Tessa and Polly find unexpected Summer heat

My cousin Tessa is one year older than me. Each summer,
we spend time together at our grandparent’s vacation
place on the lake. It was isolated, but beautiful. Lots
of woods and a long, but manageable, bike ride to town.
Our grandparents are friendly, relaxed and easy to live
with. We have to help with some chores, but most of the
time is just having fun.

I’m thin, short and not fully developed. Tessa is the
opposite. She has long legs, the athletic build of the
swimmer she is and good sized breasts. The size
difference seemed to accentuate the difference in our
ages. I wore my brown hair long and in a loose

Although not as bad as many girls, I spent a lot of
time trying to get it right. Tessa never had that
problem. Much to the dismay of her parents, she kept
her red hair cropped short. However, with a simple
shake of her head, it seemed to fall just right and
always looked both slightly tousled and sexy. To be
honest, she had the body I wished to grow into. I also
admired her confident manner and the quick connection
she made with people.

One hot July day, we put on our bathing suits and
walked through the woods from the cottage to the rope

Leading the way, Tessa called back over her shoulder,
“Let’s race, Polly,” and took off.

My name is Carol, but Tessa had called me Polly since
forever. It started when she thought I acted like some
character in a long forgotten childhood book she was
reading. I had given up trying to get her to use my
real name. In some fashion, the nickname made me feel a
little special in her eyes.

Despite the fact she was bigger and stronger than me, I
never conceded anything. I set off after her and kept
my eyes on the fluid movement of her red bathing suit
as she glided smoothly through the trees. When we
reached the clearing at the swing, I had gained some
ground, but was breathing hard from the effort.

Tessa was barely winded at all. “You’re getting faster,
Polly. If you keep developing, you’ll be some real

I knew there was little possibility of that.
Nonetheless, I was pleased she noticed I was still
growing and there was a chance I wouldn’t always be her
scrawny, little cousin.

We dropped our bags. Tessa kicked off her shoes, ran to
the lake and plunged under the clear water in a deep,
long dive. I took more time. First spreading the
blanket and then sitting to remove my sneakers. I
adjusted my bathing suit for comfort. Tessa wore her
one piece racing suit. I had on a brown bikini with
small pink polka dots and a small bow at the waist

After swimming for a while, we took turns on the rope
swing. We both loved the giddy rush of the high release
point and the long fall. Compared to my frantic
flailing and awkward splash, Tessa could twist and
manage a graceful entry. However, most of the time, she
attempted some playful maneuver and dared me to copy
it. I tried some, but was handicapped by trying to make
sure my top didn’t slide off on the impact with the

Eventually, we retreated to the shore and stretched on
the grass to dry in the warm sun. I fetched the lunch
we had packed. Tessa devoured her sandwich and burped
proudly with a loud guffaw. I chastised her manners and
picked more daintily at my sandwich.

After lunch, we lazed on the blanket and enjoyed the
beautiful day doing what teenage girls do. We read
magazines. Talked about music and clothes and boys. And
maintained a constant, aimless and teasing banter.

We also talked about sex. Or Tessa did. I mostly
listened. Although Tessa was something of a tomboy, she
was very interested in and very open about all things
sexual. I was personally more reticent. And, I
certainly was not as knowledgeable as my cousin claimed
to be. I was nonetheless fascinated by her descriptions
of the male and female bodies and her lurid stories of
seemingly impossible sexual positions and bizarre

I think Tessa saw it as a challenge to see how quickly
she could make me blush. I tried to act casual, but I
was far to interested to pull it off. Nonetheless, I
discounted a lot of what she said. I couldn’t see how
my cousin could know some of the things she talked

After one particularly fantastic tale, I couldn’t help
myself. I said, “That could never happen. You are so
full of crap.”

Tessa looked at me in mock horror. “You’re questioning
me about sex, Miss Pollyanna. I think you should stick
to things you know about.”

I grinned and said, “I’m smart enough to know when
you’re making stuff up. I don’t believe you know half
of what you claim to.”

“You don’t believe me, huh. You better believe I can
whip your sorry little ass for insulting me.” Tessa
laughed and reached to grab me.

I rolled and twisted away from her grasp. When she
moved to chase me, I jumped up and sprinted. I was
quick, but she was quicker. When she caught me, we
wrestled and she soon had the upper hand. Before I knew
it, I was engulfed in her strong arms and squirming to

I was struggling and giggling and calling her names. I
wasn’t good at cursing, but I was getting better being
around her. When I called her a slut, her mock rage got
higher and her arms squeezed the breath out of me.

Even though she had me in a bear hug from behind, I
managed to knock her off-balance and we tumbled
backward onto the blanket. When I landed on top of her,
she exhaled sharply and her hands loosened. I moved to
escape. However, she was too fast. Her hands closed
again and firmly grabbed both of my breasts.

I was stunned and let out a squeal. No one had ever
handled my breasts before and here was my attractive
cousin squeezing my nipples to beat the band, even if
inadvertently. It only lasted a few seconds, but for me
it seemed like an eternity. What had been simple
horseplay had instantly transformed.

Although Tessa kept squeezing my boobs, my long hair
was in her face and she was apparently oblivious to
what she had in hand. She was still focused on subduing
me. In my shock, I had slowed my struggle and Tessa
took quick advantage. She was still yelling, “So I’m a
slut, am I. We’ll see about that.”

She quickly flipped me over and I was on my side
beneath her. Tessa moved her legs to straddle my body
and pin my arms in place. In this position, her behind
was right above my face. As she pushed her hands onto
my thighs to stop the kicking, the leverage pressed her
buttocks onto my head and her vagina rested on my

The smooth red fabric of her nylon bathing suit
caressed my face as our struggles rocked our bodies. I
was overwhelmed and embarrassed by the position. Still
trying to digest the sensation of having my breasts
fondled, I was uncontrollably aroused by this new wave
of contact. As I breathed deeply, I inhaled Tessa’s
heat and aroma.

