High School Band

In my junior year at high school I had already
discovered the joys of sexuality through my Aunt
Cindy and additionally through her boyfriend at
the time. School just seemed the logical place
to act out on some of my newfound skills.

After my sexual awakening I found that I took
much greater notice in all avenues of activity
around me. Students attracted me, faculty
attracted me, and being a discreet voyeur was
becoming a fond pastime.

My band teacher Cory (not his real name), was a
cool guy, he was maybe 28 at the time and had an
interest in cars like I did. We hit it off the
first year I was in band and every year after
that (now 3) we became closer and would discuss
a wide variety of things. One thing that he
eventually began to discuss with me was sex.

No big deal, it’s a natural conversation for guys
of any age to bullshit about. Cory would talk
about the little “honeys” in his classes and
even tell me about some of the beaver shots he
would get sitting up in front of everyone. I
loved his stories, he always was really animated
about telling them. Definitely a funny guy!

Cory let on one day that this flute player named
Dana supposedly had a whopper crush on me. Cory
insinuated that if I ever got the chance that
I should sneak her back into his office
or the instrument storage room and have some fun
with her.

Then, he threw in the kicker, if I did, he
wanted to watch. Cory said that he had always
wanted to get a glimpse of her little tits.
Then he added, “That is of course if you aren’t
too shy to let me take a peek!”

“Hell no, If I can get her back there you can
watch all you want!” was my all too cocky
response. Let’s face it, after getting my
noodle wet with my aunt and several others in
the meantime, I had developed a fair share of
sexual confidence, and was proud of my abilities.

I made it a point to start paying a considerable
amount of attention to Dana after learning of
her interest. I must admit, Cory was right on
the money about her too. She definitely had the
hots for me and there was no question that she
was a nice looking girl.

It started out slowly with us just sneaking kisses
during lunches and breaks and of course it pro-
gressed to me getting a little bolder with her
and grabbing a little ass and tit — in a playful
manner of course.

After about three weeks of this I knew that if
given the opportunity I could get into those cute
little pants of hers. In talking with her, I found
out that she had given guys a blowjob on a few
occasions, and had been fingered by a guy once,
but that was as far as she had been.

Well, knowing all of this and having the perfect
place to hide out safely, I set my plan into
motion. I told Cory to let me have a key to his
office and that I would be in there today during
lunch with Dana.

Cory got all excited at the prospect, and
he said he would be able to see perfectly from
the storage room, which was adjacent to his
office. With the lights off in the storage room
and the door only slightly open he would have a
perfect view.

That day in class Cory made a noticeable
production of announcing that he would be off of
campus during lunch today to take care of some
personal matter. Nobody would be able to
practice during lunch
because the band room would be locked up. He
apologized and said it would be open the next
day for those who wanted to come in.

After class and during our break I asked Dana if
she wanted to hangout with me in the band room
during lunch. Dana said, “Didn’t you hear Mr.
Turner, he’s not going to be there?”

“Yeah, I know he’s not going to be there but, I
do some other work for him and I have keys. I
told him I would get some of his office stuff
done today!”

“Will we get in trouble if I come in there with

“Not if you don’t go around advertising that
fact! Just meet me out front at lunch!”

Lunchtime rolled around and there was Dana just
like I told her. I let us into the band room
and re-locked the door so nobody could saunter
in. I went into the office and turned on the
lights and noticed that the door to the storage
room was opened just a little bit. I playfully
pulled Dana into the office and gave her a big
wet kiss.

“Jeez Don, what if Mr. Turner comes back early?”

“He’s not going to be back for quite awhile. He
had to go pick-up some stuff and he has a dead
period next class so he won’t be back until
final period, Jeez, a little paranoid or
something?” I said with pretend discust.

Dana loosened up a bit after that. She became
much more playful and I was right there to
encourage it. As we were kissing I ran
my hands up her top and tweaked her little
nipples, which made her jump a bit. She
started to grind her hips into me as she
was kissing me, which had its effect on
my cock.

