My wife is seduced by friends

My name is Peter and I thought I had most things going
for me. I have a reasonably good job trouble shooting
for big power plants and I have a gorgeous wife. In
fact my wife Jenny was better than gorgeous she was a
knock out. Her 5ft 8inch figure with log slender legs
and 36c bust, coupled with her long auburn her and
come to bed eyes had long made her the envy of every
man that laid eyes on her. Yes all in all I feel I am
was a lucky man and at 29 years old both me and my
wife had lots to look forward.

And yet, and yet I wanted one thing more. I wanted a
promotion. I wanted not to have to be sent around the
country at a drop of a hat or more particularly at the
say so of my boss Jason. I knew if I could get one
grade higher I could become office based and have the
more settled life style that would allow me and Jenny
the chance to raise c******n.

Jenny had dropped enough hints recently that she was
ready to start a family. Coming from a catholic family
she was expecting to have several c******n and she
kept saying that time was marching on. She was right
of course but I just needed that promotion.

And so here I was again working away and holed up in
this cottage in the country for two weeks. Still my
wife had agreed to come and spend a few days with me
which brightened my mood. That was until my boss Jason
rang to say he was coming up to the cottage as he had
to carry out an additional audit. Great I thought,
there goes my chances of a romantic time with Jenny.

My boss Jason was 40 years old and recently divorced
due to his infidelities. Jason was a rugged individual
some 6ft 4inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds.
He was much bigger and more muscular than me and he
could see why the women fell over each other to get
into bed with him. I’d heard from a secretary at work
that Jason was really well endowed and the women loved
his big cock. Suddenly I was worried about Jason
meeting Jenny. Would he try something on with my wife?
Hell when he saw Jenny he would realise what a stunner
she was and surely he would try and flirt with her.

That thought triggered an idea. Suppose I asked for a
promotion and offered some flirting with Jenny as a
reward. Perhaps he would like a hand job from her?
What was I thinking though; she’d never go for it
would she? She was a good faithful wife. But then
again she hadn’t met Jason and supposed I engineered a
situation to make it happen? I did want that promotion
after all.

There was another thing of course, something that I
had kept repressed for years and certainly hadn’t
mentioned to Jenny. And that thing was? Yes it was my
secret fantasy to see my wife seduced and serviced by
a well hung man. I’d often tossed off with a pair of
my wife’s panties wrapped around my 5 inch prick at
images of my wife being taken whilst dressed only in
high heels. The sight of her long legs wrapped around
an imaginary lover as the man drove his big cock into
her tight cunt filled my mind and I could suddenly
feel my small prick becoming fully erect at the
thought. Yes I thought I could k**l two birds with one
stone, but how to do it?

Jenny arrived and I had to break the bad news that
Jason was coming as well. “Oh no,” Jenny said, “there
goes our romantic time together.”

“Sorry love,” I said, “I didn’t want this either.”

Later that evening Jason arrived and in no time made
himself at home. At dinner time Jenny appeared and I
introduced her to Jason. I could tell that Jason was
impressed. “Jenny my dear, Peter’s description of you
didn’t do you justice. You look fabulous. Peter is a
very lucky man.” So saying Jason took Jenny’s hand and
kissed it like a true Gentleman.

That night when we went up to bed I wasted no time in
outlining my plan to Jenny. “You know I want a
promotion that would stop me being away from home
don’t you?” “Yes what about it” said Jenny. “Well
there is a way I could get that promotion, since it is
up to Jason.”

“Really,” said Jenny, who was now all ears.

“Yes,” I said, “but it won’t be easy and it all
depends on you.”

“On me, what can I do?”

“Well, you know Jason is a ladies man who is divorced.
You also know from tonight’s meeting that he finds you

“Yes…” said Jenny not knowing where this was going.

“So, supposing you played up to him, you know flirt
with him, pretend you are attracted to him. He might
look favourably on my promotion.”

“I don’t see how that will help,” said Jenny, “he’s
unlikely to give you a promotion just because I flirt
with him is he?”

“No, but suppose you allow the flirting to become
something more. You could let him kiss you and perhaps
fondle you.” I could see my wife’s eyes opening wider
with shock at what I was I suggesting.

“Well really Peter, is that your wonderful idea to get
promotion? Anyway supposing he wants more than just
kissing and fondling as you suggest, what then?”

