Rock concert I will never forget

My husband and I recently went to a concert to see Nickelback and two other groups. My husband is 36 and I am 30 being two of the oldest fans to see this concert was kind of awkward although, I did dress to impress a short skirt and a low cut draw string blouse that barely contained my 38dd’s. Well as the fans started coming in the coliseum was jam packed. My husband and I were close to the stage with maybe a few people in front of us. We were squished together like sardines in a can. The band started playing and the crowd started getting wild and we all started getting more and more squished together. After a while I noticed I was the only female this close to the stage. I was surrounded by men or should I say teenagers between ages of 16 and 25. My husband was standing beside me; he had had a few to many drinks before the concert so he was pretty much out of it. The guy behind me was so squished up against me he had his crotch pressed against my ass. I was squished against the guy in front of me with my boobs pressed against his back. As the band played the crowd started to jump up and down and it didn’t take to long for my skirt to ride up over my hips. I didn’t bother putting it back down, having a young, and black, tall, good looking man pressing his crotch against my ass made me very horny. So I pretended not to notice. So as the concert went on he kept pressing harder and harder against me and so I arched by back and pushed up against him. Moments later I felt his hand squeezing my ass and he then slipped a finger inside me. He unzipped his pants and took his dick out and slowly slid it inside my pussy. It was so huge, my knees almost gave out. As he was slowly sliding his dick in and out me he then put his arms around me and undid my top and took my tits out of my bra squeezing them while fucking me. I was so turned on by this teenager fucking me I didn’t notice there were several hands taking turns squeezing my breasts. After about ten minutes I felt him cum inside. He put it back in his pants but I just stood there with my tits hanging out and my skirt pulled up over my waste. The kid in front of me had managed to turn around and was now facing me. He grabbed my tits and started sucking them while another guy had made his way behind me and stated fucking me from behind. I must have cum a hundred times before the concert was all over. I counted twenty guys that managed to find there way behind me. It was great I still cream in my pants thinking about it.

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