The cheerleader audition 3.

Later that evening, after spending a few hours laughing, eating, and gossiping, Meagan said
“we need to get ready, the girls will be here soon”
“I put some more wine coolers in the fridge so they should be cold” Vanessa said
“new sheets are on the bed, the other ones were a little sticky” Alicia said as she laughed
“do you need me to do anything?” Courtney asked
“not really, however when the girls get here you should go hang out upstairs in the bedroom, we need to have a meeting before introducing you the them” Meagan said.

When the door bell rang Courtney ran upstairs. Alicia answered the door and invited the other three cheerleaders inside.
“Hey Kayla, Allie, Hailey, whats up chicks?” Vanessa asked
“not much, been a boring weekend” Hailey said
“tell me about it, I got stuck babysitting my baby brother all weekend” Allie said
“so where is this new cheerleader at?” Kayla asked
“We sent her upstairs to chill while we talked” Alicia said
“why all the secrecy?” Allie asked
“yeah, you wouldn’t tell me anything about her on the phone” Hailey said
“what is it you don’t want to tell us?” Kayla asked
“relax, we wanted to have this meeting to tell you all everything there is to know about her” Vanessa said
“before we tell you about her, why don’t you watch a video of her audition” Meagan said

After watching the 2 and a half minute audition Kayla, Allie, and Hailey were speechless.
“So what do you think?” Meagan said
“I think I see a state championship in our future” Hailey said
“damn she has some moves” Allie said
“OK, she’s good, but lets hear the bad part” Kayla said
“what bad part?” Vanessa asked
“the part you don’t want to tell us” Kayla said
“she did look a bit young in that video” Hailey said
“yeah she did, and I didn’t recognize her” Allie said
“well it’s like this” Meagan said “her name is Courtney and she is a little younger than the rest of us”
“so she is a Sophomore?” Hailey asked
“that’s not young” Allie said, “me Hailey and Kayla were all Sophomores last year when we started.
“that’s because she isn’t a Sophomore is she?” Kayla asked a bit irritated
“No she isn’t” Vanessa said, “she is a Freshman”
“a freshman?” Hailey asked “there is no way a Freshman can be on the varsity squad”
“Hailey your the one that said she could take us to a state championship” Alicia said
“she does have the moves” Allie said
“you all know there is more to it than having the moves, what will she do when she finds out the rest of what we do?” Kayla asked
“she already knows” Meagan said
“not only does she know, but she is ready and willing to get started” Vanessa said
“yeah right, I bet she is still a virgin” Kayla said with disgust
“she was until this afternoon” Alicia replied
“what are you talking about?” Allie asked
“I had Rob come over today and teach her some things” Meagan said
“how did she do?” Hailey asked
“she took it in all three holes, and loved every minute of it” Meagan said
“yeah, I will believe it when I see it” Kayla said
“then lets see it” Vanessa said, “why don’t we go up to the bedroom and introduce you”

Upstairs Meagan introduced everybody to Courtney
“nice to meet you” Courtney said
“hmm not only do you have the moves but you are cute” Hailey said
“I am still not buying it” Kayla said
“not buying what?” Courtney asked
“don’t worry about Kayla” Alicia said “she just doesn’t believe you are up to the special part of being a varsity cheer Leader”
“Oh” Courtney said, and then with a mischievous grin she continued “so Kayla, what can I do to prove to you I am ready?”
“I don’t know” Kayla replied, “since there are no boys around right now, but it doesn’t matter, I bet you wouldn’t even eat my pussy”
Courtney just laughed and said “take those shorts off and find out”
Meagan spoke up and said “I have a better idea, Would a train prove anything Kayla?”
“hmm it might, a double train would be better though” Kayla replied
“is somebody going to explain to me what a train is?” Courtney asked
“a train is when you have sex with different people, one right after the other” Alicia said
“and a double train is when you have sex with two people at the same time, taking turns with everybody in line”
“sounds interesting” Courtney said as she started to take of her shirt

Kayla, Allie, and Hailey couldn’t help but stare at the small perky breast in front of them.
“damn those are nice” Allie said
“yeah, I want some of them before we begin” Hailey said
Kayla and Allie both cupped a breast in their hands gently massaging a nipple. As both of the girls sucked a nipple into their mouths Kayla stepped up brought her lips in contact with Courtney’s lips. Courtney opened her mouth and met Kayla’s tongue. Courtney moaned with all of the work being done on her breast and tongue. Courtney was not shocked when she felt a hand slide up her skirt and rub her pussy lips. She wasn’t sure who’s hand it was but figured it must belong to Kayla when what felt like four fingers at once was f****d into her pussy. Courtney was a little bit surprised when she felt another hand slide under her skirt in the back and force three fingers into her ass. It hurt a bit since there was no lubrication used, but she quickly became comfortable and moaned even louder as her pussy, ass, both tits, and tongue were all assaulted at the same time.

