The Bizarre Switch

Marcus was sitting in the corner of the restaurant he agreed to meet his girlfriend Katrina at. He had been eagerly waiting for her at first but after a while with no sign of her, he switched to being glued to his phone.

He was trading messages with a woman named Rita who was asking him to switch weekends with him. “Who’s Rita?” Katrina suddenly appeared behind him, peering over his shoulder. “Why do you have to switch shifts with her?”

“When did you get here?” Marcus was startled. He had not heard her approaching at all.

“Normally you stand to greet me,” she continued to scold him. He stood up and went to hug her but she just sat down, ignoring him. He frowned as he sat back down. He had been dating Katrina for six months now and he was starting to notice her affection for him waning. It was not surprising as he was forty and she was thirty. They both needed to know if things were going to work out between them before they wasted too much time.

“Can I order anything I want?” Katrina pulled her signature move of trying to make him buy her something expensive.

Marcus would normally argue but he felt bad for having ignored her arrival. “Today it’s my treat,” he assured her.

“What’s got you so sweet? Are you about to dump me for Rita?” she teased him.

“I wouldn’t get back with Rita for a million dollars,” he scoffed.

Katrina’s eyes widened. “You went out with your coworker before?” she was obviously upset.

“Rita’s not my coworker, she’s… it’s not important right now,” Marcus changed the subject.

“Well, that’s not a red flag,” Katrina grumbled.

“I said you could order anything, didn’t I? Let’s get extra to go. I have something I want to discuss with you tonight.”

“So it’s a given that I’m coming back to your place afterward?” She crossed her arms.

“This is our date night. What do we meet for if not to get laid?” he was annoyed with her trying to act like a classy high schooler on a first date.

Katrina did not respond to him and instead signaled the waiter to come take her order. Marcus sighed contently and waited. He was fine with everything she ordered until she got to the expensive champagne. “Are we celebrating something?” he asked.

“I just need to be drunk for tonight,” she admitted.

“Then wouldn’t cheap martinis be just as effective?” Marcus argued.

“Geez, if you are gonna get a girl drunk and nail her, at least don’t be a cheapskate about it.”

“Do you need to be drunk to sleep with me or just need to be thoroughly pampered?” he was still annoyed.

“I’ve already ordered and you know I can’t afford that bottle. Either you call the waiter back and embarrass yourself or just let me have what I want. I promise I’ll make it worth your while later.”

Marcus rolled his eyes but stopped arguing. It was not that he could not afford it, but he did not want to get into the habit of spending this much on Katrina when he was not even sure how long they would stay together. Luckily he had just gained an ample opportunity to test her.


After their meal, the two of them went back to Marcus’s place as promised. He was looking forward to whatever she had planned to make his money worth his while.

The drive home started out quite enjoyable. Katrina was giddy from the champagne and was laughing a lot. She kept reaching over and touching his leg. He had to shake her off to keep his concentration on the road.

By the time they reached his house though, she had fallen asleep. He had to shake her awake once they were parked in his driveway. “Where am I? Why does my head hurt?” she groaned as he helped her out of the car.

“You’re at my place,” he explained.

“Can’t you take me home?” she complained in a slurred voice.

“But the night’s only just getting started,” he argued.

“Does it look like I can keep going?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much,” he grumbled.

“Maybe you should have drank a little more,” she countered.

“Who would have driven us home then?”

“We could’ve taken an uber.”

“And then we’d both have fallen asleep and he could have waited and ran up the bill,” Marcus surmised.

“That’s such an old man thing to worry about,” she laughed. “Never mind about taking me home. I’ll just sleep in your bed.”

“Where am I gonna sleep?”

“You said the night wasn’t over for you, yet? Just stay up by yourself. If I sober up before morning, we can have some fun.”

“You’re definitely sticking around until morning?” he confirmed.

“Unless the place catches fire,” she retorted. He sighed but finally acquiesced. He went to the living room and sat on the couch while Katrina went upstairs.


After 3 hours of television Marcus was too tired to stay up any longer. He returned to his room and found Katrina snoring loudly. Once upon a time he would have found it cute but today he was still annoyed with her. He laid down next to her and fell asleep almost instantly.

Neither one of them woke until the birds were chirping outside. Marcus sat up and finally got a good look at his girlfriend. As she had no sleepwear here she had just gone through the trouble of removing her pants and bra. Giggling he slid his hand in-between her legs and caressed her inner thigh. “Stop it,” she groaned while rolling over.

