Sounds Like My Sister

I put one hand on the back of her neck and shoved her back over and kept on pounding. I leaned over her back and reached around to grasp the nipples of her 36 d’s. I had often wanted to do that as we grew up. As I continued to pound my sisters pussy I felt her ass began to move around and that she was fucking back at me.

I awoke from a barely restful sleep and reached over to caress my wife. Damn she has already gotten up oh well guess I should too.

My name is Thomas Johnson jr better known as TJ. My wife Rona and I had arrived at my Parents house late last night Tuesday for my parents anniversary Saturday. It had been a long drive and we both went out as soon as our heads had hit the pillows. I am 5′ 9” tall and weigh 165lbs. I am not a weight lifter nor do I exercise my work is hard enough. I am a millwright, My wife on the other hand has a body men dream about. She has 34 C boobs with a tiny waist and a nicely formed buttocks. I wasn’t an ass man till I met my wife. But now all she has to do is walk across the floor and my 8” little man jumps to attention.

I knew my sister and her husband was due in sometime to day with there three kids. Sue was the workout queen of our family and had a butt almost as great as Rona’s. Our older sister Kate wasn’t sure she could make it.

Mom and Dad both worked till 5 so the sound of the shower was probably Rona. I heard the shower turn off just before leaving the bedroom. The bathroom serviced three bed rooms and was huge almost as big as one of our bedrooms at home.

I opened the door to the bathroom and was greeted by an amazing sight. My wife’s beautiful ass shining at me as she bent over to dry her legs. Boing instant hard on I was wearing boxers and my cock leaped right through the slot. All thought went to my little head I stepped forward grabbed her hips and rammed my cock forward perfect aim. I rammed it all the way home. I heard a squeal and the female body attached to the end of my cock raised bolt upright.

I heard “What the hell?” OOPS that voice, my sister not my wife.
“Oh Crap, “ I thought, “ I screwed up now”
But I was in to deep and it felt so good. How much more trouble could I get in now.

I put one hand on the back of her neck and shoved her back over and kept on pounding. I leaned over her back and reached around to grasp the nipples of her 36 d’s. I had often wanted to do that as we grew up. As I continued to pound my sisters pussy I felt her ass began to move around and that she was fucking back at me.

I felt her movements speed up then a hot liquid seeped out around my cockand over my balls. I moved my right hand down searching to find her clit. When I got to her pussy I found Sue’s hand was already there and she was givung her clit a healthy workout.

I could feel my juices rising … Then… “What the hell?” OOPS that voice … that is definitely my wife.

‘WHAM ‘ I screamed and pushed forward Sue groaned.I started to pull back . ‘ Wham’ I don’t know what she is using but she is spanking my ass. With every spank I drive deeper and Sue now does the screaming. Sue is in a stage of multiple orgasms. Three more spanks and I exploded bathing Sue’s insides. We fell forward still connected and both of us passed out for just a moment.

Sue begin to stir, my cock shrunk and slid out of her. I looked around and there was Rona with three fingers shoved in her pussy and she was moving them very fast. Then she began gasping and brought herself to orgasm.

She looked at us and laughed “You don’t know how funny you two looked. TJ with a blazing ass and Sue howling at the moon. Never knew the two of you were into each other that way.”

“We weren’t…” I explained what had happened and things had got out of hand.
Sue looked at both of us and apologized to Rona, “ At first I was startled but it felt so good, Ralph and I haven’t had sex in six months … I think he is playing around. I put the kids in Summer Camp and came by my self so I could think. And after that I think what I need is more of it.”

We all took showers and met in the kitchen for breakfast. Afterwards we discussed things over coffee. “Sue was three years younger than me when she was ready to enter high school I was leaving for the Navy. I don’t recall ever looking at her in a sexual way. By the time I returned she was married with one on the way. Over the years I did notice your extra large nipples and then it was more curiosity.”

