Sonya and Karen try their hand at burglary, but the bozgors get caught, then punished

I heard faint noises downstairs, and I decided to
investigate. I pulled on a pair of cut-off jeans and
grabbed the old pump shotgun that had served me so well
in Vietnam from under my bed and crept downstairs to
check. My Ranger training came into play, and I moved
soundlessly, down the stairs and into the living room.

A pair of vague shadowy figures were searching through
the cabinet that housed my collection of antique
silver. I announced my presence in a sudden and
intimidating manner. I merely pumped the action of the
shotgun, then moved to the right immediately, so if
anyone shot, they would shoot where I had been, not
where I was now. That sound was a language that
everyone understood, including the two figures before
me. They froze, and were still motionless.

“Mr. Young?” one of the figures quavered. “Please don’t

I recognized the voice as belonging to Sonya, the 18
year old daughter of my nearest neighbor (who lived
about 15 miles down the road). I didn’t know who the
other person was or who else may be in the house, so I
kept the shotgun pointed in their direction and hit the
light switch with my free hand. Immediately a car
cranked up in my driveway, and tires squealing, raced
out to the road and away.

I looked at my midnight visitors. I recognized Sonya
and Karen, who was a close friend of Sonya’s and a
frequent overnight visitor of hers. They were holding
between them a laundry bag containing most of my silver
collection. I lowered the muzzle of the cut down

“You sure know how to get yourselves killed,” I stated.
“Mind telling me who was in the car? You don’t want to
take the rap all by yourselves.”

“Please don’t shoot! That was Mike, it was all his
idea! He made us do it! He said he would put us out and
make us walk home if we didn’t do it! Are you going to
call the sheriff?”

Now I could understand why the girls tried to
burglarize my home. It was a fifteen mile walk home in
pitch darkness on a moonless night for the two
frightened girls. It was just what a worthless shit
like Mike Cannon would pull. Knowing what I did about
Sonya’s boyfriend, I knew what he probably needed the
money for. He was nineteen, and the only job he had
ever had was selling drugs, and I don’t mean at the

He was a charmer though. Girls fell for his good looks
and his charm, and would do anything for him, and he of
course chose the best looking one of the bunch, Sonya.
She never realized what a slime-ball he really was. The
problem was that Sonya didn’t have a father to threaten
to put a bullet in Mike’s behind, and her mother was
just as deceived as she was.

“You broke into my house and attempted to steal my
belongings. Why shouldn’t I?” I said with false
sternness. I wouldn’t really turn them in, now that I
knew the situation. I would give the girls a good
scare, then a ride home. Maybe then Sonya would see
through Mike’s veneer.

“Because we’ll do anything you want,” Karen offered,
speaking for the first time. “Anything at all!”

Karen stepped over and ran her hand down my leg,
pausing to tweak the head of my dick which was hanging
out of the leg of my cutoffs. I hadn’t bothered to pull
on any underwear. Karen was almost as good looking as
Sonya. Both girls had fabulous bodies, large firm tits,
and smooth well-rounded asses. Karen had a cute face,
whereas Sonya was absolutely beautiful.

“Yes, anything you want to do!” Sonya agreed.

The girls weren’t wanton sluts, but scared out of their
wits and taking the only way out that they could think
of. Of course they weren’t virgins. It hadn’t occurred
to me to take advantage of the girls like this, and I
would have declined Karen’s offer if she hadn’t fooled
with my dick like that. You see, I was developing an
outrageous erection, and with my dick hanging down the
leg of some fairly tight shorts, the situation was
rapidly becoming painful and serious. I had to get
those pants off fast! Also, I hadn’t been laid in quite
a while. I decided to lay my cards on the line.

“You kids know me. I never had any intention of calling
the sheriff. I was going to give you a scare to teach
you a lesson, then drive you home. Does that mean the
offer is withdrawn?”

The girls looked at each other and both breathed a sigh
of relief, big smiles on their faces. Sonya winked at
Karen. “Nope,” Karen said, smiling, “It still stands.
Let’s go upstairs.”

I escorted the girls to my bedroom, pressed the
magazine block on the shotgun, pumped out the shell
that was still in the chamber, then put it back in the
magazine. I tossed it onto the dresser with a loud
thump. I turned around and both girls were stark naked.
Sonya came over, dropped to her knees, and planted a
wet kiss on the head of my painfully throbbing dick. My
erection became harder still. I had to get out of those
cutoffs! Karen solved that problem. She unzipped and
unbuttoned them and gently worked them down around my
rock-hard dick, allowing it to spring up to freedom.