“Don’t tell me you’re still not sober,” he complained.

“I’m hung over now,” she answered while pulling his pillow over her head.

“Come on, you stayed over all night and we didn’t even do anything. How about a blow job at least.”

“If you can get me in the mood, I’ll think about it,” she offered him a deal.

He moved to the foot of the bed and grabbed both her ankles, pulling her legs apart. She snickered but kept her eyes closed. He positioned himself between her legs and began to prod the crotch of her panties while continuing to run his fingers along her thighs. She flinched a little and then grumbled. It seemed he was succeeding.

She covered her face with her forearms when she could no longer pretend to be asleep. She kept flinching every time he poked her crotch. When he pulled her panties down and exposed her moist pink cunt to the morning air, she gasped. He licked his fingers tips and then ran them along her slit. She tried to roll over but he was between her legs so she could not.

Her mouth fell open and she began to make slight moaning sounds. He worked his fingers into her cunt and began to pull and stretch it. He also tickled the sides and tried to rub the back of her pelvis. She bit her lips in an attempt to keep from making more noise. She even picked up his pillow and pressed it to her face and let out a muffled scream.

Her legs shook and her toes curled and a slight amount of liquid ran down her thighs. Whenever she looked like she was about to stop flinching, Marcus would tap her clit and make her jolt again. This went on for a few minutes before she finally managed to pull her leg up far enough to get past him and roll over.

She planted her face in the pillow again and laid perfectly still, pretending to be back asleep. “Come on.” Marcus prodded her back. “Don’t tell me you’re not in the mood after that.”

Katrina rolled her head back a little to speak with him. “I said I’d think about it.”

“And?” he asked eagerly.

“And I’m tired. Cumming only made it worse. Just let me sleep.”

Marcus rolled his eyes in annoyance. He laid back down beside her on his back and stared at the white ceiling. He did not feel tired enough to go back to bed. After a minute or so of lying perfectly still, he heard Katrina snoring next to him.

Figuring there was no point in staying here, he was in the middle of sitting up when the doorbell rang. He jolted upright the rest of the way and leapt out of the bed. He grabbed his phone from the night stand and leafed through the messages. He had several from Rita that he had not responded to. They all said the same thing; she would be dropping Amanda and Krissy off at his place that morning.

The doorbell rang a second time just before he opened the door. “Hey Dad.” Amanda hugged him immediately. He patted her on the back of the head and then looked over at his second daughter. Krissy was immersed in the screen of her phone and completely ignored him apart from blowing a bubble with her gum and popping it.

“Did she not want to come?” Marcus asked.

“She treats Mom the same way,” Amanda assured him. “Was it okay to come over today? You never responded to Mom’s messages.”

“I stayed up late last night,” he admitted.

“Ooh, did you have a lady friend over?” Amanda teased him.

“Actually, yes,” he admitted bluntly. “That’s part of the reason I agreed to you coming over today. I wanted you two to meet her.”

“Is that your way of dumping her or getting more serious?” Amanda asked.

“The second one, I hope.” He was not confident.

When Krissy entered the house she rang the doorbell a third time pointlessly. “Mark! Answer the door already!” Katrina screamed from the top of the stairs a moment later. Amanda waved up at her. She looked down at her missing pants with bulging eyes and then disappeared from view for a moment.

As soon as she was presentable, Katrina bounded down the stairs and confronted Marcus in the kitchen. He was in the middle of making eggs and bacon. “Who is that?” she pointed into the living room where Amanda was. Then she noticed Krissy sitting at the kitchen table. “Who is this?” she demanded.

“These are my daughters,” he answered calmly without taking his eyes off the stove at all.

“You’re married?” she spat angrily.

“Divorced,” he corrected her.

“You never told me you had children.”

“I just did.”

“You’re supposed to bring it up before we meet!”

“Is this the bitch you left Mom for?” Krissy finally spoke.

Katrina glared at her. She had the same drowsy looking eyes and slightly gaunt face that Marcus had but her hair was blonde like Rita’s. Amanda had black hair that was even darker than Marcus’s but she was also obviously his daughter.

“I met Katrina last year. I left your Mom a long time before that,” Marcus explained.

Krissy eyed Katrina up and down and then returned her nose to her phone. “What’s her problem?” Katrina demanded.

