Mama was always on her knees

“Well, you picked her. If you release her, I will take her
place. If I give my word, I would have to follow through.”

“A noble Christian gesture, Annabelle. I would expect that from
you. You get more desirable every minute. I’ll pass that along
to Catherine when I’m finished fucking her…well, actually,
she’s fucking me. She’ll be proud, I’m sure. Unfortunately, I
could not risk being set up. This will have to do, but I will
call you regularly. I will have you in spirit if not in fact.
Your daughter can serve as your surrogate when we talk. I wish
you had a boy that could bring you as much pleasure as Catherine
is bringing me. I think it would be great if you were getting
sex, too. There must be a way.”

“Are you suggesting I take a lover–a boy lover, perhaps?”

“Yes, Annabelle, someone other than your husband to fuck you. It
doesn’t need to be a boy, but I’d want you to have a virile young
stud if you can’t have me. Oh, well, that would be tempting the
Lord’s willingness to forgive.”

“God’s willingness to forgive knows no bounds, John.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t jeopardize your Christian standing if
I were to order you to find a boy lover.”

“To save my daughter’s soul, nothing would be too great a
sacrifice. I offered to become your whore in order to save her
soul. Taking a lover to humor you would be no greater

“I don’t know, Annabelle.”

“John, I know my Bible. You let me worry about protecting my
faith. What were you going to say?”

“I don’t know, Annabelle. I think that might be pushing you too
hard. I don’t want to jeopardize our phone relationship.”

“Now, you listen to me, John Cunnylicker; there is nothing you
can say or demand that will make me give up on my daughter,
nothing. Now, what were you going to say?”

“All right. If you’re sure. Surely you have a youthful admirer
that would jump at the chance to fuck you? He’d be serving the
Lord, in a way.”

“Well…In truth, there is a young man who seems interested, but
he will not serve the lord. He’s one of your flock.”

“Even better. What better choice could there be for my surrogate
than one of my own brethren? Do you think he’d be interested?
Could you lure this lad to your bed?”

“If I were ordered to do so, to humor you, to save my daughter’s
soul I could. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance.”

“Consider it an order. I will call you back on the sabbath, same
time. See that the job is done by then. If he is satisfactory,
make him your steady lover. If not, find another, but make your
selection by Sunday. Deny him nothing. We will get together on
the telephone every Sunday at this time until I release
Catherine. That is your order, Annabelle.”

“Very well, if I must.”

“Do you anticipate any problem seducing this lad?”

“No, but I have no experience seducing young men or any man.
Earl is the only man I’ve known in the biblical sense.”

“Say that again, but use the filthy terms. No more clean
language for you, Annabelle. Catherine’s ass will suffer your

“It won’t happen again. I meant to say, Earl is the only man
I’ve ever fucked. Is that more to your liking?” Catherine
squeezed her legs together and rubbed her clit furiously, biting
her lip to keep from crying out.

“Much better. The word fuck sounds good on your sweet holy lips,

“Fuck is a word that has never crossed these lips. I must
confess, it felt strange to form the words, fuck and fucked.”

“That was good that you remembered to confess your thought as it
occurred. You are, indeed, a woman of your word.”

“Actually, I was not aware I had to do that. I was simply
stating an observation.”

“Well, now you know.”

“In that case, then I must confess to liking the idea of seducing
the young man. I pictured him naked. I pictured his hard, naked
cock, fucking my pussy as yours is fucking my daughter’s at this
very moment. You are still fucking her, aren’t you?”

Catherine lost it. She bounced on John’s cock while holding a
hand clamped over her mouth. The other hand rode her clit
throughout her climax. John could not talk, either. Catherine’s
wild gyrations threatened to drive him over the edge, and he had
to count backward from one-hundred. Annabelle waited a few
seconds, then said, “Did you hear that? Why no comment?”

A few seconds more passed, then John said, “Sorry, I had to set
the phone down to loosen the bindings on Catherine’s legs. She
needs more freedom of movement to hump her cunt on my cock.”

“How nice for you. Did you hear what I said?

“Nothing after telling you to reveal your thoughts as they

“I said, ‘In that case, then I must confess to liking the idea of
seducing the young man. I pictured him naked. I pictured his
hard, naked cock, fucking my pussy as yours is fucking my
daughter’s.’ Or should I say, as my daughter’s pussy is fucking
your nine-inch cock? Does that please you?”

“Very much. Catherine wants an orgasm, and you have driven me to
want one as well. You are perceptive. I’m not fucking her; I’m
letting her freely fuck her cunt on my cock.”

“I was wondering how you two were positioned?”

“I am on my knees, between her legs. My cock is in her pussy and
she is doing all the work, humping her cunt on my dick, going
from the base to the tip. Sometimes, she gets carried away and
goes off too far. That’s the only time I have to touch my cock,
to put it back at her hole. If the line goes silent, that’s what
I’m doing.”

Catherine placed her hand over the mouth piece and whispered,
“Tell her that you just hold your cock steady, and I search for
it until I capture it with my cunt. Remember, I’m blindfolded.”

While Catherine whispered to John, Annabelle said, “I must
confess; that is a delightfully wicked image.”

“You needn’t preface every statement with I was thinking, or I
must confess, or I was wondering. Just speak your mind, the
confession is understood. You may be interested to know that I
don’t stick my cock in. I simply hold steady. Catherine has to
use her cunt to search blindly for the head of my dick before she
captures it with her pussy, then wiggles down the shaft. She’s
quite good at it.”

