Rub And Tug-Tub

Jodie wondered how things had ended up like they had.
She was at once surprised, horrified, elated and…
yes… horny. She had just taken a shower and was
sitting on the john drying her hair, wondering what to
do next. She stared between her legs. Yes, there was
definitely sperm oozing out of her pussy. She knew it
was there, of course and hadn’t washed it out in the
shower. But now she wondered whether she should have
done so. She thought back to the beginning of the night
– the most important night of her young life – Prom

As Jodie got ready for the Prom she tried to decide
what to wear. Not her gown, but what to wear under her
gown. She was going to the dance with Ron Harris. That
was OK, though she wasn’t really super impressed with
him. But he’d asked her and he was the Captain of the
football team, so she’d said yes. She knew by his
reputation that he’d try to get into her panties, but
that definitely wasn’t going to happen. For one thing
she wasn’t on the pill. For another she was technically
a virgin, having shoved only the handle of a hairbrush
inside her soft teen pussy before.

No, Ron was going home with blue balls tonight. Well,
maybe she’d jerk him off, but that was all. She figured
she could handle him OK. And her brother Rob was going
to be at the dance too. In fact they were double
dating. That was the only way their parents would let
her go, since she was only a Sophomore. But Rob was a
Senior and had his license. Besides, he was pretty cool
for a brother.

She finally decided that the gown needed smooth lines
so she went braless and decided on no panties either.
She felt deliciously naughty as she slipped on the
satin gown and admired her reflection in the mirror.
Not too tall, with breasts, but not mountains. Her hips
had swelled some over the last year and the dress hung
on them nicely. Blond hair done up tall and complicated
and makeup just right. Her sky blue eyes stared at her
image and she blew herself a kiss.

The Prom was OK. Ron had been drinking before they
picked him up and he was too drunk to dance well. Rob
had danced with her a couple of times and plenty of
other guys had taken their turns too. It was amazing
how many guys would desert their dates to dance with
her, and even more amazing to her that they’d let their
hands slide down to her butt while their dates were
watching. Men were such pigs.

Ron had snuck a pint into the dance too. At first she
was pissed, but as he got more and more soused she
realized she wouldn’t have to fight for her honor. So
after the dance they dumped him off at his house and
then went out to eat. They met up with a bunch of her
brother’s classmates at the pizza place and suddenly
she heard Rob inviting them all to come back to their
house to use the hot tub.

Lena, Rob’s date, laughed and said “Robbie, how can we
use the hot tub. We aren’t dressed for swimming!”
Several of the other girls chimed in agreeing. Rob
wasn’t deterred at all. “We’re all adults here. The
water will be warm and who needs a suit anyway?”

There it was. Jodie held her breath as these too cool
Seniors thought about it. Lacey Henderson was the first
to break the silence “Well, I’m OK with that, but I
want to go home and get some jeans or something to
dress in after we get out. It won’t be warm then.”
Jodie couldn’t believe her ears. Lacey, one of the most
popular girls in school, was willing to go skinny
dipping in their hot tub with a bunch of other kids!!

But when Lacey said that, the dam burst and soon
everyone was planning on meeting up at our house. We
went by Lena’s house so she could get some clothes. She
came out and her Mom came to the door. “I told my mom
we were going to party in the hot tub. I’m sorry, I
didn’t think it would be a big deal. But she got all up
in arms and says I can’t go. She says I have to stay
here since the Prom is over.” She was crying and I
actually felt bad for her. Rob took it like a man,
though and we drove off without her.

l thought this might have bummed Rob out, and that the
party might now be cancelled, seeing as how he was now
date-less. I said as much and he came back with “No
way. I invited my friends over and they’re going to get
a party they’ll never forget.”

I had no way of knowing how true that statement was.

We finally got home and Rob went into the kitchen to
make up some snacks. Our parents were over at the
Wilson’s playing cards, and we knew that those games
almost always lasted into the wee hours of the morning,
so it was no big deal. Besides, even if we were all
going to be naked in the not tub, what could happen in
front of everybody else? I told Rob I’d go get the hot
tub ready for our party.

“What do you mean OUR party?” he said, looking at me
closely. “Little sis, this isn’t OUR party. This is MY
party and YOU aren’t invited.”

I just stared at him. “No way you dork,” I yelled. “I
went to the Prom and I’m going to get in the hot tub
and skinny dip just like everybody else,” I was still
yelling, but that didn’t seem to bother him.