“She’s like that with everyone,” he brushed it off.

“She called me a bitch,” Katrina complained.

“She did not.”

“Yeah I did,” Krissy admitted it.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like me?” Katrina placed her hands on her hips.

Krissy looked past her and addressed her dad instead. “If you were desperate to get laid, you could’ve just gotten back with Mom. She’s at least better than this.” Krissy gestured at Katrina with her phone.

“I will not be spoken to this way!” Katrina screamed.

“If only I was getting laid,” Marcus chuckled.

“Is that really something you want to discuss in front of your daughter?” Katrina turned her anger toward him.

“Lord knows you won’t discuss it with me so I may as well talk to her about it.”

“Are you still upset that I wouldn’t put out last night?” Katrina asked. “Obviously you had more important plans today anyway. Why do men only think with their dicks?”

“Why are you dating our dad if not for his dick?” Amanda entered the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“How old are you two anyway?” Katrina asked.

“I’m a senior and she’s a freshman,” Amanda answered. “We’ve had sex ed if that’s what you’re asking.”

“You’ve had more than just the ed,” Krissy mumbled to herself.

“Are you still with what’s his name?” Marcus asked.

“Yes, I’m still with what’s his name,” Amanda responded sarcastically. “We’re going to the same college.”

“By your age I’d had three different girlfriends. Two at the same time,” Marcus bragged.

“I’m not a whore Dad.”

“I was a player,” he argued.

“Not when you’re a girl. Then you’re just a slut.”

Marcus set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her. “Nothing wrong with being a little slutty when you’re young.”

“I don’t believe this.” Katrina was shaking her head. “I think I know why your wife left you.”

“I didn’t cheat on her,” Marcus assured her.

“No, but you raised your children to be immoral,” Katrina spat.

“That’s not true,” Marcus scoffed. “Krissy, I was a great dad, wasn’t I?”

“Hail satin.” Krissy pumped her fist once without looking up from her phone.

Katrina tossed her hands and then stomped out of the kitchen. A moment later the front door slammed. “How is she going to get home?” Amanda asked.

“She’ll call an uber,” Marcus answered.

“You’re fine letting her get a random guy’s car?”

“If she won’t put out for me but will for a greasy cab driver then theirs something wrong with your old man,” Marcus sighed.

“You really are hung up on that, aren’t you?” Amanda shook her head.

“You don’t understand what it’s like to be in a sexless relationship.”

“Ugh, fine, will you shut up if I can get you off.”

Marcus snorted in laughter. Amanda smiled slyly before dropping to her hands and knees and crawling underneath the kitchen table. “Okay, that’s enough,” Marcus tried to move away when she grabbed his belt and began to undo it.

“You just told her to sleep with more than one guy while she’s young,” Krissy reminded him.

“I didn’t mean me.”


“Because I’m your father.”

“So? You’re a guy. It’s only weird if you think about it too much.”

“We can’t have a relationship. We can’t date or have kids or anything.”

“See, you thought about it too much. If I go out and cheat on Jared with a random guy, I’m not going to date or marry them and I’m definitely not getting pregnant with them. What’s wrong with you being that guy?”

“Girls, do you even hear yourselves right now? Haven’t you ever seen news stories about father’s that molest their daughters?”

“Yeah that’s bad and all, but those people give it a bad reputation. They ruin it for people that just want to have platonic incest.”

“I don’t know why I’m arguing with you.”

“I don’t know why either.” Amanda suddenly put her mouth around his exposed cock, making him gasp.

“Hold on a minute.” Krissy ducked under the table and snapped a picture with her phone.

“Don’t do that!” Marcus complained.

“Now we have leverage,” Krissy laughed. “You have to finish or we’ll show Mom.”

Marcus grabbed Amanda’s head and tried to pull her off. When she did not budge his hand slipped and he grabbed her hair. She moaned loudly, causing his cock to vibrate in her mouth. “Sorry, are you okay.” He rubbed her scalp in hopes of soothing the pain in her roots.

“Do that again,” Kirssy suggested. “It sounded really sexy.” When Marcus did not move his hands, Krissy grabbed the back of Amanda’s hair and yanked as hard as she could. Amanda squealed and moaned again. Her eyes rolled back in her head momentarily as it bobbed inhumanely. Her hands went to the crotch of her jeans and began to rub the fabric which was becoming darker.

