Hiring Is Hard Work

“Mr. Gibson, will you be taking lunch today? I just wanted to remind you of your job application meeting in 45 min.” I said into the intercom.

“No Venessa, I will be staying in the office. Bring me a sandwich from the deli across the street.” He said.

I had been Mr. Gibson’s assistant for over a year and it was an easy job. I was hired for my looks. I am OK with it because I had none of the qualifications the job required. Typing was about it, and luckily for me, that and going to get him lunch and occasionally dinner is all I did.

I had no problem continuing to buy and wear very provocative outfits so that my job was secure. I got paid very well for what I was doing. Affording an apartment in NY City on an assistant’s salary should tell you that I was getting overpaid.

I already knew what Mr. Gibson wanted from the deli. I used to save everything on my phone so I did not have to ask him, but now that I was coming up on a year and a half with him I had it all memorized.

I made my way across the street to the deli to get Mr. Gibson’s club sandwich on white with extra pickles and heavy mustard. And making sure not to forget his Doritos and smart water. I heard the girl before me got fired for messing it up once. Lucky for him I have nothing to distract me from memorizing everything about him and being perfect.

I have spent way too much time memorizing everything about this man. I have been in two different relationships since I have had this job, and both ended the same. They both said that I was married to my work and would go to work before going out with them. I can’t say they are wrong.

The thing about Mr. Gibson is that he is a beautiful man that just oozes dominants and just, well….. all man. I am not sure how to say it, but he is just the example of a man for me. He is about 6 or 6’1”, with a broad chest and a slim waist. He does the Tough Mudder mud runs a few times a year and has a few pictures in his office. It is where you get soaked in mud and run this obstacle course marathon. They are not that big of a deal, but the pictures are. In one, you can see his abs and chest through his shirt and they look perfect. And in another you can see his package and it makes my mouth water thinking about it.

Since the end of the second relationship I have gone in and taken pictures of all his pictures with my phone and I look at them a little too much. I once showed some people at a bar his picture and said he was my boyfriend. That was the only picture where you couldn’t see his wedding ring.

I have never seen his wife and I have never heard him talk about her. There are no pictures of her anywhere and Mr. Gibson doesn’t have a Facebook. I even looked for an old Myspace but can’t find that either. I think he is the only person that I know that doesn’t have a social media and that is for sure a turn on. He is 8 years older than me but because he is so put together it makes him seem so much older and more mature. I fucking love, put together men.

If eye’s had laser beams, I would have been set on fire as I walked out of the diner. I could see everyone looking at me in the reflection as I was walking towards the door. I dress pretty boring on a normal basis, so I loved the attention that I got from 8 to 5 from Monday to Friday. I let it twitch a little extra as I walked through the door and made my way back across the street.

When I got back to the desk, I called Mr Gibson and asked if he wanted his food now.

“Yes Venessa. Please come in.” He said.

As soon as you walked in you could see the entire city from his desk. He had the most impressive corner office I had ever seen. Well I guess I had only seen one in real life, but I had googled a lot and this one was my favorite. He sat behind his desk with the city to his back. He was so sexy how focused he was whenever he was behind that desk.

“Here you are sir.” I said as I walked to the other side of the desk. I placed the food to his side and bend down on the desk way more than needed so that he could see down my shirt.

“Thank you Venessa.” He said as he looked first at my eyes, and then down my shirt, and then back to my eyes smiling.

“Is there anything else you want me for, Sir.” I said not losing eye contact and smirking a bit with the corner of my mouth.

He tilted his head to the side and gazed at me for a few seconds. “Venessa, are you dating anyone?” He asked with a furrowed brow.

“No Sir.” I said trying to sound pouty.

“Why is that?” He asked.

“Well I have had two relationships since I got this job, sir.” I said.

“And what happened with those relationships Venessa?” He asked as he tilted his head the other way.

“Well do you want the truth sir, or are you asking to be nice?” I said giving some sass.

“Yes Venessa, I want the truth.” He said straitening his head up.

“Well sir, they both broke up with me because they were tired of hearing about you.” I said continuing my pouty look.

“Is that so?” He said smirking a bit.

I felt as though my opening was finally there and I didn’t want to miss it, so I started to lean forward. He without a doubt saw my advance because he gripped the back of my head and pulled me to his face. My body was tingling as our lips had finally touched. I had wanted this for so very long and now that it was here, I swear I was having a mini orgasm just from a kiss.

