Ooh Mom

Leanne’s was impressed the first time she saw him: slim, fit, very good looking, very attractive for a man in his late thirties; twenty years her senior, but clearly very much in his prime.

She had always been attracted to older men, and she put this down to her ‘daddy-issues’. She had never known her father.

Her mother had told her the story many times. “It was a brief but very passionate affair. He was fantastic in bed!”

“Ooh Mom! Too much information! I don’t need to know that, thanks!”

“We only lasted a few weeks, not even long enough to tell my parents he existed, never mind introduce them. We split up, and a week later his contracted ended, and he left town without me. A few weeks after that I found out I was pregnant with you and moved back home to live with my parents. Your granddad went ballistic, but my ex had gone, and he never came back.”

Leanne’s mom had been a fantastic mother, and her grandparents had quickly come to terms with the situation and rallied round. They had always been there for them both, and Leanne had been close to them until they had both passed away.

Her Mom had married, and Leanne had taken her stepfather’s surname just before starting school, but the marriage only lasted a few years, and the pair of them had been alone again ever since.

Sadly, her mother had passed away last year, and Leanne was on her own, just starting at university. She was busy making new friends, and settling into her course, but she was lonely. She needed a man in her life. This man that she’d found, she had decided.

She considered herself quite a competent private detective, discovering where he lived and worked. He was an IT consultant and appeared to be both single and unattached. He seemed to have a small group of close friends, which is always a good sign. Nice people have friends.

She watched him walk past her on his way to work, as she sat outside the coffee shop she had chosen precisely because it was on his regular route. She laughed to herself, realising that she would sound more like a stalker than a detective if she confided in any of her new friends.

How to get to meet him was the challenge. He didn’t socialise much, and not anywhere her friends would go with her. She didn’t feel brave enough to just walk up to him and say ‘Hi, fancy going for a coffee?’ either.

In the end, she decided to ‘bump into him’ as he left work one evening, recognising him as someone she had noticed walking passed her favourite coffee shop every morning. Hopefully, he would be receptive to the subtle compliment and start chatting as they ‘just happen to be walking the same way’.

Her timing was impeccable; she literally bumped into him as he stepped into the street from his office block, and he immediately apologised for being so clumsy. His smile melted her heart. She then feigned surprise at recognising him and noticed his cheeks blushed slightly.

He introduced himself as Paul and shook her hand. As they walked along the street together, chatting felt as natural as if they’d been friends for years, and he had a great sense of humour.

When they arrived at his place, he stopped. “This is me,” he said motioning with his head, and smiling at her again. She just caught herself before she blurted out “Yeah, I know.”

Instead, she turned and stood in front of him, grinning up at him all coy and shy, her head tilted, feeling her own cheeks colouring a little now. Would he ask to meet her again? She had to be far too young for him to want to spend any time with her, surely? She waited. He hesitated. She waited longer. This was getting awkward, but she had to hang in there.

“Listen,” he finally said, blushing.

“Yes?” Her eyes were wide with hope. She so wanted to get to know him better.

“I erm… I know a great little Italian place just around the corner. I don’t suppose…”

“Yes! I’d love to!” she almost squealed.

“Oh. Ok. Great.”

They agreed a time later that evening and he turned to go inside. As she walked away, she turned to look back as he did the same. They waved and she hurried on her way, her heart pounding. She’d done it, and it was so easy! He was cool, and she was really looking forward to finding out more about him. She couldn’t believe how good-looking he was.

Arriving back in her room, she flung herself on the bed, laughing. She couldn’t stop thinking about this man she had just met. Paul.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind. She did not expect to feel the way she did about him. Wanting to get to know him had very quickly become falling deeply in love with him. He felt the same way about her, too.

One of his qualities that impressed her was that he was so considerate. He made no attempt to take advantage of her youthful inexperience and rush her into a physical relationship. She wasn’t a virgin, but as a late teenager, twenty years his junior, he might easily have manipulated her. It didn’t even occur to him to try. In fact, they didn’t have full sex together until nearly three months into their relationship.

When it finally happened, he was patient and gentle. His tongue gave her the most powerful orgasm of her life, and when he eased himself inside her he held her close, making love to her slowly, whispering his love for her until his own impending orgasm took over him. He thrust into her more forcefully, his body stiffening, and he gazed deep into her eyes as he came.

They became inseparable, and she moved into his apartment. The sex quickly became more energetic and adventurous. And very frequent. Her favourite position was cowgirl, riding him hard enough and fast enough to make them both cum. He loved to go down on her until she came, before she returned the favour.