“Don’t hurt your sister,” Marcus scolded Krissy.

“She probably likes it,” Krissy ignored him. She unzipped Amanda’s jeans and pulled them down over her round butt, exposing her pink panties. “I’ve actually walked in on Jared and her at Mom’s place. She lies as still as a board because he has no idea what to do with her body.” She pressed her hand on the back of Amanda’s head and shoved her forward.

Marcus’s cock slid deeper into her face. Saliva sprayed out around the corners of her mouth and some mucus dripped from her nostrils. Her tongue lapped at his shaft as she tried to lick her lips. He shuddered at the sensation.

Amanda gripped the crotch of her panties and tugged on it, digging it into her cunt which was dripping straight onto the kitchen floor. Krissy stood up and began to open drawers in the kitchen. She came back when she found a Maglite flashlight. She pressed it to her sister’s dripping cunt making her jolt and Marcus gasp. Amanda took hold of it and positioned the head against the floor so it would not move as she ran her cunt along the shaft. When it reached the end it slipped inside her sloppy pussy with no resistance at all.

She moaned against her father’s pelvis as her eyes disappeared again. It was much larger and harder than anything she had ever put inside herself before. Normally she would be reluctant but the current situation had made her wet enough that she was sure it would fit.

Marcus was done letting Amanda control his reactions. He grabbed the sides of her head and pulled her almost all the way off before slamming her back down. The head of his cock popped into the back of her throat, making her gag, which only made it wrap his cock even tighter.

When she tried to breathe she sprayed more mucus into Marcus’s pubic hair. He resolved the situation by pushing his thumbs into her nostrils and plugging them as he continued to tug and thrust her head onto his cock. When she realized she could not breathe, she gripped the maglite until her knuckles turned white. She raised and lowered her hips repeatedly, sliding it in and out of her cunt in an attempt to distract herself.

Her vision slowly faded and she was about to pass out when her orgasm struck. She remained conscious for another whole minute as more liquid squirted from her cunt. Her pussy became so slippery that the flashlight slid out with no resistance at all. She felt something hot spraying the back of her throat and struggled to pull away.

Soon her father’s cum was filling her cheeks. When she grabbed his hands and pulled his fingers away from her nose, semen sprayed out in place of mucus. Still unable to breathe properly, her eyes rolled completely back in her head and she fell to the floor unconscious.

She was only out for a few seconds. Her eyes fluttered when she awoke. She found her sister taking pictures of her while her father tried to wipe some of the semen from her nose so she could breathe better. She turned over and vomited the rest of it directly onto the floor. “Are you alright?” Marcus asked with genuine concern. Unable to speak properly she just gave him a thumbs up and a cum filled smile as she clamored back to her feet.

Marcus’s cock perked up again at the sight of his daughter’s cum dripping face. It was in her nose and mouth and running down on her chin and even her chest. He may have just cum but he had been holding out since last night so he was more than ready to go again. Without thinking or asking he slid his hand into the hem of Amanda’s stretched and soaked panties and pushed two fingers into her cunt. “Come here you little slut,” he growled as he curved his fingers and pulled her toward him. She had to walk to keep his fingers from gouging into her cunt.

She gasped when she felt his hard cock pressing into her belly, right above her waist. She was shorted than him so their privates did not align while standing up. “No.” She tried to push away. “I don’t want to cheat on Jared,” she complained.

“You’re saying that now?” Marcus laughed at her.

“Use Krissy, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“What?” Krissy looked up from her phone where she had still been taking pictures. She tried to back away but Marcus closed the distance between them and grabbed her wrist. She nearly dropped her phone and had to shake him off to catch it before it hit the floor. She glared at him angrily but he was not interested at all. He was too horny to care about her phone or her feelings.

He grabbed her by the hair so she would not drop her phone again. “Wait, I never agreed to this,” she whined as he dragged her over to the living room and bent her over the armrest of the couch. She dropped her phone into the cushions and tried to grab her shorts when he began to pull them down. After failing to stop him she covered her cunt instead. “I’m a virgin,” she wailed. “I don’t want to my father to be my first.”

He ignored her hands and instead ran his fingers up her bare ass until he reached the hem of her shirt. He pulled it up to her arms, uncovering her back and her chest. He ran his fingers along her spine, making her gasp, and then moved his hands below so he could maul her chest.