“Jodie,” he said. “Calm down. You can’t do this. Think
about it. None of your friends will be there. All of MY
friends will be naked. The guys too, Jodie. You don’t
want to be naked in front of all those people. And if
Mom and Dad get home and find out I let you go naked
with a bunch of virtual strangers they’ll K**L me! No
way, Jodie, I can’t let you do this. I’m sorry, but no
go.” He said it in that way he always talked when there
was no way to change his mind.

But I’d been his sister for sixteen years now, and I
knew how to handle him. “OK,” I said, sounding
miserable, “But this is going to cost you big time.” He
muttered something like, “Yeah! Yeah!” but I wasn’t

I was moving.

While he got snacks ready I did an end run around him
by simply going out to the back porch, where the hot
tub was, uncovering it, turning on the bubbles,
stripping bare and getting in.

Our hot tub was big. I mean huge. It would hold nine
people sitting shoulder to shoulder and it was three
feet deep in the middle. It was heated, of course, and
had something like fifteen jets in it. When you turned
all of them on at once it made a mini storm and water
slopped over the sides sometimes. That was OK, though,
because it had an automatic fill thing that added water
whenever it was needed. And it had underwater lights. I
left them off, though, because I didn’t want anyone to
see me.

It was really nice tonight. The air was chilly and the
water nice and hot. I sat down on the side closest to
the house and slid down so my head was almost under
water. Rob couldn’t see me until it was too late.

I must have vegged out because I was startled by a lot
of splashing as several people jumped in the tub. The
partiers had arrived and were piling in. My plan was
going just fine. It was dark, and the lights from the
house only hit one side of the hot tub. I was in the

Then I realized that the two people who had gotten in
were boys. John Martin and Fred Dibble to be exact. I
slid my head back up for a look and saw their dates
standing beside the tub. Both had chickened out and
worn bathing suits and both were shivering.

John yelled out, “Come on in, the water’s fine.” When
he did he stood up. He was naked.

Cindy, John’s date said, “John, you don’t have anything

Fred yelled out, “Neither do I. That’s the whole idea!”

About then two more couples arrived. At first they just
milled around, seeing the two girls in bikinis. Then
John and Fred stood up, showing they were nude and
clothing started hitting the ground. I took this
opportunity to check out the boys. There was just a
yard light in the back yard, but I could see well
enough to tell who was circumcised and who wasn’t.

I was a little amazed at how big some of those peters
were, hanging down and flopping around as the boys
moved around. Cindy climbed in the not tub still
wearing her bikini. One of the other girls did the same
thing. But all the guys stripped down completely. My
brother wasn’t there yet.

Pretty soon the hot tub was full of wiggling splashing
teenagers. I was still keeping a low profile. I don’t
know if they didn’t see me, or just didn’t pay
attention to me because I was “just Rob’s little
sister”. At any rate, I soon felt smooth wet skin
brushing up against mine on both sides of me.

Then I heard Rob as he came out the back door. “I’ve
got eats here. I’ll put them beside the spa for
whenever anybody gets hungry.”

I peeked up. Rob was still dressed for the Prom. He was
peering into the dark spa, trying to see if people were
naked or not. I don’t think he could tell, but being a
man of action he just started taking things off. Next
thing I knew he was standing beside the hot tub,
getting ready to get in.

For the first time since he was probably ten I saw him
in all his naked glory. I was surprised. He was a hunk!
He had those wide shoulders I knew about, and muscles I
was well acquainted with because he pushed me around
all the time. He had a nice tight little butt.

But what I stared at was his prick.

I used that word on purpose. He didn’t have a penis, or
a schlong or any of those other words that are all too
soft. He had a big fat PRICK. It wasn’t hard or
anything, but I knew that if it ever got that way he’d
probably pass out from loss of b***d. It put all those
other cocks I had seen to shame. He wasn’t circumcised,
but his foreskin was stretched over a big round knob
that hung halfway down to his knee. I heard a couple of
the girls gasp when they saw it. He stepped into the
spa but all the space was taken up. People shifted,
pushing closer together and Rob sank down on the
opposite side from me.

“Who all is here?” he said as he settled in. I was
safe. It was too dark to see all the faces in the
crowded tub and now I was squeezed tight between Fred
and Herb. People yelled out their names. I realized
that Fred was on one side of me when he called out his
name. On the other side was a boy named Herb Johnson. I
kept my mouth shut, figuring I had gotten away with it.

Then Fred blew it. “And, of course, Jodie,” he said
loudly into the silence.

I heard one of the girls say, “Who’s Jodie?” about the
same time Rob said, “No, Jodie’s in her room.”

I elbowed Fred hard. Instead of getting the idea he
yelped and poked back, sliding his elbow across both of
my breasts.

