I journey to the mountains of North Carolina to find myself and to decide if I want to give up bestiality

I stood looking over the steep overhang. It was
absolutely gorgeous. The valley below opened up into a
serene landscape of greens and blues. The latter was
the creek, issuing from a beautiful waterfall,
cascading from the rocks half a mile to my left. It
wasn’t large by any means, but its beauty at that
moment stole a beat from my heart.

I couldn’t breathe. The sheer cliff beneath me dropped
several hundred feet straight down before sloping off.
I had a sudden flutter of disorientation and stepped
back. I disturbed a few pebbles in doing so, and they
tumbled over the ledge. I dared not look but I could
imagine them falling; the subtle cracking sounds as
they bounced off the rock face below.

I sat back own, hands clasped around my knees. The sun
was nearly overhead, and I was starting to sweat again.
The hike up here had exerted me enough, but now my
blood was boiling under the warmth of midday sun. My
white blouse clung to my breasts and I was at once glad
I had worn a sports bra beneath it. I had taken my
shoes off, wrung the sweat and water from my socks, and
placed them on the rocks to dry. I was distinctly aware
of the rocks as they began to warm beneath my bare

My name is Megan, and this was to be my escape. For any
interested, I’m 30, divorced, shoulder length brown
hair and small perky breasts. (32b cup if you care to
know) and yes, I’m shaved. I’m very minded sexually,
however my husband wasn’t and the boredom contributed
to our divorce. It wasn’t really nasty I don’t guess.
We had our fights, yes, but it was a blessing in
disguise I suppose. I kept my few belongings. He got
the dog and the house. I kept my sanity.

The past few months, I have struggled with some of my
own perverse kinks I guess you can say. I struggled
with an inner battle of guilt. You see, I am a
zoophile, and I’ve always felt it was somehow wrong.
Ashamed afterwards mostly. I mean no one ever got hurt.
Not the dogs. They craved it. So did I. I was their
bitch, in the true sense of the word. It felt right in
so many ways also. To be taken in the most primal way.
Submitting to them felt so good. My conflict was
tearing me apart. Which is why I decided to take some
time off and find myself.

I had been up here in the mountains of North Carolina
for the weekend. A friend had let me spend the weekend
in his cabin. I was thinking of spending longer though,
and get my head together. Find out what I wanted.

I had seen several rattlesnakes, but they weren’t
hostile and I left them plenty of room. Other than
that, I hadn’t seen much wildlife other than the
occasional mischievous squirrel or the state bird, the
North Carolina Mosquito. I was enjoying the simple
solace of nature. I thought about why I came up here.
Perhaps that was my problem. Maybe I thought too much
into stuff. It was different when I simply gave in to
my sexual impulses.

I slipped my socks and shoes on and took one last
glance out over the canyon. I hiked back down to the
car and drove back to the cabin. I took a long bath and
thought some more. I let my fingers drift over my
breasts squeezing it as I tugged on the nipple. I
traced down my belly and over the outer lips of my sex.
I ran my fingers along my slit and thought of naughty
things. Of being fucked proper by a large dog,
fantasized of being taken right here in the woods,
ravaged over and over again by a pack of wild wolves. I
know it sounds awful, but I couldn’t work past it. I
was a zoophile.

I brought myself off several times in the tub, got
dressed and went back into town. I was unfamiliar with
town and started asking around. I found the animal
shelter, a pitiful concrete shed with kennels inside. I
walked along, looking at the shabby, skinny dogs to
either side and felt sorry I couldn’t take them all
with me.

That’s when I saw him. A German Shepherd. He was
healthy looking, well fed. My eyes drifted to his belly
where I saw his sheathe. It looked fairly large. I told
the guy I wanted him for security. I wasn’t really
lying. I lived alone. Large dog like that was
intimidating. So that was that, and soon I found myself
driving back to the cabin with this big smelly dog in
the back seat. My crotch was all ready wet.

I took him inside and locked the doors, shut the
blinds, and took him to the bathroom. He jumped right
in the tub and cocked his head when I started
undressing. I got in the tub too, and scrubbed him. He
was very calm, letting me scrub and wash him. He licked
my neck. Long tongue stretching over my skin sent
shudders down my side.

