My wife and 3 guys on horseback and 2 dogs

For several years now, my wife and myself had been
‘taking to the hills’ every summer and going camping.
Both Anne and myself loved the outdoors, and when we
weren’t camping we’d go for a trek every weekend, setting
up our tent in the peace and quiet of some desolate place
before returning on the Sunday evening to face our hum-
drum jobs during the week.

As we’d had a really lousy winter, we decided that this
summer, we’d splash out and take our camping holiday

“What about trying France or Germany?” I suggested as we
sat with a drink and looked at some camping brochures one
wet, winter’s evening, “They might be okay.”

“Hmmm, I thought of maybe going a bit further.” Anne
replied, “How does the USA sound – or even Canada? There
are thousands of woods and forests there that we could
explore, and if we decide on camping in a National Park,
we could see what’s on offer on the internet.”

“Hmmm, that’s a good idea, my darling.” I replied, “I’ll
have a look tonight and see if I can find somewhere
that’s fairy remote, but not too far from civilisation.”

“Oh yeah. Make sure it’s remote and well off the beaten
track, we don’t want to be disturbed – do we?” she
smiled, “Especially if we’re gonna be packing our
‘special suitcases’ on this trip.”

I smiled back at her, my cock twitching just at the
thought of what she meant.

Our ‘special suitcases’ contained our sexy clothing that
we frequently wore when we went on holiday. Perhaps I’d
better explain?

Both Anne and myself are bisexual and have a very exiting
sex-life together and with others, both of us fucking
with men and women. Anne encourages my extra interest of
my wearing women’s sexy undies when making love, and also
me wearing a dress or skirt with a wig and makeup when
around the house of an evening – something I’m doing more
often now, at her request. She’s even given me the
‘missy’ name of Suzy, for when I’m wearing my outfits.
When we’re on holiday though, I only wear my undies, both
of us loving to walk through the woods whilst only
wearing our sexy undies before stopping somewhere for an
‘al fresco’ fuck.

Both of us love the feeling of freedom we get from
walking through some woods or desolate place whilst only
wearing our sexy undies, and get a special thrill of
fucking outside in them, knowing that we might be
discovered or observed. Christ knows what would happen if
someone actually did catch us, I think we’d shit
ourselves and run for cover. It’s the feeling that
someone might just catch us, that gives us a buzz.


The following June, me and Anne were checking through our
equipment as we settled in at our motel in North
Carolina. According to the map we got from the tourist
office, the area was heavily wooded and liberally
sprinkled with lakes for us to enjoy, so we decided on a
3 day trek, camping out in the woods for the 2 nights and
setting off bright and early the next morning.

Because Anne is only lightly built, our trek was to
mainly consist of a walk through the woods, ending up no
more than 10 miles from the local highways. This ‘buffer
zone’ of 10 miles was sufficient for us to see the wild
countryside and feel free to enjoy ourselves, yet still
be within reach of civilisation.

“I’m bushed.” Anne said as we finally reached the crest
of a steep ridge after 6 hours of walking through the
woods and gullies, “How about finding somewhere to strike
camp and settling in for the night?”

“That’s a good idea.” I replied, “Next bit of clearing is
where we stop.”

We set off again, along the ridge for another mile before
Anne stopped and pointed…

“What about down there, on that?” she asked, pointing
down to a strip of sand that followed the creek, “We’d
have running water and a nice flat area to set up the

“Perfect.” I said, “After you, madam.”

An hour later we’d pitched the tent and were sitting
outside with a cup of coffee as we watched and listened
to the river as it cascaded and surged past our camp-

“How d’you fancy us getting into our undies and going for
a stroll along the riverbank before turning in for the
night?” Anne asked, “We’ve got an hour’s daylight yet.”

“Only if I can fuck you when we find a nice secluded
place.” I replied.

“Mmmm, you read my mind, you horny bastard.” she smiled,
“But let’s face it, I think you’ll find that everywhere’s
secluded around here. We’re right off the beaten track,
and I bet we’re the only people around here for miles.”

“So why d’you want to go somewhere else then? We can fuck
right here.” I replied.

“Y’know how horny it makes me feel to go for our walks
outdoors and then for you to fuck me when we’re both
wearing our sexy undies.” she replied, “And I know how
horny it makes you feel as well. C’mon, what d’you say?”

“You’ve talked me into it.” I told her as I felt a
tickling feeling running through my balls at the thought
of walking outside in my undies, “Okay, let’s get ready.”

We spent the next 10 minutes inside the tent, changing
into our sexy undies before emerging to hold hands and
set off down the strip of sand that followed the river
through the heavily wooded gorge.

I’d chosen to wear my burgundy 1/2 cup lacy bra, matching
lacy suspender-belt and black lace-top nylons with flat
shoes, while my wife had chosen to wear her lilac basque
and white lace-top nylons and flat shoes. Back home, I’d
also be wearing a wig and my makeup to complete my
outfit, but out here it seemed too much trouble.

“Mmmm, I love it when you’re wearing your lacy 1/2 cup
bra. It makes me really horny to see you in your sexy
undies.” she smiled as we strolled along the sand, my
semi-hard cock slapping against the bare thighs above my
stocking-tops, “And they really show off your firm
titties.” Anne was actually referring to the pair of
firm, 36c tits that I’d grown since going on a course of
hormones – something that always excited both her and all
the guys that I fucked with regularly back home.

“Mmmm, and I’m really glad that you don’t wear panties
any more. I love to look at your thick, black, hairy bush
when we walk along like this – and also when you’re
flashing your cunt at someone.” I replied, “Your hairy
cunt really turns me on.”

“Suck it for me then.” she said suddenly as she stopped
and spread her legs, “Suck my cunt for me – right here.”
I swiftly squatted down in front of her and reached
forward to hold her slim hips as I clamped my lips over
my wife’s thick bush – her large clitty already visible
as it poked out from above her cunt-lipped slit.

“Oooo, yes. Suck my cunt for me, my darling.” she
breathed, “Can you taste my sweet and sticky cunt-juices,
my darling? I’m juicing-up, especially for you.”

“Mmmm, I like it when I can also taste another guy’s cum
mixed with them.” I said as I pulled away for a moment,
“Especially when you squat over my face and squeeze the
cum-cocktail out of you for me to drink by using your

“You’re just a fucking cum-slut.” she laughed as I sucked
her cunt again, “You’re my very own, personal cum-slut
and cum-filled cunt-licker.” Anne loved ‘talking dirty’
to me – knowing that it excited me when I was fucking
her, and also knowing that it guaranteed that I’d be
coming deep inside her a few seconds later.

“I’ll see what I can do about supplying somebody’s cum
for you to drink from my cunt when we get back into town.
I know how much you really love to do that.

But for now, I think you’ve drunk enough of my cunt-
juices, let’s walk on a bit further and find somewhere to

I stood up and kissed her lips, she licking mine and
savouring the taste of her own cunt-juices before she
took hold of my now rigid cock and led me along the sand
with it. We walked about another 1/2 mile before she
stopped and stood in front of me, squatting down to suck
on my cock whilst stroking my nylon-clad thighs.

“Here. I want you to fuck me right here.” she said softly
as she stood up, “Now, undo your bra. I want to be
sucking your nipples as you enter me.”

I could feel her rubbing my knob-end up and down her
oozing slit – parting her hairs and pushing her cunt-lips
aside as I reached up and undid the front-fastening clasp
of my bra, both of the lacy cups falling aside to expose
my firm tits and erect nipples.

“Oh yessss.” she breathed as she positioned my knob-end
in between her drooling cunt-lips and sucked on my left
nipple, “Fuck me, my darling. Fuck me and fill me.”

As my knob-end parted her cunt-lips she slowly pushed me
down by the shoulders so that I sank down onto the sand
and she followed me, wrapping her nylon-clad thighs
around my hips and impaling herself on my rigid cock.
Once down, she gyrated her hips round and round then
humped them back and forth so’s she ground her sopping
wet cunt onto my cock, my knob-end actually butting up
against her cervix.

We fucked like this for over ten minutes, kissing and
writhing as we experienced the thrill of fucking outdoors
whilst wearing only our sexy undies.

“God. Your cock’s inside me really fucking deep now my
darling.” she gasped finally as she held me behind my
neck and started humping her hips against me with a
steady rhythm, “So fucking deep I can actually feel it
rubbing up against my womb. Fill my womb with your cum. I
want to feel you spurting your cum into me.”

Hearing her talk like that to me meant I stood no chance
of holding back my orgasm, and I instantly felt my spunk
bubbling up in my balls.

“Oh yessss.” I gasped, “It’s coming. It’s nearly here my

“Let it come, my horny cum-slut.” she whispered urgently,
“Spurt your cum into my tight cunt so’s I can squat over
you and let you drink it from me afterwards.”

“IT’S COMING NOW!!” I suddenly gasped, “AGH YES!!”

Spurt after powerful spurt of scalding cum blasted into
her cunt and she suddenly gripped my waist very hard with
her thighs and dug her nails into my back as her own
orgasm hit her like an express train, her whole body
twitching and shuddering as she clamped her lips over
mine to stifle her orgasmic cries.

“HMMMMMMPH….” she groaned, her hips spasmodically
jerking against mine, “MMMPPHH.”

Slowly, she released her vice-like grip on me and laid me
flat on my back before pulling off me and shuffling up
so’s her knees were either side of my shoulders.

I looked up to see holding her cunt-lips open and heard
her straining herself, the muscles of her flat stomach
standing out as she tightened them and f****d my cum from
her cunt to splat into my willing and wide open mouth.

“Drink it, my little cum-slut. Let me watch you drinking
your own cum as I squeeze it from my cum-filled cunt.”
she gasped, holding her breath and grunting with the
exertion of forcing it from her, “Now, lick me clean as
the rest drains from me.”

I did as she said, her hairy cunt mashing against my face
as she squatted over me and wanked herself to another
orgasm, her own copious cum now flooding from her gaping
twat and flushing out my sticky load.

“Christ.” she gasped as she fell to her hands and knelt
over me on all fours, “I’ve been waiting for you to fuck
me like that since we arrived here.”

“I hope it was worth waiting for?” I said as I reached up
and licked a dangling string of sticky and viscous cum
from her gaping cunt-lips.

“Mmmmm, you bet.” she smiled, “C’mon, let’s get back to
the tent, I’m fucked.”

We staggered to our feet and slowly walked back along the
sandbar, Anne stopping several times and 1/2 squatting
so’s I could kneel between her splayed knees and suck out
the cum that still oozed from between her glistening

“I’m absolutely fucked.” she breathed as we entered the
tent, “D’you mind if we snuggle up in our undies and
change out of them in the morning, my darling?”

“Mmmm, not at all.” I replied as I snuggled down behind
her and she pushed her ass back into my lap, “You have a
lie-in and I’ll make the coffee in the morning.”

“Mmmmm, thank you. Goodnight my darling.” she sighed as I
kissed the back of her neck and she closed her eyes, the
steady rushing sound of the nearby river serving as a
lullaby to us as I too drifted into a deep sleep.


I awoke early and regrettably pulled away from my darling
wife’s warm and inviting body, leaving her asleep in the
tent and starting the ‘Camping-Gaz’ stove to boil some
water for our coffee before stripping off my undies and
wading into the river for a wash. Surprisingly, the water
wasn’t too cold, and so I took time out to lie back in
the rushing water and wait for the kettle to boil,
cleaning myself thoroughly and washing the dried cum from
my body.

Seeing the kettle starting to boil, I waded naked out of
the river and squatted beside the stove, making 2
steaming mugs before calling to Anne that her coffee was

She called back that she was coming and pushed her head
through the tent-flap, her eyes squinting in the strong

“God, I need this.” she smiled at me as she crept out of
the tent and squatted beside me, still dressed only in
her lilac basque and white nylons, “I’ll strip these off
and have a wash when I’ve finished my coffee. Then we can
break camp and move off.”

“There’s no rush, my darling.” I told her, “Seeing you in
your undies is turning me on again and I might just give
you another good fucking before we set off.”

“You’re a horny slut.” she laughed as she reached over to
me and kissed my exposed and erect nipples, “Didn’t you
get enough last night?”

“I can never get enough of you.” I replied as I reached
out for her and slid two fingers into her semi-parted
gash, “What d’you say to another fuck before we set off?”

“Well I’d certainly like one.” a voice from behind said

We both spun round and saw four horses and riders,
silhouetted in the sun.

“Christ. You made us jump.” I said, as we both tried to
cover ourselves up by clamping our thighs together and
wrapping an arm over our exposed tits, “We didn’t hear
you coming because of the noise from the river.”

“Yeah, so we saw.” the guy replied, “Now, what about that

“Sorry, friend.” I replied, squinting against the glare
of the sun and trying to defuse the situation, “I was
talking to my wife – no offence.”

“None taken.” he replied, “And I sure do like the frilly
stuff your wife’s wearing, so I’m still gonna have my
fuck and really enjoy fucking a filly that’s dressed up
so cute and sexy-like, whether you like it or not – in
fact, we all are.”

He endorsed his statement by taking his rifle from it’s
holster, operating the bolt and cocking it, before
pointing it directly at me.

“Now just a minute…” I protested, reaching out and
wrapping an arm round my wife’s shoulders in a
demonstration of protection.

“Well. What have we gotten here?” he said as he looked
down at us and I realised I’d forgotten to keep my 36c
tits hidden, “Just what are you – a man or a woman?”

“I’m a man actually. Not that it’s any business of
yours.” I replied defiantly.

“Yes. And he just happens to have a pair of tits because
we both like it that way.” Anne added, “Anyway, that’s
our fucking business, not yours. Now, go away.”

“Oh, you’re a spunky little cunt, aren’t you Missy?” he
replied, looking at my wife as she moved over and held me
close, “At least you will be when we’ve finished with
you. In fact you’ll be brim-full of spunk – ours. Now
stand up, both of you. We want to take a good look at
what we have here.”

We stayed exactly as we were and held each other even
closer, more out of fear than defiance – until we heard
the other three rifles being cocked and then saw that
they too were now pointing in our direction.

Slowly, we both stood up and saw that, not only were
there three guys on horses, they also had two German
Shepherds with them as well. So us both running off into
the trees to make our escape was obviously out of the

“Hey. You’re one of those shemale things – aren’t you?”
one of the other guys asked me before looking round at
his friends and laughing, “I’ve always said I’d like to
fuck me one of those shemale things one day – haven’t I

“You sure have Jesse.” the first guy replied, “And it
looks like that day’s come.”

“Now just hold on.” I shouted.

Before I’d chance to utter another word, the boss’s rifle
cracked and a spray of sand was kicked up by the bullet,
directly in front of us. Both Anne and me jumped and held
each other tightly with the shock of what’d just

“Now let’s just get one thing straight.” the boss said
slowly and menacingly, “We’re gonna have ourselves some
fun with you guys whether you both like it or not. And
the way I see it, it can go two ways. Either you comply
with our wishes – in which case we might just let you
alone when we’re done with the two of you, or you can
resist us – and suffer the consequences. Either way,
you’re both gonna get fucked.”

There was a long silence as the gravity of his threat
sank in.

“Well?” he continued as they all got down from their
horses, “Which way d’you want to play it? Easy – or hard?
It’s up to you.”

Anne looked at me, her eyes filled with fear.

“Just go along with them, my darling.” she whispered,
“It’ll be like one of our night’s out together with our
friends – but without our consent. Don’t worry, I’ll be

“Are you sure?” I asked, “I can still try to reason with

“You do, and you’ll be shot.” she replied, “Let them do
what they want with us and then they’ll maybe leave us.
Besides, we did say earlier that we were both looking
forward to being fucked when we got back to town. It’s
just come early – that’s all.”

“Okay, it seems like you have the upper hand.” I told the
boss, “We’ll agree to do what you say – as long as you
have your way with us and then leave us both alone.”

“Now you’re seeing some sense.” he replied, slowly
lowering his rifle and undoing his belt-buckle, “Okay
boys, it’s fuck time.”

The other three whooped loudly and started to strip off
their pants, giving me the idea that, as they couldn’t
chase us with their pants round their ankles, we could
maybe now run into the woods to make our escape – and
then I remembered the dogs.

“Let them do what they want, my darling.” I told Anne,
“Besides, it’s like you said, it’ll be no different than
what we’d do with our friends back home.”

She nodded and squeezed my hand.

“We’ll be okay.” she whispered, “I love you.”

“And I love you.” I replied, leaning forward and kissing

“Hey. What about wearing these when I fuck you?” the
lanky one shouted to me as he came out of our tent,
waving my undies and nylons in the air, “If I’m gonna be
knelt behind you and fucking you, you might as well look
pretty for me.”

I nodded my head in silence and slid my bra over my
shoulders before fastening the front-clasp and stepping
into my suspender-belt. I then sat down and slid my
nylons up my legs, fastening my suspenders to my
stocking-tops and standing up again.

The lanky one was standing in front of me and watching me
getting dressed in my undies as he wanked his long cock
to full hardness. When I’d finished dressing and stood
up, I looked in his direction and saw that he had a
really long cock that was topped by a truly massive knob-
end. He was really big, and it jutted out from between
his white thighs and looked like a very large lollypop.

