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“The newly organized women’s social gathering known as “The Club” met for the second time last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Warrington on Alameda Street. A light luncheon was served and Mrs. Amelia Stringer, of 1124 Fillmore, gave a lively talk on the history of beekeeping in early California, followed by open discussion. The

Grandpa and his goodgirl

My world was turned upside down. Grandma and Grandpa were here for the week, and I had to stay at home to spend quality time with them. It’s tough when your teen to take time out from your busy and important teenage duties. My parents decided to take a couple of days off just for

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Usually vacations are relaxing or entertaining or educational, but this one was life changing. We are in our early forties and married just about 24 years. I’m 6’4,250 lbs. brown hair, pretty average sized dick. Courtney is just over five foot with a nicely curvy shape. Her buns and boobs are nicely filled out and

Blacked Birthday

What do most women dream of? Well, what do a lot of us fantasize about sex wise? As for me it has always been taking a horny young man and showing him what an older married woman can do for him. (Of course a young man can make an old married woman feel young again,

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I had never thought of my Old Grannies in a sexual way, but for some reason everything changed. My granny went into an old folks home because she was getting on a bit so it was better for her and safer if she went into care. I can tell that this was very hard for

Grandma Knows Best

Jack laid back on his bed, cock in hand as he watched the adult video on his TV. The 18 yr olds mother would have a fit if she knew about the x rated tapes he hid in his room. It was almost six o’clock, Mom’s usual time home from work and He knew he