It wasn’t sexual for him, just a sign of affection. I
scrubbed his back and watched the water turn black from
dirt. I kept scrubbing, my hand crept around and
scratched his belly. He responded by stiffening his
chest, and I rubbed his sheath. He arched his back and
turned and licked his cock, barely sticking out from
the sheathe. I laughed and continued washing him.
Afterwards I dried him off and I remained naked for him
getting on all fours and crawling to the living room.

He followed intently, licking my ass, then my cunny and
asshole. I arched and wriggled my ass for him and that
was all it took. Some dogs I’ve found are natural
lovers. They need little encouragement. Others don’t
seem to get it no matter what you do. But this dog, I
hadn’t even named him yet, he mounted me immediately,
gripping my hips, and dry humping me. I shifted a
little and then “Ouch!” His bony cock was hitting that
sensitive area between cunny and ass. I reached
underneath me and back and grasped him and guided him
inside me. He immediately started fucking me really
hard. You could hear the meaty packing sounds every
time he bottomed out inside me. I could feel his
welling growth in me as he fucked me.

Then he was off me, pawing me, mounting again, slipping
inside me easily this time, gripping my tiny waist and
fucking me so hard again. I moaned aloud, fingers
digging into carpet, humping back like a woman gone
mad. I was cumming hard. Needed it, if only this one
last time. This would be it for me. One last long good
experience and then quit cold turkey.

And good it was. My toes curled behind me as I came,
could feel the hot spurts as he came in me throbbing in
me. He didn’t knot although it was a good size, and
pulled from me. I had welts along my sides from his
claws. That was ok. Worth it. Love marks I called them.
He came back mounted me again. Fucking me so hard
gripping me tight. The sensation of fur on my back and
his hard cock inside me so deep in me, driving his knot
inside me. I flexed my pc muscles and held him as he
fucked back and forth cumming in me still. I lay on my
shoulders and reached back and held his hind legs to
hold him to me.

I closed my eyes and kept cumming. Grinding back
against him. Lodged in me. Warm dog cum trickled out
and down my belly tickling as it went. I was starting
to sweat under him, my skin glistening. A few minutes
later, he slipped from me, and I squeezed my muscles
and tried to hold his cum in me. Some trickled from me
anyway, adding to the mix of saliva and sweat on my
inner thighs.

He circled me, I remained on all fours for him, petting
him. I followed him as he sat down, cock shrunken but
still extended from his sheathe, and as he laid down I
rubbed his chest and took his red pointy cock in my
mouth. This was a weird sensation for him and he got up
and circled me again. My hand was on his sheathe. I
wanted more and so did he.

He mounted me yet again, slipping easily this time
inside my sloppy cunt. He fucked me hard but not with
near the intensity as the first two times. He slipped
from me and I grabbed his cock, spurting over my hand
and brought it behind his hind legs and took him in my
mouth. He was spurting down my throat and whimpering. I
swirled my tongue around his cock, bobbing my head back
and forth over him, hand around the base of his cock
holding him still. I felt it splash over the back of my
throat and I gagged. Mixed with spit, it trickled down
the corner of my mouth and down my chin. He walked
around panting cock still spurting.

I crawled over to the couch still wiggling my ass,
hungry for more. He came over and started licking me.
Licking his own cum and a mix of mine out of me. Licked
me all over the way dogs do. It felt so wonderful, long
tongue snaking inside me, folding, bending inside me.
He licked me to several explosive orgasms. I shoved my
head into the pillow on the couch and screamed. He
stopped and cocked his head at me.

I was still shaking when I grabbed him and held him to
me. He was still slightly wet from the bath and he
smelled so good of soap. He licked my face and I turned
toward him, mouth open and it tickled as his tongue
raked the roof of my mouth in an intimate kiss. Call me
weird. I’ll fuck a dog, but kissing one always seemed
so nasty. But this, well, I call it dizzy cunt logic. I
was lost in the moment.

A moment later I was straddled him, he was still
sitting up, which was weird and new to me. I stroked
his sheathe, and pulled it back over the knot at the
base and guided him into me, still on my tiptoes, and
held him to me, fucking him rather than the opposite.
It wasn’t as strong or as powerful but it was slow and
intimate, something I never associated with dogs. He
was uncomfortable however and so I slipped off him, and
put my ass on the edge of the couch.

I patted my belly and he seemed to understand. He
reared up between my legs and I guided him inside me
once more. He could not fuck me as well this way, but I
wrapped my legs around him hooking my ankles together
as I rolled my hips to meet him. Soon he was swelling
once more inside me.