Kayla pulled away from Courtney and removed her hands and said “OK lets see how good she really is”
Courtney finished undressing and laid on her back in the middle of the bed
Kayla stripped her clothes off and climbed on top of Courtney positioning her pussy over her mouth
Courtney ran her tongue around the outside of Kayla’s pussy lips teasing her before gently sliding her tongue just inside the slit rubbing up and down slowly sliding it in farther. As she rubbed her tongue over the clit of Kayla Courtney felt a tongue on her own pussy and finally understood what a train meant. Courtney increased the pressure of her tongue on Kayla’s clit as the pressure on her own clit was increased. Kayla had tried to hold it in but finally she could not take it anymore as her body tensed up and she screamed in ecstasy. Courtney continued to assault Kayla’s now soakin wet pussy until the feeling hit her and Courtney screamed into Kayla’s pussy in her own orgasm.

Kayla climbed off of Courtney breathing hard. Courtney looked down and saw it was Allie that had been between her legs. As Allie climbed on top of Courtney she saw Hailey take Allies place between her legs. Once again Courtney started to tease a pair of pussy lips with her tongue as her own pussy was being assaulted by Hailey’s tongue. About the time Courtney found Allie’s clit she felt a finger slide into her ass. Courtney was having a hard time concentrating as her clit and ass were both being stimulated but tried to focus on Allie’s sweet bald pussy. Finally Courtney could take it no more as her body tensed and she started to suck on Allies clit. Allie moaned in pleasure as she covered Courtney’s face in her juices and rolled off.

Hailey moved on top of Courtney as Alicia moved between Courtney’s legs. Once again Courtney found herself teasing another bald pussy while her own pussy was being licked. Once all six of the girls had each had their turn getting eaten out by Courtney and had eaten the young girl out they all laid there trying to recover.

“so Kayla, what do you think about Courtney now?” asked Meagan
“That was one hell of a performance, but how will she react when she is faced with several guys all wanting a piece of her?” Kayla asked
Alicia turned and looked at Allie and Hailey and asked “were you two able to bring the items I wanted?”
“Yep, we got all three of them” Allie answered
“Fantastic” Alicia said, “Kayla I think it is time to find out” she continued as she reached into the bag handed to her by Hailey and pulled out three strapon’s.

Courtney just stared at the strapons as Kayla, Allie and Hailey each strapped one on.
“Courtney, just imagine these three girls are guys” Meagan said
“I get this tight ass first”Kayla said rubbing Courtney’s ass
“that s fine” Alicia said, “but you need to lube that thing up a bit first” she continued as she tossed a bottle of lubricant to Kayla
Once the three strapons were prepared Courtney rolled onto her side and Allie slowly slid her fake dick into Courtney’s pussy. Courtney closed her eyes until a fake dick was rubbing up against her lips. Courtney opened her mouth and sucked the fake dick deep into her mouth. Courtney was enjoying the feel of the dick in her pussy and her mouth when she felt the dick worn by Kayla shoved into her ass. Courtney could tell that Kayla was not going to cut her any slack so she just went with it. Soon her ass was stretched and was accepting Kayla’s fake dick and Courtney started to enjoy the triple penetration. Once Courtney screamed with another orgasm the three girls swapped positions. Allie gently slid her dick into the ass, Hailey entered the pussy, and Kayla ran her’s over Courtney’s lips. Courtney opened her mouth and let the dick that had just been In her ass enter her mouth. Kayla began to fuck Courtney’s mouth and Courtney meet every thrust with a thrust of her own head forcing Kayla’s fake kick all the way down her throat. At the same time Allie and Hailey had increased the tempo Before long Courtney could not take it anymore as yet another orgasm swept over her. The three girls swapped positions once again and it started over. Once the third round was done Courtney rolled over in complete exhaustion.

Meagan looked at the three girls and said “well what do you think now?”
“Fantastic” Hailey said
“I would say she is ready” Allie said
The six girls all looked at Kayla, Kayla finally said “OK I was wrong, this girl is ready for anything”

The seven girls threw a t-shirt on and went downstairs. While they were drinking a wine cooler Kayla asked “have you talked to Doc Heady yet about her?”
“not yet” Alicia said, “but we should call him tomorrow and set up an appointment for Courtney.
Courtney was confused and asked “why do I need a doctor?”
“you need to get on birth control” Vanessa said
“my Mom can’t find out, how much is this going to cost me?” Courtney asked
“it’s not going to cost you anything,” Alicia said
“well it won’t cost you any money” Kayla said.
“I will call him now and see if he wants to see her tomorrow” Meagan said
“what kind of doctor would be in his office on a Sunday” Courtney asked
“Trust us, he will only be there for you” Allie said.
Meagan walked back into the room and said “It is all set up, in the morning we will get you all cleaned up and drive you over to doc’s office.