It was now or never so I just went for it. “Well, your
trump card could be to give him a hand job, like you
do with me sometimes, I know he couldn’t resist.”

There was a stunned silence before Jenny spoke again.
“I can’t believe what you are suggesting Pete. You
want me to jack a stranger off in the hope of getting
you a promotion?”

“It was just an idea,” I said, “If you can think of
something better tell me, because I can’t.”

We sat in silence in bed and then Jenny said, “This
promotion means a lot to you doesn’t it.”

“Yes,” I said, “it would be the chance for me to be at
home and we could start a family.” Looking back I
think it was the mention of c******n that clinched it.
Jenny was desperate to become a mother.

“OK I’ll do it!” she said. “But it will be a one-time
thing. OK?”

“Sure,” I said, not daring to believe my good luck.

Jenny then surprised me by saying, “Let me play with
your cock, so that I can practice making it good for
Jason.” With that she grabbed my throbbing prick and
slid her slender fingers up and down my shaft. I
closed my eyes and my mind was flooded with visions of
Jenny tossing Jason off. Those thoughts then
progressed to Jenny sucking Jason’s big cock and the
ultimately to her letting him fuck her silly.

As images of Jason ploughing my lovely wife filled my
mind I could feel my spunk rising. Suddenly I groaned
and shot my load all over my stomach. As I opened my
eyes, Jenny was looking at me. “You were thinking of
me with Jason weren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I know you’ll have him eating out
of your hand.”

Jenny laughed. “And when were you proposing that this

“Well, I have to do a night shift tomorrow night, so I
thought you could cook him a nice meal and then let it
progress from there.”

Jenny chuckled, “You have got this all figured out
haven’t you?”

“I hope so,” I said. If only I’d known how wrong I was
going to be.


The next day as I got ready for work I reminded Jenny
to wear something sexy that night. “I just might,”
said Jenny. “After all, if a job’s worth doing, it’s
worth doing…”

“…Well.” I finished the sentence for her.

With that I gave her a peck on the cheek and said,
“Knock him dead Jenny, I know you can do it!” With
that I left for work.

All afternoon I couldn’t concentrate and then at
around 8pm I made my excuses and said I felt ill and
had to go home. I was nervous as hell as I drove back
to the cottage. I stopped the car down the lane and
walked the last few hundred yards. I quietly sneaked
into the house and peaked in the living room.

Jason was sitting on the couch next to Jenny who was
dressed to k**l. She had a skimpy black dress on that
finished way above her knees, together with a matching
pair of black 5inch stiletto strappy sandals and bare
legs. From where I stood I could also see that she had
no bra on! Wow I thought she really is going all out
to get me this promotion. Jason was busy telling her
what a wonderful cook she was and how lucky I was to
have such a gifted wife.

As Jason talked he was stoking Jenny’s arm and when he
met no resistance he moved even closer until his face
was only inches from hers. “What are you doing Jason?”
Jenny asked. “I wondered whether I could kiss you, you
look absolutely stunning?”

“But I’m married Jason, what about Peter?”

“He’s not here is he?”

Jenny turned slight to face Jason and then he leaned
in and kissed her. At first I could see that she had
her mouth closed, but then she succumbed to his
probing and eventually let his tongue into her mouth.
I watched as their tongues duelled with each other and
I could feel my cock throbbing.

When they broke apart Jenny looked flushed and she was
looking slightly shocked. Jason said “You’re a great
kisser Jenny. Why don’t we move into the bedroom and
get more comfortable?”

“No Jason that’s enough, I can’t betray my husband
unless I had a good reason”

“What kind of reason might that be?” asked Jason.

“You know that Peter wants a promotion so that he can
spend more time at home and we want to start a

“Yes I know, but how does that involve me?” I could
see that Jenny hesitated before she said, “Well,
suppose I was nice to you now, would you give Peter a

“That would depend on how nice you were,” Jason
replied, clearly sensing he had the upper hand here.

“Let’s go the bedroom and I’ll show you,” said Jenny.
As soon as she said that I rushed into the bedroom and
hid in the large walk in wardrobe. I was just in time
as Jason appeared leading Jenny by the hand.