They had discussed their age difference and it didn’t matter to them. Although his fitness was never an issue in the bedroom, she would sometimes tease him about how long he could last, being old enough to be her father, after all. That just spurred him on to fuck her harder, and longer.

They weren’t a secret. Their respective friends wound them up about their age gap, but they didn’t mind. Paul knew that his friends were all secretly envious that he had pulled a gorgeous sexy blonde who was half his age, and Leanne’s friends begrudgingly admitted he was hot, even if he was ‘an old man’.

She told Paul that her friends teased her about having sex with a man old enough to be her father and began calling him ‘Dad’ and ‘Daddy’ when they were having sex. It made him laugh, and he admitted it turned him on maybe a little too much when she yelled “Fuck me, Daddy! Cum in your little girl’s pussy!”

He turned it around on her sometimes, telling her “I need my daughter to suck my cock, right now!” and “Swallow Daddy’s spunk, baby!”

Once, as they cuddled in bed after another amazing session, she said “You know I never knew my father, which is apparently the reason why I’m attracted to older men, but imagine if, by some freak coincidence, it turned out you were my dad. How weird would that be?”

They laughed.

“I’m half serious though,” she said. “We love each other so much, and love fucking each other so much. Suppose we found out you really were my dad. A trillion-to-one chance, I know, but would you still carry on fucking me?”

He tried to consider her question seriously but couldn’t help laughing at the absurdity of it. “If I could get over the guilt of having already fucked my own daughter’s brains out god knows how many times, I don’t think I’d ever be able to stop myself doing you again. You’re way too hot.”

She laughed and blushed a little. “Let’s find out, then. Just to put it beyond doubt that you’re not my dad, even though it’s virtually impossible. Let’s do DNA tests.”

“No, it’s a waste of money… unless… we could do the family tree, genetic heritage thing. That might be interesting for us both.”

So, it was agreed, and they got the kits. When the time came to spit their saliva into the little test tubes, Paul noticed than Leanne seemed nervous. “What’s up?”

She shrugged. “Just got this sudden feeling it’s a bad idea after all, and we’d be better off not knowing.”

He snorted. “We come from different parts of the country. It’s impossible. Anyway, it was your idea, so you can’t chicken out now.”

She relented and they sent the kits off for analysis.

When the results came back, they sat at the kitchen table to open their emails together, and Leanne seemed really unsettled again. Paul took her hand and reassured her.

“Are you ready?” he asked. “Three, two one, go!”

They both clicked on their emails and began reading. The silence lasted a full minute before Paul finally breathed “Fuck!”.

Leanne stared at him with fear in her eyes. He rubbed his hands over his face before he spoke. “I don’t understand. How can I possibly be your father?”

It was only after a detailed discussion about Leanne’s mother, her maiden name, and where she had lived when she fell pregnant with Leanne, just before she split from her boyfriend and moved back to her parent’s hometown, that it all made sense to him.

Paul was stunned. He was white with shock, and speechless.

“Leanne was on the verge of tears. “I knew this was a bad idea. What are we going to do? You said you would still want me even if I was your daughter. We love each other, Paul. What should we do?”

“I need time to think,” he said. “I’m going for a walk.”

He was gone all day and didn’t return until late in the evening. Leanne had gone to bed. She always slept naked because they always had sex, but she put a nightshirt and panties by the bed, just in case he objected to getting into bed with his naked daughter.

He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth before he came into the bedroom. The wait was agonising for her. When he appeared in the doorway it was clear he had been crying. Not a good sign, thought Leanne. He had also left on his t-shirt and boxers instead of being naked with a hard-on. Definitely a bad sign.

He got into bed beside her. “Can I cuddle you?” she asked. “Girls can cuddle into their dads, can’t they?”

He nodded and she rolled towards him. He put his arms around her, and she laid her head on his chest. If he was concerned about her nakedness, he didn’t let it show.

“I’m worried sick, Paul. What have you decided?”

“I’m still shocked and confused. I don’t know what to do.”

She kissed his cheek and took a deep breath. “I’ve been thinking all day, too. I have an idea. More of an experiment, really. Can I try it?”

He nodded.

“Don’t do or say anything, okay?”

He nodded again. She rolled on top of him and sat up. He looked at her naked breasts immediately and opened his mouth to speak, but she put a fingertip to his lips and shook her head, to remind him. Then she took his hands and pressed his palms against her breasts. He swallowed hard but didn’t resist, trusting her. She began rocking her hips, pressing down on him as if she was fucking him, and began to speak in a whisper.