“Don’t she look pretty?” he shouted to his friends as
they stood by and openly wanked their rigid cocks, “I’m
really gonna enjoy fucking you before I fuck your wife.”
With that, he pushed me to the ground and ordered me to
get on all fours before he spat on his knob-end to wet it
and knelt behind me, his massive knob-end pushing hard at
my ass. He held onto my hips and pushed his cock deep
inside me with all his might, that massive knob-end
stretching the walls of my ass to breaking point as it
reamed back and forth inside me.

Thankfully, my ass started to open up for him and I felt
him sliding in and out of me more easily as I turned my
head to see the boss kneeling behind my wife and fucking
his cock into her as one of the others crammed his thick
cock into her mouth.

My head was roughly turned to face forward and my view
was suddenly filled by a large and rigid cock, only an
inch from my lips.

“Suck it – bitch.” the guy spat as he squatted slightly
and thrust his cock into my mouth and reached under me to
cup my tits in his gnarled hands, “I’m gonna shoot my cum
down your throat and watch you swallow it.”

Little did he know, having someone fucking me while
someone else was bringing themselves off in my mouth, was
something I really enjoyed. And under different
circumstances, what was happening right now, would’ve
been the answer to a prayer.

I also knew that Anne had totally accepted the situation
and was no doubt feeling the same way as me, but neither
of us dare say anything for fear of upsetting our
‘rapists’ as they had their way with us.

The guy fucking me pounded away at my ass and I soon felt
him grow even larger as his orgasm neared. Sure enough, a
moment later his cock jerked and twitched inside me and I
felt that delicious ‘wet’ feeling as his cum spurted deep
into my ass.

Upon seeing his friend unloading his load of cum into my
ass, the guy that was fucking my mouth soon came and I
was treated to a mouthful of cum before he pulled out of
me and stood up, wiping his knob-end on my lips.

I took the chance to turn my head and saw that my wife
was also gulping a load of cum down her throat, and that
the boss was already sitting back on his legs, his cock
jutting up from between his thighs, having just filled my
wife’s cunt with his cum.

“Bring him over here.” he shouted to the guys with me,
“I’ve got something in mind.”

They dragged me to my feet and I was made to kneel behind

“I’ve just fucked your wife and her cunt’s full of my
cum.” he snarled, “Now get down behind her and suck my
cum from her cunt, like the bitch that you are.”

I knelt down between her legs and looked at her gaping
cunt-lips, his cum already starting to ooze from between
them and drip onto the ground in sticky strings.

“Suck it – bitch.” he shouted, “Lie on your back and
drink my cum from her fucking cunt so we can all watch

They all watched as the boss’s cum oozed out of Anne’s
cunt and into my mouth.

“Fuck me, I still feel fucking horny.” the boss said,
“Lift up that faggot’s legs for me so’s I can fuck his
ass.” They did as he said and I felt the boss’s cock
slide easily into my cum-filled ass, his balls slapping
against my ass-cheeks as he pounded into me.

Over the next hour, they all fucked and filled me and
Anne with their cum, both of us having our ass, cunt and
mouths filled several times.

“I need a coffee.” the boss said when he’d fucked himself
dry, “Let’s get one before we have some more fun. I’ve
gotten something really special lined up for these two.”

“What’s that boss?” one of them asked.

“Never you mind. You’ll soon see. Just tie them to those
branches over there so’s they’re on their hands and
knees.” he replied.

“Y’mean like they were when we just fucked them?” he

“Just like that.” the boss grinned, “Just like when we
fucked them.”

Anne and myself were both dragged to the fallen tree and
tied down to the branches, the boss supervising the
others and making sure we couldn’t move from the position
they’d tied us in, us kneeling on all fours, but with us
down on our elbows so’s our asses stuck up in the air.
They left us like that for over 1/2 an hour while they
drank our coffee, us being unable to see them but able to
talk to each other.

“How d’you feel, my darling?” I asked her.

“Alright actually.” she replied softly, “Like I said
before, if the circumstances were different, I’d be
really enjoying it – but I’m not telling them that.”

“I feel exactly the same.” I replied, “Looks like they’re
gonna fuck us again with the way we’re tied up, doesn’t

“I don’t know. I’ve a nasty feeling that bastard has
something up his sleeve.” she said, “Don’t ask me what
though.” We soon found out. Next thing we knew, there was
some noise behind us and I felt a tongue licking at the
cum as it oozed out of my ass. It was then that I
suddenly realised that it was a dog’s tongue.

“Remember when I called you a bitch? Well that got me
sort of thinking, and I thought it only fair that the
dogs here should have some fun as well as us.” he told me
as he squatted in front of us, his cock now erect again
and his balls dangling down between his legs, “And while
they’re both fucking you, you can both suck us all off
again before you both suck on their cocks after they’ve
pulled out of you.”

This was something neither Anne or myself had bargained
for. I looked across and saw the look of terror in her
eyes again when she realised she was about to be fucked
by a German Shepherd’s cock.

“And just to make it worthwhile…” the lanky one sneered
at me, “I’m gonna make sure both dogs knot with you as
well. Boy, are you two gonna be fucked proper?”

A moment later, I saw one of the German Shepherds jump up
and wrap it’s paws around my wife’s waist, and saw her
mouth drop open and her eyes suddenly widen as it humped
it’s hips back and forth and it sank it’s cock deep
inside her cunt.

Then, looking round, I saw the lanky guy with his hand
between the dog’s hind legs as he pushed the knot firmly
in between my wife’s already stretched cunt-lips so’s it
slid all the way inside her. He then held his hand behind
the swelling knot and stopped it from pulling out again
until it had swelled and knotted inside her.

“Oh my God.” Anne gasped, “He’s knotting with me.”

“Your turn now, you faggot.” I heard him say as I felt
the other dog’s rough paws wrap themselves around my own
waist, “Join your wife in having a great fuck.”

The dog’s cock stabbed excitedly at my ass, trying to
find the entrance but splattering my ass-cheeks with pre-
cum before the lanky guy took hold of it and directed the
tip into my ass-hole, the dog then lunging forward and
burying it’s full length in me.

I then felt my ass stretching as the dog’s cock swelled
and fucked deeper into me.

It felt as though my ass was being torn open as the dog’s
cock not only considerably lengthened, but swelled
thicker than any guy I’d taken inside me.

And then I felt it’s knot starting to swell, soon with me
being aware that it was becoming too big for it to be
pulled out, and swelling all the time. Christ, it felt as
though I’d a cricket-ball wedged up inside my ass, but
before I could cry out, a rigid cock was stuffed into my
mouth and pushed halfway down my throat.

Gradually, I felt my ass stretching to accommodate the
bulk of the massive knot that was so very firmly wedged
inside me, and I actually started to enjoy the feeling,
especially as the guy fucking my mouth had pulled most of
his cock out and decided to toss himself off whilst
leaving only his knob-end inside my mouth instead.

The dog’s cock spurted deep inside me, filling me so’s
it’s cum was now flooding from me and running down my
nylon-clad thighs, soaking my nylons through as the guy
in my mouth suddenly came and spurted his thick jets of
cum into my mouth and ordered me to swallow it while he
watched. As soon as he’d finished, another cock took his
place and I greedily sucked on it as the dog locked
inside me, humped once or twice, and completely filled my
ass with his massive cock and knot.

It was a good 1/2 hour before the two dogs started to get
restless, the boss untying our wrists and telling us to
get ready to suck the dog’s cocks because they’d be
pulling out of us very soon. To make sure we did as he
ordered, the rifles were pointed in our direction again.
Sure enough, the dog fucking Anne suddenly pulled free
and a torrent of cum gushed from her gaping cunt as one
of the guys turned her over and laid her on her back, the
other stuffing the dog’s still spurting cock into her

I was surprised by the fact that she almost seemed to be
eager to suck the dog’s cock, not moving her head from
side to side to resist sucking the spitting cock, but
instead, reaching up and holding behind the dog’s knot
with one hand whilst bobbing her head back and forth with
her lips clamped round the massive red and purple weapon.

My thoughts about my wife’s apparent eagerness were
interrupted by a sudden ‘shooting’ pain in my ass, as
‘my’ dog pulled from me and I was rolled over to suffer
the same fate as my wife.

As I had the hard and yet spongy dog-cock thrust into my
mouth, I felt a wicked feeling of lewdness running
through me that was hard to explain.

Here I was, outdoors and semi-bound whilst dressed in a
bra, suspender-belt and nylons in front of perfect
strangers, sucking on a dog’s spurting cock and
swallowing it’s cum for the first time in my life – to
find that I was actually enjoying it.

Going off the slurping sounds that my wife was making as
she sucked her dog’s cock, she too was enjoying herself
as well – especially when one of our captors got so
aroused at watching the erotic sight of her lying there,
he knelt between her splayed thighs and fucked his cock
into her cunt, filling her with cum once more.

It was with a certain sense of regret that the dogs were
finally taken from us and I was made to kneel with a
rifle to my head, as I ‘endured’ the sight of my wife
being fucked once more by each of our captors, as she
knelt on all fours in the sand.

They then saw it as the final indignity by telling Anne
to squat over my face so’s she could let their cum drain
from her cum-filled cunt and into my mouth for me to

Finally, having emptied the contents of their balls into
us, and having obviously satisfied their lust, we were
told that they were now going to leave us, but that
they’d leave us with the dogs knotted inside us once more
so’s we couldn’t follow them.

“When the dog’s have finished fucking you, they’ll pick
up our scent and follow us home.” the boss told us, “Have
a nice day.”

With that, the dogs mounted us once more and the four
guys got on their horses, riding off once they were
satisfied that both dogs were securely knotted inside us.

With ‘my’ dog’s knot making my ass bulge, it’s cum
streaming down my nylon-clad thighs, I slowly shuffled
over to my wife and reached out to hold her hand.

“Promise me one thing, my darling.” she gasped as ‘her’
dog once or twice humped into her even deeper, her cum-
filled cunt making lewd squelching sounds.

“Anything, my love. What is it?” I asked.

“When we get back home – you’ll buy us a dog like these
two.” she smiled, “This is fucking beautiful – and I
definitely want to try it again.”

“You took the words out of my mouth.” I told her
truthfully, “I especially liked it when I’d to suck mine
off. It made me feel so horny, I almost came.”

“And I’ll tell you something else.” she added, “The only
reason I’d chase after those guys – would be to thank
them for such a great morning’s sex.”

“And introducing us to doggy-fucking.” I reminded her.

She reached forward and kissed me before asking me if I’d
like to have a look at her cunt with a dog’s knot wedged
inside it?

I told her that I’d love to, so she shuffled round
slightly so’s I could take a look.

What I saw made me feel really horny, and my cock
immediately stiffened as I took in the sight of this
thick purple cock that was impaling her, her cunt-lips
stretching and bulging alarmingly with the sheer size of
the knot that was buried deep inside her, cum-filled cunt
and the copious amount of thick and whitish cum that was
oozing past her cunt-lips and flowing down her nylon-clad

“Let me reach over to toss you off while you watch me
being fucked by him.” she whispered, “I can see it’s made
you fucking horny.”

Her fist wrapped around my throbbing cock and she slid it
back and forth, my cum soon spurting onto the sand in
thick and powerful jets.

Feeling my ass contracting with my spurts of cum, the dog
that was wedged inside me humped itself even deeper into
me, a flood of cum seeping from my cum-filled ass and
flowing onto Anne’s hand. Without another moment’s
thought, she raised her dog-cum-coated hand to her lips
and licked it clean.

“Beautiful.” she said softly, “Truly… beautiful.”

It was ten minutes later when the dogs grew restless, one
eventually pulling out of my wife’s cum-filled cunt and
making a delicious ‘suctioning’ and ‘glooping’ sound as
the dog’s still semi-swollen knot slid from her flooding
cunt to dangle obscenely, spitting and jerking between
it’s hind legs – it’s tip almost reaching the ground.

A moment or two later, Anne crawled over to me and kissed
me again, asking me if she could ’69’ with me so that
she’d be ready for when the dog pulled out of me, and so
that she could suck it’s cock and thereby get some more
‘doggy-cum’ to swallow.

I readily agreed and she slid underneath me, clamping her
lips over my dangling cock as she waited for a bigger and
far juicier prize to suck on.

A few minutes later I felt my ass stretching slightly and
‘my’ dog pulled its massive cock and knot free, this time
with only a little discomfort.

Anne immediately grabbed the dog’s cock behind it’s knot
and stuffed the spurting shaft into her mouth, sucking
noisily and lewdly as I clamped my mouth over her oozing
cunt, both of us now greedily swallowing our second
helping of dog-cum.

“That was fucking fantastic.” Anne sighed contentedly, as
she finally removed her lips from around the dog’s cock
and laid back in the sun with her knees splayed wide
apart, “D’you know something? All the time that both dogs
were knotted deep inside me, I was having an orgasm. It
wasn’t the usual ‘mind-blowing’ sort I have when you fuck
me my darling. No, it was more of a mini one that made my
whole body buzz and tingle – like a mild but continuous
electric shock.”

“I know just what you mean. I’ve never been so well
fucked in my life.” I replied.

“I just want to lie here as I am, and have a wank as I
relive those last doggy-fucks.” she said contentedly, “Is
that okay with you, my darling?”

“Mmmm, of course it is.” I replied, “And I might just
join you and suck your clitty for you as you start to
come. And then I’m gonna sit back and have a coffee while
I make plans to buy our own German Shepherd when we get
back home so’s you can be knotted with him, whenever and
for as long as you want. How does that sound?”

She didn’t answer, instead I heard her catching her
breath as she drew up her knees and neared her orgasm,
her fingers busy between her thighs as she wanked

Seeing that she was surprisingly near to an orgasm, I
quickly moved between her splayed knees and slid four
fingers into her gaping cunt and started finger-fucking
her, she then suddenly reaching down with her other hand
and pushing my fingers deep inside her sticky cunt.
Groaning loudly, she lifted her ass off the sand and
thrust her hips forward so’s her whole body arched
upwards as her orgasm raced through her.

I felt her cunt-muscles tighten on my hand as she made a
series of strangulated grunting and gasping sounds – her
orgasm now so intense and powerful that she actually
found it difficult to take a breath, instead making these
‘animal’ type noises that came from deep down in the back
of her throat.

With a final and prolonged, “Ahhhhhhh.” she slowly
lowered her hips back onto the sand, closed her bulging
eyes, and appeared to fall into a state on

It was five minutes before she finally stirred, groggily
sitting up and telling me that she’d just had the most
intense orgasm of her life.

“Fucking hell. What hit me?” she asked with bleary eyes,
“I feel so fucking weak.”

“You were wanking yourself and had a really violent
orgasm.” I told her.

“Oh yeah.” she said dreamily, “I could feel those
delicious dog-cocks knotting inside me and imagined that
I was sucking you off at the same time. Mmmm, it felt

“We’ll be doing just that every night when we get home.”
I promised her, “You’ll be able to knot with our new dog
whenever you want.”

“Mmmm, that’ll be nice.” she smiled lewdly, “Will you
make me another coffee please, my darling? I want to just
lie here and soak up some of this beautiful sun.”

I made us a coffee and sat her up so’s she leant back
between my nylon-clad thighs, occasionally kissing her
neck and stroking each of her beautiful firm tits and
erect nipples before she drifted off into a deep, orgasm
induced sleep.


We didn’t continue our trek – instead, we stopped at our
camp and set off for our motel the following morning
after a fantastic night’s fucking.

“Can I tell you something, my darling?” she asked as we
walked along the trail.

“Sure, what is it?” I asked.

“I hope you won’t be upset when I tell you that… I
secretly wished those guys had come back and fucked us
both again before we set off for town.” she admitted.

“Again, you’ve taken the very words out of my mouth.” I
confessed, “Little did they know just how much we enjoyed
being ‘raped’ by them.”

“And their dogs.” she added quickly.

“Yes, and their dogs.” I agreed.


“Mmmm, you really taste nice.” I breathed as I drew away
from my wife’s hairy cunt, erect clitty and dripping
cunt-lips, “It’s like drinking honey.”

I looked up to see her thick, black bush only an inch
from my face as she ’69ed’ with me and knelt with her
slim thighs either side of my shoulders on the bed, the
vibro that was sticking halfway out of her ass, buzzing
away softly.

Enriching the erotic and sensual sight before me was the
delicious musky smell of her cunt-juices as they oozed
from between her sexually aroused and swollen cunt-lips,
to drip in sticky, viscous strings and settle on my lips,
fleetingly joining us together before they parted and
formed again as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmm, fuck my vibro in and out of my ass, my darling.”
she cooed, pulling off my aching cock for a moment, “Open
me up a little before you fuck me in my ass and fill it
with your thick and creamy cum.” I reached up and slowly
slid the buzzing vibrator all the way into her tight
asshole before slowly withdrawing it until it was almost
all the way out of her, then sliding it all the way
inside her again and making her gasp.

We’d arrived back safely at our motel in the early
afternoon, and had spent the day relaxing and talking
about how we were both ‘raped’ by the four guys the day

What kept me in a permanent state of erection, was my
wife’s admission that she couldn’t wait until we got home
so’s she could be fucked silly by our very own dog.

