The Bridesmaid

I was standing in the trees watching this society wedding
when I saw one of the bridesmaids drift towards the back
of the church, just as the bride was stepping towards the
honeymoon car. I saw the girl’s red hair bob and her hips
sway as she stepped around the side of the church. She
was a beauty alright and despite the risks I wanted to
mate with her. I watched where she was going then I

The bitch was going to take a leak.

I glided through the trees like an African warrior making
my way to the ladies restroom. She disappeared inside and
I took a look round making sure there was nobody around,
then followed her in.

The john had two cubicles only one of which was occupied.
We were alone.

I shot the bolt then went over to the door, lifting my
foot up, I crashed through it. She was just finishing and
was about to stand up.

“Taken your panties off ready for me eh bitch? I
appreciate that,” I laughed as I grabbed her and pulled
her out of the cubicle. I ran her across to the
washbasins then pushed her face down over the end of

“What are you doing?” she cried as I threw her skirts up,
tore off her panties and kicked her legs wide.

“I woulda thought that was fucking obvious bitch,” I said
as I released my weapon and pushed it up against her
crack from behind.

“No, NO!” she started to scream so I pulled her head back
and held the point of my knife against her throat.
“Scream bitch and I’ll cut you a new mouth, you got

She nodded, tears running down her face. I lined up the
tip of my prick against her pink crack and started
pushing. She tried to get up and squirm free but I just
pushed her back down as I started to penetrate.

“Please no, I’m a virgin, please.”

I took no notice and just kept pushing. She squealed as
my cockhead started to open her up. I loved how her
little hips twisted and turned trying to avoid the
inevitable. It was too late for her as I lined up and
rammed myself inside.

She gave that nice little girlish yelp as I tore apart
her virginity, man I just love that sound. The sound of a
young white virgin being forcibly opened by a huge black

I kept pushing inside her, shit the bitch was tight,
until finally I felt my balls slap against her ass.

I paused for a second enjoying the feel of her tight
young cunt clutching at my cock while the wedding guests
cheered the bride’s departure. Then I started the old in

She squirmed and squealed fit to bust as I boned her. I
think she was too dazed at first to know what was
happening. But now she knew alright, she was getting
raped by a huge nigger cock and there was fuck all she
could do about it as I pounded away in her.

It was starting to get dangerous and so I increased the
pace. She squirmed around on the business end of my
breeding rod like a fish on a stick as I reamed her out
ready for my seed.

Faster and faster I pounded until I felt by balls tighten
and the rush of my seed surged down my shaft.

I knew she felt it too because she tried to twist away
using all her strength. I just pushed her down and held
her hips tight.

“No, no don’t do this to me. Don’t put it inside me,

I pulled her tightly against me and my cock erupted
inside her.

“Oh no,” she whimpered and dropped her head as she felt
my seed start to pollute her. Spurt after thick creamy
spurt was surging into her from my rapidly pulsing black
cock, eager to get on with its work. I felt her shudder
in disgust as I continued to empty myself into her.

Finally I was done and I pulled out and admired her. She
was leaning over the washbasin, her legs wide open and
pink stained sperm was drooling out of her, forming a
pool on the floor. She looked mighty fine to me.

I pulled her up and spun her round. She was a pretty one
alright, a bit younger than I’d thought but with a cute
little freckled face and a little turned up nose. Her
eyes were green and brimming with tears.

“You wait ten minutes in here with the door locked after
I’ve gone, you got that?”

She nodded and looked down, I suspected she wanted to see
the huge black prick that had conquered her so well but
it was safely back in its cage.

“You better fix your makeup, ” I flipped open her purse
and read the name and address inside, “or I’ll be coming
back for you with a dozen or so of my brothers, Miss
Stacey Underwood of Hillside drive. I’m gonna remember
you so you better not tell anyone or you going to be
ho’ed to the whole of my hood. You got that?”

Just before I went through the door I turned and said,
“thanks for giving the Bride’s baby a little half
brother.” I laughed then left, taking her lacey
bridesmaids panties as my trophy.

I got away ok.

I saw her and the bride shopping a few months later. The
bride was pushing a screaming black baby in a stroller
and the bridesmaid waddled next to her carrying my baby
inside her swollen belly. They both looked worn out by
what my babies were taking out of them. I laughed, that
wasn’t my problem.

They had a friend with them, a tall leggy blond girl, a
real looker. They said goodbye to the friend at the mall
entrance and I followed her into the dark parking lot…

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