“I need your body, Paul, right now more than ever. I need your big hard cock inside me. I need to cum all over it. I need to feel you filling my pussy with your spunk as you squeeze my boobs and pinch my nipples. Squeeze them for me now.”

He swallowed again and did as she asked. She continued to grind her hips against him.

“I love riding you, Paul. I love fucking you until I cum all over your beautiful cock. I love you pounding my pussy until you’ve emptied your balls right up inside me. I love it when you pin me down and fuck me like a bitch.”

She felt the stirring in his groin. He was starting to get a hard-on. Her plan was working. Her naked body was irresistible to him even when he knew she was his daughter. She jumped off him and whipped his boxers down. Before he had time to react, she went down on him, taking his semi-erect cock in her mouth, sucking him as hard as she could. He didn’t stop her. In fact, he groaned and pushed his hips up to her face, his cock quickly becoming rock-hard.

She straddled him and lowered herself down onto him, sliding his full length into her. His eyes were closed. She lifted his hands up to her breasts again and he squeezed them as she began to ride him.

Often, they would talk dirty to each other, urging each other on, but now they were silent. She just focused on using her rhythm, and her internal muscles to get him worked up. She knew exactly how to do it, how to churn her hips and ripple her vaginal muscles to squeeze and caress his cock as she slid up and down on it, grinding her clit against his pubic bone. It always worked them both into a frenzy.

He had stopped squeezing her breasts but kept his hands on them, his palms rubbing against her diamond-hard nipples as she moved, and she could feel that he was getting closer to an orgasm. His face was getting flushed and he was breathing faster, and although he laid still, she felt his hips pushing up against her as the tension built within him.

As he got closer, she rode him faster, gripping him even tighter, panting hard from the exertion. Finally, she felt his body stiffen. He was almost at the point of no return. She had practised her lines, remembering them from some of their past sex-games.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, you know you want to. I’m gonna cum, too.”

His stomach tensed, and his hips jerked involuntarily. He was on the edge, and she went for it.

“Oh god! I’m cumming, Dad!” she yelled. “I’m cumming on your cock! Cum for me Daddy! Cum in your daughter’s pussy! Fill me with your spunk, Dad!”

He grunted loudly, and his whole body shook as she felt him releasing into her. She slowed down when she felt him relax, and laid on his chest, both of them breathing hard.

They laid in silence for a few minutes, until Leanne looked up at him and spoke softly.

“Thank you. I needed that.” She kissed his mouth and he opened his eyes, smiling at her sheepishly. Was he feeling guilty now? she wondered.

“I guess you were right then,” she whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember that day when we sent the DNA kits off?”


“I asked you, in the trillion-to-one chance your really were my dad, would you still carry on fucking me.”

“I remember.”

“And you said I was way too hot for you to ever stop doing me.”

He nodded.

“Well, you were right. You know I really am your daughter now and you’ve still fucked me anyway.”

“Well, technically, you just fucked me. I didn’t do anything.”

“You know what I mean. And that’s the point. You didn’t do anything. You could have stopped me at any time, but you didn’t. You knew I was your daughter when I started sucking your cock, and you let me. You didn’t stop me when I fucked you, and you knew I was your daughter when you let yourself cum in me.”

She grinned at him triumphantly. “I really am too hot for you to ever stop doing me!”

Paul frowned. “But we shouldn’t have done it, Leanne. It’s incest. It’s wrong. It’s my fault. I should have taken responsibility and stopped you. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not. I wanted it. And so did you. You can’t deny that, I’m still full of your cum.”

He winced at that.

“The fact that you’re my biological father is a technicality. You didn’t know until this morning. It’s not like you’ve bounced me on your knee since I was a baby and now you’ve seduced me.

“To me, being a father is not about blood and genes, it’s about being a family, being there for your kids. You didn’t even know you’d got my mom pregnant, so you couldn’t be there for me, and that wasn’t anyone’s fault. So, in that sense, the sense that matters to me, you’re not my father at all, really. We can just forget about the stupid test results and carry on being us.”

“But it’s illegal, Leanne.”

“Who’s gonna know? We can choose to keep our DNA test results private, and mom couldn’t put your name on my birth certificate because you weren’t there, so no-one can ever find out unless we tell them.”

“But we still know it’s wrong.”

“It isn’t to me, and we’ve already crossed that line now, anyway. We can’t go back. We’ve done it once, so doing it again doesn’t make any difference.”