The mere thought of her having another dog fuck her and
knot inside her like the two by the river, meant that she
was also in a permanent state of sexual arousal and so we
fucked and caressed each other at every opportunity.

“C’mon sweetheart, come and fuck me in my ass.” she
whispered as she lifted her leg over me but remained
kneeling alongside me on all fours, the vibro sticking
lewdly halfway out of her ass and looking like she’d
grown a little tail, “I want to feel your cock inside me
‘doggy-style’ as you fuck deep inside my ass for the very
first time.”

I was really surprised by her earnest request, because
she’d told me long ago that she’d never been ass-fucked
by anyone before, for fear of it hurting her.

“Are you sure?” I asked her as I knelt up behind her and
stroked her beautiful ass.

“Oh yes, I’m really sure.” she purred, “As long as you
take your time and you allow me to become accustomed to
the size of your cock as you push it inside me.”

I reached down and slowly slid the vibro out of her,
switching it off and tossing it onto the bed before
sliding my cock all the way into her sopping cunt to coat
it with her slippery cunt-juices.

I then pulled out and she spread her knees further apart
so’s her still dilated asshole was at the right level for
me to enter. Very slowly, I eased my knob-end into the
puckered ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass,
withdrawing and then pushing slightly deeper to fully
dilate her sphincter-muscle before I attempted to sink
all the way in. With the next push, I eased another inch
into her and felt her pushing her hips back at my
invading cock, forcing herself to accept my bulbous knob-

“Oh. Please, go easy… easy, my darling.” she gasped as
I fed another inch of cock into her virgin asshole, “A
bit more… and again… more… wait, wait a minute…
now… a bit more… and again… now, all the way in –

By now, I was over halfway into her and then felt her
slowly pushing back at me until my cock slid all the way
inside her, impaling her.

“Ahhhhhhh… Oh yes!!” she sighed, “Now just leave it
inside me for a moment until I stretch a bit.” I knew
exactly how she felt. All too often I’d been fucked by a
guy I’d just met and he’d pushed everything he had into
my ass before allowing it to dilate – usually leaving me
with a sore ass for 2 or 3 days. And yet, when a guy with
a much larger cock had taken his time before fucking me,
I suffered no discomfort whatsoever.

“You tell me when to start fucking you, my love. You call
the shots and I’ll do what you say.” I told her quietly,
“I know exactly what it’s like from my own experience.”

She stayed as she was for a minute or so before telling
me that she now felt okay, and that I could start by
slowly fucking in and out of her.

Ooooo, yesssssss.” she hissed as I slowly eased my rigid
cock in and out of her tight virgin ass, “Fuck me, my
little cum-slut. Fuck my ass and come inside me.”

I looked down to watch my thick shaft disappearing and
then reappearing as I slowly ass-fucked her, her ass
gripping it and looking as though it was sucking on my

“Ooooooo, that’s nice.” she breathed as I felt her
sphincter-muscles dilating and I gradually speeded up,
“Okay. Now, fuck me. Fuck my ass and let me feel your
cock throb and twitch deep inside my ass as you fill me
with your cum.”

Getting the go-ahead, I held onto her hips and fucked
into her as though we’d been ass-fucking forever, my
balls slapping noisily against her thighs as I sank all
the way into her and pulled almost out again.

“Push your hips back at me, my darling.” I gasped
breathlessly, “I’m very near to coming, and I want to
spurt my cum into you as deeply as possible.”

“Oh yes.” she breathed as she clutched at the duvet and
pushed her hips back even more, “C’mon, my little cum-
slut, fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

“NOW!!” I gasped suddenly, my cock jerking madly as it
spat my cum deep inside her tight ass, “OH, YESSSS!!”

“Knot in me, you fucking cunt.” she gasped, alternately
tightening and relaxing her sphincter-muscles as though
she’d been ass-fucked all her life, “Knot inside my
fucking ass and fill it with your cum.” My whore-bitch of
a wife was taking it up the ass for the first time in her
life and was actually milking my cum from me.

“Oh yesssss,” she hissed as I fell onto her back, the
sweat running from me as I fought for breath and my cock
twitched deep inside her as it spurted the last drops of
my cum into her, “That was fucking… Fantastic.”

Slowly, my cock shrank and soon slipped out of the tight
ass it’d just deflowered, my wife instantly turning round
and sucking it into her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” she moaned as she laved on it and sucked it
clean before moving up to kiss me, “Thank you, thank you,
my darling. That was fucking wonderful. Now I know
exactly how you felt when I watched all those guys
fucking you in the past.”

“And when those two dogs fucked me.” I reminded her.

“I hadn’t forgotten.” she replied with a wicked smile,
“Who could forget them?”

“Well you can’t, that’s for sure.” I replied, kissing
her, “Next time, you’ll find it a lot easier – providing
you want a next time?”

“There’d better be many next times.” she said in mock
indignation, “But only with you. My ass is off-limits to
everyone else. Now, what shall we do today?”

She sat on the bed and thought for a while before turning
to me…

“How about going out for a drive tonight? We could both
wear our sexiest undies and you could wear my black
‘stretchy’ number over yours. Then we could cruise round
town for a while to see what’s happening. What d’you
think?” she asked.

“Sounds okay to me.” I replied, “But wouldn’t I stand out
– wearing a dress?”

“Not if we went down to the mall right now and I bought
you a wig.” she said, “There’ll be a shop down there that
sells wigs, I’m sure.”

Later that evening I was driving around town, wearing
Anne’s black dress over my blue basque and black nylons.
I was also wearing my new brown wig and full makeup,
having borrowed some of my wife’s jewellery to finish off
my outfit.

“You look really sexy, my darling.” she smiled as she
leaned over and stroked the bulge in her black dress that
my throbbing cock was making, “Good enough to eat.”

“Mmmm, I feel really sexy as well, my darling.” I
replied, “But I have to admit that I’m very nervous about
your idea of us going into a bar for a drink with me
dressed as Suzy. We’ve never done that before – not even
back home.”

“We don’t have to – we could leave downtown, drive out
through the suburbs and find somewhere quiet to have some
fun on our own.” she suggested.

“Hmmm, we could – but it seems a pity to waste all the
time and effort you’ve spent, making me up like this.” I
said, “Perhaps… perhaps we could find a bar somewhere
that has some… ‘intimate’ lighting? I think I’d feel
okay then.”

“The guy on the front desk said that on 5th street is
something like that.” she said, “I asked him earlier if
there was a nice and quiet place we could go to for a
relaxing drink, and he said that ‘The Maxim Bar’ should
fit the bill – especially with today being Thursday. No
doubt it’ll get busy at the weekend?”

“Okay. ‘The Maxim Bar’ it is.” I replied, “And then we
can maybe have ourselves a nice, relaxing drive in the
countryside afterwards?”

Twenty minutes later, we were sitting ourselves down in a
booth and sipping a martini at ‘The Maxim Bar’ on 5th
street. As it happened, we couldn’t have picked a better
place – low lights and separate booths with a waitress

“Well, how do you feel being in a public bar as Suzy?”
Anne asked me.

Instead of answering her, I took her hand under the table
and placed it in my lap.

“Fucking hell Suzy.” she gasped as her fingers curled
around my erect cock as it thrusted up from between my
thighs, making a large bulge in the front of the dress
that I was wearing, “What the fuck’s brought that on?”

“I guess it’s because this is the first time I’ve ever
been out in public whilst wearing all of my stuff.” I
whispered to her excitedly, “Sitting in a public place
whilst wearing my new wig, makeup and one of your
dresses, and also knowing what I’m wearing underneath –
or the lack of it, is making me feel really horny. It’s
almost as exciting as when we go for a walk through the
park wearing only our undies.”

“Now you know exactly how I felt when you suggested that
I should stop wearing any panties.” she said, “I was a
hair’s breadth from coming every time I went out without
them for the first month or so. Christ, talk about being
turned on?”

We stayed in the bar for over an hour as we relaxed and
had a drink. At one time Anne asked me to hitch my dress
right up my nylon-clad thighs so’s my cock was totally
exposed and she could bend over and give it a quick suck.

“I dare you to leave your cock out like that and call the
waitress over for some more drinks.” she giggled, “Go on.
I double-dare you.”

“Alright, I will.” I replied, rearranging my dress and
splaying my knees slightly so’s my cock, blue suspenders
and stocking-tops were completely exposed, “Excuse me.
Can we have two more martinis over here, please Miss?”
The waitress smiled and nodded, and was standing
alongside me with our drinks a moment later, my wife
smiling wickedly as she saw the waitress lean over in my
direction to put a coaster in front of me before placing
my glass on it and then doing the same for Anne.

“She must’ve seen it Suzy.” Anne whispered excitedly as
she moved away and went back to the bar, “Hell’s teeth. I
keep catching a glimpse of it from where I’m sitting.”

“I don’t know, my darling? But I’ll tell you what… she
sure kept a straight face if she did.” I replied,
“Perhaps she couldn’t see in these lights?”

We found out a few minutes later when the waitress
returned to empty our ashtray and wipe our table. As she
finished cleaning and moved to the next table, she
casually place a scrap of paper underneath our ashtray.

“What does it say?” Anne asked excitedly, “Tell me – I’m
dying to know.”

I took the note from under the ashtray and read the
message written on it.

“It’s a message from her – let me read it to you. ‘Hi. I
couldn’t help noticing the nice view when I brought your
drinks just now. In case you’re interested, I get off
work in half an hour and would love a closer look at what
I saw a few moments ago.’ It’s signed, Debbie. Well, I
guess she did see it after all.” I said in a hushed

“Wow. And are we gonna let her have another look-see?”
Anne asked me.

“Why not? I think you want to fuck her as much as I do.”
I laughed.

“As if I’d want to do a thing like that? Well – okay
then.” Anne giggled.

A few moments later I saw Anne nod her head and smile.

“She was looking this way as she stood at the bar, and so
I nodded at her to let her know that we want to meet
her.” she explained in a whisper, “Christ. I can actually
feel myself juicing up right now with just thinking about

We waited until Anne saw her taking her apron off before
deciding to go outside and wait in the car for her, Anne
winking at her as we passed the end of the bar on the way
out and saying ‘goodnight’ to her and the barman.

“She shouldn’t be long.” I whispered to Anne as we sat
outside in our rented car, “I’ll flash the lights when I
see her coming out.”

Five minutes later, Debbie came out from behind the
building and looked around as she walked to her car. I
flashed my lights and she walked towards us, smiling as
she squatted alongside my open window.

“Hi. I’m Debbie.” she said, “I guess you read my note?”

“We sure did.” Anne said from the passenger seat, “I’m
Anne, and this is Suzy.”

“Hi Anne, hi Suzy. Hmmm, Suzy with that little bit extra,
eh? Well. Can I have a closer look at what I saw earlier
then?” she smiled.

“Sure. C’mon Suzy, don’t keep the lady in suspense.” Anne

With no more ado, I lifted my ass off the seat and slid
my dress all the way up my thighs, exposing my aching
cock to her.

“Very nice.” she said slowly as she gazed at my cock and
reached inside the car to lightly trace her fingers up my
throbbing shaft, “And what about you Anne?”

My wife copied my move and slid her skirt all the way up
her nylon-clad thighs, to totally expose her thick bush
to Debbie.

“Fucking hell.” she gasped as she looked between Anne’s
splayed thighs, “What a beautifully hairy snatch you’ve
gotten there. I thought mine was hairy – but you beat me
hands down.” With that, she stood up and quickly looked
round before she slid her own skirt up her thighs to
reveal a beautifully hairy cunt, but not quite as hairy
as my wife’s. I reached out and traced my finger the full
length of her juicing slit before licking it clean and
smiling at her.

“Have you somewhere to go, or would you like to come back
to our motel room?” Anne asked her, “Either way, we don’t

“I’ll follow you back to your place if that’s okay with
you guys? The neighbours might see us and say something
to my husband, and I’d have trouble explaining things
because he doesn’t know I’m bi.” she replied, “He works
nights, so he won’t know I’ve stopped out late after

“Okay, just follow us.” I told her, “It’s not far away.”
I waited until I saw her lights go on and then drove off
towards our motel, Debbie following behind us.

“She was certainly impressed with your hairy cunt, my
darling.” I said as we drove along with Debbie’s
headlights in my mirror, “And she’s already admitted that
she’s bi – so you’ll be alright for some cunt-licking as

“That’s what I’m looking forward to.” she replied, “And
going off what she told us just now, she’s obviously
still ‘in the closet’ and isn’t on the bi scene –
otherwise her husband would’ve suspected something by

As we parked up at our motel, Debbie pulled in alongside
us and us followed into our room, sitting on the bed.

“So Debbie, what d’you like doing?” Anne asked her.

“Anything really, anything at all.” she replied, “But
I’ve only been with two other women before, and I’m
pretty new to being bi, so I might need some guidance.”

“No problems there, Debbie.” Anne replied, “Perhaps me
and Suzy could start with each other, and you can join in
whenever you want?”

“Yeah, that’d be okay.” she replied, “I just wished I’d
known about meeting you guys tonight, I’d have worn some
sexy undies instead of my pantyhose.”

“That’s okay.” Anne told her as she reached into her
suitcase and threw her a bra, suspender-belt and some
nylons, “Here, try these – we’re about the same size.”

“Oooo, thanks. Now I’ll not only feel the part, I’ll look
the part as well.” she smiled, “D’you mind if I take a
quick shower first, and put these undies on in the
bathroom? I’ve been working all evening and could do with
freshening up.”

“Go ahead. I’ll pour you a drink for when you come out.”
Anne replied.

She disappeared into our bathroom for her shower and left
us to slip out of our outer clothes, re-emerging ten
minutes later, wearing Anne’s black 1/2 cup lacy bra and
matching suspender-belt with a pair of black nylons.

As she wasn’t wearing panties when she came back into the
room, even by the light of the bedside lamp, I noticed
that when she’d shown us her hairy cunt in the dimly-lit
car park, you could see that her pubic hair wasn’t quite
as thick as my wife’s, but you couldn’t see that it
covered a lot more area. But now, as she strode across
the room and took her drink, I could plainly see that her
pubic hair grew up past the top of her suspender-belt,
across her flat belly and up to her belly-button, and
also down the insides of her nylon-clad thighs –
disappearing under her stocking-tops.

“Wow. You’ve a great growth of pubic hair down there
Debbie.” I told her, “It’s not thick or bushy like
Anne’s, but it covers more of you.”

“My husband likes me this way.” she said, “He says it
turns him on.”

“Just like Anne’s thick bush turns me on.” I told her, “I
love to suck the cum from it after she’s just been fucked
by me or someone else.”

“And what is it about Suzy that especially turns you on,
Anne?” she asked.

“Amongst other things, it’s got to be her firm titties.”
Anne smiled, “Why don’t you undo your robe and show
Debbie your beautiful tits and nipples, my darling?”

“Sure.” I replied, undoing my dark blue satin robe and
letting it slip off my shoulders to the floor and reveal
my partially exposed tits as they peeped over the lacy
1/2 cups of my blue basque, “Well, what d’you think,

She took a step towards me and reached out to stroke my
erect nipples, instantly drawing back as though she’d
gotten an electric shock.

“Fucking hell.” she gasped, “They’re… they’re real.”

“Mmmm, I know.” Anne grinned, “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Wow. They sure are. Are they silicone Suzy?” she asked
as she once again stroked them and cupped each one in
turn to feel their weight.

“No, I’ve been taking some hormones actually.” I replied,
“And I must admit, having a nice pair of tits does make
me feel more feminine.”

“I can sure see why they make you feel that way – you
certainly look feminine to me.” she breathed as she
looked me up and down, but stopping when she saw my cock,
“That is, apart from your cock – speaking of which…”

Debbie couldn’t finish her sentence because she’d
squatted down and was now busy sucking my cock and
stroking my suspenders and thighs as Anne squatted behind
her and slid her arm round her waist, between her splayed
thighs – and finger-fucked her.

“Mmmmmmm.” she breathed as she sucked on my cock and felt
my wife’s fingers slipping into her cunt before Anne
started sliding them back and forth inside Debbie’s
juicing cunt, “Mmmmmmm.” I could hear the obscene
‘suctioning’ sounds of my wife’s fingers as they slid in
and out of Debbie’s oozing cunt, the aroma of musk heavy
in the air as her cunt-juices drooled onto the carpet in
sticky strings.

“Hey Debbie, how about us ’69ing’ with each other on our
bed?” Anne asked her,

“I can’t wait to drink some of your cunt-juices.”

Debbie then pulled off my cock and kissed my knob-end
before standing up and putting her arms round Anne’s slim
waist, rubbing her hairy cunt up against Anne’s.

Mmmm, I’d love to Anne.” she breathed.

A moment later, Anne was lying on her back with her knees
splayed and bent, her head at the foot of the bed and
Debbie on all fours above her, both women’s mouths and
tongues now busy between each other’s thighs.

I now had a grandstand view of Debbie’s hairy cunt and
thighs, and couldn’t resist stepping up behind her and
slowly pushing my knob-end up against her partly opened
slit, sliding it up and down the full length before
sinking my rigid cock into her juicing cunt until my
balls rested up against her glistening cunt-lips.