“Jodie is Rob�s sister and she’s sitting right beside

Men are such pigs.

Now Rob was crossing the pool. He peered into the
darkness between Fred and Herb. “Jodie?” he said in
this voice I hated. I slumped down until only my nose
was above the water. “Who is that?” he said as he got
closer. Fred moved. Herb moved. Water sloshed and I got
a snoot full. I came up coughing and gasping. “Jodie! I
told you, you couldn’t come out here. Now GET OUT!” he

I was so mad I wanted to scream. But I knew I’d start
crying and I didn’t want to do that. So, with all the
dignity I could muster, I put my feet on the bottom and
stood up. Boy that air was cold! I felt my nipples
stiffen up.

Oh, I don’t think I mentioned my nipples. For some
reason only a geneticist could tell I have these…
odd… nipples. While my breasts are only the size of
soft balls, when I get excited my nipples grow and grow
and grow until they stick out almost an inch.

The first time it happened I was playing with them. It
felt good and I didn’t pay attention until they had
grown so long I noticed them. I almost panicked. I
thought I had maimed myself or something. Then it
occurred to me that they felt just fine. Now I loved to
play with them and pull on them. Anyway, I stood up,
ready to climb out and my nipples went to attention in
the cold air.

A boy hissed, “Look at those tits!” That was followed
by, “Ooof!” as his date elbowed him, but eight male
faces suddenly leaned toward me. I realized that with
all of them sitting down, the yard light was showing me
– a lot. I looked at my brother. He was sitting there
slack jawed, staring at my breasts. After all, he
hadn’t seem me naked since he was ten either. I had
grown a lot.

Suddenly he burst into action, standing up. He put his
hands on my shoulders and almost pushed me under the
water, “Get back down,” he hissed. Now he and I were in
the middle of the hot tub, surrounded by his naked and
not so naked friends.

“Make up your mind,” I growled back.

Fred called out, “Oh let her stay Rob. She can come
back over here and sit by me.” He sounded like he was
grinning and I heard another, “Ooof!” as his date
elbowed him again.

Another boy said, “No way – she has to go. Because I
want to see her ass as she gets out.” He laughed and
his date pushed him under. Several of the other guys
said I could come and sit on their laps and I thought
Rob was going to have a heart attack.

Oddly it was the girls who saved me. Cindy stood up and
said, “Well if Rob’s little sister is naked in this hot
tub I guess I’ll join the crowd.” It got real quiet as
she untied her bikini top and let it slide off her
breasts. She whirled it around and let it fly off into
the yard. Then she bent over and came up with the
bottoms, doing the same thing. All the other girls who
were still clothes joined in and soon the hot tub was
full of naked frolicking teenagers.

It degenerated into a game of grab ass and soon water
was splashing all over. I felt someone grab me from
behind and start pulling me to one side.

I got scared at first and twisted around to see who it
was. My wet skin slid in his hands and about the same
time I realized it was Rob I realized my naked front
was now in full contact with HIS naked front. His eyes
widened as he felt my nips poking into his chest. He
must have felt his prick pushing into my nest. I know I

Anyway, he kept me moving until I was against the side
of the pool and he turned his back to me, pinning me
against the side. His arms went out and I realized he

He was keeping all the guys from copping feels on his
little sister. It was sweet in a way. And, he was
having to fight them off too! Several of them were
trying to reach around him to get to me.

It was all in fun, of course. I think they were just
trying to give Rob a hard time. But I hugged him close
and now that tight butt of his was pushing against me
and my breasts were smashed against his back. My arms
were around him and I was holding on to his abdomen
right at the place where his pubic hair started. I had
never hugged a naked man before, and I had to admit
that this felt pretty good! His skin was all soft and
slick and his back rubbed my nipples REALLY nicely as
he moved.

I still have no idea what made me do it.

Maybe I wanted to tease him.

Maybe I was curious.

Maybe I wanted to keep him off balance so he wouldn’t
kick me out.

At any rate, I let one hand slide down and I grasped
that PRICK of his firmly.

He froze. My other hand slid up to his chest, to pull
him against my breasts, and I realized he wasn’t
breathing. Then he gave a shudder as several things
happened almost at once. First I felt his prick begin
to swell in my hand. Second he took a big deep breath.
And third his hand went down and slapped my hand away
from his cock.

I just acted like nothing had happened and moved the
hand to his hip.

Things began to calm down. People began to return to
their places around the tub. Rob turned around, pushed
himself a little away from me and leaned in to whisper,
“Jodie, you shouldn’t be here.”