“I want it to be right. It feels right, but my head keeps telling me it’s wrong.”

“If it feels right, then it is right. Let’s sleep on it.”

Leanne laid on his chest again, and they were silent for a while, lost in their own thoughts.

Leanne hoped that she was beginning to win him over. His only argument had been a rule saying it’s wrong, but even so, he’d admitted that it still felt right for them to be together as a couple. She realised their entire relationship hung in the balance, but she hoped that sex would clinch it. She knew Paul was always horny when he woke up, and that would present her next opportunity to persuade him they were too good together to end it.

Paul’s head was still spinning. He’d been shaken to the core by the test results, and dearly wished Leanne had not persuaded him to do it. Now that he knew the truth, he couldn’t ignore it, but it hadn’t altered his feelings for her. He also accepted that he couldn’t resist her when she made a play for him, even knowing she was his daughter. She had just proved that.

What he hadn’t told Leanne was that he hadn’t just been unable to resist her. Knowing she was really his daughter and they were no longer just pretending had really turned him on, and when he had cum inside her his orgasm had been mind-blowing.

That was frying his brain. Was he a perverted monster for lusting after his own daughter? For wanting to cum in her? Or was the test result really just a technicality as she had said, because there had never been a father-daughter relationship for him to corrupt? In every sense other than genetics, they were just two strangers who met and fell in love, and that couldn’t ever be wrong. Except for the incest bit. But they had already crossed that line spectacularly, and he desperately wanted to do it again. He just knew that they shouldn’t. His head was totally messed up.

They must have drifted off to sleep together. It was the middle of the night when he woke, needing the bathroom. He still had his t-shirt on and felt too hot. He pulled it off before getting back into bed. Leanne was sleeping on her back. She looked so beautiful, and so peaceful. Her breathing was slow and steady. She really does seem to be comfortable with this, he thought. Maybe I should be as well?

He gently peeled the quilt down to her waist and admired her naked breasts in the semi-darkness. Her nipples stiffened on exposure to the colder air of the room. As he watched her lying there, he began to get aroused. He wanted her.

He leaned down, placing tender kisses around the firm rounded mound of her young breast, slowly zeroing in on her nipple. He traced wet circles around it with the tip of his tongue and heard her sigh. He sucked it gently before teasing it between his teeth and his tongue.

She moaned, sleepily. “Oh, Daddy, that feels lovely.”

Leaning across her he tended to her other breast, spending several minutes moving back and forth between them. He could hear in her breathing that he was arousing her. Pushing the quilt onto the floor, he traced a line of soft kisses down her stomach to her clean-shaven mound. She silently parted her legs as he climbed between them.

He was in no hurry. He kissed and licked her up and down the soft flesh on either side of her lips several times before running his tongue up the middle. She was already moist, and her lips parted naturally, his tongue flickering across her exposed vulva. She gasped and sighed. He did it repeatedly, until he felt her pushing her hips up against his mouth. She wanted his tongue inside her.

She moaned as the tip of his tongue penetrated her, rapidly poking in and out of her repeatedly before gliding up to her clitoris. Taking it between his lips, he sucked gently, feeling it stiffen. She moaned more loudly. He worked his tongue around her swelling clit in swift circles, flickered over it and then sucked it before starting again, and again, the ritual driving her wild. She was panting, moaning, and writhing beneath him.

He slid one finger inside her and found her G-spot. Massaging it to the same rhythm as his tongue on her clit, he led her sweetly over the edge into a prolonged orgasm that made her entire body tremble and shake, and she cried out in long noisy moans. When she could take no more, she pushed his head away, and curled up on her side with her hands pressed between her tightly clenched thighs, her hips still twitching.

He laid beside her, waiting for her to recover. He had a cast-iron erection and absentmindedly stroked it as he listened to her breathing gradually slowing. She was still on her side. When she had settled, he grasped her lower ankle and pulled her leg straight. Pushing the knee of her upper leg up towards her chest, he straddled her straight leg. He was now in the perfect position to enter her. He nudged the tip of his cock between the moist lips of her waiting vagina, and she moaned.

“Leanne,” he whispered. “Would you like Daddy to put his stiff cock in his little girl’s pussy?”

“Mmm, yes, I would love it.”

“Then ask him nicely.”

“Ooh, please Daddy. Put your big hard cock in you little girl’s pussy. Please.”

He nudged the tip of his cock against her wet hole, so she could feel the pressure without him entering her.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t tease me. Please put it in me. I need to feel Daddy’s big stiff cock inside my tight, wet, little pussy,” she purred.

