The big woman

Lois Helmers was lonely. It had been such a long time since she had been with a man, she could hardly remember when. Not exactly young any more at thirty six, her real problem was the one hundred thirty pounds she had gained in the past ten years. She was now tipping the scales at

My First Fat Pussy, My First Sex Slave

Always one to date thin, tight-bodied girls, I was between girlfriends for a couple of weeks and was getting horny for pussy, any pussy. It’s proven I guess that as the night at the bar goes on the girls get prettier, they also get thinner as you drink more. When I arrived that night a

Chubby hairdresser gives me more than a trim

Her name was Deena and she’s about thirty years. She’s a little chubby, not much but I find her “FUCKING SEXY!” Why? Because when she cut my hair, she rubbed her body against mine, which caused my cock to stir. When she shampooed my hair, she’s rubbing her thighs against my shoulder. When I’m in

Woman Of My Dreams

My divorce was finalized about 6 months later. After that I started dating a few women here and there. I was being rather picky in my pursuit of the ideal mate for me to spend the rest of my life with. I vowed that I would not settle for a woman that was not a

Fat Slut Wife

We had being drinking all night at a local bar and ended up back at Bob’s place for a last drink and a smoke. Bob’s wife Jane was out with her girl friends and I was disappointed as I had wanted to meet her, after all he had told me about her she sounded hot

Massive ass on the office

Betty was one of my work colleagues, she was about 5′ 4 and was overweight just the way I like my women. Her breasts where huge and needed those huge bras to hold them and no matter what she wore you couldn’t help but notice them. Her back curved in to the top of her