A faithful wife in her fifties shares a naughty secret with a randy teenager

I still find it hard to believe that I could find myself in the situation that I’m in. A month ago I was a happily married fifty-two-year-old mother and grandmother who doted on her husband and family and would never in a million years imagine doing anything to put their happiness at risk. Today I

A couple play with sexual dominance and bondage

I called Heather up and invited her over for dinner. She arrived promptly at seven PM. She was dressed in a clinging blue dress, her legs encased in sheer stockings and her feet in heels. I greeted her at the door with a light kiss on the cheek. Heather and I have a good friendship,

Aunt Alison

It was the morning of December 21 as Chad Nichols and his family prepared for the arrival of his aunt, Alison. Alison was his father’s sister whom Chad hadn’t seen in twelve years, when he was only six years old. Even though she was his aunt, she was only eight years older than him. When