“I think my naughty daughter wants her daddy to fuck her.”

“Oh, yes, I do, Daddy. Please fuck me Daddy. Your daughter needs a good hard fucking.”

Without warning, Paul slammed his full length all the way into her. She squealed in shock and delight. “Ooh, Daddy! Your cock is massive! Fuck me, Daddy. Please.”

Finally, he did his daughter’s bidding. Ramming his cock into her, he could feel the tip punching her cervix every time, and she squealed and gasped as he fucked her relentlessly, her vaginal muscles gripping him tightly and sucking him even deeper inside her with every powerful thrust.

It didn’t take long for him to feel his own orgasm beginning to boil up inside him, as his cock began to throb.

“Oh, not long now babe,” he whispered hoarsely. “Not long before Daddy squirts his spunk inside his daughter’s tight little pussy.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Empty your balls in me. Fill your daughter’s pussy with your hot spunk.”

He grunted, and thrust his hips forward one last time, holding himself deep inside her, as his balls tightened, and he began spurting into her.

“Ooh, I can feel it Daddy! I can feel you cumming in my pussy. Fill your daughter up, Daddy. Give me every last drop of your hot spunk.”

When he was finally done, Paul collapsed onto the bed, beside her, and they both began laughing. They knew how ridiculous they must have sounded, but they didn’t care.

The deal was sealed. Both of them had now instigated incestuous sex. They were so far across the line it was no longer relevant. Life was good again. Everything back to normal.

Or so Paul thought.

The Photograph – Part 2 of 2

Their relationship continued as before, but the secret knowledge that they were father and daughter made their sex life even more exciting, and more satisfying. Everything seemed perfect, until Paul began looking in the bedroom wardrobe for some documents he needed, while Leanne was out.

What he needed was beneath an old photograph album belonging to Leanne, and it fell on the floor, spilling out some of the photos. He picked everything up and carried the pile to the kitchen table to put it all back together again.

As he sorted through the photographs and began replacing them, he noticed the back lining of the album had come loose from the cover, and one photograph had somehow got wedged behind it. When he pulled it free and looked at it, he froze.

He hadn’t seen this picture of himself in at least twenty years. He had given it to the girl who took it; Leanne’s mother. He hadn’t changed much. He was instantly recognisable as a younger version of himself. Even his hair style was the same. Leanne must have had it at least since her mother had died, if she knew it was there. If she did, she had known he was her father all along, from before the day they had met.

Could it have been hidden there by her mother, undiscovered until just now? Or had Leanne been lying to him the whole time? Had she deliberately lured him into their incestuous relationship? Why? He had to know the truth.

He tried to think rationally. It didn’t make sense that she knew. If she had, she had taken a massive risk by suggesting the DNA tests. Was that meant to be a bluff? He would refuse, and it would never be mentioned again?

Had he unwittingly called her bluff by agreeing? He suddenly recalled how nervous she had been about providing the sample, and then reading the results. That made sense now, if she already knew the result was most probably going to shatter their relationship into a billion pieces.

But why take the chance at all? Why not just leave it as an amusing and sexy bedtime game? That would be more sensible, which suggested she hadn’t known about the photograph, or their true relationship, at all. He didn’t know what to think and his head was spinning.

He wanted to believe that, but he had to know. He came up with a plan.

When Leanne came home a short while later, Paul was sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. He had made one for Leanne, of course, and put the photograph next to her cup, face down.

He would watch her reaction intently as she turned it over. He believed he knew her well enough to know from her expression if she had seen it before.

She saw it as she sat down, and automatically turned it over. “What’s this…?”.

Her expression froze, and then her face crumpled, tears running down her cheeks. She had seen it before, he was sure. He let her compose herself, using the time to focus on his breathing, trying to quell, or at least control, the anger he felt welling up. He kept telling himself not to judge her. Stay open-minded. There may be a simple and innocent explanation.

He wasn’t bad tempered or given to angry outbursts. When Leanne stopped crying, he tried to speak calmly and quietly.

“What do you want to tell me about that? About us?”

She looked up at him and began.

“I’ve always known your name, but Mom swore me to secrecy when grandad was alive, so he wouldn’t go looking for you. Mom never blamed you, and she never regretted getting pregnant with me. You had a brief relationship that was never destined to work, and I was the unexpected but much-loved consequence. She thought you were awesome in bed, by the way, and I know why.”

Paul didn’t react, and she immediately regretted her attempt to lighten the mood.