“Let’s get on the bed first,” I suggested, “Then we
have fun.”

“Lay down on your back.” Sonya insisted. “Have we got
something for you!” I complied, and Sonya leaned over
and put my dick in her hot mouth. Her tongue swirled
over the head, ran up and down the shaft, and started
over again. I looked over at Karen and she was watching

Not having anything better to do with my hands, I
reached between her legs and caressed her cunt. Karen
gasped with surprise, then spread her legs. Her cunt
was already hot and wet, so I slid my middle finger in
all the way, then started finger fucking her and
massaging her clit with my thumb.

Her clit hardened and grew. Karen had her eyes closed
and was erotically tweaking her erect nipples. She was
slowly lowering her body, deepening the penetration of
my finger, and rocking her hips back and forth,
intensifying the stroking of her clit. Her body was
just perfect to look at. She must work out a lot,
because I could see the muscles just under the skin of
her washboard tummy rippling as she slowly humped on my
fingers. Karen’s hot pussy juices ran down my hand
while Sonya’s mouth was still working on my throbbing

I began to draw my hand from Karen’s sopping wet cunt,
but she grabbed it and held it tightly in her crotch. I
pulled my hand now, with fingers inside her and she
came with it to me. I grabbed her thigh and swung her
leg over me, so she was now sitting on my chest.

I pulled my finger from her hungry cunt, grabbed her
ass, and pulled her snatch right up to my face. As soon
as I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue, she
went wild, humping my face, filling my nostrils with
the sweet aroma of her teenage cunt juices. I thought I
would give her all the licking she could handle. I
rammed my tongue into her fuckhole with all my might,
then gently nibbled on her clit. Apparently she had a
low threshold, as this was all she could stand.

“OH MY GOD, I’m coming!” she screamed, ground her cunt
into my face one more time, quivered, then collapsed
sideways onto the bed. One down, one to go. I looked at
Sonya, still sucking my dick for all she was worth. I
was nearing the end of my endurance, and I still hadn’t
had my dick in any hot cunt yet. I grabbed Sonya’s
shoulders and pulled her mouth from my dick. I turned
her around and held her up, her blonde pubic triangle
just inches over my waiting tool.

“Give it to her! Now!” Karen whispered. Sonya’s cunt
didn’t look wet or ready to take anything in it yet,
but my dick was ready to take some pussy. Karen reached
over and spread the lips to Sonya’s still dry pussy,
and began tweaking her clit. Sonya gasped her surprise
at her most private place being touched by another
chick. Within seconds though, her clit and inner pussy
lips began to swell, and her juices started flowing. I
slowly lowered Sonya onto my rod, admiring her
glistening pinkness. Karen guided my throbbing rod into
Sonya’s wet love hole.

“Please, be careful! Ah-h-h-h! Go slow, I’m so tight!”
I lowered Sonya very carefully, for her hot fuckhole
was indeed the tightest pussy I had ever felt. With
that in mind, I fought the urge to slam her down on my
eager dick. As soon as she was down, I grabbed her ass
and began sliding her back and forth. Sonya bit her lip
as a tear trickled down from one eye.

“Stop, Mr. Young! It’s hurting her!” Karen commanded.
Then to Sonya, “You haven’t done it much, have you?”

“Just once, with Mike, and he isn’t this big. It hurt
then, too!” Sonya sobbed. “I wanted so bad to do it
with Mr. Young because he’s been so nice to me, and I
was so scared when I saw how big he was. Oh, it hurts!”

“You’d better get up then.” I reassured. “I don’t want
to do anything to you that you don’t want me to do.”

“I want to go on, really I do! But don’t you have
anything I could use to make it easier?”

“Yeah, any Vaseline or KY jelly or something like
that?” Karen asked.

“I have some KY jelly in the bathroom.” I answered.
Karen jumped up and padded into the bathroom. I watched
her naked ass jiggle as she left. “You’re gonna have to
get up.” I told her. I gently lifted up on her ass. She
bit her lip again and moaned as my dick slowly withdrew
from her tortured hole. With a pop from her pussy, a
shriek burst from her lips as my dick sprung from her
nearly dry fuckhole. She knelt on the bed next to me,
softly crying, clutching herself where it hurt. I
realized that she had been wrong in pretending to be so
eager. A more gentle approach was needed.

