plenty of quiet roads, dark alleys, and gardens to melt into which serve my sexual leanings very well! If I explain to you a little about myself and exactly what