Oral train ride

The most rememberable event of my teenage years, was a three day train ride aboard the Amtrack from my parent’s house in Washington State, to my

grandparent’s house down in Florida. I was just 18years old and although i had riden the train many times, this one was the longest and most fun. This also was only

the second time i rode the train alone, and i was a bit scared as well as excited.

As soon as we were underway and everything was in order, i headed for the lounge car. That was always my favorate part of the train. Lots of big

windows to check out the views. It was also the place that riders go to smoke cigs and drink booze. It was at this place that i met Hector and Jesus. I was kicking

back relaxing when i noticed both those men looking at me from across the lounge. They both were hispanic men in thier late 30’s or early 40’s and fairly well built. Of

coarse i was just a 15 year old skinny white k*d, every adult looked well built compared to me.

They continued to drink thier beer and i kept seeing them looking at me and whispering to eachother. It was making me uneasy to say the least. So i got

up and left and went back to my seat. about a half hour later, they walked past my seat and headed into the next car, so i went back to the lounge car knowing they

wern’t there. A few minutes later, they walked in and saw me. Even though i was a bit scared, i tried to normal as they walked up to me and they each sat down next

to me on eather side. I didn’t want to affend them, so i said hello.

They interduced themselfs to me and asked me if i was alone and where i was going and questions of that nature. I’m not sure why, but i answered

truthfuly and the three of began to have a conversation. I could smell the booze on those guys and from the way they were talking, i could tell they were pretty drunk.

I knew something was up, so i asked them what they wanted. Hector leaned in my face and softly said, “I want you to suck my dick.” Right away, Jesus put his finger

on my lips and said, “You can suck mine too.”

I didn’t respond to that, i just looked at them and knew they were serious. Hector then said, “Lets go the the bathroom.” Him and Jesus stood up and

Jesus put his hand on the back of my head and started rubbing it and said, “Come on baby, we are going to have a good time together” I stood up and relized i had a

hard-on. there was a small amount of fear and nerviceness within me, but there was also a feeling of excitement and willingness to suck thier cocks. I followed them

downstairs to the restroom and the three of us went inside and locked the door.

I sat down on the toilit and they began to get compleatly undressed. As they got naked, i saw that both of them had hard-on’s and that they were pretty

horny. Hector had a very big dick. It was fat and long, and uncircumsized. His balls were fairly big, nicely tight and round with very little pubic hair. It swung side to

side as he walked up to my face. I like the way it looked. Jesus also had a big uncircumsized cock, although it wasn’t as fat as Hectors. His balls were tight and round

as well, but a bit smaller with more hair on them. It to swung side to side as he walked up and stuck it in my face. I thought it was sexy as well.

I was super horny looking at both those beautiful dicks in my face and the thought that i was going to pleasure both of them with my mouth, had me realy

excited. Hector grabbed ahold of his cock with one hand, and tilted my head back with his other, and put his dick in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum right away

and i loved it. He said, “Take your time sweetheart, we have all day.” As he began to slide his cock back and forth, in and out of my mouth, i put my left hand on his

balls and carressed them while i took my right hand and started stroking Jesus’s dick. After a while, i switched and began to suck Jesus’s dick while stroking Hector’s


This went on for a good long time. Switching back and forth, licking and sucking thier dicks and thier balls. All of us were having a great time. Then,

sometime way after it started, i was sucking Jesus cock when he held my head tight and began to pump his dick faster and harder in my mouth. He began to moan as i

was drooling from his aggressiveness, then all of a sudden, i felt hot cum hitting the back of my throat. I had swallowed alot of it before i even relized he was cumming.

Squirt after quirt kept shooting into my mouth and he continued to fuck my face. He was moaning like crazy and i began to gag and c***e on the cum. He said,

“swallow it.” I swallowed, and once i did, i stopped gagging. As a matter of fact, i loved the taste of it. When he was finaly done cumming down my throat, i milked all

i could get out of his dick and ate it. I said, “That is so good, I want more.”

I now had Hector’s big cock to concentrate on. I licked and sucked on that bad boy for a good while before he began to unload his hot cum in my mouth.

He had quite a bit more cum than Jesus, it took me some doing to swallow it all without losing any down the sides of my mouth. After i got done milking all the cum

out of his cock, i told them i would suck both thier dicks as many times as they wanted on this trip.

The three of us became pretty good friends on board this train and i sucked both thier dick’s several times a day for the entire three days we were on

there together. Those three days were the funnest three days. I would do it again without a doubt.