Sleeping Natasha

I only ever screwed Natasha once, but boy was it a
doozy. She was 19, short, slim with strawberry blonde
hair, a pretty face, not much in the chest area but an
arse you could crack walnuts on. I got to know Natasha
through mutual friends, and got along so well with her
we became friends almost immediately.

She had a reputation as something of an ‘easy’ lay,
but at the time I knew her, she had a serious boyfriend
so had tempered her love of sex (or so I thought) –
therefore I didn’t really contemplate making a move on
her, although I certainly admired her body whenever she
was around.

Nevertheless there was always an element of sexual
tension between us, (and between her and any other
guy, for that matter.) lots of flirting and suggestive
comments about us sleeping together or fooling around.
I was quietly ruing the fact that she had a boyfriend,
while she often implied that this fact was the only
thing stopping her from fucking me senseless – or so I

One night Natasha and a few friends came back to my
place after a long drinking session. It all wound up
about 3 a.m. with my offer of a bed for everyone
present, however after all the spare beds, mattresses
and quilts had been taken Natasha and another male
friend, Simon, were still without a place to sleep.

Ever the optimist, I suggested that they could share
my queen size bed, to which they agreed provided there
was no hanky-panky!

So we all stripped down to underwear and got into bed,
Simon on the far side, Natasha. I was last in, and we
were all still talking and saying our goodnights when
I slipped under the covers. After a minute or two of
silence, Natasha, who was lying on her side facing
away from me, moved slightly and pressed her panty-
covered bottom back into my groin – a come-on sign if
ever there was one.

Not wanting to wake Simon, who by now was lightly
snoring, with minimal movement I moved my hand across
so that it was resting on Natasha’s thigh. There I
started to gently stroke the backs of her thighs with
my fingers, from the backs of her knees right up to
where her panties started under the cheeks of her hard
little bottom.

This I did for an eternity, covering every inch of her
legs and pretty much all of her butt. But soon I became
tired of this, so I slid my hand along her side, over
her underwear and up underneath her T-shirt. There I
started the same routine on the small of her back, then
her tight belly and the undersides of her small but
mouth-wateringly firm tits. This whole process took
well over half an hour, beginning at 3:20 a.m., and it
was past 4 on my bedside clock before I even contem-
plated touching her pussy…

At this stage I was starting to wonder whether she was
still awake, as her breath could be audibly heard even
over the soft rustling of the sheets. However I decided
to proceed regardless, moving my hand down to the
cheeks of her fabulous butt and slipping ever so care-
fully underneath the elastic at the back of her
panties. I cupped her arse-cheek for a while, before
slowly inching my long, middle finger down into the
velvety valley formed by her inner thighs. The tip
brushed against her light, downy pubes and – this is a
moment I remember vividly – when I applied pressure I
found an absolute lake of moisture: she was wet for me!

Taking this as tacit approval for what I was doing, I
started to move my finger all around her fantastic
pussy, smearing her copious juices all over her mound,
inner thighs and panties. She wasn’t as tight as many
girls I’d fucked, but neither was she appallingly loose
and I had great fun probing every inch of her exquisite
cunt with the middle three fingers of my hand.

The best part was the minutes I spent lightly brushing
her prominent clitoris, and I lay still breathless,
listening for the changes in her breathing when I
brushed over her button with my index finger. She was
responding keenly, despite not a word passing between
us, and I decided it was time to see how far she’d

Reaching down with my other hand I slowly and gently
inched down her underwear so that they were down in
the region of her knees – she was still on her side
facing away from me, with legs together, but her pussy
presented itself to me perfectly from side-on. Once
her panties were out of the way, I inched down my own
boxer shorts then moved in as close to her as I could
get, using minimal movements so as not to wake our
fellow bedmate.

My hard cock sprung up and prodded the back of her
thighs, so I took it in my hand and gently started
probing around the space between her upper thighs. My
sensitive knob felt her cunt juices smearing all over
it, and I spent a few minutes just rubbing her mound
from behind with my helmet, the tip of my dick getting
wetter and wetter. When satisfied, I started to apply
pressure, and BINGO, my cock started to be engulfed
by the soft, warm, wet ring of her vagina as I slid
inside her.

She took it easily and without noise, and after a few
seconds I had every inch inside her. My groin was
pressed up against her tight little butt, my thighs
against the back of her thighs, my right hand gripping
her hip and my dick buried as far as it would go in
her burning pussy.

After savouring the feel of her for a few moments I
started to slowly withdraw and slide in again. I knew
it would be a short fuck, as my orgasm started building
only moments after I entered her, so I tried to prolong
it as best I could. It became a slow, grinding screw,
I put my hand across her body and fondled her hard tits
as a jammed my cock into her slowly but surely.

And she seemed to be enjoying it despite the lack of
noise or movement, as a torrent of juices seeped out
of her pussy and smeared all over my crotch and inner
thighs. After a couple of minutes it became all too
much for me – I grabbed her hips, pulled her hard back
against me and pumped her full of my semen.

We lay there for ages, me hoping to get hard again
quickly so I could repeat the dose – however the beer
overtook me and I ended up falling asleep with my
softening cock inside her.

When I awoke it had slipped out, so I dressed myself,
pulled Natasha’s panties back up around her leaking
gash and rolled over for some kip.

The next morning nothing was said about the night
before, prompting me to wonder whether she actually
*had* been asleep; and in fact nothing was ever said
between us. I started to wonder if you could actually
fuck a girl like this without waking her up, and to
this day it’s a bit of a mystery in my sex life.

However regardless of whether she was asleep, or just
feigned sleep so as not to feel guilty about cheating
on her boyfriend, I don’t care – it was a great fuck,
pure and simple, and I thank her for it.

I never got the opportunity to screw her again, and I
regret this, although I did get to pork her friend
Kate. The last I heard, she was engaged to another
local man with, allegedly, a monster cock. And good
luck to her.