“Oh yeah, Suzy. Fuck me.” I heard Debbie whisper
lecherously, “Shove your hard cock deep inside my itching
cunt – and fuck me.” Holding onto her hips to steady
myself, I slid my cock in and out of her oozing cunt,
making her grunt loudly each time I sank all the way into
her, my knob-end butting up hard against her cervix.

I continued to fuck all the way into her for over five
minutes, after which I couldn’t hold back any longer and
warned her that I was very near to coming.

“Inside me.” she gasped earnestly, “I want you to come
deep inside me.”

She’d no sooner told me to, than I actually did. My cock
jerked and throbbed as my thick and creamy cum spurted
deep inside her oozing cunt, jet after powerful jet
blasting against her rubbery cervix until I was spent.

When I pulled my limp cock from her, a few moments later,
I watched my viscous cum ooze out from between her cunt-
lips to slither along the length of her slit, and drip
into my wife’s waiting mouth. It was only when Anne
sucked and licked Debbie’s oozing cunt, and I saw
Debbie’s thighs start to tremble, her also catching her
breath several times, that I knew that she was having an

For the next 90 minutes we fucked, sucked, fingered and
caressed in every position and combination possible, all
of us finally lying entwined on the bed as we smoked a
cigarette and recovered.

“D’you guys want to know something? Debbie asked as she
snuggled up against Anne and idly traced her fingertip
round Anne’s erect nipple, “Apart from my husband, I’ve
never been with another guy before. I’ve been faithful
for the last 9 years and have never even thought about
fucking with another guy.”

“I feel honoured.” I told her, “But what made you decide
to let me fuck you?”

“Possibly because you look like a woman?” she explained,
“Seeing you two for the first time tonight aroused the
‘bi’ side of me. And then, when I saw Suzy’s cock as I
served you your drinks, I guessed you were a couple that
had something special.

Even though I knew Suzy was actually a guy, it didn’t
feel as though I’d be being unfaithful to my husband if I
fucked with him. I don’t class me fucking with other
women as being unfaithful, and it somehow seemed the same
with Suzy.

Perhaps the fact that me and my husband haven’t fucked
for over 6 months has something to do with it as well?
Whatever the reason, I know that I’ve certainly enjoyed
myself tonight and that I don’t feel guilty in the
slightest about anything.

In fact, I’d like us to do it again – if that’s okay with

“We’d love to see you again Debbie.” Anne told her,
reaching over and kissing her right nipple, “We’re
stopping here until the end of next week, so there’ll be
plenty of times for us to fuck again. Now you know where
we are, you can phone us and arrange to come round after
work if you’d like?”

“That’d be great.” she smiled, “Living here, I don’t get
to meet many bi women, and I’m finding that making love
to another woman is becoming more exciting and more
special to me – I include you in that as well, Suzy.”

“I know what you mean Debbie.” I replied, “I’m fast
coming to think of myself as being more female than male
– not only looking more like one, but thinking and acting
more like one as well.”

“That’s why I want you to spend more time as Suzy.” Anne
said, “You seem more relaxed and at ease somehow. Perhaps
it’s those hormones?”

“I’m certainly glad you took them Suzy.” Debbie said,
“Seeing you standing there in your sexy undies with that
beautiful pair of tits and that rock-hard cock jutting
out from between your thighs, is everything another woman
could wish for. Because I see you as another woman and
not a guy, I feel safe somehow. And then there’s the
added bonus of you having that marvellous cock to fuck me
with – without the pressures of trying to ‘please’ you as
a man. Having said all that, I’d really love it if you
could fuck me once again. When I go home, I want to lie
alone in my bed, and still be able to feel your cum deep
inside me while I dip my fingers inside my cunt and lick
your cum off them as I have a wank.”

“I think Suzy can mange that for you.” Anne said, “How
about Suzy lying on the bed while she licks me out and
you sit on her cock until she comes deep inside you.”

“A perfect end to a perfect evening.” she smiled, “Is
that okay with you, Suzy?”

“Why don’t you two beautiful women climb aboard and I’ll
show you?” I replied.

Ten minutes later, I’d two horny women sitting over me,
each having an orgasm as one mashed her drooling cunt
into my face, and the other one repeatedly impaled
herself onto my throbbing cock as I spurted my cum deep
inside her.


The following afternoon, Anne was lying on the bed whilst
reading about some local attractions. Meanwhile, I’d gone
out to our rented car, which was parked outside our room,
to look for a map and a brochure from the Tourist Bureau.
Because our room was part of a block of four and was
situated at the back-side of the motel, it meant that the
small car-park was bordered on three sides by the woods
that surrounded the complex – the front of the motel
opening up onto the main road.

It was a really ‘heavy’ afternoon and I’d taken a drink
and a sandwich out to the car with me, leaving the door
of our room wide open, which allowed us to hold a
conversation as I read out several places of interest
that Anne might want to visit? Perhaps because of the
sultry weather, today was a particularly quiet one and
nobody seemed to be about – us both assuming that
everybody else had gone out for the day, because our car
was the only one that was parked up outside the rooms.

“Christ, it’s humid today, my darling.” she called from
inside, “I think I’ll take a cool shower before we go
down to the shopping-mall, if that’s okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.” I called back to her, my nose still
stuck in the brochure, “I’ll just read through this and
finish my sandwich, then I’ll have one when you come

“Okay, I won’t be long.” she replied. A few minutes
later, something caught my eye and I looked up to see a
dog of ‘doubtful parentage’ up on it’s hind legs as it
explored the contents of one of the motel rubbish-bins.

I called it over and threw it a piece of my sandwich –
the dog trotting over and gulping it down. I then tossed
it another piece, this time a bit nearer – the dog once
again walking up to it and eating it. Next, I threw a
piece about two feet from me and the dog walked up and
ate that as well. I then held out my hand with another
piece and called the dog again. Without hesitation, it
walked right up to me and took the bread from my hand,
wagging it’s tail as it stood at the open car door.

“Good boy.” I said as I stroked it’s head – not knowing
whether it was actually a dog or a bitch – “There’s a
good boy. You want some more food then?”

I threw it the last piece and stroked it’s head and it’s
back as it ate the bread, quickly looking round to check
there was nobody about before sliding my hand along it’s
flank and between it’s hind legs. My fingers curled round
a heavy cock.

Unable to believe my good fortune, I slowly stood up and
quietly closed the car door before crossing to our room
and quickly getting another sandwich, squatting down in
the open doorway and offering my new friend another tasty

“C’mon boy, here’s some more.” I called as the dog stood
alongside our car.

He slowly walked right up to me and took the bread from
my hand, eating it as I once again reached down between
his hind legs and curled my fingers around his furry
sheath – this time gently sliding it back and forth.

“Good Boy.” I praised him as he looked up at me but made
no effort to resist my advances, “There’s a good boy.”

His tail wagged and I dropped another piece of sandwich
between my feet – the dog taking a step forward and
eating it. Slowly, I shuffled back into the room and
dropped another piece of bread, the dog walking inside
and eating it without hesitation.

I then tore off another piece and dropped that between
his paws before I reached over him to swing the door shut
as he ate it. The door closed behind him and I gave him
the rest of the sandwich before I stood up and pushed the
door completely closed, locking it before I squatted
beside him and reached for his cock once again.

I slid his furry sheath back and forth a few times, his
pink cock sliding out and slowly thickening as I
continued to slowly wank him.

Feeling more brave, I wanked him a little faster and
smiled as I watched him hunch his back and hump his hips
back and forth – his pink cock getting thicker and longer
as it started spitting it’s pre-cum onto the floor.

I took my hand away and praised him – patting his back
and rubbing his head as he slowly stopped humping his
hips and bent round to lick his cock before looking back
at me and wagging his tail. The final test was when I
wanked him once more – this time pushing his sheath right
back and exposing his knot before I got down on all fours
to see how he’d react? I wasn’t disappointed and felt him
immediately jump up on my back and wrap his fore-paws
tightly around my waist, him ‘air-fucking’ me with his
spitting cock. I pulled away and sat on the floor beside
him, wrapping my hand around his swollen knot and
swelling cock, his furry sheath now unable to slide back
over them due to them having swollen so large. Pre-cum
continued to spurt from the darkening tip of his pointed
cock and he stood there panting as his semi-hard, purple
cock, slowly shrank and eventually slid back inside his

“Boy, are you gonna have some fun today.” I said as I
patted his head after he’d finished licking his cock
again before lying down and wagging his tail – obviously
very much at home, “My wife’s gonna cream herself when
she sees you.”

“You’re fucking right about that.” I turned round to find
her standing in her towelling robe by the bathroom
doorway, “Where the hell did you find him?”

“Outside, just now as I was sitting in the car.” I

“Well who’s is he?” she asked, “Who does he belong to?”

“I dunno.” I replied, “He was looking in the rubbish bins
and I called him over by offering him some of my
sandwich. Then I enticed him in here with some more of my
sandwich, and closed the door behind him.”

“Wow. And d’you think he’ll… y’know?”

“Better than that.” I smiled, “I know he will. I wanked
him for a few seconds just now, and then got down on my
hands and knees to see if he’s perform – he was on me
like a shot, trying to fuck me.”

A broad and lecherous grin spread over Anne’s face as the
realisation of what I’d just told her, sank in – her hand
dropping to her hairy slit and rubbing up and down it.

“Ooooo, come to mummy.” she squealed as she ran over to
him and squatted down in front of him, her robe falling
open to expose her hairy cunt to him, “Are you gonna be
mummy’s little friend?” His answer was to reach out and
lick up her exposed slit.

“I think he’s gonna end up by being your big friend.” I
corrected her.

“Tell you what.” she said excitedly, “Why don’t we let
him fuck me this afternoon, and then you can drive down
to the shops afterwards and pick up some food for us all
while I suck him off when he’s finished fucking me? That
way, we can keep him here and he should be okay to fuck
both of us tonight. I’d like him to fuck me while we’re
both wearing our undies, but it’s too bloody humid to
wear them this afternoon.”

“Sounds like a fucking good idea, my love.” I replied as
I watched her squatting there and him still licking her
widening and juicing crack, “I’d sooner be wearing my
undies as well. How about throwing a hand-towel over us
so’s he doesn’t scratch our waists with his front paws
though? I wouldn’t want to see you scarred by them.”

“Good idea.” she replied, “I’ll get one now from the

She stood up and walked to the bathroom for the towel,
the dog trotting behind her and jumping up at her waist –
obviously keen to explore her twat in more depth.

“Wait a minute lad.” she scolded him, “I want a ciggy
before you fuck me.”

He followed her back into our room and she laid on the
bed, the dog jumping up and pushing his head between her
splayed thighs, his tongue straight between her cunt-lips
and probing inside her juicing cunt.

“Oooo, that’s nice, boy.” she smiled as she reached out
and held his cock, “You can fuck this into there in a
minute or two. How would you like to do that?” He was too
busy trying to wrap his fore-paws around her leg several
times to answer her.

“Right, when I get down on all fours, will you throw the
towel over my back, my love?” she asked, “I think it’d be
best if he fucked me on the floor so’s his cum doesn’t
leak out of me and soak into the bed.”

“Hmmm, try explaining that to the manager.” I replied
with a grin, and then added in a ‘false’ voice, “Sorry Mr
Manager, our bed’s soaked through with doggy-cum.”

“Just throw the fucking towel over my back and leave the
jokes to the comedians.” she said in a mock, bored tone
as she got off the bed.

Luckily, I managed to throw the towel over her waist just
as she was getting down on all fours, the dog instantly
jumping up and wrapping his paws around her as soon as
her hands hit the floor. He humped his hips furiously at
her, his cock already partly out of it’s sheath and
spitting pre-cum over her ass and thighs before I’d a
chance to reach under him and guide his pointed cock in
between her cunt-lips.

Like the two German Shepherds before him, as soon as he
felt the heat of her cunt around his cock, he quickly
sank all of his cock and his partly-swollen knot into
her, stabbing it into her as he danced around between her
legs while I kept my hand behind it to make sure he
knotted with her successfully and he didn’t accidentally
pull it out.

“Oh yes. Fuck me, boy.” she gasped as she felt the full
length of his cock ramming even deeper into her drooling
cunt, “Go on, fuck me and knot inside me.”

I knelt beside him and kept my fingers pressing either
side of his embedded and ever swelling knot until I could
feel my wife’s cunt-lips starting to stretch and bulge
outwards, removing them and going round to her head so’s
she could suck my cock, only when I was sure that they
were well on the way to being knotted.

“Jesus.” she breathed excitedly as I knelt down in front
of her face, my knob-end only an inch from her lips,
“He’s definitely larger than those other two were.”

By now, his humping had changed from a series of quick
stabs, to a succession of deep and powerful thrusts, each
one making my wife grunt out loud and rock forward onto
my cock with the sheer force of them – even though he was
firmly clamped around her waist. I fucked my cock into
her mouth as I reached under her and rolled her erect
nipples between my fingers and thumbs, so turned on by
seeing a dog knotting with her again, that I felt my cum
rising and warned her I was about to come.

She responded by sucking me harder and reaching up with
one hand so’s she could toss me off, moaning loudly as
the first spurt of my cum hit the roof of her mouth.

She swallowed as fast as she could, and just as my orgasm
was reaching it’s end, she pulled off my throbbing cock
and sank down until her shoulders and face rested on the
carpet. Her eyes and mouth were wide open as if she was
screaming silently – her orgasm now racing through her
body as the dog’s cum escaped from her cum-filled cunt
and flowed down the insides of her thighs.

Feeling her change position, the dog humped his engorged
cock and knot even deeper into her already overstuffed
cunt, pushing her whole body back and forth and making
her cunt squelch loudly with the cum that filled and
overflowed from it.

It was another five minutes before she could speak to me
and only then as though she was in a daze or a dream.

“Oh my God.” she moaned softly, “What a fucking cock he
has. I can feel it jerking and spurting his cum really
deep inside me. Christ, he’s big, my darling – much
bigger than those two German Shepherds were. We’ve got to
get a dog as soon as we get home for me to be fucked by –
promise me you’ll buy me one.”

“I promise.” I whispered as I stroked her face, “As soon
as we get home.”

Another twenty minutes passed and I was greedily sucking
the dog’s cum from my wife’s hairy cunt as it oozed past
her bulging cunt-lips when Anne whispered that she could
feel him shrinking and for me slide from underneath her
so’s I could catch hold of him when he pulled out of her,
because she wanted to suck him off while I went to the
shops for his food and left them alone.

“You’ll love the taste of his cum, my love.” I told her
as I sat up and wiped some off my chin, “It tastes far
better than the others did.”

“I’m gonna find out for myself in a minute, my darling.”
she replied, “He’s gonna pull out of me any second now.”

She was obviously an authority on doggy-fucking by now,
because he suddenly stepped back and his knot slipped out
of her bulging cunt with a ‘glooping’ sound,

a torrent of his creamy cum flooding out of her gaping
cunt and running down her thighs so’s she was actually
kneeling in two sticky puddles of it.

Driven on by the sheer lust of drinking dog-cum, Anne
swivelled round and laid on her back to reach up and
replace my hand behind his still swollen knot with her
own, guiding the tip of his large, purple and red, spongy
cock between her lips and clamping them around it as she
sucked on it and gulped on the sticky cum that spurted
from it, filling her mouth.

“Well, as you’re gonna be ‘busy’ for the next few
minutes, I’ll go down to the shops and get some food for
us all.” I told her, “See you in twenty minutes.” She
waved with her free hand, moaned, and I went out to the
car, locking the door behind me.

I didn’t return with the things I’d bought until 45
minutes later, the traffic around the mall being so
heavy. And when I unlocked the door and quietly looked
inside, I found my wife fast asleep on the bed with her
new friend curled up beside her, also asleep.

Cautiously, I moved round behind her and bent down to
lick up the cum that was slowly oozing from her slightly
gaping cunt, my wife moaning slightly and lifting her
thigh so’s I could move closer and clamp my mouth over
her cunt and suck her clean.

“Mmmm, that feels beautiful.” she sighed, “I must’ve
drifted off to sleep.”

“You’re not the only one.” I smiled, “Your furry fuck-
friend has as well.”


At just after 7 0’clock, Anne came out of the bathroom
wearing her lilac basque and white lace-top nylons, ready
for another fuck with our furry friend. She’d already
warned me about the size of his cock and knot, and so I’d
been lying on the bed in my blue basque and nylons for an
over an hour, with one of her dildoes sticking in my ass
to open me up for him, as she told me that it could’ve
been really uncomfortable for me to have that huge knot
inside me without first dilating my sphincter-muscles.

“You should be okay now, my love.” she said as she leaned
over the bed and worked it in and out of my ass again,
“The one that’s in you now is 2 inches across and you
said that you’re taking it easily with no discomfort.”

“I’d almost forgotten it was in there actually.” I told
her, “So I guess I’ll be okay one he’s inside me –
especially as he’s gonna fuck you first and he won’t be
quite as big the second time round with me.”

“He’ll still be quite a size though, so just be ready for
him.” she warned me, “Now, let’s pull my vibro from your
ass and have some of that delicious doggy-cock. I’m
aching to have that massive lump of doggy-gristle knotted
up my cunt again.”