“I’m sure she is. My fingers are in my panties, John. I am
playing with my pussy. I am fingering my cunt, imagining my cunt
trying to capture that young man’s cock the way Catherine is
capturing yours. Make your cock slip out again, then describe
how she captures it. Describe Catherine’s pussy to me. I
haven’t seen it since she was a baby.”

John covered the mouth piece and said to Catherine, “Two down;
one to go.”

“Oh God, John. I never thought she’d be this easy. Please hang
up. Don’t push her any more. This isn’t fair. I need time to
come up with a strategy to counter yours.”

Annabelle said, “What’s taking so long?”

John smiled triumphantly to Catherine, then said, “Okay, it’s out
and I’m leaning back, making her stretch for it. I’m holding my
cock out of reach. She has to hold her cunt up so I can describe

Catherine cried out, “He’s lying, mother. I’d never do that.
I’m not moving. I can’t move. He’s just doing it to me, and I
hate it.”

John said, “As you might expect, she’s embarrassed by her
shameless behavior.”

“I’m sure. I believe you, John. I will ignore what she says.
Just go on. Tell me what her cunt looks like.”

“Beautiful, like yours, I’m sure. She’s very wet. Her cunt hole
is stretched open. Her clit is up and throbbing between her
puffy cunt lips.”

“I have puffy cunt lips. Describe her clit.”

“She has a long narrow clit when it gets erect as it is now, but
it hides between her lips when she stands with her feet together.
I’ve never seen a clit that has such a range. Right now, it is
sticking straight up, an inch out of her crack like a little boys

“Yes, that’s how mine is. Mine is up. I’m flicking my clit with
my finger. I took my clothes off. I’m sitting in a chair with
my legs hung over the arms. I love flicking my big clit. Is she
still trying to get her pussy hole over your big cock, John?”

“Yes. I let it move close enough for her to get her cunt over
the head. This drives her crazy. She wants it all.”

“Give it to her slowly, John. Torment her. Make her beg. I
want to hear her beg for your cock.”

John cupped the mouth piece and said to Catherine, “Go ahead and
beg after a while. We need to get her rocks off before I can
hang up. I won’t count this call. You’re right, this is too
easy. We’ll renegotiate the terms of the wager.”

Relief flooded over Catherine and she smiled. Annabelle said,
“Talk to me, John. Tell me what she’s doing.”

“I’m holding off with only half inside. She’s madly fucking
herself on that half. She’s straining for more.”

“Pull some out. That will drive her mad.”

“You were right. She looks like she’s ready to cry. She’s
begging me with her lips, but she doesn’t want you to hear.”

“Tell her she has to beg loudly, or you’ll pull out and jack

“Beg for it, bitch. Beg out loud so your mother can hear, or
I’ll pull out and jack off. You know I will, too. Hang on,
Annabelle. She’ll be begging very soon.”

“Pull out so that just the head is in.”

“Okay, I’m holding at the opening. She’s weakening. She’s
almost there. Give it up, Catherine. You know you can’t hold

Catherine cried out, “Please, put it in. Please!”

Annabelle, her voice filled with her excited passion, cried,
“Make her keep begging. Don’t give in too quickly.”

“I’m holding.”

Catherine cried, “Please, I’m begging. I’m begging loud. She
can hear me begging. Why won’t you put your thing in me? What
do you want me to say?”

Annabelle said, “Make her use filthy words when she begs.”

John said, “Use the words I taught you, Catherine.”

“Please fuck my pussy. Put your cock in my cunt, I beg you.
Fuck my cunt, Reverend. I want your cock in my pussy, all the
way in my pussy. Let me fuck my horny cunt on your beautiful big
cock. I want your sperm in my fertile womb, Reverend. I want
your baby. Fuck a baby in my pussy, Reverend.”

Annabelle cried out in her orgasm, “Yes, John, fuck her. Give
her your cock. She wants it, John. She wants your virile seed.
Give her what she wants; give her the fruit of your loins. Fuck
a baby in her. Pour your sperm into her unprotected womb. Make
my daughter pregnant, if that’s what she wants.”

John and Catherine came together and made the appropriate noises
for Annabelle’s benefit. When all were calm, John said, “Well,
Annabelle, did you have fun?”

“Yes, I did. I gave myself a climax. I enjoyed that immensely,
but that is a confession as to your conditions. I hope I humored
you to your satisfaction.”

“You did. Would you like to speak with Catherine? I don’t think
she wants to speak to you. She’s rather embarrassed.”

“She should be. Yes, put her on, and I want you to listen.”

“Mother, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“I understand, baby. Look, you must humor John, as must I. I’m
sure you heard everything he said to me, so you must understand
why I am cooperating. You must cooperate as well. You needn’t
be ashamed, but you did lie to me. You were a willing
participant in this act. You committed a mortal sin. If you
were to die before you properly repent, your soul would be
condemned to Hell. You can earn forgiveness after your release,
but you’ll never get that chance if you don’t get released. In
the mean time, Catherine, you must sin to survive. I know that,
and God knows that. When you are no longer living in sin, He
will forgive you, and I will too. I’m not doing anything I need
forgiveness for, you understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mother. You’re just humoring him to save my soul.”

