Grandma Knows Best

Jack laid back on his bed, cock in hand as he watched
the adult video on his TV. The 18 yr olds mother would
have a fit if she knew about the x rated tapes he hid
in his room. It was almost six o’clock, Mom’s usual
time home from work and He knew he was taking a chance
watching them. But he’d been so horny when he got home.
He’d had an afternoon date with Becky and she’d played
little miss cockteaser again. If he didn’t jerk off
he’d burst.

With a tight grip he stroked his hard cock, imagining
the tightness of Becky’s pussy. A vivid picture of the
redheads beautiful tits also filled his mind, big white
mounds topped with pale pink nipples that stood up like
little erasers when she got hot. She’d let him feel
them this afternoon, but pushed his away when he tried
to suck them. He was too rough she had said. He could
only imagine how nice they’d feel in his hungry mouth.
His imagination was so strong that he could see Becky
standing at the foot of his bed, her wet fingers in her
cunt, furiously fingering herself and inviting him to
enter her.

In fact, Jack was so wrapped up in his fantasy and
pounding his cock as if his life depended on it, he
failed to notice someone else had entered the darkened
bedroom. He heard her voice before she saw her, a
sudden shock that caused his whole body to flash hot
then icy cold.

“My, we have grown, haven’t we?” said the feminine
voice from the doorway.

“Grandma!” Jack gasped.

He was so stunned that he just laid there, his hand
still clamped firmly on his dick. After a few seconds
he had a delayed reaction and started to pull the sheet
over his now shrinking dick.

“You don’t have to hide from me, Jack.” His grandmother
said with a smile. “I’ve seen you naked before. But I
must admit that the view has greatly improved since you
were ten.”

“I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I thought I was alone… I
mean I don’t normally…”

“Hush boy,” She said as she walked over and sat on the
edge of the bed. “There’s no need to be embarrassed,
boys play with themselves all the time…girls too. In
fact I’ve done it myself a thousand times or so.”

Her easy going manner had always put Jack at ease, she
was so unlike his mother.

Janet Carlsen had her daughter when she was 17, she’d
become a grandmother at 37. Even today at 52 she looked
ten years younger. The dark brown of her hair may’ve
come from the beauty pallor, but the firm body that
went with it was the result of 35 years of careful
care. Few lines appeared on her face and her 38 inch
breasts only barely sagged. Some of Jack’s friends had
told him they’d gotten hard-ons watching her out by the
pool in his backyard.

“You don’t need to hide anything from me, Jack, I know
what’s going on. Did Becky leave you high and dry

“Uh, yeah,” he said, gulping hard.

“Stupid little bitch doesn’t know what she’s missing,”
Janet replied.

Jack knew his grandmother was never shy about saying
exactly what she was thinking, but this was too much.
Here he was, naked beneath his sheet, discussing his
sex life, or the lack of it, with his grandmother.

“Good thing your mother is working late tonight and
called and asked me to come over and check up on you.
I’d hate to think what her reaction would’ve been if
she walked in here and saw you.”

Jack shuddered at the thought, thinking how stupid he’d
been to take the risk with the tape. If anything he
should’ve just gone into the bathroom and jacked off.

“Still, one had to take advantages of ones
opportunitiesh,” His grandmother said.

Before Jack could thing about what she was talking
about, Janet reached over and placed her hand on his
sheet covered cock. Jack couldn’t voice a sound as she
stroked it and felt it harden in her hand.

“What kind of grandmother would I be if I left you all
hot and bothered with only your hand for company?”
Janet said as she cupped his balls and gave them a
playful squeeze.

A voice screamed inside Jack to stop this, but if felt
so good. His once soft cock was now again rock-hard,
forming a small tent beneath the sheets.

“Looks like its come back to life,” Janet said
laughingly. “Do you mind if I take a better look at

Not even realizing he was doing it, Jack nodded yes.

Pulling the sheet down across the bed, Janet exposed
his full six inches. A bright smile appeared on her

“Mmmm…” She purred. “That looks good enough to eat!”

That did it, any thought of his grandmother as anything
but a still beautiful and sexy woman disappeared from
Jack’s head. Any guilty feeling he might’ve had faded
as she now ran her fingers along the length of his now
bare cock.

Leaning forward, Janet tongued the tip of his cock,
licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Jack
thought he would explode right there and then. He
closed his eyes as her tongue ran down the length of
his shaft and swirled around his balls. He couldn’t
wait for that hot, wet sensation when her mouth could
close over his aching cock.

Taking her time, Janet sucked on his balls, then moved
her way back up his shaft. Then in a fluid motion she
engulfed the length of his cock, sliding the young boy-
meat all the way down her throat. She let it slide out
slowly, then swallowed it again. She could feel the
heat in his balls, she knew it wouldn’t take many
strokes before she was rewarded with a steady stream of
hot cream.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Jack gasped as he tried to hold back.
It was a one side contest. Janet had forty years of
practice behind her, she played his cock and balls like
a musical instrument.

“I’m gonna come…” he managed to gasp, seconds before
bursts of boy-cum erupted into her mouth.