She slid the vibro out of my dilated ass and threw it on
the bed before calling the dog over and squatting down
so’s she could wank him, the dog humping her arm.

“C’mon doggy, give me what I want. Give me that massive
cock of yours – right up my cunt so’s it knots deep
inside me.” she said as she got on all fours for him.

As though he actually understood her, the dog immediately
mounted her and rapidly fucked his swelling cock and knot
at her, finding the entrance to her cunt first time and
burying it all the way inside her.

“Oh yesssssss.” she hissed as the dog rammed his spitting
meat deep into her cunt and successfully knotted inside
her within seconds, “Fuck me.”

I slid underneath her and ’69ed’ with her, wanking on her
clitty and watching the dog’s massive knot making her
cunt-lips bulge alarmingly as it firmly wedged itself
deep inside my wife’s hairy cunt. Rivers of doggy-cum
were already seeping from her and running up her
distended gash to drip off her now erect clitty and into
my mouth as she clamped her lips over my cock and sucked

“Oh yesssss.” she hissed again, “Wank my fucking clitty
for me and make me come, you fucking cum-slut. My
orgasm’s building rapidly, my love. Don’t stop, just keep
wanking me – I’m nearly there. Oh yesss!

A flood of sticky dog-cum was f****d out of her
overstuffed cunt as she violently orgasmed, her outer
cunt-lips stretching and peeling back even more to reveal
her bulging inner cunt-lips and her cum-filled cunt
squelching loudly.


The dog gave her every inch of his massive cock, ramming
it into her before slowing to a stop and lying on her
back, panting loudly.

“Oh my God.” she moaned softly, her orgasm subsiding as
she flopped to the floor, fucked into oblivion, “Sweet
fucking Jesus.”

I pulled myself from under her and took in the sight of
my darling wife kneeling there with her face and
shoulders lying flat on the carpet, her ass being held
high in the air by this dog’s massive cock that was
firmly knotted deep inside her cunt, his cum oozing past
her bulging cunt-lips and running off her erect clitty
and onto the carpet.

Then I’d an idea. Why the hell hadn’t we thought of
filming Anne being fucked by the dog? I quickly set my
video camera up on the tripod and started filming.

Ten minutes later she was still moaning softly, when the
dog slipped off her back and dragged his leg over her,
turning himself round so’s they were ass-to-ass and
lifting her knees completely off the carpet. To this day,
I’ve never seen such an erotic sight as my wife being
literally suspended in mid air in her sexy undies, with
her knees completely off the ground as she hung by her
cunt from the massive dog’s cock that was knotted deep
inside her, his copious cum literally flooding from her
bulging cunt.

Unable to stop, I straddled her waist and tossed myself
off, looking at her bulging inner cunt-lips as I spurted
my cum over the crack of her ass before sliding two of my
fingers deep inside her cum-lubricated asshole, finger-
fucking her and rubbing hard up against that massive and
throbbing knot that was wedged in her cunt, my finger
separated from it only by the thin internal membrane that
divided her ass from her cunt. I was further surprised
when the dog took a couple of steps forward and dragged
my impaled and suspended wife across the room by his cock
in her cunt, her limp arms trailing out uselessly behind
her. Thank God I’d started my camera, because Anne, at
this time being completely out of it, simply wouldn’t
have believed what happened to her if I hadn’t had the
foresight to film it.

But even the powerful dog couldn’t hold her off the floor
for too long. He spread his hind-legs slightly and her
knees once again were lowered onto the carpet, her ass
still held high in the air. Grabbing the camera, I got
the most marvellous shot of the dog’s knot as it was
partly exposed between her inner cunt-lips and made them
grotesquely bulge outwards, her hairy outer cunt-lips
perfectly framing her inner ones as they peeled back like
a split tomato. I then moved down to take a close-up shot
of her erect clitty, splayed-open slit and cum-soddened
pubic hairs, doggy-cum rapidly dripping off her and
running down her nylon-clad thighs. It was another 15
minutes before I filmed him finally pulling out of her.
His massive cock suddenly pulling out and letting her
slump onto the floor, her gaping cunt now totally exposed
to the camera as she lay there with his already
ejaculated cum flooding from her gaping cunt.

The dog remained standing over her limp body with his
massive purple and red cock jerking obscenely between his
hind-legs, spraying her cunt and thighs with cum, as if
she was his bitch and he was her absolute and triumphant

Leaving the camera running, I quickly slid between the
dog’s legs and crammed the spurting tip of his cock into
my mouth, sliding my lips along the length of his jerking
weapon and feeling the spurts of cum hitting the back of
my throat.

Then for the camera, I took his purple cock out of my
mouth and held him behind his still massive knot as I
directed the steady spurts of cum directly into my mouth
and swallowed them, 20 seconds before the camera ‘beeped’
and the film was used up.

Moving over to Anne’s head, I cradled her in my arms and
gently kissed her.

“C’mon my darling, wake up.” I said softly. She slowly
came to and opened her eyes, weakly smiling at me as she
struggled to sit up.

“Christ, what happened?” she asked. I told her that I’d
filmed everything and that I’d show it to her later, when
she’d recovered.

“Don’t let him fuck you, my darling.” she begged me,
“He’s far too big for you.”

“Okay, you know best.” I replied, “I won’t argue with

Ten minutes later she was sitting on the bed with a
drink, a towel under her inflamed cunt to catch the still
escaping cum and cunt-juices that flowed from her.

“Here.” I said, “Have a look at what happened to you
after you passed out.”

I set the film running and she looked at the LCD screen
to see herself well and truly knotted by this monster
dog-cock and her limp body being lifted off the carpet.

“Fucking hell. I’m… I’m hanging off his cock.” she
gasped, “I’m actually hanging off his fucking cock by my
cunt. I’m actually hanging by my cunt on his cock and
knot. No fucking wonder I feel as though I’ve just been
fucked by a runaway train.”

She carried on watching the film and gasped again when
she saw him pull from her and the camera move down to
film her gaping cunt with his cum flooding from it.

What I hadn’t realised was, when I’d filmed the inside of
her gaping cunt, I’d actually filmed right up inside her,
and a load of doggy-cum was plainly visible as it formed
a white pool below and in front of her dark red cervix.

“That’s… that’s my cervix.” she gasped in astonishment,
“And look at all that cum that’s still sticking to my
cunt-walls. Look, there’s a pool of cum deep inside me.”

We both then watched me sucking him, Anne squeezing my
cock and smiling at me as she saw me taking his cock from
my mouth and the spurts of cum filling it to overflowing
before I swallowed the whole lot.

“When the feeling returns in my cunt, I’m gonna wank
myself off and watch this film again.” she said, “I’ve
never seen anything so fucking horny as this.”

“And you were the star.” I smiled.

“And him.” she replied, “Don’t forget him.”

“Speaking of which, we’d better let him go home.” I told
her, “It’s late and his owner might be wondering where
he’s gotten to.”

I got off the bed and called the dog over to the door,
bending down and patting his head before he walked
outside and casually cocked his leg, pissed on the open
door and disappeared into the night.


“That was Debbie on the phone just now.” Anne told me as
I came in from the bathroom the following lunch-time,
“She said she wanted to come round for some more fun with
us tonight, but she ‘came on’ this morning.”

“I hope you told her that her ‘being on’ doesn’t matter
to us?” I replied.

“She’ll be round after work.” my wife grinned, “Wearing
some of her sexy undies.”

At 11pm, I was watching my wife’s still slightly
inflamed, suspender-framed hairy cunt-lips trailing along
the length of my shaft as she lifted her hips up and
down, repeatedly impaling herself on my cock. There was a
knock at the door and Debbie called from outside that it
was her and could she come in?

Raising herself up, Anne slid off my glistening cock and
kissed my knob-end before she went to unlock the door,
peering round it to let Debbie in.

“Hi you horny guys.” Debbie beamed as she came in and saw
me lying on the bed wearing my lacy black basque, with my
terrific hard-on sticking up from between my nylon-clad
thighs, “Ooooo, can I come over and suck on that,

“You can come and sit on it, if you want Debbie.” I told
her, “Anne’s just gotten off it to let you in, and it’s
getting cold.”

“Ah, I’d love to.” she replied, “But there’s a slight
problem. Like I tried to tell Anne this morning, I ‘came
on’ today, so I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why ever not?” I asked, “When Anne’s ‘on’ we fuck like

“You guys still fuck when she’s ‘on’ then?” Debbie asked,
“I’m usually ‘on’ with a really heavy flow for 3 days. By
the time I finish, my husband will be on his ‘4 nights
off’ work, so I came round tonight to tell you that I
wouldn’t be able to come round for a fuck any more before
you guys went back home.”

“We can still have a fuck.” Anne answered her, “When I’m
‘on’ my cunt itches like fuck and I feel horny as hell.
Christ, Suzy even goes down on me then, as well.”

“I know what you mean about feeling horny, Anne. Jesus.
When I’m ‘on’ I feel so fucking horny, I’d even let a
stray dog off the street fuck me. Unfortunately, my
husband seems to think I’ve gotten a fucking curse or
something for 3 days every month, and won’t come anywhere
near me.” At Debbie mentioning that she’d let a stray dog
off the street fuck her, Anne smiled knowingly, but only

“Look. You want to fuck – right?”

“Ooooo, yes. More than anything.” Debbie replied.

“Well what’s stopping you Debbie? Neither of us are
bothered about you being ‘on’ and we both want you to
fuck with us tonight. C’mon, say you will.”

“Well… I don’t know. I mean… I’d feel so embarrassed.
Even my gyno’ or husband has ever seen me wearing a
Tampax.” she said, “Besides, I’m not wearing my sexy
undies, as I didn’t think I’d be doing any fucking or
anything else tonight.”

“You borrow ours again, no problems. Listen, if all
you’re bothered about, is us seeing you wearing a Tampax,
you don’t have to worry. Why don’t you get on the bed and
lie next to Suzy while I go into the bathroom for a
moment? At least we’ll be able to have a kiss and a
cuddle.” Anne said. Reluctantly, Debbie agreed to Anne’s
suggestion and climbed up to lie beside me, Anne soon
returning from the bathroom.

“Here you are.” Anne said as she stood alongside the bed
in her black 1/2 cup lacy bra, matching lacy suspender-
belt and black lace-top nylons, splaying her knees to
show us the little white string that now dangled from
between her cunt-lips, “Now, what’s embarrassing about
that? We’re all friends and we’ve seen a lot more of each

Debbie looked down between Anne’s thighs at her Tampax
string and then smiled.

“I guess you’re right, it’s not that bad.” she said,
“Okay, I’ll strip off.”

“Here. Go in there and put these on Debbie.” Anne said,
throwing Debbie her red basque and a pair of nylons, “You
might feel embarrassed for a minute or two, but it’ll
soon pass.” She disappeared into the bathroom, returning
five minutes later to see Anne lying on her back, her
knees splayed wide open with the little white Tampax
string plainly visible as it dangled from between her
cunt-lips and me straddling her shoulders so’s she could
suck my cock.

“Come and lie up here beside me.” Anne said to her, “I
want to kiss and cuddle you.”

Debbie climbed onto the bed and laid beside my wife, both
embracing each other and caressing as the passionately

“Mmmm, that feels so good Anne.” Debbie breathed, “I’ve
really missed the feel and touch of another woman. Suck
my nipples for me, will you?”

Anne rolled her onto her back and dropped her head to
kiss each nipple in turn, her hand straying down to
caress Debbie’s flat and hairy stomach and slowly nearing
her hairy bush with every caress, finally cupping her
entire hand over Debbie’s cunt-lips.

“Oh, that’s nice.” she whispered, “My cunt’s on fire and
that feels so fucking good.”

Debbie’s hips were moving back and forth as Anne caressed
her hairy cunt and kept her ‘on the boil’ as I crept
between her legs, kissing and trailing my tongue along
the inside of each one, caressing her and moving ever so
slowly upwards until I’d reached her thighs. Whether
she’d realised it or not, Debbie had slowly splayed her
knees and had drawn them up as Anne sucked on her
nipples, letting out a little moan as she felt my lips
and tongue on the hairy insides of each thigh above her

“God. That’s good.” she breathed, “That feels soooooooo
fucking good.”

I moved up another couple of inches and slowly eased
Debbie’s nylon-clad thighs further apart, the little
white string now plainly visible between Anne’s caressing
fingers as it dangled from Debbie’s cunt, only inches
away from my lips.

Ever so lightly I traced my tongue up and down the inside
of Debbie’s thighs, reaching almost to the top before
moving down again as my wife sucked noisily on her
nipples. Then I slowly and deliberately, I moved upwards
again until my tongue brushed against Anne’s knuckles.
Upon feeling this, she opened her fingers and allowed me
to part Debbie’s cunt-lips slightly before slowly sliding
her hand along her slit to gently massage Debbie’s

Feeling Anne frigging her clitty, Debbie moaned softly
and pushed her hips forward, which made her knees splay
open even more and allowed me to place my mouth over her
cunt-lips, my tongue darting between them before licking
up their entire length and parting her pubic hairs along
her slit’s length.

I then felt the Tampax string brushing against my lips
and took it into my mouth, gently tugging it and making
Debbie moan again as her b***d-soaked tampon parted her
cunt-lips and half emerged from her now juicing cunt.
Taking a fresh hold on the little white string, I tugged
again and suddenly felt her Tampax fall against my chin
as it pulled all the way out of her.

I carefully dropped the b***d-soaked tampon into my hand
before clamping my mouth over her cunt and licking all
the way up her slit and down again, my tongue forcing
it’s way in between her cunt-lips and probing into her
cunt. This made Debbie gasp out loud and raise her hips
even higher, giving me the chance to slide my hand under
her thigh and drop her b***d-soaked Tampax onto the floor
beside the bed.

“Oh my God, what are you doing to me?” Debbie moaned,
“I’m nearly coming.”

“Ssssshhhhh.” Anne told her, “Now you can have that fuck
you’ve been waiting for.”

Hearing my wife telling her she was about to be fucked, I
pulled off Debbie’s cunt and knelt between her splayed
thighs, pushing her knees up to her shoulders and sinking
my rigid cock all the way into her menstruating cunt as
she wrapped her legs around my neck, locking them behind

“Ohhhhh. Fuck meeeeeee.” she begged as she laid there
almost bent double, “Fuck my itching cunt and make me
come.” I slid my slick cock back and forth into her
drooling cunt, so deeply that my knob-end butted up
against her cervix as Anne kissed her nipples and frigged
her clitty so’s Debbie’s orgasm started almost

“AAGHH!!” she moaned, “OH YESSS!!”

Her hands clutched the duvet and her head rolled from
side to side, her orgasm racing through her body and
making her thighs tremble as her nervous system went

“Debbie. I’m gonna come.” I gasped as I felt my cum
rising, “NOW!!”

Powerful jets of cum spurted deep inside Debbie’s cunt as
my cock jerked and throbbed inside her, making her grunt
each time she felt it splatter and spurt against her
inner cunt-walls.

As soon as I stopped and laid still on top of her folded
body, my wife pulled her onto her side and then rolled
her hips over her head so’s they were ’69ing’ and she
could clamp her mouth over Debbie’s cum-filled cunt to
suck it out.

“Oh my God.” Debbie gasped, suddenly realising what Anne
was doing to her, “Oh my God.” She was unable to say any
more because her mouth was now clamped over my wife’s
drooling cunt as Debbie humped her hips back and forth
and fucked her cum-filled cunt against her mouth, totally
draining it and rubbing her sensitive clitty against my
wife’s lips. A few minutes later they laid on the bed
together, holding hands and recovering from what Debbie
told us, was her most powerful orgasm, ever.

“I can’t believe what I’ve just done.” Debbie said as she
laid back on the bed dressed in Anne’s red basque and
nylons, “Like I told you before, nobody on this earth –
not even my husband – has ever seen me wearing a Tampax.
But 20 minutes ago I let a guy, wearing a basque and
nylons, pull my used Tampax out of my cunt – with his
teeth – whilst his wife sucked each of my nipples and
wanked me.”

“And then he licked your cunt out before fucking you and
giving you your best orgasm ever.” Anne added, “Don’t
forget that bit Debbie.”

“Oh, I won’t.” she replied, squeezing Anne’s hand and
smiling, “But the beauty of it is, I don’t feel in the
least bit embarrassed about it any more.”

“Wait until Suzy puts your new one in for you – you’ll
love that.” Anne told her.

“Puts-my-new-one… in… for me?” she repeated slowly,
“You’re joking.”

“No I’m not, you just wait and see.” Anne replied.

“Nothing surprises me with you two any more.” she
laughed, “God only knows what else you’ve got up your

“If we told you that, you’d probably run out of the
door.” I told her.

“I doubt it. Whatever other people want to do for fun is
okay by me.” she said matter of factly, “What I do is a
different matter. I’ll try almost anything once – like
tonight for instance. And if I don’t like it – I won’t do
it again.”

“Is there anything that’s a definite ‘no-no’ then,
Debbie?” I asked.

“Hmmm, sex with kids… and S&M. All that whipping and
rubber thing isn’t for me.” she said after a moment’s
thought, “And there’s that ‘scat’ thing – that doesn’t
interest me. Other than that… just about anything

“What about dogs? I only ask because you said earlier
that when you were ‘on’ you’d let a stray dog off the
street fuck you.” Anne asked.