“That’s right, and I will continue to do so in the future. You
do as he says. You have no choice. Don’t give him cause to hurt
or kill you. Don’t try to run away. Serve him until he releases
you. No one will be looking for you. I will not report this.
No one must know. No one will ever know. I’ll think of a
suitable story to tell everyone.”

“Mother, you could say I met a missionary preacher and received a

“Yes, that’s good. Yes, that’s very good. That’s exactly what
I’ll tell everyone. Promise me you won’t try to escape or alert
the authorities. Swear to it, Catherine. Swear in the name of

“I swear in the name of Jesus, I will not try to escape, and I
will serve the Reverend John Cunnylicker as my master until he
sees fit to release me.”

“Very good, Catherine. This is the best way to ensure that you
return safely and can earn forgiveness. You see that, don’t

“Yes mother.”

“Good, put the reverend back on.”

“The Reverend John Cunnylicker at your service, Madam.”

“I must confess, I do like the sound of that. Sorry about the
preface. I know that’s not necessary. Well, are you pleased
with what I told her?”

“Pleased as punch. Now, I can let her free and know she’ll be
there when I return.”

“She will be. You need not fear that, and there will be no
report made to anyone. I swear that in Jesus’ name. Did it turn
you on to hear me say those things to her?”

“You know it did.”

“I’m glad I pleased you. That’s the same as humoring. That
means I’m doing my duty. This might please you even more. I
want her to serve you as your sex slave. I want her to be a
good, obedient sex slave. If she returns before you release her,
I will see to it that she goes back to fulfill her obligation to
you. I will do that, John. I will even deliver her to you,
naked, if that is your wish. If you’d like, maybe I should tell
her that. We need to insure that she won’t run off.”

“It can’t hurt. Catherine, your mother wants to add something.”

“Yes, Mother, I’m listening.”

“Catherine, I just want to tell you that if you run away from the
reverend after I gave my word that you’d remain his sex slave
until he releases you, I will be obligated to return you to him.
I will, too. I would have no choice. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mother. I won’t run away, I promise. I know you keep your
word, and you gave your word in order to save my immortal soul.”

“It will be better for you this way. You won’t need to be tied
up all the time. I am only thinking of your well being. One
thing more, Catherine, you are a sex slave. You can deny him
nothing. Your body is his to do with as he pleases. I promised
him you would serve him well, as a sex slave. I don’t want to
get a bad report from him when he calls. I gave my word that you
would willingly serve his every sexual need, and you must see
that my word is my bond.”

“I won’t let you down, Mother. I promise, I will be a very good
sex slave for the reverend if that’s what you want.”

“That is what I want, now put him back on.”

“The Rev…”

“I know–at my service. Well, that should seal her fate nicely,
wouldn’t you agree?”

“You did very good, Annabelle. I am falling in love with you.”

“Flatterer. I was surprised how easily she accepted the things I
told her. Did it excite you hearing me tell, no, order my
daughter to serve you as a sex slave, and to be a good one, to
freely give her body to you?”

“Absolutely. You gave me another hardon.”

“We need to take care of it, then. I need to confess something
to you that should turn you on even more. Catherine can’t hear
this, can she?”

“Wait, let me put a pillow over her head. I’m sure she can’t
hear, now. What is it?”

“I have confessed this sin to God and received his forgiveness,
but I knew you’d never ask, and I thought you should know. On
the train, when you met Catherine, when you ogled her body and
licked your lips, I knew your intentions were to rape her. I
knew from the start that you were not a preacher. You made it
perfectly clear what you were going to do–strip her and beat
her, then fuck her. I knew that before the last all-aboard call.
I knew I would give you anything you asked for, even though I
could see you were making things difficult on me. I handed her
to you on a silver platter and played with my pussy all the way
home thinking about the rape scene.”

“I knew that you knew. How could you not after I pulled her ass
into my hardon and gave it a slow grind right in front of you. I
was pressing my luck by pressing my cock between the cheeks of
her ass. I was following my hunch. That’s why I had to call and
thank you. I have never received such a valuable gift. I get
hard just remembering how you said, ‘total and unrestricted
authority to guide and discipline as the reverend sees fit, even
on your naked skin.’ See, I memorized it. Why didn’t you just
say, ‘Please make my daughter your sex slave?'”

“Because I never imagined this. I just thought you’d rape her
and flee. John, I thought you might very well kill her after
subjecting her to the most fiendish tortures. I figured her body
would end up in a ditch or a swamp, cut up in pieces. Still, I
gave her to you, then masturbated to the images of her torture,
rape, and slow murder.”

Catherine’s face fell. She turned deathly white. John said,
“You are full of surprises, Annabelle.”

“I suffered terrible guilt and worry after I got home. I’ve been
praying ever since. I was praying when you called. You exert a
power over me that is frightening. When I heard your voice, my
clit stood right up. You draw great power from Satan, John. If
it weren’t for my faith, I’d be doomed. If you had told me on
the train to surrender her to you as your sex slave, I am certain
I would have. If you had required that I strip her, I would
have. That’s the power of Satan working through you, John. I’m
sure that pleases you as it pleases me that God’s holy spirit
sometimes works through me. I just thought you should know.”

“I’m glad you shared that, but I was well aware. The more
righteous my victim, the more power I can exert. The devil sees
that I get what power I need. You had no chance.”

“Yes, I see that now. John, another wicked thought just popped
into my head. It is so wicked, it must have been placed there by
Satan himself.”

“I’m listening.”