I placed both my hands on his lap, and I could feel his dick through his slacks. It was very erotic feeling him grow in my hands. I kissed him harder and he was pulling my face to his with my hair. I started to stroke his cock with my palm through his pants as I was now feeling it pulse now that it was fully erect. He was an impressive man in all aspects. The outline that I had been masturbating too in his photos for a year now did not deceive. He was every bit as big down there as I had hoped he would be.

Finally, our lips separated and I dropped to my knees in the pocket of his desk. I pulled his zipper down and undid his belt. I had to pull him out and around his pants because of his length. I placed both my hands on his cock and there was still a few inches, so I dropped my mouth down on it. I moved my head and my hands all together right off the bat. I was so excited I just skipped all the licking and teasing.

“Oh, Shit.” He said and grabbed my hair and slowed me down.

I laughed around his cock proud of myself and slowed down. I removed my hands and played with his balls as I let my mouth slide down his shaft. He filled my mouth completely. I could feel the corners of my mouth stretching because of his girth. Being careful not to use teeth I took all of him that I could, with the head of his cock pressing against the opening to my throat, I gagged a little making sure to make that noise that I know men like. I was dropping my face down on his crotch as my hands rubbed around his body. Just finally being able to feel this man was so exciting. I had fantasized about this for so long that it seemed surreal now that it was happening.

I looked up at him and focused on the tip of his cock with my mouth. I sucked hard and ran my tongue all around him. I let my hands softly jerk his shaft as I focused my attention on his helmet.

He met my gaze and mouthed the words, “Oh My God.” This just motivated me to work harder. I started twisting my head back and forth remaining suction. I was going at him hard as he was moaning. When I glanced up I saw that his head was all the way back looking at the ceiling.

I believe I got him close to cumming because I watched his hands come down and grip two handfuls of my hair, and hold me there. He used my head to fuck himself slowly. I took my hands and went into my panties.

This was one of my favorite positions for foreplay. I did not have to think at all. I was pleasing him, and I could please myself. I used two fingers from one hand and placed them inside myself and I used the fingers from my other hand to work my clit.

He was taking me all the way down his cock with his strokes. I could feel the head of his cock try to penetrate my throat with every trip down. He was pulling my head all the way off his cock at the top of each stroke. I just sucked hard and let him use me.

I could feel that wonderful feeling in between my legs start to build. I worked my clit vigorously and started to moan as I was getting closer. I pulled hard on my G spot to add to the pressure. I felt the wall come and go as I fell into my orgasm and it swept threw me from inside out.

“Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahh.” I let out onto his cock as my back and hips twitched with the pleasure.

“Fuck yeah. Good Girl.” He said.

If I had not cum yet that may have made me cum on its own. I had never been called a Good Girl before but I knew right then that it was something I wanted now. Damn it was hot!

“MMMMMmmmmm” I moaned trying to let him know that I liked it.

I pulled my wet hands from my groin and wiped them onto his cock when it was not in my mouth. Tasting myself was something that always excited me. It makes me feel very naughty and I love it.

After a little while he released his grip on my hair and said, “Alright, show me what you got.”

I didn’t hesitate to try to impress. I pressed my head all the way down and held it there as I gagged a few times. I held his balls in my hand and ran a finger lightly on his taint. I knew he liked it as he flexed his hips up a bit, and moaned lightly.

“ULGK ULGK ULGK” was the soundtrack of my work. Over and over I dropped my head down his length letting his impressive member gag me. I could hear his breathing sharpen and his hips were flexing pretty tight now and I knew that he was close.

I closed my mouth tightly around him and sucked as hard as I could and placed my hands on his hips so that I could move myself faster.

Knock Knock Knock, we both heard on his door.

Then I heard the handle jingle.

“Oh Shit.” Mr. Gibson said as he straitened up in his chair. I lifted my feet up off the floor, so they were not visible from the door.

“Hello Sir, I am James.” I heard a voice say accompanied by footsteps getting closer. “I did not see your assistant out there, but I did notice that I was on the schedule and I did not want to take a chance of being late.” He said very confidently.

“Where is that assistant of mine? I fear I may be paying her too much.” He said with a bit of a chuckle in his voice. “Well what can I do for you James?” He said falling right into his business voice.