“I have to admit that I once watched some videos of women
and men being fucked by dogs, one night back at the bar –
but I’ve never tried it for myself.” she replied.

“And did these videos of the dogs turn you on?” I asked

“They did actually.” she smiled, “But I had been

“You ought to try it sometime.” Anne told her, “You never
know, you might like it.”

“Mmmm, I possibly would. I’ve wondered what it’d be like
to… Hey, wait a minute. You’re not telling me that…
you’ve thought about doing it with a dog. Are you?”

“No, not thought… done.” Anne confessed, “And not with
one… with three.”

Debbie was gob-smacked as she realised what Anne had just

“You’ve… you’ve actually… Aww. Go on. You’re pulling
my leg.” she laughed.

To prove her point, Anne went and got my video camera and
opened the LCD screen before switching it on and giving
it to Debbie to watch.

“Fucking hell.” she kept saying over and over again as
she watched what I’d filmed.

When the film finished we both told her all about the 4
guys and the dogs, explaining that, apart from the fear
of being shot or tied up and left to die, we’d actually
enjoyed what’d happened to us – and our introduction to

“Being gang-banged outdoors whilst wearing our undies is
one of the things we both like doing back home.” Anne
explained, “And its turned out, that them letting their
dogs fuck us – has actually been a bonus. We’d never
tried it before, and we’ve both realised that we really
like it and want to do it again on a regular basis.”

We then spent the next quarter of an hour answering her
questions about dog-sex, how it felt to be knotted, what
does dog-cum taste like, et cetera.

“Well, what d’you think?” I asked Debbie, “Would you like
to try it?”

“I’m not sure really, Suzy, but if the opportunity for me
to fuck with a dog ever did arise, I’d certainly
seriously think about it.” she replied, “Yeah, maybe I

“Let’s hope you get the chance. You’d love it.” I told

“I’ll tell you what I would like to try. You mentioned
about walking outdoors and fucking in your undies? That
must give you a real buzz.” she said.

“Well if you know of somewhere to go, why don’t we try
it?” suggested Anne, “Just throw a coat over your undies
and we’ll be off.”

“Okay.” she said delightedly, “I’ll think of somewhere as
we drive in my car.”

“Ah, but in the meantime, there’s that little job that
Suzy’s dying to do for you.” Anne said, “Have you brought
a spare Tampax with you? We wouldn’t want you to leak any
of your cunt-b***d onto your car seat.”

“Yes, I’ve a couple in my purse.” she replied, opening
her handbag and retrieving one before throwing it to
Anne, “I’m not quite sure what to expect.”

“Just relax and enjoy it.” Anne smiled, “Suzy changes all
of mine for me now, and I actually look forward to
‘coming on’ each month, so’s she can.”

I asked Debbie to come and stand with her back to me and
lean back slightly so’s she was half sitting in my lap
with her feet apart and her knees splayed. I then asked
her to unwrap the Tampax and close her eyes. Reaching
round her waist, I positioned the Tampax up against her
cunt-lips and slid it up and down them so’s they parted
and I could feel the entrance to her cunt. I then reached
round with my other hand and cupped her tit, caressing it
as I kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe – slowly
pushing the cardboard applicator halfway inside her and
pushing the inner cardboard tube all the way inside the
outer one. I then kissed her neck again and withdrew the
applicator before telling her to stand up, keep her feet
apart and her eyes closed.

I then moved round in front of her and held her hands
before I squatted between her feet and reached forward,
taking the little white string in my mouth and gently
tugging it to check that her clean Tampax was inserted
correctly before lightly kissing and licking her hairy
cunt-lips and clitty.

“Now you know why I love Suzy to change my Tampax for me
every month.” Anne said quietly as she gently kissed her
and slid her hand over Debbie’s hairy mound.


“Is there a park or something nearby Debbie? Somewhere
where there’s a path and some trees that we could walk
under.” I asked as we drove along.

“Sure. The far end of the Jefferson Memorial Park –
that’s full of paths and trees.” she replied, “It’s like
a bloody rabbit warren in there.”

“Sounds just great. Can we go there?” I asked, “Or do
they lock it up for the night?”

“No, there’s a road running through it so they can’t.”
she told us, “There are car parks in there with paths
leading off to the picnic grounds and through the woods.”

To the casual observer, there were soon 3 women getting
out of the car, me having put on my new wig and applied
some makeup.

“Which path leads into the woods Debbie?” Anne asked her.

“Hmmm, that one there.” she replied, pointing to a
curving path we could just make out in the darkness, “It
goes for about a mile and ends at the lake.”

“Okay. Well this is what we’re gonna do.” Anne said,
“I’ll go off first and check it’s clear in front of us,
and you can walk behind with Suzy.”

“Why does it have to be clear ahead of us?” Debbie asked.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you, did I?” Anne smiled, “You’ll both
be carrying your coats, so all you’ll both be wearing is
your basques, nylons and shoes.”

“You’ll really like this, Debbie.” I told her, “We love
to walk around in the evenings dressed like this in the
park back home. It gives us a real buzz.”

“I don’t know how you think these things up. You guys are
something else.” she said.

Anne smiled and walked off into the gloom of the
overhanging trees, her unbuttoned coat flapping wide open
to completely reveal her undies and semi-naked body.

“Well Debbie, you ready?” I asked as I slipped my coat
off my shoulders and revealed my black basque to her and
the world.

“Well, If you don’t try, you’ll never find out.” she
replied, slipping off her coat and putting it over her
arm. We set off along the dark path, our nylons swishing
with my erect cock jutting out from between my nylon-clad

“Hey. This feels good.” she smiled at me, “I’m actually
juicing up – Wow.”

“Told you’d like it Debbie.” I said, “Just stand still a
moment, will you?”

She stopped walking and I quickly squatted down in front
of her before grabbing her little white Tampax string
between my teeth and pulling it out of her cunt, tossing
it to one side to fall on the grass.

“Okay.” I said, standing up, “It’ll only get in the way.”

“I’ve must’ve seen everything now.” she gasped in
astonishment, “I simply don’t believe you did what you
just did. You just pulled my Tampax out of my cunt for me
with your teeth again – in the middle of the fucking

“That’s because I wanted to do… this.” I said as I took
hold of her elbow and stopped her before turning her
towards me, rubbing my knob-end up and down her slit and
then easing my cock into her cunt before I kissed her.

“You do realise we’re actually fucking – right here on
the path.” she breathed.

“We’re not.” I replied, “I’ve got my cock inside you,
that’s all.”

“We are… now.” she replied as she slowly thrust her
hips back and forth, my cock now sliding in and out of
her cunt, “Aren’t we?”

“Mmmm, now we are.” I nodded, “Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

Instead of answering, she pulled off me, my cock steaming
in the cool night air as she squatted down and slid it
into her mouth, sucking me right there on the path.

“Did that – feel nice?” she asked as she finally stood

“What d’you think?” I replied, “C’mon, let’s catch up
with Anne.”

“In a minute, Suzy.” she said as she threw her coat onto
the path and quickly got down on it, on all fours,
“First, I want you inside me again. I feel like a ‘bitch
on heat’ and I want you to fuck me ‘doggy-style’ like
that dog fucked Anne in your video.”

They say that a standing cock has no conscience, and mine
certainly hadn’t. I quickly knelt down behind her and
held onto her hips as I slid my steaming cock all the way
into her juicy cunt, fucking her ‘doggy-style’ right
there in the middle of the path.

“I guess you seeing that dog fucking Anne in the video
earlier on, really must’ve turned you on?” I asked as I
fucked into her, my balls slapping against her thighs.

“Oooo, yes. More than you’ll ever know.” she breathed as
she turned and looked over her shoulder at me, “I’ve
thought of nothing else since. Wouldn’t it be wonderful
if you had a massive knot, Suzy – just like he had?”

Before I could answer, I heard Anne walking back towards
us and looked back over my shoulder to see her
approaching, her coat wide open and everything on show.

“I thought you horny sods would be up to something.” she
grinned as she came up and squatted beside us, “I like
where you picked to have a fuck.”

“Debbie was telling me how she felt like ‘a bitch on
heat’ since she watched you being fucked by that dog on
our video, and that because it turned her on so much, she
wanted to be fucked like one.” I explained.

“Well if you both stop fucking for a moment and come with
me, she might just get her wish.” Anne replied, “I’ve
just seen a dog going through the litter-bins back there,
and if we’re lucky, he’ll still be there and we could
maybe persuade him to fuck her.”

“Oooo yeah. That’d be great.” Debbie said, “Let’s go and
see if he’ll fuck me.”

I pulled out of her cunt and we stood up, my wife
thoughtfully bending down to suck my steaming cock clean
of Debbie’s cunt-juices before we set off behind her.

“There he is.” Anne whispered, “By the path leading up
the hill – see him?”

Through the gloom, I could just make out the shape of a
dog amongst the bushes.

“Yeah, I can see him.” I whispered, “Where does that path
go, Debbie?”

“Up to the gardens.” she replied, “Me and Simon used to
meet up there.”

“Simon?” I asked.

“My husband.” she replied, “We used to come here before
we were married.”

We decided that it’d be best if we got nearer to the dog
and sat down on a bench to see if we could lure him to us
– rather than walking right up to him and maybe scaring
him away. So we slowly made our way towards him and sat
down, calling to him.

“Here boy.” Anne called softly, “C’mon boy.” The dog
looked up and then towards us but stayed where it was,
sniffing the night air as it searched for some food. Then
it walked along the path towards us, stopping only 20
feet away to sniff the air again.

“C’mon boy, come here.” Anne tried again. It wagged it’s
tail as she spoke to it, but didn’t come over, “C’mon
then, there’s a good boy.” It stayed where it was,
sniffing the night air and wagging it’s tail, as though
undecided as to whether to come over to us or not. Then,
it walked nearer but on the other side of the path, it’s
nose held high in the air and intermittently wagging it’s

“D’you know what I think?” Anne whispered excitedly, “I
think it can smell Debbie’s cunt-b***d. Lie back and
spread your knees Debbie. See if that has any effect?”

Debbie did as Anne suggested, gently blowing over her
thick bush to waft the scent of her menstrual b***d
toward the dog. After a moment or two, the dog took
several hesitant steps towards her, sniffing and wagging
it’s tail even harder.

“Keep it up.” I whispered to her, “He’s gotten your scent

“C’mon boy, you’re okay.” Anne said to it in a soothing
voice, “C’mon boy.”

It was now only 6 feet away, now wagging it’s tail harder
with it’s head moving from side to side as it’s sensitive
nose picked up Debbie musky scent.

Then, as if satisfied that everything was okay, it moved
to stand in front of Debbie’s widespread knees, it’s head
now only a foot or so away from her.

“C’mon boy, it’s alright. Come here and see what I’ve
got.” Debbie said in a low and soothing voice, “Nobody’s
gonna hurt you.” Finally assured, he craned forward and
sniffed again before stepping right between Debbie’s
knees and licking her thigh.

“Good boy.” she cooed, slowly reaching down and holding
her cunt-lips apart so’s even more of her scent would
waft on the night air to the dog, “There’s a good boy.”

That did it. He stepped right up to her and sniffed
between her nylon-clad thighs before he licked all the
way up her b***d-smeared, hairy gash.

“Good boy.” she said, patting his head as he licked her
cunt-lips and thighs, wagging his tail furiously,
“There’s a good boy.”

To make sure he didn’t take fright or run off, I leant
over and gently threaded the belt from my coat under his
collar, holding it like a leash. He was ours.

As it happened, I needn’t have bothered. He seemed quite
happy to sit between Debbie’s knees and ‘paw’ the bench
between her thighs, him now gently panting and wagging
his tail as she stroked his head and talked to him.

“It’s obvious that he’d picked up the scent of your cunt-
b***d, Debbie.” my wife told her, “Now we’ve got him, are
you still sure you want to let him fuck you?”

“After seeing your video of you and that dog, what d’you
think, Anne?” she replied.

“Okay, but where do we take him now – back to our room?”
I asked.

“Either that or behind the compound.” Debbie suggested.

“The compound?” Anne asked her.

“Yeah. Up this path and at the far end of the gardens,
there’s a compound where the gardeners keep the mowers
and tools. Behind the compound’s rear wall is a large
expanse of earth that’s covered with grass and fir trees.
It goes all the way down to the lake, and once you’re
behind the wall and under the trees, nobody will find

“Perfect.” Anne told her, “You lead the way then Debbie,
we’ll bring the dog.”

We all set off, the dog happily trotting beside us as we
walked up the path and through the gardens, the dark
shape of the compound looming up in the gloom.

Following Debbie, we cautiously skirted the wall and
climbed the small bank at the back to see that Debbie’s
‘local knowledge’ had served her well.

In front of us, was the dark shape of the fir trees. We
crept in between them, continuing for a good 50 yards or
so until we reached a small depression in a clearing
before Debbie whispered that we’d be okay, and nobody
would find us here.

“As long as we keep our voices down, nobody will disturb
us.” Debbie said as we took off our coats and sat down on
the sun-baked patch of grass, “I used to play in these
woods as a k*d – never thinking I’d be returning years
later and doing this.”

Debbie then laid back on the grass and spread her bent
knees wide apart, sighing contentedly as she openly
wanked herself, the dog moving in between her nylon-clad
thighs and the suspenders of her basque stretching taut
as it greedily licked on her menstrual b***d-smeared
cunt-lips. Several times he stood back and whined before
moving back in, pawing at her nylon-clad thighs as if
asking her to get on her hands and knees so’s he could
fuck her and satisfy his animal lust.

Cautiously, Anne reached between his hind legs and
slipped her fingers around his furry sheath, the dog
immediately ‘air-fucking’ her fist, splashing his pre-cum
over Debbie’s fingers as they strummed her erect and
sensitive clitty.

“I think you’re gonna get your doggy-fuck.” Anne told her
as she let go of the dog’s cock and he turned round to
lick himself, “Debbie, can I suggest that I lie
underneath you so’s we ’69’ with each other while Suzy
fucks me? That way, you can suck Suzy’s cum out of my
cunt, and I can suck your clitty and drink some of our
furry friend’s cum while he’s knotted inside you.”

“While-he’s-knotted-inside-you.” Debbie repeated slowly,
“What wonderful words. Yes. Yes, of course Anne. That’ll
be fine.” Debbie then got on all fours and readied
herself for her first doggy-fuck, me holding the whining
dog back until my wife slid underneath her. Once they
were ready, I let him move nearer and he jumped up on
Debbie’s back, wrapping his paws around his bitch’s waist
as my wife guided his stabbing cock into her cunt.
Whether it was because she was ‘on’ or whether he’d done
it before, it didn’t matter. What did matter, was that he
mounted her first time as my wife reached up to hold
behind his knot, making sure he didn’t slip out as I
knelt between her thighs and sank my cock all the way
into her beautiful cunt.

“Fuck me.” Debbie breathed against my wife’s hairy mound,
as the dog slammed his cock deep inside her cunt, his
cock already starting to swell, “Oh yesssss. Fuck me.”

His hips lunged back and forth as he buried his spurting
cock deep inside her cunt. Panting loudly with his eyes
wide open, he gripped her around her waist and danced on
his hind-legs between hers, his watery cum already oozing
past her cunt-lips and running down her thighs. Anne was
sucking on her clitty and swallowing the cum as Debbie
clamped her lips over Anne’s, me already feeling my cum
starting to rise.

“I’m nearly there Debbie.” I whispered urgently.

“Me too Suzy.” she breathed, her eyes glazed over with
the sheer lust she was feeling as the dog’s knot swelled
inside her cunt, stretching her cunt-walls, “Come in my
mouth. Toss yourself off into my mouth, Suzy.” I
instantly pulled out of Anne’s cunt and knelt up, tossing
myself off and coming just as Debbie opened her lips.

As soon as she felt my cum spurting into her mouth,
Debbie’s orgasm hit her and she clamped her lips over my
throbbing cock, holding it firmly inside her mouth.

“MPFFFHH!” she groaned, my cum trickling from the corners
of her mouth, “MMPPPHH!”

The dog was now firmly knotted with her and my wife was
noisily sucking it’s cum from Debbie’s cum-filled cunt as
I pulled from her mouth and bent down to lick my cum off
her chin, kissing her – she now completely impaled by the
dog’s distended and spurting cock as her orgasm tore
through her trembling body.

It was 15 minutes later before my wife told us he was
near to pulling out of Debbie’s cum-oozing cunt, Debbie
now completely exhausted by a series of multiple orgasms.

“Let me suck him.” Debbie groaned weakly when she heard
Anne, “You’ve got to let me suck him off and swallow his

“Don’t worry Debbie, I’ll hold onto his cock until you
take over.” Anne told her.

Pulling his hips backwards and with a loud ‘glooping’
sound, the dog pulled his bloated cock from Debbie’s cum-
filled cunt, a torrent of steaming cum flooding from it
as she moved round and rolled onto her back, reaching out
for the dog’s still spurting cock to suck into her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” she moaned as she fed the spurting, throbbing
and jerking dog-cock into her mouth, holding it behind
the swollen knot, “Mmmmmmmm.” Both me and Anne dived
between her soddened nylon-clad thighs and sucked on her
gaping cunt-lips, swallowing the cum-cocktail that was
oozing from them before we alternately moved up and down
to suck her erect nipples and clitty.