“I can’t. No, it’s too…but…I suppose I have no choice, do

“No, you don’t, now out with it.”

“Well, you said you wanted to keep Catherine until the gold ran
out, after she gets good and pregnant, right?”

“Yes, so?”

“So, after she delivers the baby, she can earn more gold for you.
John, I know you don’t want to be saddled with a pregnant teen
that can’t earn her keep, but suppose you sent her to me to look
after for you, to nurse her through the last stages of her
pregnancy, and nurse her back to health following delivery?”

Catherine got excited and nodded her head vigorously. John
whispered to Catherine that she needed to be upset about this
prospect, then said to Annabelle, “Go on.”

“Don’t you see? If you don’t release her, officially release
her, only let her take leave, I would be duty bound to return
her. You’d have your gold mine again. John, you could mine that
little cunt until it truly did run out. She’s a beautiful,
strong, healthy girl, John. We are talking years–ten, maybe
twenty years of productivity.”

“And you would do that? Not just this time, but every time she
gets knocked up or fucked up so badly she can’t hustle cunt?”

“I’d have no choice. As long as my daughter is bound to you by
my Christian oath, and is still living, I am bound to humor you
to try and keep her alive so that her soul can be saved. Now do
you see why I was reluctant to share that thought that Satan put
in my head?”

“Yes, that is a thought worthy only of him, but it did enter
through your mind, so you had to share it.”

“I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to share it. The spirit of the
Lord is fighting to win Catherine back, and saved me from
breaking my oath to you. I am her only hope, but we must play by
the rules. This earthly plane is your domain. Well, can I
expect that order?”

“It is done. I won’t release her until all of the gold runs

“In that case, I should let Catherine know what her fate is. She
mustn’t think short term. She must be mentally prepared for the
long haul. This can benefit you as well, John. She’ll be a
better whore and a better sex slave if she surrenders body mind,
and spirit. She must give up hope of an early release and think
only of saving her immortal soul. I know how to talk to
Catherine, John. I can deliver, if you’ll put her on.”

John resumed. “Catherine, move to the center, facing me, lift
your dress and step out wide. Lift it high.”

Catherine stood tense, blushing shyly, unsure what her response
should be to this outrageous order. No decent girl would follow
it without protest. Finally, she said, “Reverend Cunnylicker, I
don’t think my mother would approve. I think it’s bad enough
that you made me remove my under garments. She’ll be livid when
she learns of this, I assure you.”

“Are you going to disobey me?”

“Well…no…If you insist, I have no choice. I just want you
and these fine gentlemen to know that she didn’t have this in
mind when she granted unlimited authority.”

Blake Edwards said, “Catherine, I am an attorney, and that man is
a judge. Unlimited authority has no limits or restrictions. I’m
sure the reverend has his reasons for issuing the order, and you
are legally obligated to follow them or be punished as he sees
fit. I’m afraid we must support the reverend. To do otherwise
would place us in jeopardy. He could sue us for contractual
infringement, obstruction of authority, corruption of legal
guardianship. Those are serious offenses. I am sorry, dear, but
for better or worse, this man as good as owns you. If his
intentions are not honorable, there’s not much anyone can do.”

John said, “I’ll ask again, are you disobeying my order?”

Catherine took a deep breath, moved into position, and lifted her
dress, bunching the material up to the underside of her breasts.
She stepped out with her right foot and stood feigning reluctance
in offering the men her naked charms from mid-chest down. John
said, “My intentions are not honorable, gentlemen, but that
should be no concern of yours. You have my permission to examine
the girl.”

Heads dipped and hands reached out to stroke Catherine’s ass,
thighs, and belly. After a few seconds, those hands began
converging between her legs from front and rear. Her expression
registered her sensory overload as a deep red blush. Fingers
entered her two holes as she stood and grimaced. John simply sat
back and watched her facial expressions go through the gamut from
indignation and shock, to acceptance and pleasure.

Catherine could not mask the growing arousal as fingers probed
deep in her cunt to feel her hymen. Each man took a turn
marveling at her tight, smooth, interior. The comments made her
blush deepen, and the fingers made her heart race. John just
smiled, thanking his great fortune. After a few more minutes, he
said, “Remove the dress completely.”

“Reverend, please, not that!”

“Would you like a taste of my belt?”

Catherine removed the dress, and hands swarmed over her breasts.

“Now, while these men get to know the physical you, I think we
should explore the rest–your experience and background. Place
your hand on this Bible and swear you’ll tell the truth in
response to my questions.”

Catherine placed her trembling hand on the offered Bible and
swore she would tell the truth. John withdrew the good book and
said, “Now, place your hands behind your head, and move your legs
out wide. Give these men easy access to all you have to offer
while you answer my questions.”

Catherine’s blush deepened as she assumed the provocative stance.
The men crowded her on their knees as the judge stood behind her,
massaging her tits from behind while nuzzling her neck and
shoulders. The flood of wicked sensations coming from between
her legs was almost overwhelming.

John said, “Tell us, have you ever touched your cunt for the
purpose of self stimulation?”

With an excited quiver in her voice, she said, “Yes.”

“As I thought. Have you ever seen a man’s cock?”

“Yes. My uncle Jeremy showed me his, and my father shows his
when he relieves himself.”

“Do you stare at your father’s cock while he’s pissing?”

“I suppose, when he’s not looking.”

“Have you ever imagined your father’s cock fucking your cunny?”

Catherine reddened, gulped, then hung her head and said,
“Well…yes, sometimes.”