Her breasts were slightly smaller than Amanda’s and a lot smaller than Katrina’s. Her nipples became hard quickly though. He pinched them and pulled them down. As she was still covering her crotch she was unable to prop herself up on the couch and simply fell forward into the cushion.

Marcus pressed his knees to the back of her thighs to keep her from crawling over the armrest to get away from him as he continued to pull on her hard nipples. “Stop it,” she groaned. He released one of her nipples in order to give her bare ass a hard slap. She jolted and pressed her pelvis to the armrest, moaning loudly.

Krissy’s eyes spun as she became dizzy in confusion. Growing up she had play wrestled with her dad a lot and he was always gentle. Now he was being rougher than ever and especially toward her most sensitive spots. It confused her why a boy would treat a girl he liked this way, as if her privates deserved to be punished.

She screamed when Marcus tried to move her hands away from her cunt. She clamped them even tighter and refused to budge, even when he twisted her other nipple as hard as he could.

Eventually, Marcus gave up trying to expose her cunt and instead leaned down and spat a glob of saliva directly between her butt cheeks. Krissy shrieked as she felt it sliding down over her anus. She kept her hands pressed over her slit though, refusing to let him take her virginity.

If Marcus wanted, he could have used force to pull her hands away, but he did not see the need. Instead he lined his waist up with her butt and pressed his still stiff cock right between her cheeks, forcing them apart.

Krissy continued to whimper as she felt the head of his rod pressing against her saliva covered anus and spreading it. “Oh god,” she groaned as she felt it expanding to accept him. His cock was slightly curved, so it scrapped the back of her bowel as it slid inside her. She raised her head enough to look at Amanda with crossed eyes. “He’s in my ass,” she squealed at her sister. “Daddy is fucking my asshole.”

“Watch your mouth,” Marcus scolded her. He slapped her ass again at the same time he thrust his cock deeper inside her. Her head rolled around on the couch as her pelvis was pushed against the armrest again.

Marcus grabbed one of her pigtails and turned her head so he could look at her face. Her eyes were still crossing and uncrossing repeatedly. Her tongue was hanging out as she panted. He finally let go of her nipple and pushed several fingers into her agape mouth. She whimpered as he pulled on her left cheek and her right pigtail, lifting her front off the couch. Her weight was now suspended between her head and her lower half pressed to the armrest.

Every time he thrust into her, her whole body shook which put a strain on her cheek and her hair making her whimper even more. She was now positive that men enjoyed causing their partners pain during sex; at least players like her dad did. Jared was a different story; too much of a wimp to actually fuck Amanda hard enough to hurt her or for her to feel anything at all.

When Marcus’s cock slid even further into Krissy’s asshole she jolted again and nearly bit down on his fingers in her mouth. He pulled out and grabbed her other pigtail instead, making sure her front still did not touch the couch and she remained slightly suspended.

His cock was lubed by both his semen and Amanda’s saliva while her hole was lubed by his spit. Still, it was quite tight for a hole that had never been penetrated before. Krissy looked at her sister as if asking for help.

Amanda laughed as she watched her sister’s hair being used like handles. Instead of riding a bike though, Marcus was riding his youngest daughter’s ass. Amanda found it sick but hilarious. As Krissy continued to moan and bounce, Amanda took her time removing her wet panties and drying her crotch with paper towels before she left the kitchen and sat down on the couch. She placed her hands on her sister’s face and looked into her eyes, which were still crossing every time Marcus shoved into her butt and then returning to normal with relief every time he pulled out.

Amanda pushed two fingers into Krissy’s mouth and played with her tongue for a bit. “You’re really noisy,” she giggled. Krissy tried to speak but gagged when Amanda pushed further into her mouth. At the same time she felt Marcus’s cock moving inside her and the sensation of having something large, hard, warm and living scraping her bowels traveled up her intestine into her stomach. She could not help but wretch in response. Amanda removed her fingers and covered Krissy’s mouth. “Don’t you dare puke on the couch,” she warned her.

Krissy’s eyes grew wide and she shook her head, warning her sister she had no choice. Marcus let go of her hair and slid his hands under her arms so he could lift her up into a full-nelson. Amanda got a good view of her sister’s bare pussy right above her asshole which was stretched to the limit, skewered on her father’s cock, supporting most of her weight as he held her in the air. He managed to carry her back to the kitchen right before she spewed vomit down her front and onto the tiled floor.