“She showed me this photograph when I was very young, and I looked at it often over the years. As I got older, I realised how good looking you are. I never thought of you as my father because you weren’t. Not really. And Mom never made an issue of it, either. I just saw you as my Mom’s boyfriend. As a young teenager, I looked at this and fantasised about this hot young guy being my boyfriend. Innocent girl’s stuff.”

She blushed. “I even gave myself my first orgasm looking at this photograph. But then I discovered boys and forgot about you.

“When Mom died, everything changed. I changed. For the first time, I decided I wanted to track you down if I could, and meet you, as my father. Only as my father, I promise. I didn’t have much to go on, and there are lots of guys with your name, but I remembered something Mom had said about your favourite place being here. So, this where I focused my search, and I found your address.

“I still couldn’t be certain it was you, of course, so I applied for university here, and got in. I figured that if it wasn’t you, it wouldn’t matter. I’d just get on with my life. If it was you, but you didn’t want to know me, which would be understandable, then same again. But I really hoped it was you, and that you would accept me. I have no other family, and I was lonely. I felt like I could really do with a father in my life.

“I came down here a week earlier than I needed to and found your home address. I was so happy that I’d found you, but I was too scared to approach you. I followed you to work one morning, because I was curious, and found that coffee shop along the way. I wondered if you would ever ask me why I went there, because it was nowhere near where I lived, but you never did.

“I went there in time to see you walk to work every morning because even that felt like some sort of connection, as pathetic as that sounds now. But I also needed time to figure out how I could approach you the first time.

“Because of the age gap I figured I couldn’t just walk up to you and say, ‘Hi, fancy a coffee?’, and I wouldn’t have dared anyway. I also couldn’t just walk up to you and say, ‘Hi Dad, great to finally meet you’. You would have run a mile.”

“So, you arranged to bump into me as I left the office that day?”

Leanne nodded.

“I know this all sounds a bit stalker-ish, but I couldn’t figure out how else to meet you. I thought that if we could just get talking and make friends, I might then be able to figure out a way to slowly introduce myself as who I really am, in a way that hopefully wouldn’t freak you out.”

“So, what stopped you doing that?”

“I fell in love with you instead. I don’t have that much experience with guys, but you blew me away. Right from that very first evening at the Italian restaurant, I was awestruck. You were… you still are… the most amazing man I’ve ever met. And you were still incredibly good looking. Even more than in this photograph. You’ve got better with age.

“And you fell in love with me, too. It was totally genuine between us; you must believe that. But it gave me a real problem. I wasn’t lying to you, but not telling you was still deceiving you, and I felt awful about it. I wracked my brains for some way of telling you gently. I thought that however I did it, it was going to destroy us, and I didn’t want to hurt you any more than I had to. It was breaking my heart that it was going to end, but I couldn’t live with the deception.

“So that’s why I played on our age-gap and began the whole daddy-daughter bedroom game. I thought if I could get you used to the idea as a fantasy first, it might not seem quite so shocking when I found a way to break the news to you. And despite everything, I do love you so much and I still harboured a dream that we might somehow survive you finding out. Which we did.”

She paused, and seemed deep in thought.

“Go on,” said Paul. “I want to know. Everything.”

“I realised that just telling you would reveal that I had known all along, and that would probably be the end of us anyway. All I could come up with was the DNA thing, as a bit of a joke, that would lead to the shocking revelation, seemingly for both of us. I know that was still a little deceitful on my part, but I couldn’t think of any other way, and at least then you would know. That was more important.

“I was so relieved that you were okay about it, and we’re so happy together aren’t we? It all just went wrong because we fell in love, and so fast, before I could make sense of it, and before I’d figured out how to tell you. Please tell me we’re still okay, Paul. Please.”

She started crying again, and Paul stood up.

“I need time to think.”

He grabbed his jacket and walked out.

Leanne was still sat at the table when he returned a couple of hours later. He sat down again, and she looked at him, her face fraught with anxiety.

“Finding that photograph in the lining of the album really scrambled my brain, Leanne. I didn’t know whether you knew it was there or not, and what it meant for us if you did.”

She nodded.

“Did you really get yourself off for the first time looking at it, and fantasising about me?”

She blushed and nodded again. There was the hint of a smile on his lips. Was that a good sign? Or just his male ego? She looked at him, waiting nervously.

“I’m angry that you didn’t tell me straight away, but I understand that it must have been a difficult subject to broach with a complete stranger, so I get that you wanted us to get to know each other first. It was a reasonable way of doing it.