“Have you ever showed your cunt to a man or boy to excite him?”

She began warming to the personal questions and raised both her
voice and her head to say, “Yes. I let my father see it, and I
show Uncle Jeremy my cunny quite often. I show it to our
preacher, as well.”

The first two statements were true, but exaggerations. Her
father did catch a glimpse by accident, and her Uncle Jeremy
(when left alone to babysit her) used to bathe her when she was
little. The questions excited her, but she didn’t want truthful
answers to mark her as a naive inexperienced child. She added,
“Actually, I’ve let countless people see my cunny, but those are
the main ones.”

“Interesting. Now, when you showed these men your cunt, were you
hoping they’d get excited enough to fuck you?”

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far, but I wanted to see if
seeing my cunt would excite them. Mostly, I just like to shock
people, especially church people.”

“Do you like making cocks get hard, Catherine?”

“Yes. Especially the preacher’s cock. He tries hard not to get
excited around me, but I excite him anyway. I show him my cunt
every chance I get. I’d let the preacher fuck me, but he won’t
even try. That’s why I’m on this train. He told my mother. Now
I have to spend a year in Glory with a bunch of old biddies.”

“Have you ever played with another girl’s cunt?”

“Yes, my cousin Jennifer and my Aunt Harriet. Jenny and I frig
off together.”

“Did you suck each other’s cunts?”

“Sure, me and Jenny do all the time. Aunt Harriet sort of does

“What is sort of, and why didn’t you lick hers in return?”

“We do it in the church, mostly. I sit in the back pew between
her and Uncle Jeremy. He pushes my skirts and petticoats up. I
don’t wear panties to church. He pulls her head into my lap and
rubs her face in my pussy. I open my legs as wide as I can so
her face can get down in the crack where it’s wet and gooey.
Jeremy likes to mistreat her like that, especially in church.”

“Did you want to lick her cunt?”

The questions, along with the maddening fingers, were having
their intended effect. Catherine began offering information.
She could see that her answers had a profound effect on her
audience. Marve Porter and Harvey Greenglass had their cocks out
and were jacking off, sometimes rubbing their cocks on her body.
Having never seen a hard cock before, she was fascinated by them,
pleasantly surprised that they grew so big. Both men had average
cocks, but Marve had an unusually thick one with large veins.
Harvey’s cock had the biggest crown, like a helmeted soldier, the
head being twice as thick as the shaft.

After a long pause, John repeated, “I said, ‘Did you want to lick
her cunt?'”

Catherine took a deep breath and said, “Yes, but Jeremy
preferred that I just tease her by reaching under her dress and
into her panties. She hates when I play with her pussy in
church, but she knows better than to try and stop me.”

“Don’t you worry about others seeing?”

“Not really. Heads are always turning back, but it doesn’t
bother me. We’re the only ones that sit in the very back. Only
Preacher Thomas can see, but he only sees her head going into my
lap. He knows what we’re doing to Harriet; just about everyone
in the congregation knows. My mother knows, that’s why she won’t
look back. What she doesn’t see can’t embarrass her. See no
evil is her motto.

“The preacher and Jeremy are good friends, mostly because Jeremy
lets him fuck Harriet. He lets anybody fuck her. Every
hypocrite in that church has fucked her. My father fucked her.
Sometimes, I place my feet wide apart on the seat of the pew,
then lift up to show my pussy to the preacher while he’s trying
to preach his sermon. That always makes him stammer and sweat.
He loses his place when I pull my cunt lips open. I have been
caught doing that so many times, I can’t count them. I like
taking chances. My mother would die if she turned around.”

Judge Krammer took his long slender cock in his hand and slid the
shaft between Catherine’s legs from the rear. His long dick slid
through her lips to poke out the front. Catherine looked in pain
with the desire to reach down and feel the cock with her hands,
but held steady. Blake Edwards got on his knees before her and
toyed with her clit, leaning in for a lick or a nibble when the
judge’s cock retreated. Marve and Harvey amused themselves with
her tits or just rubbed their cocks on her body. Catherine was
as hot and ready as any woman/child could be. She only needed
the word from John to freely offer her ripe young body for

John was in no hurry. They had a long journey ahead, and the men
knew not to put their cocks in any hole without his nod. There
was much more to the intriguing lass, and John wanted to keep
digging, building the sexual tension in the process. Her
answers, he knew, would be much more interesting in her current
state, though he knew she was creating them as she went. Her
fantasies were in her stories, and could be very useful in the
future. He had already resolved that her destiny did not lie in

John asked the men to relax and sit down. Catherine looked
frustrated, because she was nearing a climax when the hands and
cock abandoned her. Cool air assaulted her sopping wet crotch
and saliva-coated nipples like a dash of ice water. After a
pause to let everyone get resettled, and to allow Catherine to
cool, he resumed, saying, “I get the impression you are a
rebellious child, not fond of church. I’m sure you must have
given your mother more cause to send you away than exposing
yourself to the preacher.”

“You’re right on both counts. I am a very naughty girl, and I
hate church. I drive my mother crazy. I love driving her crazy.
I love shocking her and humiliating her before her church
friends. The thing with the preacher was just the straw that
broke the camel’s back. I never thought they’d send me away.
I guess they had to do something. I was pretty wild and getting

“Such as?”

