Oh No, That’s My Husband !

Mike and Diana had been married a long time and the candle had blown out. Life was routine and love and lust were suspended at best. They followed a pattern. Monday to Friday, home from work, something to eat, dishes in the washer and then they separated to their own rooms, Diana to what had originally been her sewing and craft room and Mike to his home office. There they both went onto the internet.

Diana had started just looking round through boredom, then the internet being what it was she saw sites for pornography and from curiosity had a look. Many were gross and not to her taste at all but she found lesbian action very interesting. She watched two women and saw their skill and gentleness and sighed. She had seen other rougher videos which were not of interest but she found she kept coming back to gentle woman to woman lovemaking.

Mike, unknown to Diana, had followed a very similar path, look at the football, read online newspapers and he kept seeing things on there to draw him towards porn. The guys at work would often discuss various sites that they liked and Mike stored the information up until he was back home. One of the guys liked big tits, but the appeal missed Mike, another younger chap watched cougars, but again Mike couldn’t relate to that. On all the sites were gay sections and initially he missed those out but was always aware. One evening he thought he might just have a look………

Diana was well into this gentle lesbian scene and kept searching until she had seen a considerable number of such videos, she particularly liked when the women showed each other affection, not just sex. It came to her one day that she would like some of that. She had never considered other women before and in her mind she ran through her friends and her work mates. Three of them became prominent in Diana’s thoughts and bath time pleasuring, but she had no idea how to ask, or who to ask. She decided to talk to one of the three, but in a very round about way. Gill and Diana worked together, they looked similar but sort of a family member likeness rather than spitting images.

Diana and Gill sat down for lunch one day and Diana was bemoaning the fact that Mike didn’t say much to her and how she spent most of her evenings looking through the internet. Gill sympathised with her, saying she was in a similar situation with her husband, who Diana had never met and whose name she couldn’t remember, so it seemed Gill never talked about him. Diana then started asking questions, what did Gill look at on the internet. They fenced round the obvious ones like Facebook and at last Diana saw a chink of light. Gill hinted at the fact she looked at porn, no direct admission but the merest hint. Diana went for bust. She confessed that she looked at particular sites which showed love making. The words porn, lesbian, bi, curious or girl on girl never entered the conversation. The end of lunch sent them back to work with thoughts running through their minds.

Mike had found gay sites to be perfect for him, all those glistening bodies, fit men, yes that was him, at least in his mind not in the mirror. Many hours of watching led him onto the obvious next step. He wondered how a man… you know. No man he knew was gay, obviously. Mike was also not gay, but still……..he wondered. The he saw an ad on a gay site showing a dating site for gay men. Oh really what a coincidence. He had a look at the site and was drawn to it, but he had to pay to join. A lot of thought had to go into that, if he paid he was crossing a line, because you could not really spend that money and get nothing in return, could you. It was like having a gym membership and not go… no one would do that!

Mike paid his membership and set up his profile, only lying a little bit, OK a lot. He was a bi-curious man wanting to meet another man to show him the ropes, then he realised that might mean bondage so he changed it. He also stated his address to be the nearest big town, because obviously there would be no gay men where he lived.

Mike submitted the profile and waited.

A couple of days after their first chat about “the thing they were not chatting about”, Gill and Diana had lunch together again.

“Di, you know you were taking about the internet a couple of days ago?” Di nodded, her heartbeat having risen alarmingly.

“What sites are you looking at, because I like romance and lovemaking and would quite like to see something like that. As you may have found out a lot of the internet is prurient smut, which of course I would never look at.”

Two faced lies but one must be discrete, you know. Diana, thought very quickly, having though of nothing else but this moment for weeks.

“Why don’t we have a girly evening and I can cook and we can chat and watch odd bits, so you can get a feel for it” (and unsaid, I can get a feel for you).

“OK, what is best for you?”

“Well Mike works Saturdays so you could come to lunch.”

Diana’s offer was a throw away idea that was her best hope and her last hope.

Gill looked and there was a slight flush to her cheeks. “That would work, he doesn’t really give a toss, so I can leave him to it. Just casual, nothing fancy.”

So they agreed the coming Saturday and spent the next three days physically and mentally going through their underwear draws, just in case…….

Mike had almost given up. He had suggestions from London, Cardiff, a sailor from Portsmouth but nothing that was near or that attracted him. He was looking for a fit healthy man and he seemed to have nothing but pot bellies and wrinkly cocks to look at.Finally one evening it arrived, contact from a man, called Richard, who amazingly lived in the same town as he pretended to live in. The photo looked OK, the chap could spell and wasn’t simply interested if he was a top or a bottom, which Mike had to look up previously. So a simple “hello” email, within three evenings the emails were how deep can you take it, what position, do you fancy it outdoors. Escalation and excitement. They agreed to meet, just for a drink, you understand. Mike could take Saturday off and would not need to make up an excuse for Diana.

Saturday came.

Four people almost sick with excitement, all pretending no such thing was happening.

