My wife told me she wanted to have a lover or a divorce

My ordeal all started about 3 weeks ago on a Wednesday
night. When my wife Sue of 17 years said she wanted a
lover or a divorce. You see my wife is 35 years old and
I am 51 years old. Sue is very attractive with milk
toast skin, light red hair, and C cup tits. Sue keeps
her self in good shape going to the gym 4 days a week.
I on the other hand would have to describe myself as
with more then a few extra pounds and I have ED
(erectile dysfunction). I was still shocked with her
revelation never the less. But she demanded an answer
right then. I did not know what to say. Again she
demanded, What is it going to be?

I stuttered out, Well, I guess you can have a lover.”

The next night, when I got home from my job at the
accounting office, there was a police car in my drive
way. I rushed in to see what was going on. Only to find
a very large bare-chested extremely muscular black guy
shirt and a gun belt lying on the chair next to him. My
wife came out of the kitchen wearing a tight tube top
and a very short and tight pair of gym shorts. She said
to me, “Bob, this is Mike, remember last night when you
said I could have a lover well here he is.”

My mouth must have dropped open because she got right
in my face and said, “Remember, a lover or a divorce
and you picked a lover so here he is. Now here is your
scotch and soda go get out of your work clothes because
dinner is almost ready.”

Before we ate I had several scotches and sodas. When we
sat down for dinner Mike sat at my place at the head of
the table. I did not eat much. Soon they were done
eating and Sue said, “Lets go to the bedroom and get
started.” They both got up, then Sue said, “You too

And with that Mike grabbed my arm like I was being
arrested and we all went in the bed room. Sue and Mike
were undressed before I knew it and kissing each other.

I could not believe the size of Mikes cock, it was
unnatural looking. It was so huge it looked like one of
those gag gift dildos they sell at the adult book
store. Mikes island sized hands were all over Sue tits
and ass. I must admit it was making me very horny to

As they groped each other Mike started down between
Sue’s legs. Mikes still soft 12 dick was hanging
between his legs like an elephant’s trunk. The length
was impressive but the girth was unbelievable. I
wondered how any woman could take it all with out
having their cunt bloody and destroyed. And Sue always
had a very tight and small snatch which was good
because I have a rather embarrassingly small cock. Sue
moaned as he brought her to her first orgasm with his

I was getting pretty horny when Sue said Mike needed
some help getting hard and for me to start sucking on
his cock. Although I had fantasize about sucking a mans
cock from time to time. I never had any intentions of
ever doing it. But with that Mike moved closer to me
and stuck his cock in my face. Sue said if I didn’t
suck him she would divorce me. So I reluctantly opened
my mouth and he tried to put his dick in my mouth. But
it was so large I could hardly get the head in my
mouth. Mike pulled my hair and said, “Watch your teeth
man, if you bite me I will knock them all out with my

That is when Sue started snapping pictures. I tried to
protest but Mike held my head in place. She must have
snapped 30 photos of my face with Mike big black cock
in my mouth.

After a few minutes of the flash going of in my face,
Mike let me go. Then he climbed back on my wife. She
was on her back and Mike addressed her cunt with his
massive black baby maker and slowly stared to slide in.
I heard Sue make some animal like grunts, groins and
moans as Mike slowly worked his member in and out or
her snatch going in a little farther each time.

Mike had an incredibly muscular body. I could see the
mussels in his legs and back moving with each thrust
into my wife’s tight cunny. I had a ring side seat for
the show and it was making me very horny. After awhile
she started to lather up nicely and he really started
to slam his cock into her. It seemed to me like Sue was
having one long orgasm. Mike kept ramming his horse
sized dong in and out of her mercilessly. This went on
for a long time, when all of a sudden I could tell Mike
was draining his nut sack in my wife’s cunt.