“Well, for one, they couldn’t keep clothes on me, but that was
toward the end. Let me back up. To start with, she caught me
showing my cunt to father. When I say showing my cunt, I don’t
consider standing naked in front of someone with my legs together
as showing my cunt. My cunt is between my legs, and the part I
want to show is the inside, not the outside. I want to show my
pink parts, my cunt hole, my clit, and my inner lips. Who cares
about seeing the top part of a hairy crack. I want them to see
my fuck hole, to see where their cocks will go if I let them put
it in. That’s the most important part of a woman, and that is
the part of me I want to show. To do that, I need to get my legs
as wide apart as possible and pull my lips apart too. That way,
they see it all; lips, clit, and the hole. That’s what my mother
caught me doing for father.”

“Did she catch you often?”

“Oh yes, I’d only do it when she would catch me. My father
doesn’t care if she catches him looking. He told her that if I
show it, he’ll look, and the Bible be damned, he’s only a flesh
and blood man. She yells at me, but not him. I’m used to her
yelling. She pitches a hissy, quotes scriptures, calls me every
name in the book, but after it’s all over, I do it again.”

“Wicked child. What else?”

“Can we take a break? I want to fuck. I am so fucking horny.”

The men seconded that idea, but John told everyone to wait and
slow down. John took his nine-inch cock out and began stroking
it, saying, “You’ll get all the cock you can stand, Catherine.
You men keep your hands off her for the time being. Nobody’s
getting any pussy until I pop her cherry, and I’m not ready. Let
the girl talk. Catherine, why don’t you sit here beside me and
show your cunt the way you like to.”

Catherine gladly accepted his offer and immediately took the seat
between John and the judge. She laid her legs over their laps.
She caught both walls with her bare feet, sitting in the splits,
then pulled her lips wide, saying, “Look at my hole and think
about shoving your cocks in there. Look how pink, wet, and juicy
my pussy hole is, just itching to suck all the sperm from your
balls. By the way, I want to get pregnant on this trip, so fill
me up with sperm. I should be ripe.”

John reached over and fingered her hole for himself, saying,
“I’ll probably be the father of your baby since I’m going first,
but get back to your story. You were telling us how you torment
your mother.”

“Yes, I love doing that. What drives her the craziest is the
things I do in church. Showing my cunt in church is the sin of
sins, that’s why I go all out in church. I don’t always sit with
Jeremy and Harriet. Sometimes, I float around. I love getting
between a man and his wife. I’ll step over and squeeze in if I
have to. Of course, the first time I try anything, the service
gets interrupted by an angry wife. There’s yelling and pushing,
and I get escorted out, which is exactly what I want. My mother
doesn’t want me in church, but my father does.

“The church elders had a secret meeting to come up with a way of
dealing with me. They decided that the best way was to totally
ignore me and allow the Holy Spirit to come in and drive out the
devil that made me do nasty things. They figured that if they
could just keep me coming to church, and keep me in church, they
could save my soul. They passed the word to every member that,
no matter what, the members were not to react to anything I might
do, or even look my way. They would pretend I wasn’t there.
They came down hard on the wives, telling them it was their
Christian duty to endure the unendurable, that no one would look,
and that their sacrifice in loss of modesty would put jewels in
their crown when they got to heaven.”

“Why do I have a feeling your church leaders are all men.”

“Of course. Women have no place in running the church, not ours
anyway. Well, when Jeremy passed that information to me, I
thought, ‘Oh boy. We’ll see how long they can ignore me.’

“The plan split the church. I’ll tell you this, we found out who
the hypocrites were. The elders are all hypocrites, and my
father is head elder. Attendance dropped by one third after that
meeting, and to half after that first service. I’d say the
congregation stabilized at one-hundred, and it pretty much stayed
that way. Their dirty little game plan cost them dearly. If you
ask me, that’s why I got booted out. One hundred members could
not keep the church going. Good Christians would have no part in
it. Few families brought young children. Everyone else was
there to see a nasty sex show.

“My mother was one that wanted to drop out, but my father would
not allow that. She had to set the example, he told her.
Father lectured her about how she, of all people, should be
willing to make sacrifices to save my soul, and that other women
would take their example from her. My mother is not a hypocrite,
I’ll give her that.

“She was my first victim. She earned her jewels, a bucket of
jewels. I tore her clothes off, every stitch, not fast, either.
I ripped piece after piece, hoping she’d break down. She never
did. She closed her eyes and prayed, even as I tore her panties
from her hairy cunt.”

“Are you going to tell me nobody looked?”

“Are you kidding, everybody looked. As you well know, my Mother
is very pretty, and she has a great body. She is easily the most
beautiful woman in the county, and every man wants her–the
women, too, I’d imagine. They got up out of their seats and
looked. They crowded around her front pew seat. I was kneeling
on the floor, pushing her legs up and laying them out to give
everyone a better look at her pussy.

“People in the pew behind her held her ankles wide for me. I
pulled her lips apart and showed her cunt hole, then went to work
on her naked, wide open pussy. I rubbed that big old clitty and
finger-fucked her hole with three fingers. Whatever she was
praying didn’t work. She climaxed and everybody knew it. She
cried out, ‘Oh, Lord Jesus,’ while flailing her head.