Finally, Debbie let go of the dog’s cock and flopped
back, steam rising from her cunt as she laid there with
her legs spread wide and her arms outstretched.

“I’m completely satisfied.” she breathed, “For the first
time in my life, I couldn’t care less if I didn’t see
another fucking cock for as long as I live – providing I
can have another fuck like that before the end of the

We all laid on the grass, giggling at Debbie’s statement,
and because we’d both been there recently, both me and
Anne knew exactly how she felt.

“So, you’ve finally done it Debbie, how do you feel now?”
Anne asked her.

“Like a dream’s come true. Actually, I wondered for years
what it’d be like after seeing a dog knotting with a
bitch when I was just a teenager.” she admitted. “I
stayed and watched them until he pulled out of her, and
was absolutely overwhelmed by the size of his thick cock
and massive knot. The pointed tip of it almost touched
the ground and it kept spurting cum until he licked it
and it finally shrank. Needless to say, when I got home,
I made a beeline for my bedroom and wanked myself silly
for the next week, wishing that I could’ve been the

“Well tonight you got your wish – you’ve been the bitch.”
Anne told her, “As well as the marvellous feeling of
having been thoroughly fucked, when I was fucked by a
dog, I especially enjoyed the feeling of being ‘used’ and
‘taken’ by it. I felt a total ‘bitch’ by the position I’d
to adopt – which meant getting on all fours and offering
my cunt to him in such a submissive position – and I felt
that I was there, just for him and his satisfaction. When
they knotted inside me, I had this delicious feeling of
‘being used’ by them – something feminists would scream
out at, if their husbands had to do to them. But with a
dog fucking me, it was okay – I was willingly being his

“Yeah, I felt that as well.” she replied, “I felt like I
was a willing slut – to be fucked by any dog that wanted
me. And if another 20 dogs came along and wanted to fuck
me, I would’ve let them all as well – willingly.”

“How about you Suzy, do you get the feeling of being
taken?” Debbie asked.

“I do, but not a strongly as you guys.” I replied, “My
feelings are different.”

“In what way?” Debbie asked me again.

“Well, when I was fucked by those dogs, I felt as though
I was doing something ‘naughty’ and ‘off-beat’ with them.
That gave me an extra buzz – a little like stealing
apples from an orchard, as a c***d. The apples always
tasted better than ones that were bought from a shop.”

“But don’t you get the feeling of being ‘used’ as well?”
she asked.

“Oh yes. But I always get that when another guy’s fucking
me and using me as a slut as well.” I told her
truthfully, “He’s the dominant one and is using me to
fuck and fill with his cum when I’m on all fours in my
undies and he’s kneeling behind me with his cock up my
ass. Perhaps it’s more so with a dog, but it’s the same

“And do you think that wearing your undies helps?” she

“Most definitely.” I replied, “As far as the guy that’s
fucking me is concerned, I’m not only acting and being
‘used’ like the female – I look like one to him as well.”

“C’mon, enough talking.” Anne said, “It’s very late, so
let’s get back to our room and have a drink before Debbie
goes home and wanks her clitty away.”

“How did you know I intended doing that?” she smiled.

“Because that exactly what I would do.” my wife answered.

Half an hour later, we were all in our room with me
inserting another Tampax into Debbie’s cunt before she
said ‘goodnight’ and went home.


“I think Debbie only has 2 more nights with us before her
husband’s on his nights off. Isn’t that right, my love?”
I asked Anne the following day.

“Mmmm, unfortunately.” she replied, “What do you suggest
we do?”

“I thought we could video us fucking so’s she’d have a
momento.” I replied.

“Good idea. She said she’d ring before she went to work
tonight to check if we’d be in. She wants to know on
account of bringing some undies with her – I’ll tell her
to bring a spare tape as well, so’s we can give her a
copy.” And that’s what we did.

We spent a hectic night in our room, fucking and sucking
in every combination and position we could think of –
getting everything we did together on camera for me to
transfer onto one of her video-tapes the following day.

“I brought one from my collection of sewing programs that
I taped off the television.” she explained, “That way I
can watch it when Simon’s at work and can be reasonably
sure that he doesn’t find it. I can’t see him choosing to
watch ‘Sewing Hints and Tips for Beginners – Volume 5.’
from my collection of 12 tapes – can you?”

“Not unless he’s gonna start making his own dresses.”
Anne laughed.

“Now there’s a thought.” Debbie sniggered.

For Debbie’s last night with us, we’d decided that we’d
go back to the park again to see what we could find to do
there, coming back to our room for a final fuck with her
to fill up her tape. She was then going to call round to
the motel a day or two later to pick up the completed
tape and to say our goodbyes.

At 11 o’clock she tapped on our door – having gotten off
work 1/2 an hour early.

Putting on our coats, we went outside and made our way to
Debbie’s car, and I was just about to get in when
something caught my eye – it was the dog that’d fucked
and been knotted with my wife a few days earlier.

“Come here boy.” I called softly as he walked across the
car-park, “C’mon boy.”

He stopped dead and looked at me, his tail then wagging
furiously as he recognised my voice and he ran over to

“There might be a change of plan.” I told the girls,
“Look who’s come to see us.”

“Is that?” Debbie asked.

“This is him.” I replied, “Our famous ‘doggy-fuck’ film-

“Right. Back to the room.” Debbie stated.

We climbed out of the car and went back to our room, the
dog quite happy to run in alongside us and sit on the bed
– as though he knew what was gonna happen.

Stripping their coats off and jumping onto the bed, the
girls wasted no time in patting and stroking the dog as I
set up my video-camera, the dog already burying his nose
in between Debbie’s nylon-clad thighs before trying to
‘air-fuck’ her leg.

“I think he likes you.” Anne laughed, “What it is about
you that turns dogs on?”

“Simple. It’s this.” she replied, sliding her finger in
and alongside her Tampax and pulling it out again, the
dog immediately starting to lick it as soon as Debbie
offered it to him, “I think it must be some sort of
‘doggy-viagra’ or something?”

“Whatever it is, you want to bottle it.” Anne giggled,
“Pity it doesn’t work like that on guys as well – present
company excepted.”

“Ha – bloody – ha.” I said, “If you two horny bitches can
tear yourselves away from your furry fuck-friend, I’ll do
something about removing the little cotton obstacle that
Debbie has wedged inside her cunt. Then she can really
have some fun with him.”

Anne took hold of the dog and sat down with him while I
started the camera.

“Ready, willing, and waiting.” Debbie announced finally,
as she laid back on the bed and spread her knees wide
apart, her Tampax string now on view, “C’mon Suzy, do
your stuff. I’m ready, willing, waiting, and wanting it –
Boy. Am I wanting it?”

This time there was no embarrassment – Debbie simply laid
back and enjoyed every squelching second of me removing
her used Tampax.

“Just remember Debbie, he’s a lot larger than the one
that fucked you in the park, the other night.” Anne
warned her, “You’d better let Suzy fuck you first to open
you up.”

I climbed between Debbie’s thighs, her cunt almost
seeming to suck me into it as she wrapped her legs around
me as we fucked each other.

“Slam your cock into me, Suzy.” she breathed, “I want to
be able to watch you

bruising my cunt and feel them when I watch this and wank
myself tomorrow.”

Never being one to disappoint a lady, (or a bitch) I
slammed my cock into her cunt as hard as I could, making
her whole body rock and her cry out with every thrust.

Our pubic-bones smashed together and her nails dug into
my shoulders as I rammed every inch I had into her cunt
as hard as I dared.

“I’m gonna come, Debbie.” I gasped as I pounded my cock
into her squelching cunt.

“Do it.” she gasped, “Come in me – now.” I pushed one
more time into her, our pubic-bones hard up against each
other as I felt the merciful relief of my cock jerking
and spurting my cum deep inside her cunt.

“Oh yes.” she breathed, now the onslaught was over, “I
can feel you coming, Suzy.”

I slowed to a stop and slid out of her before kneeling up
and watching her get off the bed and lie down on the
carpet, so’s the dog could lick my cum out of her cunt
before replacing it with his own. He jumped between her
thighs and greedily lapped up my escaping cum, his tail
wagging as he snorted and whined, eager to mount and knot
with this woman that smelt to him, like a bitch on heat.

Unable to wait any longer, Debbie turned over to assume
the position, the dog jumping forward and wrapping his
paws around her waist before she’d time to fully get on
her hands and knees.

His hips rapidly humped back and forth and he gripped
even tighter around his bitch’s waist as he appeared to
try and actually climb onto her back, in an effort to
sink his cock into her as deeply as he could – Debbie,
bravely pushing her cunt back at him.

“God, he’s big.” she gasped as he rammed his swelling
cock and knot into her cunt.

Anne was kneeling behind them, the dog’s cum now running
up her arm and dripping off her elbow as she held his
knot inside Debbie’s already, cum-filled cunt.

“Christ. He’s… he’s getting bigger.” Debbie gasped
alarmingly as my wife slid underneath her, satisfied that
he was firmly knotted, “His knot’s really massive.”

Having filmed the dog mounting Debbie, I left the camera
set on a wide angle before kneeling in front of her face
and starting to toss myself off, hoping I’d get hard
again so she could have cum spurting into her from both

“Oh my God.” she breathed over and over again as she felt
him impaling her bruised cunt onto his swelling cock and
knot, “He’s swelling to his full size.”

All the time the dog was knotting inside Debbie’s bulging
cunt, Anne was rubbing her clitty for her – wanking
herself at the same time.

“Come in my mouth, Suzy. Come in my mouth.” Debbie begged
me as she looked up at me through glazed eyes, “Toss
yourself off and let me suck you.”

My fist slid back and forth along my thickening shaft,
and I looked down to see Debbie kneeling there with her
mouth open and this dog securely knotted inside her cunt,
my wife lying below her and wanking her beautiful cunt.
Within ten seconds of taking in the erotic sight before
me, I told her I was about to come.

My orgasm was weaker than last time, but I did manage to
aim several good spurts of cum into Debbie’s open mouth,
the rest splattering over her face before dripping down
onto my wife’s hairy mound.

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come… I’m coming.
AARRGGGGGGHHHHHH.” Debbie gasped as her orgasm suddenly
blasted through her body, her cum-filled cunt squelching
loudly and forcing doggy-cum to run down her thighs as
her cunt-muscles tightened around the dog’s swollen knot,

Debbie’s head dropped down my wife’s cunt and she sucked
on it noisily, the dog ramming it’s rock-hard cock into
her even deeper and making her groan softly as a never-
ending series of mini-orgasms rippled continuously,
through her body.

“Oh yes Suzy, oh yes, oh my God yesssssssss.” she moaned
as the dog’s thrusts slowed to a stop and I moved round
to her hairy, oozing cunt with the camera, “Get a good,
long shot of his cock, knotted deep inside my cunt,

What I saw through the viewfinder was truly fantastic.
Her hairy cunt-lips were bulging outwards alarmingly,
stretched almost to tearing point, and the massive bulk
of the dog’s knot was plainly evident – not only because
it made her cunt bulge outwards like she was about to
give birth, but also because her inner cunt-lips were
stretching around the back-side of the knot and exposing
a large part of it to me and the camera. It was mainly
bluish purple in colour with fine red veins covering it
as it glistened with the cum that seeped from her and ran
down her thighs. She was so full of the dog’s cock and
knot, the spurting tip had reached her uppermost cunt-
walls and his knot was only just being held inside her
because of it’s massive size. No wonder she was orgasming
and almost unconscious, having that massive thing wedged
inside her. To put it simply, Debbie was absolutely
crammed full of unyielding dog-cock, massively swollen
knot, and thick, creamy cum – and I’d the video to prove

I later asked Anne why it was that a dog’s cock usually
made women have a powerful orgasm, followed by a
continual series of mini-orgasms until he pulled out?

She said that she thought it was because of the pressure
his really thick cock – and particularly his massive knot
– had on a woman’s cunt-walls as it filled her cunt to
it’s full capacity. Not forgetting the force with which
he fucked into a woman’s cunt, and the fact that she
could also feel his cum spurting deep and powerfully
inside her.

About 2 minutes after he’d stopped humping, the dog
slipped off Debbie’s back and stood there before throwing
his hind leg over her back so’s they were ass-to-ass.

I remembered what happened when he did that with my wife,
so I got ready with the camera to see if he’d do it with
Debbie. Sure enough, he steadied himself and then took a
step forward, lifting Debbie’s knees completely off the
carpet so’s she was effectively suspended by the knot
that was firmly wedged inside her cunt. Being slightly
shorter and lighter than Anne, he’d lifted her up so’s
her knees were a good two inches off the carpet – then
took a few steps forward, dragging her behind him.

“Oh God.” she moaned as she felt herself being dragged
backwards, her face scraping against the carpet and her
suspended knees swaying from side to side, “Oh my God.”

Fifteen minutes later, he lifted one of his hind legs and
pushed his paw against the back of Debbie’s thigh, her
inner cunt-lips stretching until they went white and his
knot suddenly pulling free with a loud ‘squelching’
sound, Debbie then dropping to the floor and collapsing
onto her side like a sack of potatoes – the dog’s cum
flooding from her gaping cunt and running across the
floor before it seeped into the carpet.

I quickly laid down and pointed the camera at Debbie’s
cunt, Anne diving for the dog’s cock and stuffing it into
her mouth to suck on it as she sat alongside him.

Even through the viewfinder, I could plainly see the
inflamed lining of Debbie’s cunt, and the rubbery ‘knob’
at the far end, that was her cervix – a trickle of b***d
seeping from the puckered opening in it, mixing with the
pool of creamy-white dog-cum.

Fixing the camera to the tripod, I dived between Debbie’s
thighs and lapped up the cunt-b***d and cum cocktail that
was oozing from her cunt before she recovered enough to
ask if she could suck the dog’s cock while Anne sucked
her cunt for her?

She then crawled across the carpet and took over from
Anne, me grabbing the camera and getting a lovely shot of
the spurts of cum that were jetting into Debbie’s mouth
before she wrapped her lips around his shaft and started
sucking him off.

For the next 5 minutes I filmed them lying there on the
carpet, Anne sucking the cum out of Debbie’s cunt, and
Debbie sucking the dog’s cock and swallowing it’s cum.

“What a truly fantastic fuck.” Debbie sighed as she
finally let go of the throbbing cock and laid back with
her knees bent and splayed wide apart, “Christ, I must’ve
been coming for over 20 minutes, Anne. It was like being
plugged into a battery and getting a series of mild
electric shocks that ran through my whole body. I simply
couldn’t fucking-well stop myself from coming. Jesus.”

“And I got the whole lot on film for you.” I told her.

“I’ll tell you guys what. There’s gonna be some serious
wanking done when I watch that film.” she grinned, “And I
do mean – serious.”

To celebrate her doggy-fuck, I poured us some drinks and
we sat back to allow him to recover, before Anne was
soundly fucked by him later on.

“We’ll come and see you at the bar tomorrow evening.”
Anne told her before Debbie left for home, “By then, Suzy
will have your tape ready as well.”

Debbie thanked us and left for home early that morning,
‘walking’ to her car and looking as though she’d been
riding a camel for a week.


That evening we arrived at ‘The Maxim Bar’ with me as
Suzy, and sat in one of the booths. Seeing us arrive,
Debbie smiled at us and came over a few minutes later.

“Hi Debbie, how are you feeling?” I smiled.

“Fairly sore.” she replied with a grin, “I feel like I’ve
been kicked in my cunt by a stallion – and I’m loving
every minute of it.”

“Well you did say you wanted bruising.” I told her,
“Listen, I’ve finished your tape.”

“Ooooo, good.” she smiled, “I’m not too sore to have a
wank tonight though.”

“And maybe a fuck as well? Anyway, we’ve a little
‘farewell gift’ for you – haven’t we Suzy?” Anne told her
as she handed her the tape.

“We sure have.” I told her, “What time do you take a

“In half an hour.” she replied, “I usually take 15
minutes off while I go round the back and step outside
for a ciggy – why?”

“Let us know when you’re going.” I told her, “You’ll find

She left with a puzzled look on her face, nodding at us
half an hour later before she disappeared through a door
behind the bar for her break. I immediately got up and
left Anne at the table, going outside and circling the
bar to find Debbie leaning against the back wall, smoking
a ciggy.

“Hi.” I called in a hushed voice, “It’s me – Suzy.”

I went up to her and she threw her arms around me,
kissing me and telling me how much she’s enjoyed meeting
us and how thankful she was that we’d showed her so many
new things to enrich her sex-life.

“You’re welcome, Debbie.” I replied, “But let’s get down
to business, we’ve only about ten minutes. Take off your
tights and panties, then spread your legs.”

She looked at me quizzically and then did as I’d asked,
hitching up her black skirt.

“You didn’t think I’d give up the chance of changing your
Tampax for you one last time, Debbie – did you?” I asked
as I squatted down and eased it from her hairy cunt with
my teeth before standing up and hitching up my skirt to
reveal my rigid cock, jutting out from between my nylon-
clad thighs, “Or the chance for one last fuck?”