It was as if I was operating on two levels. On one, I
was still squirming in an attempt to escape Tessa’s
grasp. On the other, my muddled mind tried to cope with
the most unbelievably sensuous feelings of my young
life. I could literally feel my nipples hardening and
growing in the soft cups of my bikini top.

In her push for victory, Tessa was yelling something
about me saying “Uncle”. With her behind covering my
ear, I couldn’t make it out very well. It probably
wouldn’t have mattered, as I was fixated on her vagina
pressed into my face. I had obviously never been this
close to anyone’s sex organs and I felt like I was in a
trance. Subconsciously (I think), I turned my head so
my lips were positioned even closer to my cousin’s
pussy. The downy mat of her hair pressed through the
thin material.

I was shaken from my reverie by the sharp smack of
Tessa’s hand across my bottom as she gave me a quick
spank. The shock caused me to spasm and my teeth bit
the fabric of Tessa’s suit. Now, it was her turn to
squeal. As my teeth momentarily pulled on her bathing
suit and pubic hair, she suddenly realized the erotic
nature of our positions.

She seemed to pause for a second and then in a softer
but higher pitched voice said, “So that’s how you want
to play, is it, Wild Thing?”

My head was spinning. Tessa apparently assumed that I
had intentional mouthed her vagina. She took this as a
provocation to escalate and change the nature of our
play. Before I could respond, she deliberately ground
her pussy more firmly into my face and began to rotate

Almost as a reality check, Tessa said, “You’d better
say ‘Uncle’, girl, or no telling what will happen.”

I knew I had to stop this. But, I hesitated. I’m not
sure why I couldn’t act. Whether it was a mistake
caused by a hormone addled brain, some hitherto unknown
desires, or just not wanting the pleasurable sensation
to end. For whatever reason, Tessa took it as a sign of
encouragement. She relaxed the grip of her legs on my
arms and continued to gently massage my face with her

Without thinking, my freed hands reached for her arms
and lightly rubbed them in rhythm with Tessa’s rolling
motion on my face. I couldn’t believe the luxurious
feel of her soft and smooth skin. The shape of her
biceps felt strong and somehow comforting. I reveled in
the tingling of my body and responded to the pressure
of her pussy with a corresponding upward roll of my
head to increase the pressure on her lips.

Tessa let out a sigh and swung her body in a single
motion so we were head-to-head. Her red hair framed a
face that was both relaxed and excited. Though her lids
were half closed, her eyes held a fire I hadn’t seen
before. Convinced I had initiated this sexual contact,
Tessa quietly said, “You surprise me, Wild Thing.”

I honestly replied, “I’m surprising myself.”

With a laugh, Tessa lowered her head and our lips
joined in a long lingering kiss. My body burned. I was
past breaking it off. I didn’t want to break it off. I
lost my remaining control. I could feel my vagina
beginning to moisten with excitement. With her
straddled on top of me, I thrust my hips up to increase
the pressure between our vaginas.

As she moved her tongue along my lips, I spread my legs
and let her settle tighter between them. I was becoming
overwhelmed with a quickly rising lust. Tessa seemed in
the same state. We ground together and I reached around
to caress the flexing muscles of her ass.

Our nipples pressed together through the silky material
of our suits. Without planning, they rolled against
each other in a stimulating dance. I couldn’t keep up
with all the feelings coursing through my body and
flooding my mind. I was gasping for breath from the
exertion and the consuming hunger.

Tessa broke off the kiss but continued to grind into my
now very damp pussy. She pulled the top of her suit
down to uncover her breasts and then unsnapped my
bikini top to reveal mine. As she dropped back on top
of me, her lips moved to my ear and she said, “You are
so hot, I can’t control myself.” Then she stuck her
tongue in my ear and alternated between flicks and soft

The combination of her words, the flesh of our breasts
touching and my overheated vagina was too much. I
wrapped my arms tightly around her and let out a yell,
“Oh gawd, OH Gawd! OH GAWD!! OOOO!!!” It must have
echoed down the lake. My body shook in a previously
unexperienced spasm. It felt like my soul was melting
into a puddle of pleasure.

While I mindlessly enjoyed the ripples and warmth
welling through my body, Tessa ground her hips against
me with increasing speed and force. I was certain she’d
bruise me and drive me into the hard dirt, but, I
didn’t care. Finally, after a particularly strong
thrust, her head twitched and she collapsed with a wide
and weak smile into my embrace.

We lay like that for a long while.

As I recovered my senses, confusion, doubt and guilt
began to edge into my mind. Before they could get a
toehold, Tessa rolled off me and looked into my eyes
saying, “That was great. You were great.”

Any doubts I had disappeared. I leaned in and gave her
a peck on the lips. We held hands and giggled together.
We spent the rest of the afternoon naked and exploring
each other at a more leisurely, but no less passionate,

At dinner that evening, Tessa called me Wild Thing.

Grampa looked at me funny and asked, “What happened to
Polly? Since when have you been the Wild Thing?”

I almost dropped my fork and quickly blushed crimson
red. Tessa didn’t miss a beat and explained it was
because of how crazy I was when we were swinging at the
lake. Even through my embarrassment, I had to gag back
a laugh at her brazen double entendre.

My grandparents accepted the explanation. Gramma said,
“So long as no one gets hurt and you girls have fun.”

We assured them we were having lots of fun. I didn’t
mention my sore behind.

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