After he shot his wad deep in Sue’s womb he just laid
on her for a few minutes. Then when he finely got off
of her he told me it was time for me to clean them up
and he made me lick his cock clean. Then he told me to
suck Sue’s pussy clean. When I got between Sue’s legs
she was steamy hot and I could smell his seed. I licked
the cum from her slit as fast as it ran out. It was a
salty sweet flavor. That is when I knew I relished the
taste Mikes load. So I sucked every drop out.

The next day at work I could hardly concentrate on what
I was doing because I was thinking about the night
before. Then Mike showed up at my work. He just said he
wanted to see where I worked and he gave me a large
brown envelope. When he left I looked in the envelope
and there were 25 or 30 color pictures of my face with
a large black cock in my mouth.

That night when I got home from work Mike’s patrol car
was in the drive way again. When I went in the house
they were just finishing up a big stake dinner that Sue
had cooked. She told me my dinner was on the kitchen
counter, and for me to clean up the kitchen and then
come in the bedroom. So I ate my peanut butter sandwich
and I cleaned up the kitchen as I listened to them fuck
loud and hard in our bed.

When I finished cleaning the kitchen I went in the
bedroom hoping for more of last night. Sue said Mike
wanted to fuck her in the ass but his dick was just too
big. And then she said I would need to take it up the
ass instead. The prospect of taking Mikes dick up my
ass was frightening and I immediately protested.

I said, “No way! His dick would rip my ass up.”

Mike walked over to me he put his hand on my shoulder
and said, “Remember the pictures I gave you today.
Well, I’ll make sure everyone will see them, including
your parents and everyone you work with.”

Then Sue said, “And I’ll show them to the judge when I
am getting a divorce.”

I thought for a few moments and then reluctantly

Mike told me to lie on my stomach on the bed and spread
my legs. I could feel Sue rubbing KY lube on and in my
ass hole. Then Mike got behind me I could feel the head
of his massive member against my pucker hole. He
started to apply pressure and it started to hurt. He
told me not to fight it or it would hurt more. I could
not believe this was happening to me. He pushed harder
and I could feel the head of his huge prick entering my
ass. It hurt like hell! I screamed out in pain. Mike
said I was singing such a beautiful song. As he pushed
it in further I thought I was being torn in to shreds.
I was crying in pain and Mike said it really got him
off to hear the pain coming out of my mouth. The more
he pushed it in the more it hurt, it was unbearable.

I tried to get away and Mike grabbed my arm and twisted
it behind my back hard. Mike was going deeper and it
seemed like an eternity as his kept sinking into my
ass. I thought to myself I must have been bleeding.
Then I noticed Sue had a video camera and was filming
all this but that was least of my problems at the
moment. Then Mike twisted my arm some more and said for
me to say I was liking it and to say fuck me harder and
fuck me like the bitch dog I am. It was hard to get the
words out but I though he would pull my arm out of its
socket if I didn’t say it. Then I could feel Mike’s nut
sack against my balls and I knew I had taken it all.

I thought it could not get any worse. But I was wrong.
Mike stared to hump me harder. It was obvious he was
grudge fucking me. The tears were streaming down my
face. He slapped me in the head and said how much he
like fucking white boy pussy. I could feel the strength
of his arms as he held me down so he could fuck me even
harder. This went on for at least 30 minutes then I
could feel Mike’s cock pulse and throb then he shot
huge hot load up my ass. He just lay on top of me and
his weight almost smothered me. I could feel his cock
going soft in my ass then he let it slid out along with
his load of cum.

As soon as he was out of me he rolled me over and made
me lick his cock clean. Because his cock was so black I
did not see how nasty it was until I tasted it. It was
covered with cum, blood, shit and ass slim. When I
turned my face away he bitch slapped me and made me
lick it clean. When I stood up I found I had no control
of my bowels.

So now I wear adult diapers after Mike fucks my
asshole. My wife’s once tight pussy is a stretched
cunt. And Mike is talking about having me castrated. So
I think it may be time for me to give Sue the divorce
she has been threatening. And quit my job and move out
of state.

What do you think?

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