I reached over, pulled her to me, and passionately
kissed her lips. She jerked once in surprise, then
melted into my arms, returning my kiss, forgetting the
pain in her twat. I ran my hand around to her firm tits
and gently stroked her nipples, feeling them harden
under my touch. I pulled my mouth from hers and kissed
the point of each hard nipple. She moaned and gasped
with each touch of my lips, but from pleasure this
time, not from pain.

While I had her aroused, I lightly traced circles on
her tummy with my finger, each circle going lower and
lower, until I finally reached the blonde muff of her
pubic hair. Slowly, I reached down and cupped her pussy
with my hand, being careful not to press too hard or
insert my finger. I would know when she was ready for
penetration. She responded with a jerk and a gasp. I
pressed again, and she gasped again. I kissed each firm
nipple one last time, then started kissing down her
tummy to her love nest, which was now warming and
starting to respond to my touch.

I spread her legs and gently ran the tip of my tongue
the full length of her slit. When I reached the
vicinity of her clit, she reacted as though she had
been shocked. She arched her back, pressing her cunt
against my face. Maybe she was ready. I probed again
with my tongue, harder this time, hard enough to
separate her cuntlips and tickle her clit. She went mad
again, jerking and twitching in response to the touch
of my tongue, moaning and panting.

Then I felt her clit harden, her inner lips swell and
spread, and her delicious juices start to flow. Now she
was definitely ready for more. I probed her fuckhole
with my tongue, licked all the way up to her clit,
swirled it around, bit it gently, and then probed her
hole again. When I started doing all this, she went
even wilder. She spread her legs, humped and reared
against my face, and pulled my head tight against her
hot cooze.

“Oh-h-h-h-h, fuck me,” she moaned, “I can’t stand it
any more! I don’t care if it does hurt! Please, please
fuck me!” I put her throbbing clit between my lips and
gave it one hard suck, drawing it completely into my
mouth, and pulled my head back sharply, causing her
clit to pop back. She screamed, thrust her hips at me,
and grabbed her sweating breasts.

When she had subsided, her legs still spread, I mounted
her in the traditional position. I started to position
my throbbing pole for a gentle entry, but Sonya
released her tits and spread her cuntlips with one hand
and guided my tool to her sopping wet fuckhole with the
other. She was much wetter now than when Karen diddled
her clit, wet enough to fuck.

“Please do it now!” Sonya pleaded. I began to
cautiously insert my dick, and found that due to her
juices, entry was no problem. To my great surprise I
suddenly felt a wet cold hand on my balls and cock
shaft. It was Karen to the rescue, with a generous glob
of KY jelly, rubbing it all over our joined sex. Sonya
groaned like a virgin as I slid into her hot wetness.

When she had taken as much of my tool as she could, I
still wasn’t all the way in. But she began pumping her
hips, causing the swollen head of my dick to ram
against the back of her insides. She was as deliciously
tight as before, but she must have been stretching, for
with just a few strokes, my balls were slapping against
her ass, and I was in to the hilt. My tenderness and
foreplay had paid off.

“Oh-h-h-h, that’s good!” she purred when I began
pumping to meet her rhythm. Karen knelt like a mother
hen watching me fuck her friend, with an occasional
hand massage on my balls from behind. She was a really
hot girl.

Sonya wrapped her legs around my waist and was pumping
as hard as I was. With each stroke, I would completely
withdraw from her hot, tight wetness, then shove my
eager tool back in to the hilt, never missing her
voracious target, always sliding easily in, jamming
against the back of her interior wall.

Her pumping increased in tempo, and I sped up to match.
Each thrust became harder and more frantic than the one
before. Sonya’s breathing became harder and faster. She
was about to come, and I wanted to come with her. I
raised her legs over my shoulders so that I had a
better angle at the depths of her tight hole, and
started ramming as hard as I could. I could still feel
Karen’s wonderful hands gently squeezing my balls, and
her fingers playing my cock shaft, and slipping onto
her friend’s clit, as I humped young Sonya.

“Don’t stop! I think I’m gonna come! Oh-h-h, its so
good! Come in me! Oh, please, I want to feel your load
in me!” Sonya screamed. She bucked and reared and
screamed incoherently, then went limp. I continued to
pump. In just a few seconds, she began to pump anew.
For more times than I could count she orgasmed.

