Romantic interludes in bed

They arrived home at 2:30 A.M. after a six-hour, non-
stop motorcycle ride. Tired and dirty, they decided to
shower together before turning in. They held each other
close as the warm water washed over them, kissing and
enjoying the face-to-face contact and conversation they
were denied on the bike. Although tired, they laughed
and rubbed themselves playfully against each other: the
40-year-old half-Armenian bearded malcontent and the
20-something Chinese clarinetist.

After shampooing each other, soaping escalated into
slow foreplay. He held her against him, her back
against him, his cock nestled in between the cheeks of
her ass. He slowly rubbed himself between her ass
cheeks and she smiled to herself as she felt him harden
against her.

He removed the hand-held showerhead from its holder
where it had rained down on them and switched it to the
setting for a concentrated, pulsating spray. He moved
the hard/soft sputtering stream of water over the front
of her: shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs, tickling,
sensual, wet and warm. She moved her hand over his,
holding it warmly and guiding the pulsing spray where
she wanted it.

She had him spray the insides of her thighs, but
avoiding her mound, then onto her hips and then back up
to her breasts. He moved his mouth around to suck and
nibble on her ear lobe and brought one hand up to
caress her breast. They moved the spray down toward her
pussy. They moved it quickly across her mound and she
smiled widely, then down and up the insides of her
thighs. They playfully fought, he trying to move the
spray directly onto her mound, she trying to tease
herself a bit more.

He began to suck and nibble her neck. She gasped softly
and brought his hand and the spray onto her mound.
Sharp pulsing but soft/hard water parting the matted
black thatch and then softly pounding and parting the
lips underneath. She stiffened and bit her lip.

He began thrusting his cock between her wet soapy ass
cheeks a bit harder. She always liked that. She tried
to use the pulsing spray to trace a line along her
labia and over her clit, trying to concentrate near,
but not always on the hardening nub.

She was squirming against him and he was sliding even
more intently against her. She desperately tried to
keep the pounding spray just on the spot, right there,
keep it right there… she came, almost losing her
footing and pushing him back against the wet tile wall.
She stiffened and pulsed herself, never shy about being
noisy in the shower, calling out his name, calling him
‘Baby.” She felt him groan deeply, bite her shoulder
and come on her ass, the warm cum with the warm water
still beating against them.

They toweled each other off, kissing, cuddling,
embracing and then crawled into bed. The long day
finally hit and they were both asleep in each others
arms in minutes.

9 A.M.

He awoke first to find himself on his side, lying
against her. She was lying on her stomach and his left
leg was draped over her legs and ass. He smelled her
hair and the kiwi-strawberry-whatever-it-was scent of
the shampoo from just a few hours before. He lay there
for a few minutes, just watching her sleep, reminding
himself of how lucky he was to be here, and for them to
be together after all this time.

He placed his palm on her shoulder and very softly,
very slowly ran his flat palm over her shoulders, then
again. Then slowly, down the ridges of her back, his
fingers running along her spine.

His hands. Strong, but soft. Large, but not ungainly.
“Perfect for grabbing my ass, while he licks me,” she
liked to say to women friends.

He softly kissed her shoulder as he continued to run
his palm up and down her back, slowly over her
shoulders and then back down, but not yet touching her

He could not quite tell exactly when she woke, and he
could not see the smile that spread across her face
soon after, but he did get to hear the “Mmmmm!” she
made just afterward. He whispered, “Lie still,” she
smirked, “Talked me into it,” almost into the pillow,
as he continued to run his hand over and over her back
– smoothing, caressing, warm on a June morning.

He bent over to nudge her long black hair away from her
neck and then kissed the back of her neck just as his
hand moved onto her ass.

“Your hired,” she said.

He moved his hand over her ass cheeks several times and
then returned to her back, moving completely over the
length of her back and then onto her ass again.

With one finger he traced the inside of her thighs. She
squirmed and separated her legs for him. His hand
returned to her ass, rubbing the soft skin of her
cheeks in a slow circle. He watched as she shivered ,
and a wave of goosebumps spread across her flesh, only
to subside again.

With two fingers he began to trace the valley between
her ass cheeks, one on each side. From the bottom of
her spine until he felt the hair of her pussy, then
circling one cheek or the other to return to where he
had started. As his hand followed her curve he would
slow and reverse and knead her resting muscle. He heard
her sigh.