“And you’re right, we did fall in love very fast. Not quite love at first sight, but not far off, and I realise that must have made it so much more difficult, but you still should have told me, Leanne. That was your big mistake.”

She dropped her gaze and looked down at the photograph again. He was about to end their relationship. She could feel her tears welling up as her heart began to break and tried hard to hold herself together.

His tone of voice changed. More assertive.

“I’m your father, Leanne. Whether I want to be or not. When my daughter makes mistakes it’s my duty to correct her. I shirked that responsibility once and I’m not going to do it again. You need to be punished for what you did.”

She felt so sad she couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Go to the bedroom and get undressed. You need to be punishment-fucked.”

She looked at him, shocked. Did this mean they were okay? She wanted to be overjoyed but was still unsure. She couldn’t read his expression through her tears.

“Now, Leanne,” he commanded.

She leapt to her feet and hurried to the bedroom. He followed her a few moments later.

As he entered the room, she was pulling her dress off over her head. He opened the wardrobe and ***********ed four of his ties and one of Leanne’s scarves. He turned towards the bed and watched Leanne remove her underwear and get on the bed. She laid on her back in the middle, looking up at the ceiling. She wiped a tear from her eye and waited.

The sight of her naked body was intoxicating, and he felt himself becoming aroused. He tied her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed frame, then took her headphones from her bedside cabinet and connected them to his phone. He ***********ed a long classical music track and put the earbuds in her ears. Her eyes were closed. He could feel she was trembling a little.

He gently lifted her head, wrapping the scarf around to blindfold her, and hold the earbuds in place. He tied it off with a knot to one side. Then he prepared.

Leanne laid in complete darkness, her head filled with music, for what seemed like an age. She was naked and completely immobilised. She felt exposed and vulnerable. She was telling herself that Paul wouldn’t hurt her. He never had before, but there was a vague worry in her mind that this whole situation was different. The music was a very relaxing piece, but she couldn’t relax. She couldn’t stop trying to process what was happening. Had he forgiven her? Or was he really going to punish her? Was this going to be some horrible farewell fuck before he threw her out? Or was it something else?

She jumped. Something hot and wet had touched her vulva for a second. She tensed. Then it happened again, and she realised Paul was licking her. She relaxed a little, but her complete defencelessness and sensory deprivation were unsettling. He continued licking and probing her with his tongue and she could feel herself getting wet with arousal. She was just beginning to enjoy it when he stopped. She felt his weight shifting on the bed.

She jumped again. Something ice-cold was pushed inside her. It was an ice-cube, and her vaginal muscles squeezed tight as a protective instinct. It was so cold it was almost painful.

Suddenly her vibrator touched her clit and she convulsed, crying out in shock. She felt Paul’s mouth envelop and suck on one nipple as his fingers pinched the other, her vibrator still pulsing against her clit. It was too intense, too soon, and she cried out again.

The vibrator slowly trailed up her stomach and took over the arousal of one nipple, as Paul continued sucking the other. After what seemed like several minutes but maybe wasn’t, his mouth and the vibrator swopped, and he repeated this pattern at length. She had sensitive nipples and became extremely aroused. Sparks of electricity seemed to fly through her body from her nipples to her clitoris, and she gasped and moaned in pleasure as her body lost control and flexed and undulated in response to Paul’s attentions.

The next sensation was difficult for her to describe. Something was nuzzling up against her vulva. It was cold and wet, and hard but not. The pressure increased and she consciously relaxed her muscles. Resisting was pointless, she was helpless. This very thick object slowly and smoothly penetrated her vagina until it pressed up against her cervix. Stretching her wide, its coldness against her warm inner flesh shot spasms of pleasure through her body.

She caught the hint of a scent in her nostrils and realised what it was. Paul was fucking her with a chilled, skinned cucumber. The rhythmic penetrations and withdrawals were always full depth, pushing against her cervix then retreating all the way back out, then entering her again. He started slowly and smoothly, still sucking one nipple and teasing the other with her vibrator. She couldn’t imagine what position he was in to achieve this, but the exquisite sensations took over and her mind went blank. She couldn’t think, she could only feel, and her body was pulsing and tingling all over.

Her cucumber fuck gradually got quicker, and quicker. Her nipples were suddenly deserted, and she was fleetingly disappointed, but then her vibrator made contact with her clit. With the vibrator on full speed and the cucumber fucking her at full tilt, her body surrendered. She let out a long continuous high-pitched moan as a huge orgasm suddenly exploded through her, her body convulsing in ecstasy until she couldn’t stand it, and begged Paul to stop.