I whispered back, “Well I am here, so get over it.”
Then, to keep him off balance I reached between his
legs and grabbed him there again. “And don’t give me a
hard time either or you’ll be sorry.”

Then I realized the pun, because now his dick was at
least half hard and getting harder in my hand. I
laughed…and squeezed. I felt so wicked. I didn’t want
to push it though, so I let go and whispered again,
“Come on Robbie, I just want to have a little fun on
Prom night. I’ll be good, I promise.”

He just stared at me for a minute and then said, “OK.
But you’re staying with me. And stay under the water.
You’ll start a riot otherwise.”

Then he turned around and announced. “OK, I’ll let her
stay, but hands off. She’s my sister. She’s staying
with me.”

I heard a girl say, “Thank goodness,” under her breath
and felt a thrill as I realized I was actually
attractive enough to be a threat to these older girls.

So I ended up sitting beside my brother, stark naked,
my hand lying on his thigh (I wonder how that
happened?) as we all chatted and talked about school,
after school plans and all kinds of stuff.

It was about 20 minutes later that four more couples

Now it was crowded in the spa. So crowded that the boys
decided that the girls would have to sit on their laps
to make room for the new folks. Imagine that. Men are
such pigs.

And that’s how I ended up sitting on my brother’s lap.
Well, mostly on his lap. You see there was this
problem. There was something sticking up from his lap
that kept me from sitting ON his lap. When I tried to
sit down his prick poked me in the butt. He gasped and
I giggled.

So then he reached down and pushed his cock down so I
could sit down. Now I had eight inches of hard cock
between my butt cheeks. As I sat my legs floated up and
spread just a little, and the head of his dick came to
rest right on my pussy lips. His arms went around me,
grasping my stomach, to keep me from floating away.

I couldn’t help it. I squirmed.

Now I want to take just a minute here to explain
something. I�d never thought of my brother “sexually”
before. I didn�t lust after him since I was ten or any
of that crap. He was cool, and he was handsome, but I�d
never had even one tiny little glimmer in my mind about
incest or anything crazy like that.

But he felt so good under me. And his skin was so nice.
And I DID love him. And I was with all these popular
older kids, and they were accepting me as one of them.
So I didn�t plan it, but it just sort of happened. I
wiggled, and it felt nice, so I wiggled some more.

There wasn’t anything Rob could do. The newcomers
stripped down and climbed in, and it was all splashy
and everything again until they got settled. In the
process I squirmed against his dick and it felt soooo
good pushing and rubbing against my pussy lips.

He got harder and harder and I could feel him breathing
on the back of my neck. He was breathing harder than
before. “Jodie…” he groaned. I spread my legs a
little more, enough that I could reach between him with
one hand. I found the head of his wonderfully hard
PRICK and pushed it between my pussy lips. I had one
finger on my clit and I started stroking the head of
his dick with one finger.

I know I shouldn’t have, but it felt so GOOD.

Then my brother’s hands slid up my ribs and onto my
breasts. I sighed as I felt his hands slide over my
sensitive nips. It occurred to me that I was going to
have an orgasm, and quite soon at that. Then I wondered
what to do because I couldn’t let all these kids know I
was coming.

Then I thought, “What if Rob shoots? Will his stuff
float? If it does will they see it?” I looked around
and realized that it was pretty quiet. That’s because
the earlier grab-ass had turned into serious petting
and necking. I could see couples pasted together,
kissing, touching. One girl was moving up and down on
her guy’s lap in a very suspicious manner. I heard
several voices say things like, “Mmmmmm,” and, “Ohhhh,”
and, “Oooo that feels good.”

I knew what they meant. It DID feel good, so I focused
back on my brother’s nice hard cock rubbing my pussy
and his hands sliding over my breasts.

And that’s when I decided to do it.

I could tell my orgasm was close, and I just knew it
would be better if that nice hard dick was in me…
just a little. So I leaned forward and lifted up. I
caught Rob by surprise. Maybe he thought things had
gone too far and I was getting off of him. Anyway I
reached down between my legs, grabbed his monster
boner, which was standing straight up, notched the head
between my pussy lips, and sat back down. I sat down
hard too. Splashed water all over the place. I muffled
a groan as what felt like a baseball bat slid up into
me. I heard Rob take a big deep breath.

I only slid onto it about half way. It just wouldn’t go
in any farther. So I leaned back against him, about
three or four inches higher than I had been, and just
sat there, feeling my very first prick inside me,
wondering if it was going to k**l me.

I have to admit it was pretty uncomfortable at first.
It wasn’t exactly painful. Maybe “different” is a
better word. Anyway, the urge to cum had passed, but I
wasn’t about to pull back off of him. That was just the
stubborn part of me, not the incestuous part.