“I wasn’t through, not by a long shot. I wanted everyone to see
the woman’s cum leaking from her pussy hole. I sat back and
pulled those fleshy lips wide. The people filed by and peered
into my mother’s gaping cunt, seeing the juice pouring from her
hole and running down her ass crack. Woman spunk puddled in the
pew. She could hear the feet shuffling by and didn’t dare open
her eyes. I scooped up the mess and smeared it on her face and
tits. I coated my fingers then slipped them past her lips. I
frigged her to another climax while fingering her asshole. She
came again, harder than the first time.

“I spent that whole first Sunday on my mother. I was the
service, and I was out to destroy her faultlessly pure image. I
didn’t accomplish that. She was as pious as ever after that,
almost like a martyr; but I did humiliate her, and I exposed the
hell out of her. I also showed the congregation what a lusty
wench she was. After her third orgasm, she opened her eyes and
watched the people who were gawking at her body. After the
fourth, her hands came down and pressed firmly on her inner
thighs, framing her cunt for them. She sucked on my fingers
after the fifth or sixth orgasm, and she rubbed her own clit for
her final three.

Those guys pulled so hard on her legs that she went ass up with
her head on the seat, her chin pressed to her chest. Her cunt
was right over her mouth as she madly frigged off. When she
came, her cum poured out and ran down her clit to drip on her
face. She could lick her cum off her clit, and towards the end,
she could suck it and lick her hole directly. She sucked herself
off for her last orgasm, in fact. After the service, she had to
be carried out, wrapped in a blanket.

“The women stopped wearing their Sunday best after seeing what I
did to Mother’s favorite dress. They came in sack cloth and
brought a change to go home in. My favorite target was the
Richardson family. They have eight kids, and the mother, Alice
Richardson, loves being exposed in church. She has no husband,
and they were poor. She’d let me expose her whole body before
this secret meeting, even with the entire congregation and all
eight kids looking on. She dressed to make the job easy for me,
wearing a simple, button-down-the-front house dress with nothing
on underneath.

“Her three daughters wore the same, and they’d let me expose
their bodies as well. One was seventeen, very sexy and pretty.
One was my age, and the youngest was eleven, but she had titties.
I love showing a mother’s pussy to her kids. The Richardson boys
would crawl over laps to look as I held their mother’s pussy lips
open. The girls wanted their pussies opened up, too. People on
all sides looked. Those in front turned back and stayed looking
back. The girls were popular with the men, and they’d jockey for
seats in the pew before their favorite Richardson girl, leaving
their families to sit by themselves. The pew in front of the
Richardson’s was always all male, and all hypocrites.

“Before the plan went into effect, Alice was the only mother I
could do that to. Few people would have anything to do with her,
or the family for that matter. They weren’t even from our
county. They came to our church so Alice and her girls could get
their kicks. The wives would have run them off, but the elders
wouldn’t stand for that. I really need a cock in my cunt. This
is torture.”

“Not yet. Finish the story.”

Catherine looked at all the stiff cocks, licked her lips, then
said, “Well, the next Sunday service was smaller. We were down
to those who just wanted a sex show. The preacher took leave
after the first Sunday charade. We didn’t know if he’d ever be
back. My father filled in, but he held no service. Like I said,
I was the service. When I entered the church, all heads turned
to see who I’d assault, which lucky woman would get carried out
in a blanket. The men outnumbered the women two to one. Most of
the women who were there were all willing to endure the same
treatment my mother got. Mother wore a sack dress and watched me
expectantly. She was eager to serve the lord again, earn more
jewels, and get her rocks off.

“I went to her and led her to the front, climbed the dias, faced
her to the congregation, and removed her sack. She was naked
under it. I heard the room let out a gasp, but thought nothing
of it. I threw the sack onto the floor and kicked gently at her
feet from behind. She moved her feet out by a yard. I pushed
her ass until her cunt jutted out, then got up close and reached
around her waist with both hands converging on her crotch.
That’s when I found out what the gasps were about, and why
everyone was fidgety, giggly, and tittering. Her pussy was bald.

“Mother’s cunt was as bare as a newborn’s behind. I pulled those
naked lips out as the congregation sat forward in their pews. I
fingered her cunt, then stuck my finger in her mouth. She sucked
my finger. I didn’t even think she’d open her mouth. This had
my pussy going, and I repeated the act several more times. The
congregation loved it. Mother had no shame. I stepped down to
look at her myself, and she kept her crotch jutted out, then
reached down and opened her own cunt. Her pussy looked damned
good, much nicer than with hair. I had to admire her cunt and
her bold behavior. I took off my clothes and got back up on the
dias, fingered my pussy, and let her suck on my fingers. She
didn’t balk at that either.

“I turned her around and made her kneel before me as I faced the
congregation in a wide-legged stance. I stepped up to her with
me feet wide apart and thrust my cunt in her face. She grabbed
my ass and started sucking my pussy. The congregating went wild;
they loved it. I humped my pussy in her face like dogs do when
they fuck. She let me rub my cunt all over her face.

“I even pissed in her face, but she kept licking, trying to catch
my piss stream. When I was sure everybody knew I was pissing, I
let her catch my cunt and pissed the rest in her mouth. She
nursed on my pissing pussy. People were up crowding in on both
sides. They saw her throat muscles swallowing as I pissed freely
in her sucking mouth. When my pissing slowed to a dribble, Mom
eased back and pulled my lips open so the people could see her
lapping at my piss hole as I let piss dribble out on her tongue.”

“Catherine, you lied to me, then. You never mentioned this when
I asked if anyone ever sucked your cunt.”