I don’t know if it was because he wasn’t nearly as big
as before, or the fact I was so well fucked and
lubricated that his knot slid inside me but did not
tie. It passed in and out of me as I guided him hand
around the base, fucking myself with this huge doggy
cock. I came hard, shaking as he came inside me as
well. He licked my breasts wildly as he came inside me.
I hooked my legs tighter around him, squeezing him. He
let out a yelp and until then I hadn’t realized how
hard I had been squeezing.

He pulled from me. I was sweaty and shaking. My inner
thighs trembled. He was still cumming, cock laid across
my belly, spraying my bare torso; belly and breasts to
my neck. I rubbed behind his ears. He licked his cum
off my chest. I rubbed the remainder into my skin.

He lay next to me, and I draped a leg over him. I
remained naked, and he intently watched TV with me. A
few hours after our first session, he was eager to go
again and so was I. I lay on my back on the floor and
he circled me pawing as dogs often do. I rubbed his
sheathe with my foot, but in reality, although his red
cock came inching out, it wasn’t the best position. My
leg started to cramp. I patted the couch.

He eagerly jumped onto the couch. Sitting, his cock
jutted out. I lay back again, me on the floor, him
sitting on the couch, and placed a foot to either side
of him, jerking him with my feet. He started to stand,
but stopped partially crouching. Now for those of you
who are new to my kinks, I have sensitive feet and love
doing things like foot jobs and having my feet massaged
and licked. I know its weird and probably most of it in
my head, but ‘strange’ is ‘normal’ for zoophiles I

He started humping crouched, fucking my feet. Warm dog
juice spurted along my foot and up my legs. “You like
that boy? You like fucking mommy’s feet?” I whispered.
He kept humping, I took one foot and placed between his
cock and his belly and rubbed along the length with the
other. That must have felt good because he started
really fucking my feet. He was spraying everywhere.

He stopped, standing up and licking my dog cum covered
feet. His warm tongue licked between my toes, over the
balls of my feet, soles, everywhere. I bit my lip and
rubbed my clit, sliding thee fingers inside my wet
hole. Then he was off the couch again, pawing me. I
rolled onto hands and knees and he wasted little time.
He took a few quick licks of my rump and then he was on
me, in me, fucking me like some crazed animal. I could
feel him pulse and throb and cum in me. His knot
swelled inside me, and I held him there. He went still
on my back and I was sweating again, hair matted to my

He remained in me for a while and I started to think of
new stories to write, and thought of “Raped by Wolves”
while I sat there. This large dog on my back. The
sensation of fur on my back and cock twitching inside
me. Hot breath on my neck. I bit my lip and grind my
hips against him.

How can I leave this behind? Why, after the sexual high
fades, do I feel so bad with myself? When this feels so
good. So right. My cunny hurt. By this time we had
fucked numerous times. My skin was covered in dog cum,
saliva, and sweat. I could feel it squishy between my
toes. I still held him in me, but my stomach was
starting to really hurt. I had scratches along my
sides. He finally deflated enough he slid from me, warm
torrent of dog cum spilled from me, pooling on the
floor. The air smelled of our sex. I could smell my own
sex and a smell that I can describe as only dog. Those
of you familiar with dog sex know what I mean.

I felt nasty and loved it. My last day of fun. He came
behind me and licked my ass and cunny clean again. I
bit my lip and enjoyed the feeling.

After, I dressed, still full of dog cum. I could feel
it some time later leaking from me. The dog, who I
never could name, followed me everywhere. He continued
to lap at my legs. I would take him several more times
that night and that was that. My friend that owned the
cabin took the dog. So it’s not like if I change my
mind, I can’t at least see him. But my days as a
zoophile in real life are over.

I will continue to write though, albeit just fantasy.
This has been a true story yes, but I always embellish
a little. If you wish to contact me feel free. I’d love
to get feedback and also love to hear ideas. Thank you

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  1. Hi Megan,
    Love your story and your honesty. I do think you need a man in your life as well as canine lover. You need to have some normalcy. Having the right man that understands your needs. Who will love you for who you are and not try to change you. Who will help you understand who you really are and why there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. There are plenty of woman that have the same feelings you do before and after having a K9 lover make you his bitch. There’s so many other kinks out there that make this seem more normal then you know. Would love to chat with you more if iyour nterested. Stay positive and things happen for a reason.

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