She sighed in relief as the vibrator was lifted away and the cucumber came to rest deep inside her. She could feel her vaginal muscles spasming along its entire length, and her skin tingled from head to foot. She realised she was panting, and her throat was too dry for her to speak. Just as her orgasm had drifted away and she was finally able to relax completely, the cucumber began again, and the vibrator returned.

It was too soon. “No,” she managed to cry, but in seconds her body convulsed again as she was hit by another massive orgasm. It felt ecstatic but painful at the same time, and when she could tolerate it no longer, she shook her head desperately, croaking, “Stop. Please stop.”

As she lay recovering an ice -cube was presented to her lips, and she sucked on it, letting the cold water trickle to the back of her throat, soothing her.

Finally, she could speak again. “Oh god, that was awesome.”

Suddenly it began again. The vibrator and the cucumber pulverised her senses in seconds and she screamed in pain as the nerves in her clitoris and vagina seemed to explode and burn. She writhed and thrashed in an effort to escape but she was bound too tightly. As her body bucked and quivered, she had no choice but to surrender to the sensation, and one agonising orgasm after another ripped through her body, for several minutes without a break.

At some point she realised that it no longer hurt. She had passed through a threshold, and now her whole body was tingling and vibrating, as each orgasm rippled into the next without a pause and she felt she was floating in ecstasy.

Slowly the sensations began to fade away, as if she was draining of energy, and the vibrator and the cucumber finally ended their relentless assault on her body.

She laid still, sweating. Her chest was heaving, and she felt completely exhausted. She was vaguely aware that her ankles were being released, and then her knees were being lifted towards her chest. She didn’t care what was happening, she was too blissed-out.

She felt him kneel with his knees either side of her hips. With her legs over his shoulders, and Paul supporting himself on his outstretched arms, Leanne was folded in half and pinned beneath him.

He slowly penetrated her. His cock felt red hot. He paused, and her blindfold and earbuds were removed. She blinked in the bright light, and gradually focused on him. He was looking down at her, his expression curious. She was too dazed to speak and could only manage a weak smile. He smiled back.

“For the final part of a daughter’s punishment, her father has to fuck her. Hard. Until he cums inside his little girl’s sore and swollen pussy.”

She nodded in submission, and the final punishment began. Paul pounded her with all his strength, ramming himself into her as hard and as fast as he could, grunting with the exertion.

With her wrists still bound, Leanne’s body flopped helplessly beneath him as he drove himself on, sweating and panting as he slammed his cock into her as deep as he could with every thrust. She prayed he was venting his anger on her so that he could forgive her. If that was what he was doing, she wanted him to hate-fuck her for as long as he needed to get it out of his system.

“Oh god,” he growled. “I’m gonna cum in my daughter’s cunt.”

His language shocked her, but she responded immediately.

“Oh yes, Daddy. Punish me. Cum in your daughter’s cunt, Daddy. Use me. Empty your balls in my cunt.”

He grunted and snarled like an animal, pounding her even harder as his whole body tensed, and he pumped streams of hot spunk deep inside her.

He released her legs and collapsed on her, taking a couple of minutes to catch his breath. When he had recovered enough to support his weight again, he looked down at her and they smiled before kissing passionately. Leanne’s heart was almost bursting with joy. They had survived the crisis after all.

“Please give me at least six months to recover before you find a reason to punish me like that again, Dad.”

“You want to do that again?”

“Hell yes! But I need to make sure I can still have another orgasm again after that.”

“Let’s find out, shall we?” He moved to go down on her, but she stopped him. “No! Please. Not today. I’m red raw down there. It will take a few days before I’m ready to even think about having sex again.”

“Well, if your pussy’s out of order for a few days, I’ll have to cum in your mouth every night instead, as the last of your punishment, you understand.”

“Yes Dad, I understand. I’ll suck you off whenever you tell me too. I’m just so relieved that you still want me to. That you still want me at all.”

“It’s okay babe. I understand. You were in a unique situation and did the best you could with what you knew. And then we fell in love and messed it all up. Equal blame. Just promise me there are no more awkward photographs hidden away anywhere?”

“No more photos. I promise. No more secrets of any kind.”

“So, you really used to get yourself off on a photograph of me?”

She blushed. “Yes, I did. I fingered myself stupid looking at it for weeks.”

“One more punishment I’ve just thought of, then. When you’ve recovered, of course.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to lie here naked and let me watch you fingering yourself stupid while you’re looking at the real me.”

“And what about you?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll find a way to get some relief once you’re done.”