As they talked back and forth, I was trapped under this desk with his beautiful cock right in my face. I could not get to it though because it was too close to the desk. I decided to try to lower his chair so that I could show him where his assistant was.

I reached around the chair and found the lever. I tried to pull it down slowly but all of a sudden he fell to the bottom of the available adjustments, with a bang.

“Whow, Shit.” He said. “I guess I will tell my assistant to get me a new chair when we find her.”

They continued the talk about how qualified James was and that he was ex-military. Mr. Gibson was probably not going to hire him but he had respect for military, so he was going to hear him out.

I just droned them out and started to kiss this beautiful cock. It came back to life right away. I had to hold it down so that there was space to get my mouth around it. I cocked my head sideways and slid my mouth down him. I sucked very hard feeling his skin mold to my mouth as I did.

After I felt he was rock hard I changed it up a bit. I just imagined his face trying to stay serious as I worked him the same way that he had used me. I mimicked his movements from earlier. I slid my mouth all the way down feeling the spongy cock head press against my throat, and then I sucked hard as I slid my mouth all the way off so that I could look at his cock in between every trip.

I rested my chest against his chair so that I could do all the work hands free. I moved my head alone, fucking my face and I moved my hands back down to my pussy. I wasted no time getting to exactly what I liked. Two fingers inside on my G spot and two on my clit.

I was engorged so everything was more sensitive and as soon as I started to move my fingers I started to build. In less than a minute I was washed over with a warm orgasm and my body started to shake a bit. I thought I was going to go undetected but then I heard the toe of my heel rattle against the front of the desk.

The men paused for a second, but nothing was said. Thank goodness because I do not know how we would have explained the desk rattling on its own. As they went back to talking, I removed my hands from my pussy and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I went at his cock like I was trying to suck his cum from his balls directly. I kept my lips closed around his girth so that there was no noise, but I was fucking my face roughly under this man’s desk. I felt his body adjust every few seconds or so.

“Whew, Can we slow down a bit.” I heard Mr. Gibson say. I knew he was talking to me but I pretended I did not hear him.

“Sure sir.” James said.

Stroke after stroke I could feel his muscles tense in my arms, as I felt his cock bounce in my mouth. I was going to have this man for lunch whether he liked it or not.

“Oh, boy. Um, we may have to wrap this up another time James.” He said with a wavering voice.

“Sir, I need a job and I want this one.” James said sounding strong and determined.

“I don’t know.” Mr. Gibson wavery voice let out.

“I don’t want to be too bold, but I am not going to accept no for an answer Sir.” James said.

“Ok, ok ok ok.” Mr. Gibson said to me once again, but I was not going let up.

“Thank you, sir.” James said. “You won’t regret this Sir.”

“Oh Shit.” Mr. Gibson said. As his entire body was flexing in every direction and he was shimmying around in his seat.

“Thank you again sir.” James said

“Oh, Christ. Just be here at 7 tomorrow.” He said almost sounding desperate for air.

“Yes Sir, Thank you Sir.” He said again and I heard his chair move as he was standing up.

I assume he was trying to shake his hand because I heard Mr. Gibson say, “Oh Fuck just get out.”

“Thank you, Sir.” James said once again, and I heard him exit rapidly and the door closed behind him.

“You naughty little Bitch.” He said as he gripped my head tightly and held me down on his cock.

Right at that moment he came into my mouth in amounts that I did not know where possible. I felt my cheeks fill completely and I was forced to swallow an entire gulp of his warm cum. He replaced it with more as soon as my mouth was empty.

“Oh Fuck.” He let out in a bit of a roar.

I just moaned around his cock loving the sound and taste of him.

I swallowed the rest of his cum and looked up as he pushed his chair back so that we could now see each other.

“That was fucking amazing.” He said looking deep into my eyes.

“MMM HMM” I said nodding my head, and swallowing the rest of his cum. “You weren’t going to hire him, were you?”

“No.” he said laughing at me.

I just smiled, as I crawled out from under his desk. I leaned back down onto his desk again and said, “So is there anything else you could use me for Sir?”

“No Venessa. I am perfect. Thank you.” He said adjusting his pants and smiling at me.

“Yes, you are Sir. Enjoy your lunch.” I said as I walked away. I gave the most seductive catwalk all the way to the door and gave him a look as I closed the door.

I can’t wait to see what we do next.