Old Lady and the Sissy Femboy

A few nights ago I had a very strange, erotic dream. Now remember, I am bisexual. I like being dominated, topped, controlled and desired by older men (I am already 39, so “older” would be 55 and up), but I am sexually attracted to women, to their smooth, curvy bodies. Well, this night I dreamed about being with a woman…but not the woman you would think. Not a hot, sexy, erotic smooth and curvy young-looking girl, no, it was an overweight, varicose-vein and wrinkle-covered elderly woman, she must have been in her 80s!! This was so strange! I am not physically attracted to elderly women, but I would like to try being the boytoy to a Cougar or the bottom, slave to a Dominatrix….anyways….here is what happened:

In my dream, me and this elderly lady….glasses, gray hair, wrinkles, varicose veins and all…were sharing a hotel room. I think we were colleagues at a business conference. We each had our own beds, of course, but wait….anyways, she had been giving me the flirty, hungry eyes and look all day, and was checking me out in the room before we went to bed, which made me very uncomfortable. She asked me to wear some very tight short-shorts and nothing else to bed, with me protesting at first. I am, in real life, very conscious and ashamed of my legs…they are long, very skinny, and covered with a never-ending jungle of hair (I now shave them smooth)…yet I did what she demanded and put the shorts on. I kept my shirt on though. I was embarrassed as she eyed my legs and licked her hungry lips in ecstacy. She wanted to get in bed with me, but I protested. “We’re just here on business,” I said, “let’s just get some sleep.” So I got under my covers flat on my back.

The old woman got out of her bed and entered my bed under the covers from the other side, down at the end…”What are you doing?!” I yelled. She climbed up over me from my feet to my groin then sat on my bulge, her legs spread out, her pussy right on my dick. She had on a light, see-thru nightgown, but no panties, and she was big, chubby, wrinkled, and glaring down at me through her glasses and with her gray hair as if I was a piece of cake she was about to eat. Then she started jumping up and down. Yes, of course, my cock got huge, how can you not get hard when someone is masturbating you with their body, attractive or not?

Finally, no matter my reservations, it started feeling really good, so I just surrendered and started unbuttoning my shorts (I guess they wear jean-shorts), and I started groping her big, round, flabby body, quickly removing her nightgown, not feeling any underwear, and tried to reach around, all the way around, to her ass to squeeze the planets she calls buttcheeks.

Eventually, my dick was out, tall, erect, and full of blood and cum, and it slid almost too easily into her vagina, that was very wet and soft. She kept jumping up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her, as I kept trying to massage her body and the flattened, long balloons that were her titts. She then laid all the way down and we started kissing hardcore and making out, we kissed and sucked on each other’s ears and necks, among others.

Then I threw her around on to her back, with me now on top, and I just started plowing her so fast and hard she started squealing. “Am I hurting you?” I asked. “Yes, your cock is just too big and hard….but don’t stop, I like it!” she responded. So I fucked her brains out, eventually having the biggest climax ever, probably filling her up with tons of semen. When done, I was still on top of her in exhaustion, all hot, sweaty, and out of breath. After catching my breath, I got off of her, my cock coming too easily out of her old, shriveled-up but well used pussy, and just laid on the bed rubbing my face and pulling my hair. “What the hell did I just do?” I asked myself with great regret. Yet it felt so good!

I woke up on my belly with some pre-cum wetting my undies. Looking back, though I wasn’t physically attracted to that fictional elderly lady, I really did enjoy being her sexual thing and giving her some satisfaction at her age. What do you think?

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