“Damn Dana, If you keep that up I’m going to
have to pull my hardon out to give it some

“Yeah right, like I’m actually giving you a

I took Dana’s hand off of my shoulder and moved
it down to where my cock had now grown to
its full size. I placed her hand on my
jeans right on top of my cock and the look on
her face was priceless.

“Oh my god Don, you weren’t kidding it is

“I told you if you kept that up it would get me

“Well, I guess if you really want to I’ll rub it
for you… if you undo your pants!”

“Why don’t you undo them for me?”

Dana feebly tried to unsnap my jeans but in
the end I had to assist her. I undid them and she
lowered them and my underwear. As my underwear
slid down over my prick, it sprung forward nearly
smacking her in the face. At least that got a
giggle out of her!

Dana stood up and started to kiss me again while
she also slid her hand down to my now rock hard
cock. She grabbed on and started to jerk me off
at a fairly decent pace. Since I knew I was
there to put on a show for Cory, I decided to
add some vocal accompaniment to the action.

“Oh yeah Dana, that feels so good! Keep stroking
my cock just like that!”

This evidently did some good for Dana too, as
she seemed to get even more into it. I worked
her top up over her head and then; there they
were, her tiny, very hard nippled tits. I
unsnapped her pants but she didn’t want me to
take them off.

“Dana, will you suck my cock like you told me
you have done before?”

Dana didn’t answer, instead she just looked down
at my rod and kept stroking. Dana then slowly
lowered herself to where she was face level with
the head of my cock. Still stroking, she stuck out
her tongue and licked it. She got a bit more
enthusiastic about her licking and then took my
cock into her mouth.

I slid myself up onto Cory’s desk and leaned back
to enjoy this pretty girl sucking on my cock, and
to give Cory a better view too.

Soon it seemed as if Dana was in her own
little world. She worked my cock in and out of
her mouth and had tons of drool sliding down my
shaft to by balls in no time flat. I again
started with the verbal commentary.

“Oh god Dana, that feels so good.. Oh yeah,
suck on my head baby… Oh that’s it keep going!
Oh god you’re so good at this!”

Dana’s speed increased with my verbal
encouragement. Soon her head was bobbing up
and down faster than I though possible.

Since Dana’s back was toward Cory I saw him
stick his head out a little to get a better
look. To enhance his experience (okay, mine
to), I grabbed Dana’s hair and began to guide
her up and down on my cock.

“Oh god Dana, keep going, I’m going to cum

Dana started a rapid fire sucking on my cock
then. Her hand and mouth worked in near perfect
rhythm as I finally busted loose with quite a
wad of spooge.

Dana took the first couple of squirts down her
throat without hesitation and then pulled my
cock out of her mouth so that she could see my
remaining wad shoot out of my cock. It shot
upward and landed mostly back on her hand and
my cock.

When my spasms subsided, she lowered her head
back down onto my cock and cleaned me like a
pro. When Dana, satisfied that she had done an
effective cleaning job stood up with a huge
grin on her face.

I kissed her deeply to show my gratitude and
appreciation and was given that familiar look,
“I just sucked your cock and you better not
complain”. No complaint from me.

Dana put her top back on and buttoned her pants
up and said that she had better get back outside
so that I could get the work done that I needed
to do. I told her that I would see her after
school and I again told her that she was fan-
tastic. Dana slipped out of the class room and
I then rechecked to make sure that the door was
closed and locked.

I walked back into the office and said, “It’s
cool, she’s gone now you can come out!”

Cory walked out of the storage room and said,
“My god, that was great!” It’s a shame she
couldn’t have gone down on me too … and Jesus
Christ, how did you end up with such a huge

“Just lucky I guess!” I said with a proud grin.
I noticed that Cory still had a raging hardon
poking against his own pants.