Marcus continued carrying her until they reached the kitchen sink. He propped her feet on the edge. Krissy sighed with relief as her weight was taken off of her anus. It was short lived though as Marcus quickly resumed shoving his cock in and out of her butt. Amanda came around the side and turned on the kitchen sink. She then used the extending faucet head to hose down Krissy’s front from her chin to her crotch.

Krissy somewhat appreciated it but also began to squirm when she felt the cold water hitting her bare cunt. She was not surprised when Amanda brought the faucet head close and sprayed her clit directly. She crossed her eyes again and tried to endure but screamed when Amanda forced the metal object into her wet pussy. She felt the water pelting the back of her cunt on the exact opposite spot where her father’s cock was scraping her bowel.

Unable to stand the sensation, her eyes rolled completely back and she passed out momentarily. A stream of slightly yellow liquid shot out of her cunt right above the faucet head and into the sink as her bladder relaxed. With her anus no longer clamping as tightly, Marcus increased his speed. Krissy awoke to the feeling of something hot filling her bowels and something cold filling her cunt. She grabbed the hose to the faucet head and yanked it out while groaning from the water still hitting the sides of her cunt inside.

Once his cock had deflated enough, Marcus pulled out of her butt and let her sit down on the edge of the sink. She turned around so her legs were dangling outside the sink and began trying to use the faucet to clean his cum out of her butt. Amanda helped her and even pushed the faucet inside her sister’s anus to get all of it. Krissy’s eyes widened and she gasped but she did not stop her.

Once she was as clean as she could get without taking a shower, she hopped down off the sink edge. It was hard to walk properly but she hobbled over to Marcus and hugged him. “Are you satisfied?” she asked.

He nodded while patting her head. “Are you okay?” Now that he was no longer horny he was concerned about having forced himself on his daughter.

“Just ask first next time,” she suggested.

“And if you say no?”

She shrugged. “Doesn’t seem like you’ll take no for an answer.” Marcus hugged her tighter and even kissed her on the lips. He took it as her giving him permission to fuck her whenever he wanted.

“Alright, stop making out you two. We need to get dressed to go out.”

“Where are we going?” Marcus had no idea what their original plans were before Rita dropped them off.

“We’re going to the mall,” Amanda informed him. “You’re gonna buy us anything we want.” She held up Krissy’s phone and showed him all the photos they had taken by swiping the screen.

Marcus doubted they had willingly let their father have sex with them just so they could blackmail him, but pretending to agree seemed like the least he could do after what they had done for him.

“Why don’t you buy some lingerie?” Amanda suggested to her sister. “You’re going to be sleeping with Dad tonight, right?”

As there was only one guest bedroom, the two of them usually shared a bed when they came over, or one of them slept on the couch. When they were younger they used to fight over who would share the king sized bed with their father. Krissy usually won because she was smaller and took up less space. Krissy blushed as she looked at Marcus inquisitively. After this morning, sleeping with her father had taken on a whole new meaning.

Her mind was filled with images of her father tossing her onto the bed and pinning her down while he hungrily stabbed her anus with his large cock and stretched it beyond her limits; or worse her virgin pussy. Her expression suggested she was afraid but the sudden dripping of her cunt down her thighs suggested something else.

“If she’s unwilling, then maybe a collar and a leash or perhaps some handcuffs would be better,” Amanda suggested.

“If you’re going to be like that, then we need to get you a proper vibrator.” Krissy gestured to the flashlight on the floor. Her argument with Amanda was interrupted when she felt Marcus’s fingers prying her butt apart. She groaned when he slid his fingers into her asshole again and began to scrape the sides of her bowels playfully. She had to crouch down to keep from falling over as her eyes began to flutter. She looked at him miserably, pleading with him to leave her alone if only for a moment.

He smiled and ruffled her hair. “I’m gonna have so much fun with you tonight,” he assured her. She glared at Amanda again. All because she had a boyfriend, Krissy was now their father’s de facto sex outlet. She did not hate her father, or even getting fucked by him; she just did not like that Amanda got away scott-free after she was the one who started this.

Marcus scooped Krissy off the floor and carried her toward the bathroom so they could shower and get ready to go out. “I guess we know who is Dad’s favorite now,” Amanda laughed as she trotted after them. Waiting for each other to use the bathroom or shower was obviously a thing of the past now. It was doubtful they would ever be concerned about seeing each other naked in this family again.