“Mmmm, this must be the best gift anyone’s ever given
me.” she sighed as I slid my rigid cock into her hairy
cunt and gripped her ass, pulling her onto me,

We both fucked slowly and gently for the next 10 minutes,
our passions increasing and our orgasms coinciding as we
passionately kissed and caressed each other.

“I could really fall in love with you, Suzy.” she said,
the tears welling up in her eyes as my cock soaked in her
cunt, “I really mean that – you, and Anne.”

“And we could easily fall in love with you as well
Debbie.” I told her truthfully, kissing her once again,
“In fact, Anne was only telling me that earlier today
that you’ve a very special place in her heart. But
unfortunately, we have to leave for home very soon – but
the good news is, we’ve both decided that we’ll be coming
back here next year to see you, and to hopefully continue
our sexy evenings together. Now, I want you to stay
exactly as you are.”

I pressed my hips against hers and reached into my bag,
pulling out a new Tampax.

“You know how much I love to lick you out after I’ve
fucked you? Well tonight’s gonna be different. I’m gonna
replace your Tampax and trap my cum inside you so’s
you’ll have my cum inside you all night.” I told her, “If
that’s okay with you?”

“I’ll keep it inside me all day tomorrow as well.” she
replied, quickly nodding her head and smiling at me,
“Here, let me help you.” She reached down and put her
finger over her slit as my cock slid out of her, keeping
my cum inside her cunt as she leant back against the wall
and squatted with her knees splayed slightly as I
inserted her new Tampax for her, kissing and licking her
hairy cunt before standing up again.

“I’ll think of you doing that for me every time I change
my Tampax from now on.” she smiled, “Changing my Tampax
has suddenly become very special to me, Suzy.”

“And I’ll keep these – as a reminder.” I smiled, showing
her the cardboard Tampax inserter-tubes with her b***d-
smears on them, “I’ll have a wank as I smell your scent
on them and think of where they’ve been – but that’ll be
our little secret, I won’t tell Anne about these. Now, go
on sweetheart, it’s time for you to go back to work.
Tomorrow evening, it’s Anne’s turn to meet you out here,
on your break – okay?”

“You bet.” she replied with a grin, “Tell her I’m already
looking forward to it.”

As we sat at our table and enjoyed our drinks, Anne
remarked that Debbie appeared to have a certain spring in
her step since going for her break, also remarking that
she had a definite ‘contented’ look in her eyes.

“You wouldn’t happen to know why that is – would you, my
darling?” she asked.

“Me? No. Why should I know?” I replied, grinning from ear
to ear.

“Hitch up your skirt for me, would you?” she smiled, then
dipping her head to my now exposed, semi-hard cock and
licking my knob-end, “Hmmm, I thought so.”

I smiled back at her and she grinned as she reached over
and wrapped her fingers around my b***d-smeared cock,
wanking me to full hardness under cover of the table.

“If you don’t stop soon my darling, you’re gonna have a
very sticky mess on your hands.” I warned her as I felt
my cum rising for the second time that evening.

“Let me know when you’re near and I’ll call Debbie over.”
she smiled wickedly.

“You’d better call her now then, my love.” I replied,
“I’m very near to coming.”

My wife looked over to the bar and motioned for Debbie to
come over.

“A little bonus for you, Debbie.” she whispered, showing
her my erect cock.

Debbie quickly looked around to check it was safe, before
leaning over the table as I pushed my hips upwards so my
cock was totally exposed. She then wrapped her fingers
tightly around my aching shaft and rapidly wanked me as
she sucked my b***d-smeared knob-end into her mouth,
gulping down the powerful jets of cum and swallowing them
as I exploded into her mouth.

“That’s the best drink I’ve ever had in this bar.” Debbie
grinned as she stood up, slowly wiping some of my cum off
her lips and deliberately sucking her finger clean, “I
can go to bed tonight, now knowing that I’ve had your cum
from both ends, Suzy.”

she said sexily, as she smiled before turning away and
going back to the bar.

“Tomorrow evening is your turn to say goodbye to Debbie,
my darling.” I told Anne.

“Oh, I know. And I’m really looking forward to it.” she
replied as we finished our drinks and waved at Debbie
before we went back to the motel.

The following evening I was sitting in the bar again, my
wife having gone over to talk to Debbie at the bar.
Several times they whispered something and then looked
over at me and smiled, both waving and grinning like two

“When she takes her break in a few minutes, we’ve both to
leave the bar and meet her outside.” Anne told me when
she returned and sat beside me, “As this’ll be the last
time we see her before we go home tomorrow, she’s asked
me if we can both meet her out the back.” A few minutes
later, Debbie smiled and nodded at us, the sign that she
was about to take her break. We got up and thanked the
barman, smiling and saying ‘goodbye’ to Debbie, me
noticing that her nipples were very erect and making
large bumps in the front of her blouse, before we left
and made our way round the back of the bar to meet her
again. As soon as the girls saw each other, they rushed
towards each other and threw their arms around each
other, both of them bursting into tears.

“I’ll really miss you guys.” Debbie sobbed, “You’ve both
been so good to me.”

“Hey, it’s okay, my darling.” Anne replied, tears
streaming down her cheeks, “We’ll both be here again next
year to be with you and have some more fun together, and
that’s a promise. C’mon now, let’s enjoy these last few
minutes together.”

As if to reassure her, my wife took hold of her head and
kissed Debbie tenderly, one hand dropping to Debbie’s
hard nipple and caressing it.

“Mmmm, that feels so nice, Anne.” Debbie sniffed,
breaking away from her and controlling her tears, “I’ve
told John that I need to go to the toilet afterwards as
well, so that’ll buy us an extra ten minutes or so.”

“Good. That’ll give me time to watch Suzy fucking you.”
my wife replied, kissing her once again, “And then it’ll
be our turn to be together.”

She moved away and stood to one side, watching and openly
wanking herself as Debbie slid her panties and tights
down her legs, then hitched up her skirt and squatted
down, impaling her hairy cunt straight onto my rigid cock
as I hitched up my own skirt pushed my hips forward.

“God, that feels good.” she whispered as she wrapped her
arms around me and moved her hips up and down, “I’m
really gonna miss being fucked by this beautiful cock.”

“You can watch yourself being fucked by it every night on
that video.” I whispered in her ear, “I know we will when
we’re back home in England.”

I fucked steadily into her, her cunt-juices freely
flowing down her thighs as she lowered her head and
sucked on my erect nipples, her cunt squelching loudly
with the cunt-juices that were flooding from it.

“I’m gonna come soon, Debbie.” I whispered urgently,
“It’s nearly here.”

“Oh yes. Come inside me, Suzy. Let me feel you spurting
into me one more time.” she whispered back at me, “I kept
your last load of cum inside me all day, just like I
promised you, I would.”

Suddenly, my cum spurted deep into her drooling cunt,
Debbie gasping out loud and holding me really tight as
soon as she felt my cum hitting her insides and filling

Gradually, the spurts became weaker and I slowed to a
stop, both of us clinging to each other as we savoured
every second of bliss.

Then, I felt my wife’s cheek on my nylon-clad thigh as
she squatted down and pushed her head between us,
clamping her lips over Debbie’s cum-filled cunt and
sucking my cum from it as Debbie started to unashamedly,
openly frig her clitty. I then stood astride my wife’s
shoulders and undid Debbie’s blouse as she wanked
herself, easing out her tits before sucking on her rock-
hard nipples, her free hand cupping my sticky cock and
balls under my skirt.

“Oh yes. Oh yes.” she breathed, her head rolling side to
side, “I’m almost there.”

Debbie’s blouse was now completely open as she laid back
against the wall, and her bra was pushed up around her
neck as I sucked noisily on each nipple in turn, my wife
sucking and licking on her drooling cunt as Debbie wanked
herself to an orgasm.

“AGGHHHH!!” she cried, “YESS!!”

Her body went stiff and she thrust her hips forward as
she tightly squeezed my cock and balls, the hand she was
previously wanking herself with, now behind Anne’s head
and pulling her face hard into Debbie’s flooding cunt.

“MMPPPHHH! YESSSS!!” she cried again, the second wave of
her orgasm smashing through her rigid body.

I heard Anne gulp, cough and then gag before looking down
to see that Debbie’s orgasm was so intense, she’d lost
control of her bladder and there was now a stream of
steaming piss jetting from between her cunt-lips and into
my wife’s open mouth.

“Oh my God.” Debbie cried in embarrassment as her orgasm
subsided and she suddenly realised what she’d just done.”
“I’m so sorry, Anne. I’m so sorry.”

“Do it again – please.” my wife simply whispered as she
looked up from between Debbie’s cum-streaked thighs,
“Piss in my mouth again. I want to drink your piss.”

She stayed where she was, squatting between Debbie’s
widespread thighs, and opened her mouth wide, Debbie then
slowly reaching down and holding her outer cunt-lips open
before straining herself, a trickle of golden piss
noisily falling into my wife’s open mouth. Then, it
briefly formed a strong and steaming jet before stopping,
my wife catching the final drops and licking Debbie’s
cunt clean.

“Thank you, Debbie.” That’s something special that I’ll
remember for a long time as well.” she said softly,
kissing and licking Debbie’s hairy mound and slit, before
standing up to kiss her passionately on her lips.

“I’m sorry, Anne. I didn’t mean…”

My wife put her finger over Debbie’s lips and stopped her
from saying any more.

“It was beautiful.” Anne whispered, “Really beautiful. I
hope you do that for me again, the next time I’m sucking
you off?” Debbie nodded, her eyes filling up again before
she buried her head in my wife’s neck, sobbing openly.

“You’re fucking marvellous.” she sobbed, “I really don’t
deserve you two.”

“Just promise us that you’ll see us next year.” I said
quietly, “And that we can have some more fun together.”

“You bet.” she said, catching her breath between sobs,
“In fact, if it wasn’t for Simon, I’d be on that plane
with you both and I’d be your permanent live-in lover.”

“That’d suit us both – honestly.” Anne told her, “But as
it is, we’ve next year to look forward too – haven’t we?”

Debbie nodded her head and wiped her eyes, saying that
she’d better get back inside so’s she could redo her
makeup – otherwise John would see that she’d been crying.

We said our ‘goodbyes’ and promised to write to each
other before we sadly walked away and got into our car,
Debbie waving at us until we disappeared into the night.


It was nearly 6 months later when another letter from
Debbie dropped onto our doormat – both us and Debbie
honouring our promises to keep in touch with each other
and eagerly looking forward to when we next went over
there again to see her.

“What does she have to say, my darling?” I asked Anne as
I gave her a glass of Southern Comfort, she sipping it
and scanning through Debbie’s letter.

“One moment, I’ll read it out to you.” she replied, “Dear
Anne and Suzy, looking forward… blah, blah, blah…
Hell’s bells…. Oh dear.”

“What’s up? What’s happened?” I asked, hearing Anne’s
alarmed tone.

“Just a minute, hang on. … Holy shit. Wow, listen to
this.” she continued, reading the extract from Debbie’s
letter, “She says: I was on my way home from work last
week and ran into the car in front. It was only a
‘fender-bender’ and there were no injuries, but it really
shook me up, so I took one of my ‘mother’s little
helpers’ to calm me down. Arriving home I realised that
Simon was on his last night at work and so I got
undressed and into my robe before plugging in the
percolator to make myself a coffee, then sitting down to
watch our video. Hearing the coffee being made, I got up
and poured myself a cup before sitting down again and
opening my robe, intending to have another great wank as
I watched myself being fucked by that dog.

I think it may have been that pill I took, but next thing
I knew, I was waking up and saw that it was 20 past 4 in
the morning. Still feeling groggy, I got up and switched
off the television before I staggered up to bed,
completely forgetting that our fucking tape was still in
the video.

The following morning, Simon was still up and waiting for
me when I went downstairs, telling me that he wanted to
speak to me about something important.

At first I thought something had gone wrong at work or
that he’s seen my car and wanted to know what’d happened
to it, so I sat down with the coffee he’d made me to
listen to what he had to say.

He calmly told me that he’d come in from work and put the
television on to watch the news, and had then seen the
cover from our video that I’d left on the chair arm.

Deciding that he’d tidy it up, he pressed the button to
eject the video and hit the wrong one – starting the film
up instead. When he saw the pictures appear on the
screen, he at first thought I’d gotten us a blue video to
watch together.

He admitted that he’d gotten out his cock and was ready
for a wank as he watched the film. But as it played, he
suddenly realised that he was watching Suzy fucking me.

You can imagine the sinking feeling in my stomach when he
told me that. Anyway, he then said that he decided to
watch the rest of the film and was very surprised by what
he saw. He wanted to know all about you two, where and
when it’d happened, and especially about the dog. I felt
like I wanted to curl up and die. Unable to stop myself,
I started to cry and was surprised by his reaction.

He came over to me and told me to stop crying because he
wasn’t mad at me and had something to say himself.
Fearing that he was going to tell me that he was going to
leave me or something, I braced myself for the worst.

He then told me that he couldn’t be mad at me because he
didn’t consider that me going with another woman, was
actually being unfaithful. I then asked about Suzy and
what he thought of us fucking together?

His reply was, because Suzy looked every bit like a woman
– her dressing and acting like one, he didn’t feel too
jealous about Suzy fucking me – after all, I hadn’t gone
after some guy that looked like Mr Universe. I think it
was because his ‘male pride’ wasn’t threatened by seeing
Suzy in her sexy undies, instead of some hulk that was
shagging me instead? Anyway, he then said that he had a
confession to make.

Apparently, he’s been having sex with a guy from his
works for the last 18 months.

All they’ve been doing is wanking each other and sucking
each other off, but he couldn’t be mad at me for doing
something he’d been doing himself – again saying that he
didn’t consider it was being unfaithful to screw with
someone of the same sex.

Asking him about Suzy again, he replied that he’d
seriously thought about asking me to let him wear some
sexy undies himself when we fucked, because he’d worn
some of my stuff when he’d been with his friend and felt
lousy about using my undies.

I asked him if he would’ve felt bad if they’d have been
his own undies that he was wearing, and he said that he
actually enjoyed wearing sexy undies – his only guilt
being was that he’d worn mine. He then added that upon
seeing Suzy wearing her sexy undies in the video, it had
turned him on so much, he’d run that bit of the film back
twice and tossed himself off whilst watching him.

Deciding to come completely clean, I asked him about me
and the dog.

He replied that he thought it was the sexiest thing he’d
ever seen and didn’t mind a bit about me doing it – as
long as I kept it a secret from the neighbours.

I was absolutely flabbergasted. He’d watched the whole
film, watched me being fucked by a guy in sexy undies and
by another woman – and then by a dog.

Then, he’d admitted to me that he was bi, had been
wearing my undies whilst sucking off another guy, and
didn’t mind me fucking with a dog because it turned him

After a while, I asked him what he wanted us to do, and
where should we go from here? He thought for a while and
then told me that, as long as he could fuck with other
guys, I could fuck with other women and it’d be okay with

He also said that he’d love to see me being fucked by a
dog – so much so, he’s gonna buy one for me. I bet you’re
not surprised when I tell you that we fucked like hell
all that morning, and both had a wank as we watched your
video together.

In the meantime, we’ve been down to the park twice
already to see if we can find my furry fuck-friend again.
We never did find him, but what I haven’t told you, is
that on both occasions, all Simon was wearing under his
coat, was his brand new set of sexy undies that I’ve
bought for him. And d’you remember where Suzy got me on
all fours and fucked me on the path while you walked on
ahead, Anne? Well, a few nights ago, I was getting fucked
again in that exact spot – but this time it was my
husband that was kneeling behind me in his undies and
fucking me senseless in the park.

Ever since seeing the video, he’s repeatedly asked me to
describe in detail, everything we did together and which
bits I liked the most? I told him that it was very
difficult to chose, because everything we’d done turned
me on. Throwing it right back at him, I asked him which
bits he’d enjoyed and which would he like to try for

I was really taken aback when he replied that he’d love
to watch Suzy fucking me while Anne was sucking him off,
then allow him to suck Suzy’s cum out of my cunt.

Asking him about being fucked by a dog, he replied that
he’d maybe suck one off or suck it’s cum from my cunt
after it’d fucked me, but he didn’t fancy one fucking him
just yet, because it might knot with him. And because
he’d seen the size of the knot on the one that fucked me
in your room, lifting my legs off the floor by his cock
being knotted in my cunt, it could be very painful for

I also told him that you guys were planning on coming
over to the states again next year, and asked him if it’d
be okay to see you both again? He astounded me by saying
that as long as we made it a foursome, instead of a
threesome, he’d no objections at all. But if I really
insisted, he would let me see you both again – on my own.

So, when you come over to see me again, you can freely
fuck me anywhere you want, hopefully be fucked by my new
dog, and meet my sexy undie wearing, bi husband, Simon –
and maybe even end up fucking – or being fucked by – him?

That’s all for now, write back soon… blah, blah, blah.”

“Jesus.” I whistled after a few moments, “Talk about
being fucking lucky.”

“I’ll tell you what – I can’t wait till we go over to
meet them – both.” Anne smiled.

“And their new dog.” I reminded her.

“Oh yes.” she grinned, “And their new dog.”

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