“Oh…Well…I was too embarrassed to tell you that my own mother
sucked my cunt. I suppose this means I’ll be punished for lying.
I deserve it. You’re right: spare the rod and spoil the child.
That’s where they went wrong with me, but I know you will correct
that, and I want you to, often. I won’t be a baby about it.”

“Lie over my lap, Catherine.”

Catherine was not expecting he’d want to punish her at that
moment. She dropped her legs to the floor, then moved over
John’s lap with her creamy ass sticking up. When she was ass-up
with her head near the floor, John delivered ten hard smacks that
brightly reddened her ass and made her squirm. When she stood,
Catherine was pleasantly surprised that the stinging pain had
turned to a pleasant hot tingle. She thanked John for correcting
her bad behavior without delay, then resumed her former position
and resumed her story after he admonished her not to tell more

Catherine swore she would not tell any more lies, then went on,
saying, “I had to respect her for what she did. She stole my
show, stole my thunder, and didn’t have to suffer any deeper
humiliation. She’d sunk as low as she could get the prior week,
so nothing mattered as far as sexual humiliation was concerned.
I could have led a pony on stage and she’d have sucked it’s dick.
What could I do? I sent her to her seat. She walked away
triumphant, and the congregation applauded her.

“I wasn’t upset by this, but I was challenged to do something
bizarre to someone. I owed the Richardson’s some exposure, so I
went down the line and stripped them all. I walked the center
aisle looking for an unwilling victim. Some of those women had
been forced by their husbands to attend service, and I wanted the
best one of them. Harriet was one, and she cringed when I looked
her way. I decided to strip her while I pondered my choice. I
dragged her up front, up the steps, then ripped the dress off
her, ripped everything off, took her shoes and all. I stood her
facing front, made her stand with feet out, pushed her ass
forward, and said, ‘Stay that way.’

“I returned to pacing the aisle and my eyes fell on the absolute,
most perfect victim. I didn’t think of her because I was sure
she wouldn’t be in the congregation. She had slunk so low in her
seat, I first thought she was a child; but it was her, and she
had her two sons with her. Angela Peabody slapped my face for
touching her knee after I squeezed between her and her husband
one Sunday. The resulting cat fight led to the secret meeting.
Her husband was the elder that proposed the plan, I found out

“Angela is very pretty, very sexy, and petit. We’re the same
height, but she has bigger tits and wider hips. Oh boy did I
want that woman. When she saw me looking right at her, she
turned white. Tom, her husband, made her sit up, as if to say,
‘Here she is, Catherine, come and get her.’ I went right over
and stood before her. She looked up with these pleading eyes and
cried, ‘Please don’t, Catherine. I beg you, please.’

“This was exquisite. Everyone was up and crowding around us.
Tom got up and slid his twelve-year-old boy in his place. Her
ten-year-old was at her other side. The setting was perfect.
She wasn’t wearing sack cloth; Tom had her in a sexy white dress.
I reached for the top of her dress and began popping buttons as
she continued to plead. We soon saw she wore no bra, and those
big jugs of hers had the men panting. Her boys were leaning in
for a close look inside her parting top as I pulled out on the
flaps. Her hands hovered over mine, wanting to grasp them, but
afraid to. Tom had obviously told her she could not resist, and
Angela is a good obedient church wife.

“I loved tormenting her and popped three buttons in rapid
succession, baring her breasts and exposing her to her belly
button. She shrieked and started to cover her tits, then froze
and returned her trembling hands to hover over my hands. Her
boys were fascinated by her big tits. I said, ‘Do you guys like
your mother’s big fat titties?’ They nodded. ‘Then feel them
and suck on them, slap them, pinch the nipples, do anything you
want to them. Bite them hard; she’ll like that.’

“They went right to work as she cried in protest, begging them to
stop when they did bite hard. Their bites left teeth marks, even
on her nipples. Brad, the older boy, chewed her right nipple
until it started to bleed. She screamed her lungs out while he
chewed, but only the taste of blood made him ease up. She
suffered terribly, but I took no pity on her. I even suggested
he do the other one so that they’d be equal–equally mangled. He
checked with his dad and got a nod, but when he finished chewing
on the other nipple, they weren’t equal. Her left nipple bled
like hell, and blood ran down her stomach to wet her white dress.

“While the boys mauled her tits, I popped three more buttons,
eager to see if she had panties on. Just as I thought, she did
not. The first curls of pussy hair were showing as she tried to
shield them from the hungry eyes. Tom told her to place her
hands at her sides, and she quickly did so. I popped another and
exposed her pubic patch, then popped another and exposed the top
of her crack. Angela cried and begged, so I popped the rest and
flung the dress open. While she cringed, I grabbed her knees and
thrust them wide open. Her boys stopped biting her tits to look,
and Angela covered her face in her hands.

“Angela had the prettiest pussy I ever saw. I mean, her cunt was
beautiful–neat, trim, and bright pink inside. Her cunt lips
were flushed full from her arousal. Her clit stood tall and
proud, making a liar out of her. The bitch was loving it.
Please, Reverend, can I stop to suck on Mr. Edward’s cock?”

Blake Edwards had gotten up and stood before Catherine after a
nod from John. She’d been jacking him off, while rubbing the
head on her clit as he stooped for her. His cock was the largest
and the thickest. Catherine pumped eleven inches of throbbing
man muscle. When he stood straight, his cock was in her face.
Catherine licked at his dick between words. The hunger in her
eyes burned like a fire.