Nasty Granny

I can remember the first thoughts of lust that I had about my granny. I was a day that I will never forget, I was sick one day when I was 18 and in my senior year of high school, My mother didn’t want me staying at home by myself with my temperature so high. So on her way to work she dropped me off at my Grannies house. I complained the whole way to her house because I didn’t like it at her house, and I felt I was old enough to be at home alone. But My mother thought that my fever was to high and she wanted some one to look after me. Me and my granny weren’t that close, on occasion I had heard rumors about her saying that me and my brother were spoiled rotten and that she couldn’t believe that my mother and father were raising us that way. My Granny was single, my grandfather had left her and she didn’t get remarried, I could tell why she didn’t. Because she was a bitter old lady, she had a nasty attitude, to go along with that bitterness.
As my Granny opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes; she was still in her sleep attire. Her sleep attire consisted of a night shirt that stopped mid thigh and slippers. I took full notice of her and her body, for a black woman of 60 (I guess), she had a decent body. Her face wasn’t that pretty; she was defiantly a plane Jane in that department. But from the neck down she was… Looking her up and down I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her C cup breasts showed a little sag. Her ass was big and round causing her night shirt to ride up in the back, her chocolate thighs looked to be firm and shapely with no signs of cellulite, she also had some muscular calves.
After she closed the door, she asked if I wanted something to eat. I just shook my head no and went to sit on the couch and try to relax. She said nothing and went to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and sat at the dining room table to read the paper. After a couple of minutes of sitting in silence with my eyes closed, I felt my nose start running and I sat up to reach for tissue and something caught my eye. It was my Granny she was sitting at the table with her legs open, at first I didn’t think anything of it but on a second glance there it was. Her furry snatch was starring right at me; I couldn’t remove my eyes from the direction of her parted legs. That was until I felt the pain from my hard on pressing against my jeans, after I adjusted my hard on I returned to my spectacular view, but I didn’t want to get caught so I closed my eyes just enough. Then all of a sudden her legs snapped shut, and saw my Granny looking at me, and then she asked if I was awake. I didn’t respond and she came over and gave me a shake, she told me to go upstairs and lay down in the guest room. On the way I took a stop in her bathroom, standing in front of the toilet after taking a piss, I wanted so badly to jerk off. As soon as started tugging on my dick I heard my granny say bring the thermometer with me when I was done. After washing my hands, grabbed the thermometer from the medicine cabinet and proceeded to the guest room. My granny was standing there next to the bed with the sheets turned down, I handed her the thermometer and started to get in the bed. “Hold on, Hold on, Do you sleep in your bed with your clothes on“, My Granny asked. I just shook my head no, and started to remove my sweat shirt slowly trying to buy some time for my hard on to go down. I could tell Granny was getting impatient, so I just said to hell with it took off my jeans which revealed my semi-erect cock sticking its head out the bottom of my boxers, I saw her take a quick peek as pulled my socks off, But she didn’t react at all. Some of the girls I had been with when they saw my cock were in shock as my thick 9inch cock would wink at them. Most of the girls couldn’t get there hands completely around it; some wouldn’t let me put it in. But I digress.
After My Granny took my temp ”its going down”, she said, then she told me that she had some errands to run and that she would leave as soon as she took a shower. I don’t remember hearing her getting in or out of the shower, but I do recall hearing the front door shut. That’s what woke me up; as soon as my eyes opened I wanted to finish jerking off. I got up to get some lotion or oil whatever I could find, no luck in the bathroom or the hall closet; I decided to look in Grannies bedroom. I opened the door and there on her dresser was a bottle of baby oil, I grabbed it and was about to leave when I saw her dirty clothes hamper, After sniffing a couple of pair of her panties I started looking through all her things. I searched the dresser taking a couple of pair of her silk panties cause the felt good against my cock, but other than underwear and bras there wasn’t anything else there. I was kind of upset; I thought I would find a vibrator or something in there, but nothing. After almost giving up on finding anything of that nature I checked the top drawer to her night stand and found a tube of KY, It looked really old and the top wouldn’t open, the bottom drawer revealed the prize I was searching for. There was red dildo small compared to what I had. I picked it up and smelled it I noticed that the dildo was very brittle and that I could pinch pieces of the rubber off. I thought to myself damn this thing is old as hell; I bet Granny hasn’t had sex in a long time. I put the dildo back and took the panties and oil back to the guest room, As I lay there stroking my meat, thinking about My Granny sucking and swallowing my cum. Unfortunately, before I could bust my nut, I heard Grannies car pull into the drive way and I knew I had to return the panties. I hurried and put everything back the way it was, and laid back down trying to fake sleep, I could tell she was standing over me. Granny didn’t say a word just felt my head and went down stairs. I fell back asleep before I knew it, when I woke up I put my clothes back on and was on my way back down to the living room, when I heard my Granny in her bed room calling my name. I stopped dead in my tracks thinking that she knew I was in there fooling around. “Yes”, I said “Can you bring me glass of water”, she asked. I just nodded and went to the kitchen. I got her a glass but then saw a cup, I thought to myself, so as I poured water from the pitcher into the cup, I started releasing my pants, setting the cup on the floor I crouched over it and started to jerk off as quietly as possible. I relaxed my eyes and started to think of anything and everything that made me horny, soon I felt my body tighten up and I was shooting my baby juice into the cup all but a few drops made it in. After I milked the rest of my dick juice into the cup, I quickly got up and straightened myself. In her room Granny didn’t even notice how long it took, she didn’t take her eyes away from the TV either, she just grabbed the cup and took a long drink, then looked in the cup as if there was something wrong with the water. The continued to drink, handing me the cup back she said thank you. I just smiled and left the room, the rest of the afternoon went with out anything special happening. My Dad picked me up and we went home that night lying in the bed all I could think about was how I could get to have sex with my Granny with out rapping her. Soon I drifted off to sleep.