As soon as she felt the first drops, Janet deep
throated her grandson’s cock and swallowed the
seemingly endless stream as fast as it came. She’d
always like the taste of young boy-cum, but this had a
special flavor knowing it came, however indirectly,
from the fruit of her own body.

Long moments passed as they both laid there. Finally,
she released his semi-soft cock from her mouth and sat

“That was so awesome Grandma,” Jack exclaimed. “I’ve
never felt anything like that before.”

“That was just a small taste,” Janet said with a
mischievous grin. “It looks like your little friend is
already trying to spring back to life.”

Jack looked down and was surprised to see that his cock
was already hardening.

“Your mom won’t be home for a few hours yet, we can try
a few more things if you like…” Janet said as she ran
her fingernails across his hairless chest. “Or we can
stop now if you want.”

“No,” Jack blurted out without thinking. “I mean… I’d
like to learn anything you’d want to show me, Grandma.”

“I thought you would,” Janet said as she stood up and
walked to the base of the bed, the same spot he had
imagined Becky in what seemed a lifetime before. “Maybe
I can help coax your friend back to life a little

With that she started to peal off her blouse and tossed
it at Jack. She the leaned over and pushed her tits
together, giving him a good look at her delicious
cleavage. Then, slowly, teasingly, she took off her
bra, flashing her 38d breasts in his face.

Neither Becky or the girls in the video had anything on
his grandmother. Her nipples were every bit as long and
juicy looking. Jack licked his lips in anticipation of
how wonderful they would feel in his mouth. Janet
grinned as she squeezed each breast and played with the
nipples. She put her knee on the side of the bed and
straddled the boy, bringing her breasts to within a few
inched of his face.

“C’mon, baby,” She whispered in a low, husky voice.
“Suck your grandma’s tits!”

Jack jumped forward and buried his face in her
cleavage. Licking each tit and burying each nipple in
his mouth. Saliva covered each mound as worked his
mouth over those incredible nipples. Janet sighed and
held his head as he sucked her rosebuds, feeling them
harden in his hot and wet mouth.

“So good,” she sighed. “You’re so good at this.”

While he continued to suck first one nipple, then the
other, Janet unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it.
She was now naked except for her panties. When she
stepped back, giving Jack his first real look at her as
a lover, he couldn’t believe he’d been so blind before.
He could now understand why his friends had gotten
hard-ons watching her.

“Grandma, you’re so beautiful,” he said.

“Well I try to stay in shape,” she replied.

“Lots of excersise can do wonders for you.”

Jack had no doubt as to what kind of excerise she was
referring to.

“Now, come here.” She said as she raised one leg up
onto the bed. “I’m going to teach you the most
important thing there is about pleasing a woman. Most
men never learn how to do this right.”

With that she directed his face to her crotch, where he
sniffed and licked until she was grinding against him.
Her white panties became so soaked that he could see
the dark bush beneath it. He could feel the heat
beneath the thin material, and the wonderful smell only
drove him wilder.

Finally he couldn’t take it no more and he ripped the
lace panties from her body, burying his face between
her legs. His tongue found its way inside her, almost
automatically finding the right spot. Janet moaned in
pleasure, her grandson was a natural born pussy eater.
She leaned back onto the bed and he knelt on the floor,
never taking his mouth from her. It was the most
wonderful taste he had ever experienced, and he wanted
to savor every drop.

After almost twenty minutes of this, Janet knew even
her self control would soon give way. She reached down
and pulled his head up from between her now soaked
legs. Reluctantly he allowed himself to be guided off
the floor and back onto the bed. Once he was level with
her, Janet pulled him to her and kissed him. All the
passion of the moment filled that kiss, she filled his
mouth with her tongue, savoring the taste of her juices

“I want you inside me,” she said as she broke the kiss
and immediately gave him another. “I want you to FUCK

Jack was more than happy to oblige, nothing could make
him want to stop.

“I want you to FUCK YOUR GRANDMOTHER!” Janet yelled as
she reached down and took a hold of his hard cock. “I
want you to fill me with your hot cum!”

She guided him inside of her, and wrapped her legs
around him. Each stroke of his body drove her deeper
into the frenzy, closer to the greatest orgasm of her
life. She could feel the walls of her cunt contracting
around the boy-cock inside her. Janet was lost in the
storm, she was riding waves of ecstasy stronger that
she knew existed.

“Fuck me…Fuck me…” was all she could say.

Jack knew he was close, he held her tight, so tight
that each stroke was now only an inch. But nothing
would prevent his eruption now.

“Oh GOD!” He yelled as the waves of cum shot out of his
cock, filling his Grandmother’s pussy. Janet climaxed
as soon as she felt that first spurt. She bit down on
her grandson’s neck as her body shuddered under the
waves of delight.

Almost ten minutes passed before either of them moved.
They kissed, softly this time, savoring the taste of
each others body. It would be another half hour before
either of them could bear to break the embrace.


“I’m so sorry I’m so late,” Jack’s Mom said as she
walked into the kitchen where Jack and Janet were
sitting. “I hope it wasn’t too much trouble for you to
come over and stay with Jack, Mom.”

Janet smiled as she looked at her grandson, who
returned her smile.

“I’m never too busy to help out my grandson, my dear,”
she said. “In fact you can even say is one of the great
pleasures of my life.”