A little horse-play in bed is good for a relationship

It started with a joke.

As long as we have been together, my wife and I have
teased each other, especially in bed. This time, we had
just finished making love, and were still wrapped
tightly in each other’s arms, with my wife on top. As
my breathing slowly went back to normal, I hugged her
even tighter, enjoying the feeling of her breasts
crushing against my chest. From her reactions and the
satiated look in her eyes, I could tell that she had
enjoyed herself at least as much as I had.

“That was incredible,” I told her. “You’re a one-woman
harem. I think I’ll keep you after all.”

“Hmph! What makes you think that I’ll keep YOU? Maybe
I’ll go looking for a handsomer man with a bigger
dick!” she replied, emphasizing her point by squeezing
her pussy tight around my still half-erect penis.

“I don’t think a bigger one would fit!” I laughed.

With a pleased expression, she squeezed me again,
sighed, and slowly slid off into sleep.

Although she had been joking, I hadn’t been. My wife is
a petite woman, and although I am of only average size,
compared to her I feel like a giant. Even when she
relaxes, her pussy is tight; when she tightens it, I
have trouble entering. All the same, her joke gave me
an idea.


The next day, I stopped by an adult bookstore on the
way home. I looked through their selection, and picked
out a good-sized vibrator, a sleeve for it, and –
important! – a tube of lubricating jelly. The next time
she made that particular joke, I planned to be ready
for her.

A few days later, the opportunity came. I had just
given her a hug and suggested we go to bed early. With
a devilish gleam in her eye, she skipped back out of
reach. “I want sex – but not with you! Find me a BIG

“Is this big enough?” I said, producing the vibrator
from the nightstand.

Her eyes widened. I could understand why; although it
was not the biggest they had in the store, it was
certainly large enough. The vibrator itself was about
eight inches long and nearly two inches thick; the soft
rubber sleeve, sculpted and lifelike, was nine or ten
inches long and at least two and a half inches thick. I
half expected her to shriek with fear, but I was wrong.
She tentatively reached out and touched it, then pulled
her hand back as if it had bitten her.

“It feels almost real! And so big – why on earth did
you get it?”

“You said you wanted a big man – here’s your chance to
prove that you could handle one. I don’t think that you
can even fit this into that tight little pussy of

Quite honestly, I had expected her to laugh and give up
at this point, but she proved me wrong. With a deep
breath, she squared her shoulders and let her robe
slide to the floor. As she slid her panties down and
off, I noticed that, judging by the large damp patch,
she was already aroused.

Although she is petite, with rather small breasts, she
has unusually large and erect nipples. With every
breath, her nipples swelled and darkened even more. By
the time she reached out and took the vibrator out of
my hands they were as big as thimbles and nearly as

Once she had the vibrator, she fell back onto the bed.
As soon as she had wriggled into a comfortable
position, she reached with both hands and tried to
insert the dildo into herself. Try as she might,
though, it gave her problems. She had spread her pussy
lips with one hand and was pushing the head of the
dildo into herself with the other, but despite the
growing slick- ness of her cunt she could not get the
knob, as large as a good-sized plum, inside her.

She began to whimper with frustration when I took it
back from her, but her fears were groundless – I had no
intention of stopping her. Instead, I got out the tube
of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount out onto
the head and shaft, rubbing it around until the entire
length was thickly coated.

With the added lubrication, she was able to force the
head of the big rubber cock slowly inside her. She
gasped and stopped for a moment as the widest part of
the knob slipped inside; once she had caught her breath
again, how- ever, she began to work it back and forth,
gradually beginning to thrust it deeper as she adjusted
to its size.

By the time she had worked five inches or so into her
pussy, her entire body was covered by a slick coat of
sweat. Try as she might, though, five inches seemed to
be the limit. When I leaned closer to look, I was
amazed that she had even got it that far; the lips of
her cunt were stretched so tight that it seemed they
were ready to rip apart, while her little clit had been
pulled down to rub against the shaft.

Her mouth fell open when I turned the vibrator on; up
until this moment she had thought it was just a dildo.
Within moments, her whole body began to shake

At first, she remained on her back, though certainly
not at rest – every muscle in her body seemed to be
hard as rock, while her face appeared almost agonized.
She began to slowly curl up as she rolled over onto her
side; by the time she was face-down she was in a fetal
crouch. Any fears I might have had for her well-being
were dispelled by her hands – her knuckles were white
from the intensity of her grip on the vibrator, as she
unsuccessfully tried to force it deeper inside.

Her moans became shrieks as I began to roll her clit
between the fingers and thumb of my left hand,
alternately pinching and tugging her stiffened nipples
with the right. She appeared to have crossed some
internal boundary; everything I did seemed to register
as pleasure. Indeed, she was writhing so unpredictably
that I had to be especially careful not to hurt her,
although the time or two when she jerked unexpectedly
and got a hard pinch seemed to excite her even more.

I really don’t know how long this went on – it could
have been minutes or an hour – but eventually she began
to tire. With an exhausted moan, she rolled onto her
back again and collapsed into a spread-eagled sprawl,
the humming vibrator still impaling her. After she had
recovered slightly, she grasped it once again and began
to slowly pull it out.

Even with her copious natural lubrication it appeared
to give her as much trouble coming out as going in.
Finally, however, the head emerged, and her stretched-
out cunt was able to relax.

After a session like that, I expected her to collapse
and sleep, but she had other ideas. Her voice was
hoarse but urgent as she told me she wanted – needed –

After watching her for so long, I was almost as excited
as she had been. I was on her almost before she
finished speaking. As soon as I felt the head of my
cock against her entrance, I thrust as hard as I was
able. Through my growing pleasure, though, I noticed
something strange – though wet and slick, her pussy was
as tight as ever!

“But how…” I managed to gasp.

With a smile, she suddenly tightened her cunt so much I
could barely move, then relaxed again to her normal
tight dimensions. Somehow, I was able to restrain
myself, but when she began repeat it, almost milking my
cock, it was too much. When I finally came I felt as if
it were an explosion, and we both almost blacked out.
All the same, though, my question remained unanswered,
and once we had caught our breath again I returned to

“I still can’t believe that you were able to take
something THAT big,” I finally managed to whisper.

“If I can stretch enough to manage a baby, I can
certainly manage something that size.”

“But how can you be so TIGHT again immediately
afterwards? It looked like it was tearing you in half!”

A laugh and a smug smile were my only answer.

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