So I just tried to lean back against him and relax. And
you know what? As I did, I felt myself slide onto him a
little bit more. I began to pay attention to the
muscles he was spreading apart. I clenched this muscle
and then that one and then tried to relax each of them.
Suddenly I found some muscles that if I relaxed them I
slid even farther onto him.

He was panting into my neck now. I heard him make this
little whimper, “Oh shit,” and I can�t explain it, but
somehow I knew that meant that he was really glad his
prick was where it was, even though he knew it
shouldn�t be there. It made me feel really good

The couple next to us started moving around in the
water. I glanced over and saw that she was on her hands
and knees on the seat and he was in the middle of the
tub behind her. He was lunging toward her and drawing
back. He was fucking her right there next to us!

Then the waves they were causing hit us and I rocked
back and forth. WOW!!! When Rob’s dick moved in me it
felt REALLY REALLY GOOD!! He must have thought so too
because he groaned again. Now I went with the flow and
I ended up sliding up and down on my brother’s pole and
my orgasm came right back. “Oooooo!” I moaned and I
felt all those new muscles start to do little flurries
all around that wonderful hard PRICK that was now
jammed up inside me. The orgasm washed over me and I
bit my lip to keep from yelling.

Rob groaned, “Jodie…” and then his hands left my
breasts and went to my hips. He pulled me the last inch
onto his rampant cock and I felt it swell inside me.
Then it jerked and something nice and warm and wet
squirted into my pussy. I wanted it to squirt forever.

Then it was over. Well, not over actually, but we were
still again. His thing was still stuck up inside me and
I leaned back against him, relaxing in the warm water.
My mind was a whirl. I had just had sex… with my
brother… and he had shot off inside me. I didn’t know
what to think.

So I asked myself some questions: Did I love him? Yes,
of course I loved him. Did he hurt me? No, quite the
contrary, he made me feel really good. Was I pregnant?
Probably not. My last period had been almost four weeks
ago. Would the world approve? No, but then the world
didn’t have to know, now did it? What was he feeling? I
didn’t know. Would we do it again?

I sure hoped so.

As much as I hated to do it, I leaned forward and
pulled off of him. I heard him sigh as he pulled free.
Then I turned around and leaned in close to whisper.

“Thank you,” I said very quietly.

“Really?” he whispered back.

“Oh yeah,” I said and I kissed him very quickly on the

Then, since everyone was otherwise engaged I stood up
and announced, “You guys are grossing me out! I’m going
in to get something to drink.”

Rob stood up too. “Um… I’ll go with you sis.”

I don’t think anybody even knew we were gone. We walked
naked to the back door and then inside. I took his hand
and pulled him toward my bedroom.

“What are you doing?” he whispered loudly.

“What do you THINK I’m doing you dork?” I whispered
back. “I want to do that again.”

As soon as I got him into my room I pressed up against
him and kissed him long and hard. His reticence was
gone and I felt his cock rise again to press against my
abdomen. I wanted that thing in me again and I wanted
it NOW! I pulled him to the bed and down on top of me.

We didn’t make love that time. We didn’t even have sex.
We MATED. He crawled up between my legs and in one long
thrust he pinned me to the bed. I still wasn’t used to
his full length, but I remembered to relax those
muscles and I felt his pubic bone slam against mine. I
felt my insides move as he battered his way into my

And then we rutted.

I know I left stripes on his back with my fingernails
as I came over and over again. Then he was saying my
name over and over again and he slammed in one last
time. I felt his prick swell and jerk again as it spat
globs of his hot seed way up inside me. He grunted with
each discharge. “Jodie” and a long rope of his cum shot
into me. “Jodie,” and another one splatted into my
womb. “Jodie,” and his ejaculation peaked. “Ohhhhh
Jodie,” as his last shot surged into my thirsty pussy.
He collapsed and his weight felt so good on top of me.

Eventually he had left her lying there, sated, her
pussy full of his thick sticky sperm, as he returned to
his friends. She thought she’d better be the first one
to get outside in the morning and clean the hot tub.
She suspected there would be globs of white strings
floating around in it and knew her parents would melt
down if they saw it. Then she decided to take a shower.

Now the shower was done and she was staring at her
brother’s jism, slowly dripping out of her pussy. What
should she do? She left the bathroom, still naked.

Then, closing her eyes, she practiced sneaking down the
hall to Rob’s room in the dark. She practiced until she
knew she could do it without making a sound.

She knew she’d make that trip… later tonight… and
every chance she got from now on.

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