Jason turned Jenny to face him so that she had her
back to me and then he kissed her again. This time she
didn’t resist and even put her hands on his shoulders.
I could see Jason reach round with his hands and hunt
for the clasp on her dress. When he found it and undid
it, the dress fell to the ground.

What a sight it was. Jenny was only dressed in a black
thong and her 5 inch heels and Jason’s big hands were
roaming all over her pert bum. Jason struggled to get
his shirt off and then his muscular hairy chest was
revealed to Jenny. He then pulled at his belt buckle
and after a quick tug dropped his trousers to reveal
the fact that he had no underwear on. His semi erect
cock flopped out, and it looked huge even in this

Jason walked around Jenny as is inspecting her and
then standing behind her eh cupped her jutting
breasts. Jenny leant back into his shoulder and moaned
just as Jason said, “You’re beautiful Jenny,
absolutely gorgeous.” Turning Jenny to face him they
kissed each other.

From where I stood it looked like there was real
passion in Jenny’s face not the just lets gets this
over with that I had expected. I realised that she was
falling for this attractive stud and suddenly I felt
worried. Should I go and put a stop to this before it
got out of hand? After all this was supposed to be
Jenny giving Jason a quick hand job, getting naked was
not part of the plan.

As I pondered what to do, Jenny slowly sunk to her
knees and then to my great surprise took Jason’s cock
into her hands and placed the tip into her pretty
mouth. “Oh yes baby!” was all Jason could say as he
closed his mouth and Jenny started to give him the
blow job she has always refused me saying it was too

After a few minutes of sucking and slurping, Jason
pulled her off him and in one quick movement picked
Jenny up as if she weighed nothing and dropped her on
the bed. She looked startled but before she had time
to react Jason knelt between her legs dropped his head
and started to lick her neatly trimmed cunt. “Oh what
are you doing Jason, not that, so dirty I…”

With that her voice wailed as Jason obviously found
her clit and really went to town eating her out. Again
I was angry and jealous. She had never let me do this
to her saying it was too dirty and now here she was
letting another man pleasure her!

Jenny’s sighing and moaning was getting louder and
louder as Jason expertly ate her dripping sex. I could
see her hips undulating as he probed her with his
tongue and when I heard Jenny give out a rapid series
of gasps I knew she was about to climax. “Oh yes, yes
YESSS!” shrieked Jenny “Oh god I’m coming Jason!”

Jason held Jenny’s body and kept tonging her as she
rode her orgasm.

As Jenny came back down to earth Jason knelt between
her splayed legs looking very pleased with himself.
“You really enjoyed that didn’t you Jenny? Peter
really isn’t doing it for you is he?”

Jenny opened her eyes and said, “I love Peter, he’s my
husband. I am only doing this because he asked me.”

“He’s after a promotion isn’t he?” said Jason.

“Yes,” said Jenny, “has he earned it?”

“Well now, a promotion is a big thing, more
responsibility, more money etc. Do you think he
deserves it?”

“Yes he does,” said Jenny.

I was touched by her loyalty and honesty.

“I think I could get him the promotion,” said Jason,
“on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Jenny asked.

“I want to make love to you and make you feel like a
real women, what do you say Jenny?”

“I c-can’t do that!” stammered Jenny. “It would betray
my wedding vows and it would k**l Peter if he found

“He doesn’t have to know does he?” said Jason who has
shifted his body slightly and was I noticed now
rubbing his big cock up and down Jenny’s gushing slit.

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Jenny moaned. “But I do
want him to get the promotion…”

“Well then say yes,” encouraged Jason who was
increasing his assault on Jenny’s gaping sex.

“I-I… oh Jason, alright. Get a condom from the
drawer and let’s get this over with.”

I was shocked that Jenny was going to let Jason make
love to her. As I pondered this I heard Jason say, “Oh
there is one more condition, I forgot to mention. I
don’t use condoms when I fuck my women. I always go

“No! No way,” said Jenny, “I’m not on the pill and we
always use condoms. I can’t risk getting pregnant by

“Well, that’s the deal take it or leave it.”

“Look, I said I’d make love with you, please wear a
condom. I’ll make it good for you.”

“I’m sure it’ll be good Jenny, but it will be even
better bareback. You will love the feeling. I’ll be
careful and pull out before I come.”