“Hey Cory, I think it’s only fair that since you
got to watch me, that I should get to watch you
take care of your little problem!”

Cory’s eyes lit up at that suggestion and he asked,
“Are you serious?”

“Sure, you watched me, so let me see what you’ve

Cory hesitated for a bit but finally came around
and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
That wasn’t good enough for me though!!

“Nope, take ’em all the way off!” I said
pointing to his pants, “that’s what I did, you
do the same.

Cory slid his shoes off then took his jeans and
underwear off. He displayed quite a nice erection
there. I’d say he was a good 9 inches long
himself. He definitely had a fatter cock then
I did.

“Well, is this what you wanted to see?” Cory

“Partially, I want to see you jerk it off now!”

Cory grabbed his cock and started to work
it in an almost embarrassed way. I just kind
of kicked back and watched for a few strokes.
That is until the advantages of being a teenager
took over. Yep, my cock was back in action again.

I stood up from his desk and took my pants off
too and started to stroke my cock right along side
Cory, trying to match rhythm with him (after all
this is the band teacher, rhythm is important to
them, you know)!

Cory seemed much more at ease once I pulled out
my cock and joined in on the stroke fest. I
moved in front of Cory to where our cocks were
just inches away from each other. I continued
to stroke mine as Cory increased his speed. I
then took a chance and reached out with my other
hand and removed his hand from his own cock and
took over the stroking with mine. Soon I lost
interest in stroking my own and concentrated on
Cory’s cock.

Cory leaned back against his desk and didn’t
argue. He seemed to really be enjoying my
handjob. So there was no doubt he would enjoy
what was coming next. You got it!

I dropped down and began to “slob his knob”!
His was the firs cock that I actually had
trouble getting my mouth around. This was a
different experience for me. I was always used
to having the large cock of the group. I looked
up at Cory and he was just staring down
admiringly at me while I worked his cock in and
out of my mouth. It didn’t take long though,
with the show he had just witnessed between Dana
and I plus the fact that he was now getting his
cock sucked by a student (let alone a male
student), Cory was ready to burst.

Cory grabbed my head and forced his cock as far
into my mouth as he could get it when he finally
erupted. This guy came so much I actually gagged
on his wad. I had to pull off to avoid choking
to death. That didn’t deter Cory though, he
jerked his remaining spunk all over my face.

When I finally got my breath back from choking
I stood up and Cory got the nerve to reach down
and take my cock into his hand. I could tell he
was extremely hesitant so I had to push a button
or two to snap him into action.

“Don’t think for a second that after that
blowjob I gave you that you aren’t going to suck
me off too!”

Cory seemed a bit shocked at my comment but he
did drop in front of me and take my throbbing
member into his mouth to finish me off. This
was a major turn on for me. Just thinking that
here is my favorite teacher here in front of me,
on his knees, basically a slave to my desires,
and he has my cock sliding in and out of his

Well, it didn’t take long for this turgid teen
to spew forth with the wonder juice. I pumped
as much cum as I could muster into Cory’s mouth.
He just let it fill his mouth and dribble out
the sides and down his face. I know he
swallowed some because I could feel the gulp he
took. Cory stood up from my cock and grabbed an
instrument towel to wipe the remaining cum from
his face and shirt (good thing he had spare
clothes in his office). As I put my cock back
into my pants I looked at Cory and said, “Let me
know when you have any other desires to watch!”

“You know we have to really keep this quiet, I
could go to jail, please don’t say a word to

“Cory, why would I ruin a good time for myself
by doing something stupid like telling anyone?”
“Shit, I’m already looking forward to the next
time we can have a little show!” “Don’t worry
about it Cory, I won’t say a thing!” was my
parting comment as I walked to the door and then
out of the classroom!!

Cory and I have been friends all through the
years since that first encounter and we’ve had
our fair share of entertaining times with a wide
variety of students and other faculty during
those days!

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