Once I felt my orgasm approaching, I gave her one last
hard ram and drove my weapon in as far as I could. I
came at this point, spurting her sweet, tender young
cunt full of my hot sticky come, like an erupting
volcano. She gasped, trembled, and fell back to the
bed. After the longest ejaculation I think I’ve ever
had before, I finally pulled out my softening dick. Our
sexual energies were spent for the moment.

I glanced down at the foot of the bed, and saw Karen,
who had made this experience and extra special one for
both Sonya and my self, with her expert massage of our
sex organs as we made love, she was kneeling over us,
with her legs spread, working her own finger in and out
of her pussy.

I saw that Sonya also was seeing something she had
never seen before, her best friend’s cunt, gaping open,
three fingers disappearing inside it. “Look how many
fingers she’s fitting in herself! How does she do it?”
Sonya asked, amazed.

“Why don’t you get a closer look,” I suggested. “Ask
her.” Sonya crawled down to the foot of the bed and sat
on the end, astounded, watching Karen masturbate.

Karen finally looked down, under heavy-lidded eyes and
saw Sonya so close. “Why don’t you do this for me?”
Karen asked.

“How?” Sonya queried.

“Just do what I’m doing now.” came Karen’s reply. Sonya
watched for a few seconds more, then pushed Karen’s
hand aside and grasped her friend’s cunt lips and slid
three fingers up inside her. “In and out and twist it a
little bit. Oh, yes-s-s, oh, yes-s-s. Do it good, oh,
that’s so good!” Karen purred. My dick was hardening
again at the sight of one female masturbating another.

I had an idea. If Karen was as promiscuous as she
seemed, she might not object to what I had in mind.
While Sonya continued to work her fingers in Karen’s
stretched cunt, I helped Karen out of the chair and
down to the floor, her heaving tits on the floor, her
ass up in the air. She stayed in that position,
crooning wordlessly, cunt juice dribbling down her
thighs, Sonya still masturbating her.

I picked up the tube of KY jelly that Karen had used,
and liberally covered my erect rod with it. Then I
stood behind Karen, straddling Sonya.

“What are you going to do?” Sonya asked.

“Watch and see!” I responded. With that I grasped
Karen’s hips and aimed my dick at the delicate rosette
of her ass. Using my dick like a weapon, I suddenly
shoved my tool in as far as I could. Karen let out a
scream, tearing out fistfuls of carpet.

“Oh God, fuck my ass! That hurts so good! Fuck me
harder, give me all you’ve got! Make it hurt! Give me
more fingers Sonya!”

“I’m assfucking Karen!” I informed Sonya, who was now
completely mind-blown.

I needed no invitation, and neither did Sonya. Both of
us gave Karen all we could, Sonya with the bottle in
Karen’s cunt, me with my dick far up Karen’s clenching
ass. Karen rocked back to take us both in, then
forward, then back for more. I couldn’t see how Karen
could take my dick, as long and thick as it was, all
the way up her ass, but she was doing it and getting
her rocks off, to boot.

“Take your fingers out of Karen’s pussy, and stick your
whole hand in!” I panted to Sonya.

“Are you kidding me?” Sonya asked in disbelief.

“No, cover your whole hand with KY, bunch your fingers
together, then push ’em in!”

My dick felt her fingers withdraw, and moments later,
the pressure of Sonya’s fingertips.

“Now push harder!” I commanded, giving Karen’s nether
hole another stroke.

I felt increased pressure on my dick and heard Sonya
wail, “My whole hand went in!”

“Good! That’s called fist-fucking! Do her just like
before!” I gasped.

“Cram my cunt full. I love it!” was Karen’s response to
the new violation. She trembled, then shoved her ass
and cunt, doubly impaled, back at us for more. We
continued like this for another minute or so.

“Harder! Oh God don’t stop now, I’m coming! Fuck me!
Come in my ass! Squirt me full! Fist-fuck me!” Karen
arched her back, then screamed as I pushed my dick to
the absolute limit, pumping her reamed ass full of
another load of my hot lava.

Then she collapsed to the floor, exhausted. I pulled my
dick out of her ass, as Sonya pulled her hand out of
Karen’s stretched cunt with a squelching sound. Karen
lay on her belly, her ass stretched open obscenely, my
cream oozing out, dripping down to her spread, gaping

“That’s incredible! I didn’t know Karen did that kind
of stuff! It had to hurt! I know it would kill me!”
Sonya exclaimed.