I expected this to be the deal breaker, but no, I was
so wrong. “Jason I’ve never done it bareback, but it
you promise to be careful you can.” I was shocked to
my core. I couldn’t believe my darling wife was going
to let another man fuck her unprotected.

At the same time I became aware of my painfully erect
cock throbbing in my pants. Did I want this? Should I
put a stop to this? Of course I should, it was not too
late and yet I remained glued to the spot. I realised
that I wanted this to happen. I wanted to see how my
wife would react when she had a big bare cock in her.

My silent mental turmoil was broken by Jason’s deep
voice saying, “Put me in Jenny, hold my cock and put
into you.”

I watched in awe as Jenny’s left hand came round and
took hold of Jason’s big meaty cock. It was so erotic
to see her wedding bands twinkling as her slender hand
took hold of his cock and placed against her dripping
sex. She rubbed his big bulbous crown up and down a
few times in order to help lubricate him and then she
pushed his crown into the spilt of her womanhood.

Jason sighed and pushed slightly with his hips. I
could see three or four inches of his cock disappear
into Jenny’s cheating cunt and she let out a loud sigh
as he continued to work himself into her. When he had
about five inches in her, Jason said with a smirk, “I
bet this is where Peter comes to a stop isn’t it?”

I saw Jenny nod her head and then Jason carried on

“Oh my god you are so big Jason is it all in yet?”

“Nearly, are you ready for the rest?”

“Yes, go on give it all to me.”

With that request Jason gave a hard thrust and buried
the rest of his nine inch cock to the hilt. I could
imagine his big sperm filled balls pushed tight
against Jenny’s upturned taught arse.

Jason lay on top of Jenny for a minute giving her time
to adjust to his size. Then looking into Jenny’s eyes
Jason said, “You are very wet Jenny and beautifully
tight. Tell me is this a bad time of the month for

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“I mean are you fertile right now?”

Through dreamy faraway eyes Jenny said, “Yes Jason, I
think I am ovulating today, why do you ask?”

“That’s beautiful Jenny, I love to make love to
unprotected fertile women, it feels so good and
natural doesn’t it?”

“It does feel good Jason, now please make love to me.”

“Alright my love, I promise you’ll never forget
tonight.” So saying Jason started to make love to my

If I had been worried before, I was now really
concerned. My wife was making love to my boss totally
unprotected and to cap it all she was at her most
fertile time of her cycle! I knew that just one drop
of Jason’s pre-cum which had been liberally drooling
from his cock as he entered Jenny could be enough to
get her pregnant. After all I knew from the rumours of
the women he’d knocked up how potent his spunk was. I
knew I had to act now.

I pushed open the closet door. “What’s going on here?”
I shouted.

Jenny looked shocked to see me, but Jason said without
breaking stride, “Jenny is earning your promotion, so
either sit down and watch how a real man satisfies a
lady or get out!”

I was stunned by his brashness.

“You asked me to help you!” gasped Jenny. “And so I

Although I knew the answer, I said to them both. “I
hope you’re using a condom because Jenny isn’t on the

“No mate,” Jason said, “I never use them, real men
want their women to feel naked cocks in their cunts.”

“B-but she could get pregnant Jason!” I stammered.

“Don’t worry love,” said Jenny. “It’ll be alright.”

I collapsed deflated in the chair and watched their
continued mating. After a few minutes Jenny shouted,
“Oh my god you’re making me come again Jason, oh yes,
yes yes ahhhhhh!”

I could see Jenny’s hips lifting off the bed as she
experienced a mind blowing orgasm. As for Jason he
just kept on ploughing into my wife’s adulterous cunt.
Jenny moved her legs round so that her heels were
resting on Jason’s muscular bum.

I must admit it did look erotic with her slim legs and
gorgeous feet encased in five inch strappy sandals
wrapped around her lovers bum. It looked as if she was
using her heels to encourage Jason to keep driving his
big cock into her love channel.

I saw Jenny reach up behind Jason’s neck and pull his
head down so she could kiss him. “Please Jason, keep
fucking me! It feels so good with you!”

I felt really jealous hearing my wife saying this to
another man, but I knew she was caught up in the heat
of the moment.

I saw Jason whispering in Jenny’s ear and saw her
shaking her head. This went on for a few minutes until
I saw her smiling and nodding to Jason. “Tell him want
you want,” Jason said.

“No I can’t!” said Jenny.

