Lesbian Allison’s Diary

June 16: Dearest Diary, I’m so sorry to have been
neglecting you lately. I’ve just been so busy,
That’s all, what with finding an apartment and
a job and moving and all, I just haven’t had time
to do anything else. Wow, is St. Louis ever
bigger and more hectic than down home in Paducah!
But I’m starting to find my way easier now, and
my new job looks like it’s going to be real neat,
so I think it’s going to be a fun summer and I’ll
be all settled in when design school starts next

June 17: Well I started my new job today, Diary. I’m
working in a Jiffy Print photo shop over near the
airport Lambert Field. I know it’s just a small
start for an aspiring fashion photographer, but
still, a girl has got to eat and I will get a
chance to learn some things about photography.
Today I started right off learning how to run the
printing machine. That’s the gadget that makes
the pictures out of the customer’s negativest’s a
lot of fun to work because I get to see all of
the pictures as they come through the machine.
With us located so near the airport, a lot of
customers drop off their vacation pictures for
processing on their way home. Oh, I hope I can
go to some of those exotic and romantic places

I almost forgot to tell you about my boss.
Actually, it’s bosses, because the shop is owned
by a set of brother-sister twins, Robert and
Robyn. They’re both just super, really good
looking an super nice. Robert’s about 6 foot
tall, a real hunk with wavy brown hair, and
Robyn is a real cute brunette,with a petite and
very sensuous looking figure. It’s really
amazing that they’ve managed to open their own
business while they’re so young.

June 24: Worked all day today at the print machine.
Robert is so helpful, it seems like he spent
almost all day leaning over my shoulder helping
me adjust the machine. Of course, it might have
been the low-cut sundress that as wearing that
held his attention so long. I noticed that he
kept looking down my top when he thought I
wouldn’t notice. Not that I mind if he sneaks
a look…he’s so very sexy and good looking and
it excites me to have somebody I like admire my
boobies. I even made it a point to lean forward
and hunch my shoulders a lot, just so I would
make the bodice of my dress fall away from my
chest and he could get a good view, all the way
down to my nipples. I was starting to get really
turned on; I think he noticed that my nipples
were erect and that I was rhythmically squeezing
my thighs together under the desk.

July 8: Whew! Today has been quite a day, dear Diary,
quite a day indeed! I think everybody in the
whole world was out taking snapshots over the
holiday weekend. We’ve been processing tons of
pictures of picnics and water-skiers and the
like. Late in the day, though, a batch of prints
came through that were just out-of-sight! At
first, I thought is just another boring backyard
barbecue but then I noticed that most of the
people were completely naked, not even a
bathing suit or anything. I was so entranced
that I couldn’t take my eyes away from those
prints sliding by for even a moment, not that I
wanted to! There were a lot of pictures, and it
looked like as the party progressed toward
evening, the guests split off and got friendlier
and friendlier with each other, kissing and

The last several rolls were taken with a flash
after dark and by then the party had turned
into a full blown orgy. There were pictures of
couples kissing, sucking and fucking each other;
pictures of threesomes with two girls sitting on
a guy, his cock up inside one of them while the
other girl squatted on his mouth where he could
lick her pussy, the two girls kissing each other
and sucking each other’s tits. There were even
some amazing photos of a whole group of women,
all tangled together like fishing worms in a tin
can, kissing and licking their pussies and
sucking each other’s tits. My crotch was getting
wetter and wetter watching those prints come out.

I was so turned on I thought I would go crazy
if I didn’t do something. I looked around to
make sure no one could see, shoved the last few
stacks of prints into my pocket and quickly went
into the bathroom. Locking the door, I took off
my dress so that I could be completely naked and
I spread it out on the floor in front of the
toilet. Spreading all those beautiful pictures
out in front of me, I sat down on my dress and
spread my legs wide. My eyes were jumping from
one hot photo to the next as I caressed my tits
and my throbbing, swollen clit. I was so wet and
slippery down there between my legs that my
fingers were making squishing noises with every
back and forth motion. I felt so deliciously
slutty, sitting there naked on the floor of the
john with my white dress all spread out under me,
those wonderful pornographic pictures around me.

My hand in my crotch was whipping my cunt juices
into a white foam that soaked my pussy hair. I’d
pick up a snapshot and gaze hypnotized at it,
imagining that I was one of the girls in the
picture, letting my hands do to me whatever I saw
happening to that girl. My nipples were so hard
that they hurt, so to soothe them Itook each one
in my mouth in turn and suckled it, drawing my
nipple deep into my mouth, pulling and licking it
just like a hungry baby. Each suck on a nibble
was like jerking on a wire fastened to my
inflamed clit. One picture of two girls sucking
each other’s tits got me so turned on that I
actually bit my right nipple in passion.

Finally I couldn’t take it any more, I just had
to make myself cum. I nursed violently on my
left nipple while I spread my cunt lips wide with
the fingers of my left hand and plunged three
fingers of my right in and out of my vagina just
as fast as I could. My breast muffled my groans
as I came, pussy juices gushing over my fingers.
As I kept climaxing, over and over again, I kept
dipping my hand into my pussy and lifting it to
my mouth, slurping up the sweet juices from my
fingers. When I recovered enough to come back
out of the bathroom Robyn was looking at me very
strangely. It seems that Mr. Bannerman, the
customer whose prints I had been drooling over–
and still had in my pocket — had come in for his
pictures while I was in the bathroom. Robyn had
been very perplexed when she couldn’t find the
last few rolls of his order. She seemed even
more curious when I produced the missing pictures
from my pockets. She didn’t get angry or
anything though. She just put the pictures in
their envelope, gave me a funny quick hug and a
wink, and went back to her paperwork.

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