“Same here, didn’t know what I was missing, “ Sue laughed and Rona nodded.

Rona asked. “What do we do now?”

“ I don’t know as long as it doesn’t include that ping pong paddle. That thing hurt.”

My parents returned from work at 5:30, Mom was pleased to see Sue and Rona had supper almost ready. For a change all she had to do was relax till dinner was served. Dinner conversation seemed to focus on Ralph’s absence. Tearfully the story came out. Dad’s comment Never liked that boy anyway.

Mother said, “We have lots of room and we don’t get to see the Grandkids that often, move back home.”

Dad says “Well that is settled.”

It was true about the room Dad had been in Commercial Real Estate for years. One of his clients had gone busted with bad investments. He offered the 7 bedroom 5 bath 4 car garage for less than half its value. Dad Jumped on it.

When I was in High School I laid claim to the pool house. I could slip girls in at night. Naturally I didn’t mention that.

That night Rona and I made passionate love we tried more positions then we knew existed. It was well after midnight when sleep got the better of us. The next morning I vaguely remember hearing Mom and Dad backing out of the garage and the garage door coming down.

I was drifting back off to sleep when I felt slight movement of the bed. I reached over searching for Rona’s pussy and ran my fingers through her bush. Suddenly the world shattered, Hair, Bush Hair… Rona ‘s pussy is clean shaven. I raised up.

That hair belonged to sister Sue’s head, who was chowing down my wife’s pussy. They were in a 69 position and they were going at it hot and heavy. Well I am not into anal but I had to get into the game. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a tube of KY which Rona uses some time her pussy is small and my cock is wide. While I was getting the KY they shifted .and Sue’s butt was facing the side of the bed.

All the better I thought I spread the KY all over my cock. I stepped to the side of the bed aimed my purple head at her tight ring and pushed. At first only the head went in her. And I heard her go oomph. I pushed again and bottomed out. The way her ass was moving I bet Rona was being bashed around.

They were both making funny noises I was just hanging on, HMM may be I am an anal man. I tried to go deeper but was up aginst her cheeks. I felt something strange around my balls then they were caught in a vacuum and sucked in to a hot mouth.

Rona had been being pelted by my swinging balls she realized what was happening so she decided to have a bite. The instant she had sucked them into her mouth I had froze. I was deep in Sue’s ass, my balls were all the way in Rona’s mouth which her tongue was licking . Sue’s ass was rotating on my shaft and her tongue was bathing Rona’s pussy.

Rona released my balls and went back to tongue lashing Sue. Sue was reaching her climax and it was going to be a big one. When Rona had released my balls I had begun to pound Sue’s ass like a Jack hammer. I think we all went in to super speed. Rona’s ass began to gyrate she wrapped her legs around Sue’s head and had a massive orgasm.

With in seconds I slammed my cock as deep as I could I released my sperm in to Sue’s depths. This was all she needed. And I felt her girl cum all over my legs then I felt Rona’s tongue reaching for as much as she could reach.

I slipped out of Sue’s ass and headed for the shower. Soon the Shower door opened and I was surrounded by two naked women. They would soap their fronts then one would rup up against my backsides and the other my front. By the time they were through I was as weak as a kitten.

Thursday I broke out The riding Lawn mower I didn’t mention Dad’s House sits on three acres. I mowed the front first on the last pass I noticed another car in the loop drive. I headed to the back yard . After awhile I forgot all about the car in the drive.

When I was through I headed to the bedroom to change and shower. I opened the door I again was met with a beautiful ass. In passing I noticed a thong bikini at her feet. My cock arose and took over my thinking.
I grabbed her hips and rammed it home. There was a scream and a “What are you doing”

OOPS that is not Sue’s voice … And it is not my wife’s voice….. “Oh My Goodness…Uncle TJ…OOH!”

“Damn its my sister Kate’s 19 year old Daughter. Oh hell in trouble again.”

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