“Tell him!” insisted Jason.

“I-I… Jason wants to come in me!” gasped Jenny. “And
I want to feel him come in me.”

“No Jenny! He can’t, you’re not protected, you might
get pregnant!” I shouted.

Looking into Jason’s eyes and not mine, Jenny said, “I
know Peter… but I want to have Jason’s baby.”

“Dear god no!” I shouted and rising from my chair I
grabbed Jason’s shoulder, “Get off her! Pull out

Seeing what I was doing Jenny kicked out at me with
her foot and caught my cheek with the spike of her
sandal. “Fuck off Peter! You started all this and now
Jason is going to finish it. He will leave us with a
present to celebrate your promotion. I want to have
his big handsome baby; it will be strong and manly
like its father.”

All the time she was speaking Jason was carrying on
fucking her. As I collapsed by the bed I looked up and
watched fascinated at the sight of Jason’s big cock
ploughing into my wife’s fertile snatch. His cock was
covered in juices and a whitish foam and he was really
slamming into her now.

I knew I was witnessing a more dominant male taking
and mating with my wife. He was showing who was
superior and Jenny had accepted him. She had chosen to
accept his big bare cock into her cunt and more than
that had given him permission to flood her uterus with
his potent sperm at the height of her fertility. She
has chosen the father of her offspring and it wasn’t
me her husband!

Just then their mating reached its peak and Jason
cried out, “I’m coming Jenny! Do you want my baby?”

Jenny’s response was to lock her ankles around his bum
clasp his big shoulders and looking deep into his eyes
she uttered the fateful words, “Yes my love, give me
your spunk! Make me a mother, I want your baby!”

And that was all it took. A few more big lunges into
Jenny and then Jason bellowed in triumph and I looked
on in a mixture of fascination and horror as I saw his
big balls twitch and his muscular bum flex and knew
that he was now firing his potent baby batter into
Jenny’s open fertile womb. “Yes, yes I can feel it,”
Jenny moaned.

“Oh yeah take it you cheating slut!” shouted Jason,
“I’m knocking you up in front of your husband.” He
seemed to carry on lunging into Jenny for ages and I
knew that his massive balls must be delivering a huge
amount of sperm right to the place where it counted.

Eventually they came to rest with Jason lying on my
wife, his big muscular body trapping her slender
frame. I noticed that her feet were still locked
across his bum, keeping him in the saddle and making
sure none of his sperm leaked out until it had done
its job. I got up and walked out and went to lie down.

I fell asleep and was woken sometime later by Jenny.
“He’s gone Peter and you have your promotion. Was it
worth it?”

“How can you ask me that Jenny knowing what you just

“It’s your fault Peter. You asked me to flirt with
Jason knowing what he was like. He seduced me and I
thought I could stop it before it went too far, but I
couldn’t and for that I’m sorry.”

“But those things you said to him and letting him have
you bareback. What were you thinking?”

“I wanted to feel his big cock without a barrier, it’s
true and well after that I got carried away. He seemed
to have some hold over my will.”

“Jenny, I love you. I’m sorry what happened, let’s go
to bed, I want to make love to you.” I stripped naked
and got into bed with Jenny.

As I rolled on top of her and prepared to take her
bare as Jason had done, Jenny stopped me. “Wait Peter
put a condom on.”

“Why, you just let Jason take you bare?”

“I know, and I could well be pregnant by him, but
until I know you’ll have to use a condom. I want to
know who the father is!”

This killed my passion and I said, “Forget it Jenny.”

And so a month later I got my promotion. Two months
later, Jenny came to me looking pale. “Peter, I have
missed two periods and I have taken a test. I’m
pregnant with Jason’s baby!”

I was distraught, but deep down not surprised. After
all, a virile man with potent sperm had taken my wife
without protection when she was ovulating. The result?
Jenny was going to be a mother to Jason’s baby.

“I’m sorry,” said Jenny, “I didn’t mean it to come to

“You could get rid of it?” I ventured.

“No,” said Jenny. “I’m ready to be a mother and I know
it will be a lovely baby!”

Of course when Jason found out he was delighted and
always took delight it rubbing my nose in it. Now with
Jenny five months pregnant her swollen tummy is a
permanent reminder of that fateful day. Was my
promotion worth it? What do you think?

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