Gill arrived, Diana had set the table simple lunch a bottle of white wine. Nice dress, lacy bra and knickers, almost decided on garters and stockings but decided it was a bit too much so settled for hold ups, and her favourite rather fancy scandals with a heel. Not of course was she expecting anything to happen. Gill arrived, very nice top, just a hint of lacy bra coming through, summery skirt which wrapped around, no fastenings down the side, bare legs and high heels. Hugs, kisses on the cheek and much “you look lovely”. You could have cut the tension with a knife. Gill had driven which Diana had not considered so she only had a half a glass of wine with soda. By the time Diana had poured her own drink, Gills had gone. “Sorry I was thirsty” (or terrified).

They decided to sit on the sofa and have nibble and drinks, chatting for a couple of minutes to pretend and then Diana touched the computer pad. Well surprise, surprise straight to her favourite site. Well what do you know. She set the first video in motion, then she thought are these actually called videos then she didn’t give a shit as two women about their ages started undressing each other. Within one minute they had shuffled so that their legs touched, then Gill’s hand rested on Diana’s knee. Diana jiggled her skirt so the skirt rose higher and the bottoms of her hold up tops began to show. As they followed the action, Gill’s hand kept rising. Diana had put her arm along the back of the sofa, and then by accident fell on Gill’s shoulders and her fingers by accident got caught up in Gills hair At the climax of the video Gill turned her face to Diana and they kissed.

When they realised what they had done they immediately panicked but then the need caught up and faces were mashed together into a kissing frenzy. The flood gates had opened. All the thought and beautiful dressing were wasted, clothes were almost ripped off and passion took hold. Watching the site had helped a lot with their education, gentle touches, frantic grabs, soft lips, hard lips, sucking, squeezing, licking, touching and Gill came first. Diana watched in wonderment. When Gill came back to earth she immediately fell to the floor and plunged her mouth into Diana’s clit and fingers into her vagina. Diana’s orgasm was harder, deeper, stronger and longer than anything she had ever experienced before. When she recovered she said nothing, simply took Gill’s hand and led her upstairs.

Mike felt a bit of a fool standing looking at a Telegraph, not his type of paper at all. A man sat down beside him at the bar.

“Hello Mike, I am Richard.”

They had both driven 30 miles to this pub even though they only lived 5 miles apart. Mike had worn his Muppet boxers that Diana had bought him last Christmas and he knew that they were wet. He tried to keep his voice quiet and soft, didn’t want anyone to hear their conversation, but the pub was fairly noisy and they could probably have shouted without drawing attention. What does a man do when he meets another man?

“Would you like a drink Richard?”

So they settled into a man conversation, skirting around married, both yes, work sketchy details, football and rugby, sports played, sports watched, cars. The usual. Only one drink, both driving. Richard suggested that Mike would like to see the view from the car park at the top of the hill. Mike readily agreed assuming it to be a fantastic landscape (like hell he did). Richard drove and Mike sat in the passenger seat. Richard parked in a way which suggested he might have been here before. Basically no one could see below their heads unless they got really close. Richard swiveled round in his seat and unzipped his flies, taking out his cock. Mike had a heart attack, theory had now become practice. Mike stretched out to touch and Richard held his arm, bringing his upper body nearer. Mike then understood. He bent his head down onto Richard’s lap. He was in panic mode, was he really going to do this? Richard made the decision for him. Cock thrust forward, hand behind Mike’s head. Mike had crossed another line.Within ten minutes of mastering the techniques, he receive a mouthful of semen which he duly swallowed. Richard then told him to change position and five minutes after Richard had swapped bodily fluids. Mike apologies for shooting too soon, but Richard understood the excitement, he had been there once himself. Richard then took Mike one step beyond, he kissed him. This felt more shocking to Mike than the two blow jobs, somehow more intimate.

Then they drove back to the pub car park agreed another date and got ready to leave. Mike was on cloud nine. He started to drive home but remembered he was meant to be at work, so drove into town and drank three coffees he didn’t want.

The two affairs continued and developed into routine liaisons. Richard and Mike had eventually told each other who they were and were they lived but left any discussion of wives out of it. After a month Richard asked Mike if he would like to have dinner with him somewhere out of the way, and was it possible for Mike to think of a reason to not go home that night. He would and he could and he created a cock and bull story for Diana. She was secretly delighted but hid it well.

Within twenty minutes she was on the phone to Gill telling her and asking if she could get away and spend the evening or even possibly the night, with Diana. At work the next day Gill was thrilled to tell Diana that not only could she spend the evening she could stay overnight as well. Seventh heaven for both of them.

Come the day come the woman. Gill arrived and told Diana that she had booked dinner for them at a place she knew a bit away but not too far to drive. They had never been out together and this was Gill’s way of stating her position with Diana.

Gill offered to drive as she knew where she was going. They laughed, chatted, Diana snuggled as best she could, Gill used a couple of spare fingers inside Diana and they arrived at a country house hotel. They had a drink from the bar and sat in an out of the way snug bar.

At their appointed time they walked arm in arm into the restaurant stepped through the doorway and simultaneously said. “Oh No, that’s my husband.”