At the end of one sliding traverse of her ass, his hand
stopped and began to creep further on, rubbing the
small space between her ass and her pussy. Tight little
circles, pressing firmly into her, alternated with a
back and forth that pulled alternately at her ass and
pussy. He felt her twitch, her hips move against the

His fingers traced and opened her labia. Inside she was
wet all over, and his finger slid easily into her, and
out again, and forward to her clit, and back, and in
again. He shifted himself up onto one elbow to get
better leverage. As his finger explored her, he watched
the muscles of her back tense and relax, following the
rhythm of his penetration of her interior, the
excitation of her clit. He could plainly see the pulse
dancing in her jugular as it paralleled the taut tendon
of her throat.

Finger covered with her juice, he turned endless
circles around the jutting nub of her clit. Her
twitching intensified. He watched her hands close in
tight fists, holding the sheets for dear life. Her
breath became a series of staccato gasps. She came, the
animal sounds muffled by the pillow.

She lay still for a while, and he watched the tension
drain away from her pose. He almost thought she had
fallen asleep again when she turned over. She smiled a
lazy smile at him, then licked her lips.

“Hope you’re proud of yourself. Making a little girl
squirm first thing in the morning. And I was in the
middle of such a nice dream, too. I wonder if I could
remember it if I stroked your cock for a while?”

“Only one way to find out.”

“I suppose.”

She got out a little squeeze bottle of massage oil from
the night table. She lay back down in the middle of the
bed and he straddled her waist. His cock was already
respectably stiff. She pooped the top of the bottle and
squeezed some oil out onto her fingers. The liquid slid
between them, dotting the space between her breasts.
Her nipples rose as the cool oil hit her skin.

“This has to warm up a bit before I touch anything
delicate with it.”

She turned her fingers over and let the oil drip onto
her chest. She poured a little more directly onto her
skin from the bottle, then set it aside. The liquid
tried to escape down across her belly, but she
corralled it, spreading it across her breasts, rubbing
it into her skin while he watched.

“Well, ought to be warm enough now…”

She pressed her palm flat against her chest and rubbed
herself, spreading and closing her fingers until the
oil squished out between them. Only then did she
finally lift her hand to take hold of his trembling
member. Her hand closed around his cock head, coating
it immediately with warm oil. Her hand turned back and
forth, as if she was polishing the knob of his cock.
The excess oil ran across the back of her hand and down
the shaft of his cock, getting lost in the forest of
hair surrounding his balls.

She spread the oil along the length of him with
practiced dexterity. She held her hand still and let
him pump his cock in and out for a while, through her
curled fingers. She watched him smile as their eyes
met. He bent over to kiss her on the mouth as her hand
pumped away at his cock.

The oil that had escaped before was now dripping from
ends of his hair or the naked skin of his balls. Her
free hand collected it, and added the oil remaining on
her chest. She worked it around so that it coated her
middle finger.

“One good ass rub deserves another.”

Her finger slid between his ass cheeks. She quickly
found his asshole and rubbed the oiled finger against
it, and then into it. His cock grew even stiffer, and
he made a little whimper of pleasure as the tip of her
finger fucked his ass. His eyelids fluttered and he
locked onto her eyes, so she could read his pleasure.
His jaw hung open. She smiled to herself. She continued
to pull rhythmically at his cock, watching the head

“One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Five
potato, six potato, seven potato, more. Nine potato,
ten potato, eleven potato, whore.”

His cock head was puffed out, shiny, smooth and purple.
Her motion changed to quick jerks of the shaft of his
cock, concentrating on his favorite spot on the
underside, just below the head.

“My… mother… says… to… pick… the… very…
next… one… and… that… means… I… love…

He shuddered and groaned. His cock spat white come
across her chest.

“Men are so wonderfully predictable.”

She wriggled her finger free of his ass as her other
hand pulled the last blobs of come from his cock.

“Now I remember my dream! It had something to do with
breakfast in bed.”

She flipped a drop of come off of her breast onto the
tip of her finger. She brought it to her lips and let
her tongue flick out and lick it up.

“Does that mean I have to get the bagels?”

“Not before I finish the first course.”

She licked up the come from her chest and sucked the
last clear drops from his cock, sliding her lips and
tongue back and forth over the underside of his shaft,
and then engulfing it one last time as he shivered some

“Mmmm, now I remember what lox always reminds me of. I
hope we have some in the refrigerator.”

“And if we don’t?”

“I’m sure you can come up with an acceptable

He groaned.

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