“No it won’t,” Karen contradicted, “You’ve just got to
relax your cunt and ass muscles and want to do it. If
you do, you can take anything in either hole.”

“I don’t think I could. I haven’t done it too many
times. I’d be too tight and too scared.” Sonya

“I could fist-fuck you by morning with no problems on
your part. I would make you want it,” was Karen’s

“No way on Earth.” Sonya flatly denied.”

“I’ll prove it. Lay on your back.” Sonya complied with
Karen’s instructions, looking apprehensively at Karen.
Karen began talking to Sonya in a steady monotone,
telling her how good it would feel to have her pussy
stretched, how she would get Sonya’s fuckhole all wet
and juicy, how she would stick her whole hand in
Sonya’s tight pussy and stretch it to fit, and how
Sonya would love it and want to do it again. Karen
placed her hands on Sonya’s thighs and began to massage
them as she spoke. Sonya watched Karen and listened to
her talk, and her apprehension began to fade away. I
realized that Karen had Sonya hypnotized, rapt.

Karen slowly spread Sonya’s unresisting legs wide
apart, talking all the while. She reached down and
began stroking Sonya’s furry twat, still talking. As
Sonya began to pant and get aroused, her inner pussy
lips began to swell and enlarge, protruding between her
outer cuntlips, glistening. Karen, still persuading
Sonya of her desire, grasped Sonya’s delicate pink
fleshy inner lips and began massaging them between
thumb and forefinger, stretching them out and allowing
them to return to their normal size. Juices began to
ooze from Sonya’s now exposed hole.

Karen prodded Sonya’s clit with one finger, causing it
to become firm and enlarged. Karen released Sonya’s
inner cuntlips and grasped her clit. She pulled on
Sonya’s sensitive bud, then slowly allowed it to
return. Sonya was writhing all over the bed, but Karen
never stopped her erotic teasing of Sonya’s tortured
snatch or her monologue.

Karen reached for the KY jelly and put a dab on her
fingers. She spread Sonya’s cuntlips with one hand and
inserted two lubricated fingers of her other hand a
fraction of an inch into Sonya’s waiting hole. She
spread her fingers, opening Sonya’s relaxed cunthole.
She took the tube of KY jelly and placed the orifice
right at Sonya’s open gash. With steady squeezing, she
squirted the entire contents into Sonya’s pink hole,
filling it with the clear lubricant. Karen bunched her
fingers together and placed all five fingers just
inside Sonya’s cunthole.

“You’re all lubed up and ready to go now. Are you ready
for it, Honey?” Karen purred. “I’ll give to you when
you’re ready.”

“I’m ready, do me!” Sonya replied distantly. Karen
started diddling Sonya’s erect clit, then pushed her
fingers into Sonya’s slippery hole, twisting her hand
as she did so. Sonya gasped and drew her knees up,
making her cunt open wider, easier for Karen to ream.

“More, more, go deeper!” Sonya gasped frantically.
Sonya reached between her legs and grabbed Karen’s
wrist, pushing Karen’s hand further into her own hot
cunt. In just moments, Karen’s hand had completely
disappeared into Sonya’s hole. Sonya’s cuntlips were
wrapped around Karen’s wrist.

Karen grabbed a mirror and held it up where Sonya could
see her own private parts, stretched, violated, impaled
upon Karen’s hand.

“See, Honey, I told you could do it!” Sonya took the
mirror and stared dumbfounded at it. Karen partially
withdrew her hand, then pushed it back in.

“Now comes the fun part!” Karen pronounced. “Feel it
when I move my fingers around!” With that, Karen began
wiggling her fingers and moving her hand around inside
Sonya’s slippery wet fuckhole. Sonya went crazy,
thrashing around on the bed, alternately screaming for
Karen to stop, it was too much, or to go deeper.
Finally, Sonya screamed one last time, pulled Karen’s
hand one last time, then went limp.

I spent the rest of the night alternately fucking Sonya
and Karen, shooting great loads of hot jism into both
girls. I never knew I had such stamina. The next
weekend, they came back to visit again, and finally,
with great preparation, I got to fuck Sonya’s beautiful
ass. We make love on a regular basis now, and are a
happy threesome.

And they lived happily ever after!

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